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220951220951B0085E7B8WA1ZYCAZFYSDD9OJohn M Reas II0051327795200Great TeaGreat tasting tea. Just add a little simple syrup to your cup. My kids really love this stuff. Great way to make a quick glass of ice tea.
220952220952B0085E7B8WA13HM114N5JIH3roadrunner0051326758400Delicious Tea - hot or coldI purchased this for my teenage daughter - the sweet tea expert at our house. She LOVES it. Even though it is actually to make ice tea with, she makes it as a hot tea. She loves to have it if she is ill or cranky. It is a very soothing tea and tastes great. I also like it as a hot tea. It is pretty much a perfect beverage.
220953220953B0085E7B8WADT1AJREFFG0Xkmm5520051325980800great both hot and coldThis is my boyfriends favorite drink in k-cups. He drinks it over ice in the summer time and loves it hot in the winter.
220954220954B0085E7B8WA3PZJNGYII7HU5J. Meyer0031325808000Not so perfect...This doesn't taste much like the Southern sweet tea I'm used to, and I live in Georgia. I wouldn't say I totally hate it though, I'll probably finish these and as long as I start a cup thinking I'm getting a sweetened iced tea, instead of a Southern sweet tea, I'll be satisfied with it.
220955220955B0085E7B8WA15T9G38F589KMKay Hayes "knitting ninja"0051325548800Best tasting tea everSo, far this is the best tasting tea I've ever had. I LOVE it! I will definately be buying some more of this.
220956220956B0085E7B8WA3P4MYBOE786HFJoe Gress0021325116800Very weak Ice TeaThis tea gets diluted out by the ice and ends up very weak. Not good at all as an iced tea. Great as a hot tea though.
220957220957B0085E7B8WA2V9DKF0LASPWDmama0051325116800adult son loves this teaMy son uses about 2 boxes a month of this sweetened iced tea k-cups. Since he's hard to buy for, we purchased a couple boxes for Christmas. They arrived quickly and securely packaged.
220958220958B0085E7B8WA2N0QHMX6I6MASpelk0041324857600not that sweet....I love southern style sweet tea, so I was pretty excited to try the Kcup. It really isn't what I would consider "southern style" like what is served here in Virginia, but it is still pretty good. If you really want the southern style extra sweetener is probably needed!
220959220959B0085E7B8WA3USORK5QN1483sky154250051318550400Perfect Iced TeaI love this tea with a slice of lemon on top of the ice before brewing.
Sugar is in the cup which is the perfect amount of sweetness for me.
220960220960B0085E7B8WA1VM8FXNUN1DYOJohnBoyToo0041317859200Great variety !But actually as with any variety, there are many we didn't like... but now we know !

Wish it were in a smaller quantity for our test batch .... but 5 stars for delivery and packaging and price !
220961220961B0085E7B8WA1CHJ4Y8CT1GW4Bernard L. Mathews "Palsgraff"0041316563200Just rightNot too sweet and very tasty. May not be sweet enough for true fans of "Southern Sweet Tea", but tastes fresh and brisk.
220962220962B0085E7B8WA1E33DA24HW97CBrooke's Mommy0051315180800These are amazing!I love these K Cups so much. They are perfect for me. I like tea sweet but not too sweet. They are perfect. I brew them on the 6 or 8oz option over ice and they turn out great. I tried being cheap and brewing over it again but that just made the second glass taste like watered down iced tea. So I just make it regular now. I highly recommend these to anyone who likes their tea sweet and wants it quick!!
220963220963B0085E7B8WA2E8V5EIRYE6O8Michelle0051314316800Love this tea!I usually make iced tea using the teabags and the microwave and don't add sugar. BUT, once in a while I like sweet iced tea and the Southern Sweet Tea is perfect. Not too sweet. This is the only tea I use with my Keurig.
220964220964B0085E7B8WA11HDNCOBB0TTOC. Logan0041312934400Very pleasedAs with other reviewers these are very nice. Not too sweet for southern style ice tea relatively mild. Could stand to be a little less expensive.
220965220965B0085E7B8WA3F4SMKGPRX4PREdward Branch Jr. "BlackJack"0051311638400ImpressedI tried the Green Mountain Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea & was very impressed. I had to make 2 K-Cups to make a full glass but it did not take very long. I was surprised of the sweetness of the tea. I will definitely be buying more of them.
220966220966B0085E7B8WA3FXNP5ZCWPE8UJudy Cantrell0051311120000Great teaThis tea is great. I have just returned from the south and love the sweet tea there. This sweet tea is perfect. Not too sweet. Just right.
220967220967B0085E7B8WA3ALZ1R24GFN0AK. Quinn0051310688000Just like Grandma's!This tea is great, just like Grandma made. It's sweet, but you also taste the tea. Not like some that is just sugar water. Excellent product!
220968220968B0085E7B8WA17OZUFAXVQ62LColetwins0031308960000Too sweetI love sweet tea, but this one is too sweet. From the reviews, I was excited but I don't think I am going to finish the box. Very convenient way to make sweet tea, but I wish it tasted better.
220969220969B0085E7B8WA35HJTGVRSP900T. Frazier0041308787200Summer Happiness!Once again, Green Mountain got it right! Perfect for when I don't want to make an entire pitcher of tea. Just the right amount of sweetness. I'm hoping Green Mountain comes out with a sweet tea that is just a little stronger (tea wise), but I still won't complain as long as I have this.
220970220970B0085E7B8WAEAQXUQP4DFBVaudriciam0051308614400Good Taste for a quick brewI was shocked how good this tea is. Now for individuals expecting sweet almost thick tea, this is not for you. The sweetness is subtle compared to homemade sweet tea, but it is definitely good enough to hit the spot. Plus if you consider the calorie count of only 70 calories, I think it is worth it. I will be purchasing this again.
220971220971B0085E7B8WA2YIY5WEUEG38Qelizabeth0051306368000yumThe key to making and enjoying this tea is the amount of water and ice you use.I fill a 16 oz cup with ice,then I put 6 oz of water in the keurig.I have a min keurig so I have to use a coffee mug to catch the hot tea then pour it over the ice.It is worth it for a wonderful glass of iced tea.My only thing is,one cup is never enough!!lol My 10 year old daughter makes this on her own,loves it,as does my 14 year old son.If you like it a bit sweeter put a packet of pure via or splenda in the hot tea before adding to the ice.
220972220972B0085E7B8WA2E4XCSZNOHKLUKate0051305590400YUM!After adding some Sweet & Low or sugar, it tastes just like the sweet tea you buy from a fast food place! I will be buying more boxes. Everyone at the office loves it!
220973220973B0085E7B8WA3GJUNBO1HJ29NWintersun0041305158400Fresh BrewedA bit on the weak side after you add enough ice to chill it down... but tasty and wonderful fresh brewed taste. I'll buy it again.
220974220974B0085E7B8WAA5A0X3P8UYUJBlake Brown0051304812800Extremely Satisflying TeaI love Iced Tea and Sweet Tea. Unfortunately I live in Utah and its not really a popular item and most places have a pretty poor brew. Luckily I can new have some at home! I love the taste. Some of my friends from Tenessee say its not near sweet enough to be called Sweet tea, but its a quality tea taste and just the right amount of sweetness for me. I wouldnt have it any other way. I would love to see this become a subscribe and save product and be around for a long while!
220975220975B0085E7B8WA516WMM145WY3Dawn0041303603200It's good, but not greatI love Sweet Tea. The Sweeter, the better for me. This is good, it is sweet, it is does not have artificial sweeteners so it doesn't leave a bad aftertaste. It doesn't have a strong lemon flavor like some teas have, which is a plus in my book. If you want a sweetened tea, this is it. But, if you want a super sweet tea, keep looking.
220976220976B0085E7B8WA27H220M6SP7FSJ. Conley "cayeta"0041302480000Couldn't get much closer to traditional sweet tea!I just bought this despite the reviews that insist it is not sweet enough. With the first sip, I thought they were right. Then, I stirred and it was just right! This wasn't as sweet as McDonalds but it reminded me more of Cracker Barrels tea.
220977220977B0085E7B8WA3J22751FO6XUFJodie0051300579200The best sweet tea!!!I love this tea!!! I add a little extra sugar because I like it super sweet but this tea is awesome. The only thing I dont like is everyone is ALWAYS sold out of it because it is that good!
220978220978B0085E7B8WA3LGK8D0NVVZX5G. Cunnigham "G Money"0051299628800Great Sweet Tea A KEY BUYThis is by far the best brewed tea I have made. I enjoy good quality tasting tea and this takes the cake. It is really nice to be able to have a glass of tea in minutes without all the messy bags. I will be keeping this in stock at my house for sure.
220979220979B0085E7B8WA2K6GV0QU27KA0notcleveratpickingscreennames1211307318400yuckthis is not southern sweet tea by any stretch of the imagination. it's very bitter with barely any sweetness to it at all.
220980220980B0085E7B8WA2CRUUI6AQMYYNunja Business0131307059200Delicious, but prices are way off.This is a tasty product, but not quite sweet enough for me as it comes. A spoonful of sugar makes it right, but the prices for this stuff are ridiculous.
The tea supply was not (to my knowledge) affected by the recent coffee shortage which raised prices across the board. This price comes out to almost 60 cents a cup and I pay less than that for Kona blend k-cups, even with the shortage. I will not be buying this product just because of that. Profit is ok, obscene profit is not. Shame on you Green Mountain!

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