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221641221641B000PL5VQMA14GG0SMW4V7R5Lila0051342396800Do you love lime?This marmalade is beautiful to look at, and delicious for breakfast, hors d'ouvres, and for basting - have been looking for such a lime product for ages!
221642221642B000PL5VQMA25MI0APXLDBXAJ. Likeness0051342137600I know it sounds wierd but . . .try this or any other marmalde on toast with cheese, or even grilled cheese, or ham and cheese on rye--it's just sharp enough to cut through the richness of the cheese or ham without being sour like mustard. Try it before you condemn it. this is great stuff.
221643221643B000PL5VQMA18PLO2KX5FSE5IndyJim0051309392000Key Lime heavenThis stuff is sweet but has a distinct lime/key lime smell and flavor. I love it! Can't wait to try the lemon/lime blend I saw here.
221644221644B000PL5VQMAN1N2DZ06MSYZS. L. Ragan0051278374400Too Good!I used to be able to find this a lot more easily, but it has become more scarce in the US in the last few years. I have always made my PB&J's using this instead of the grape jelly. They make a key lime version too, which I haven't tried, but I'm sure it is just as wonderful. It's good stuff and well worth the wait!
221645221645B000PL5VQMA374HRM1L997FASpoonleg "Jerry"0051226448000Roses Lime MarmaladeI used to buy this product at "Corte Bros Market" in Sacramento,CA. But have'nt been able to find it where I live now. Finally found it on Googles search and ordered some through Amazon. A nice alternative to orange marmalade. It is a British product imported by "British American Imports" in San Francisco.
221646221646B000PL5VQMA2YY8IMS0EPUF0M. Andrews0051222646400marmeladeI love this item and have always had trouble obtaining it in the states.
I have even had to have a friend fed ex it to me one time from ireland!!
this time it was nice and fresh and well packaged and I was delighted!!!
221647221647B000PL5VQMA1HXVVQWIQO2MHAllen L. Carlson0041188864000A breakfast gemThis sweet/tart limey treat is yummy on toast and hard to find around the Jersey Shore
221648221648B000PL5VQMA5A3C6XVDYUNDJulia A. Andrews1251294358400Amazing Marmalade!If you are a jam-jelly-marmalade fan then you are sure to like this Lime Marmalade from Roses. Yes, it is difficult to find but well worth the effort.

The taste is a well balanced sweet-tart that is marvellous with morning toast.

Great way to start the day!
221649221649B000PL5VQMA28WF9RUSPYALHPhyllis A. Karr1251275264000GOOD STUFF!A quarter-century ago, I could get Rose's Lime Marmalade from a specialty catalog. They stopped carrying it, and I couldn't find it for years. Last winter Vermont Country Store put it in, and in keen excitement, I ordered it. When time came for me to reorder, lo! it had vanished from Vermont Country Store! Finding I did not want to spend the rest of my life without it, I inaugurated a grand search. Oh, please, Amazon, never stop carrying this product!!!
221650221650B000PL5VQMA2Y695A1DXMT1JDrew Samson0141332115200TastyIt's a spreadable jelly, sweet but not too sweet, with a flavor of lime. It tastes very good for a jelly and I'd consider buying it again, in the case I wanted to buy jelly.
221651221651B000PL5VQMA3JOYNYL458QHPcoleridge0151304467200it came promptly at a reasonable priceIt's Rose's Lime Marmalade which I love and can't find around here (Santa Fe, NM). It came promptly at a reasonable price, and well packed for shipping.
221652221652B000PL5VQMA6F0WK56OQUYQRob0151284681600Rose's Lime MarmaladeExcellent product. Was hard to find until I logged onto your website. Plan on ordering more.
221653221653B001GINORGA1BCB34K7KE35NJennifer M. Nelson3351231200000Great ProductI've been a fan of the Sahale line for a while and was so excited to see their new glazed nut line. The Almond P&J is my favorite. Definitely recommend.
221654221654B001GINORGAZVPNCM8Q50X5EKL2251232496000Perfect.I sent these to my mom because she was in the hospital after surgery. She loves to snack on things (popcorn, chips, cashews, almonds, etc.), and these were the perfect snack to send her. She said they tasted great, and that they were a great snack for her while she was confined to a hospital room watching TV. On top of that, they are healthy which means she isn't snacking on junk food.
221655221655B001GINORGA1L4U4JQS6E40Vmaximom2294551261008000Great product but bad price!Love that these are available and are free of gluten, casien, soy, and the fruit is unsulfured, but they are more expensive on Amazon than when I bought them at Walmart today. $3.85 per 4oz bag at Walmart and Amazon is charging $4.41 each, at that's the case price!! Booo.
221656221656B001GINORGA3E6Z10Y1XJ5VUKathleen Parrett1151347321600Sahale does it again!these folks REALLY know how to make healthy and tasty snacks!
the ingredients are always fresh and high quality...worth every penny!
thanks, kathy
221657221657B001GINORGA2RY567RE0PXPCWill L "Sleepwalker"0041334448000Great tasting snackThis glazed flavors are tasty and healthier than other sweet snacks. Arrived from Amazon in good condition so have no issues with buying them online. The price is reasonable but still on the high side.
221658221658B001GINORGA2BAQGVVFURVDRCB0041327276800Cashews great, have a hard time finishing the AlmondsWhile a little sweet, the Cashews are terrific and roasted to just the right crunchiness with good flavor. I have had a hard time eating the Almonds and still have 2 and 1/2 bags sitting in my pantry.
221659221659B001GINORGA240LX5MHHUXXMk8str0041294444800Yummy healthy snacks!I first tried these Sahale snacks on a domestic flight as the on-board snack, and I was hooked! It's somewhat hard to find these products in the stores (most specialty stores will sell them), so the fact that Amazon sold them was great. My favorite is the Almonds With Cranberries. These snacks/nuts are very addicting and a great healthy snack.

The variety pack is great for trying new flavors, and for easier travel/on the go. The price is comparable to the manufacturer, so it's really a question of convenience.
221660221660B001GINORGA3NCTCNAUYCH6Hjesse girl0051284681600GREAT SNACKThey taste good. I highly recommend. I hope they will come up with more flavor combinations in the near future.
221661221661B001GINORGAT4IZKN8HXAGDSexy Dougla "Stacy"0041273708800Taste greatI love these nuts. I particularly like the cashews and almonds. A bit overpriced though. And once you start popping there is no stopping until the pack is done.
221662221662B001GINORGAP02LPAP45SO6BJW0051242864000Fabulous!These are the best snacks ever. I can't believe how delcious they are! Every one of the varieties is good. My whole family loves them.
221663221663B001GINORGAU72F5X3IV0U4Penny Braithwaite1251242086400received staleI love these nuts but the varity pack was stale and the experation was 6/09 the glazed nuts were just fine. I contacted the Sahale Co. to let them know that the product from Amazon was stale.
221664221664B001GINORGA1ZHGNGCFBIME9DeeKay1351227657600They're the BestI've tried all of the original flavors and enjoy them all. They are wonderfully flavored, different than the norm, and pretty healthy. I've served them and taken them as hostess gifts and have always received rave reviews regardless of the flavor. I'm taking some to my Thanksgiving hostess tomorrow!! When I'm lucky enough to find them in Costco (holiday time), I always end up recommending them to someone who's looking at them that's never tried them, and they've always picked up a pack. The only criticism I have is that they do tend to stick together on occasion, but are usually easily broken apart. It's just that it makes them seem stale or mishandled, though the flavor has always been good. And in the summertime in Texas everything's sticky! Can't wait to try these new flavors!!
221665221665B001EQ4ICAA2ATKFL87GCUZHPatrick E. Brickey242441301011200Great with one drawback.I've been drinking this since the 70's. The flavors are still great and Amazon has it at a good price. The drawback? Why isn't this part of Amazon's Subscription and Save program. I faithfully but this about every three months and it should be part of that program. How about it Amazon!
221666221666B001EQ4ICAA2A0KBSFRHA0TWKatherine "151551252540800
221667221667B001EQ4ICAA2FS82NJMAYDJ9A. Donahue8851197504000Great ProductI've been buying this stuff since 1967 when you could buy a box of six packets for $.79. I grew up on the stuff....every morning M-F for 40 years....well I miss some every now and then when travelling. I am glad to see Amazon stocks it because it is sometimes hard to find the bulk cans in the local stores.
221668221668B001EQ4ICAA29COTPT4EJ643C. Arritt3351220313600GR-Reat!This product is essential to my morning diet. You can not get a better deal at unnamed mega stores. It's great!
221669221669B001EQ4ICAA1DKNCQU4I84M1David J. Robinson2241346371200Whats with the price hike?Absolutely love this stuff, helps with my lack of appetite.

Whats with the price hike recently? Last order i got 6 cans for less then your charging for 3 now, And that was in June 2012!!!
221670221670B001EQ4ICAA2IQZ4GJ3DG1TSMomof42251315440000LOVE this stuffThis is the best for a quick breakfast on the go. It has tons of vitamins, minerals, and even protein. My kids LOVE it, and so do I. Also, the price on Amazon is great--better than most of the stores around me. This is better than pediasure, etc. My pediatrician has recommended it for my kids when they went through the stubborn toddler stage where they wouldn't eat a well-balanced diet.

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