Amazon Fine Food Reviews

222241222241B004JJQG9WA5R738LU8LSUBWilliam Wilson "Apple Byter"4451318118400It's the best!I try all types of dark roast, Starbucks & others. There is no other way to say it. For me, this has the most intense deep flavor. This is my ULTIMATE COFFEE!
222242222242B004JJQG9WA102RDJLOHWS0Wblackbird "blackbird"2251334880000wonderful deep flavorI love it. I'll buy more. First time for me and I love it as cafe au creme hot or cold with ice. Best dark roast for me.
222243222243B004JJQG9WA1VLMIIZT4WSITJack1141337126400Verona coffee still goodThe coffee has a deep rick flavoShipped right away. Coffee seemed a little stronger when it was "Bold". but we still enjoy.Prefer to get in volumn since we use a lot.

222244222244B004JJQG9WA2PL4XNK9QYFF9Harlan G. Isom "hhr"1151329177600starbucks veronaonce a person has started buying whole bean and drinking Starbucks Verona flavored coffee and grinding it it fresh you will never revert to any other coffee.
222245222245B004JJQG9WA6OJZAQH8JVT3Afortyniner1151325721600veronaThis purchase was a good value, fresh coffee beans and of course one of my favorite to share at any time of year!
222246222246B004JJQG9WA2Q4UX9QHLX9K8T. Williams "mystery reader"2351323820800Coffee lovers look!!!This was the first time I had ordered the whole beans in the Cafe Verona, It is excellent!! The taste is fresh, rich and bold. We usually buy this ground, but it does make a difference with whole beans. Would buy this again!! Cafe Verona is actually our very favorite coffee, no matter what we try we usually go back to this. This was going to be a Christmas gift to both of us, but we just had to go ahead and try it!! Seller was excellent also, arrived before it was expected.
222247222247B004JJQG9WA2EGV6VLVXPPKCR. Ellsworth "Pragmo"0021344211200First Experience With StarbucksNever had a Starbucks before and figured what the heck, spend a few bucks more and try some "premium" stuff this time. Mistake! Ranked right down there with the worst cup of coffee ever experienced. There are a lot of good coffees on Amazon, this is just not one of them
222248222248B004JJQG9WAWGI42X6COP3YG. Clark0051340150400It's great!!The coffee arrived very fast. I was surprised when I opened the package, I had forgotten what a 16 oz. bag looks like.
The coffee is wonderful, and as I expected.
222249222249B004JJQG9WAVE4XWPA5PGBFcoco0051338940800great coffeei enjoy this coffee, it's had a great strong but yet not bitter flavor, just what you need for your morning cup of coffee.
222250222250B002Y3GSHUA1VFG859COZYU2MickyS "MickyS"0051334016000Tasty FareThis is my favorite of the Lucky Me Pancit Canton choices. It's zesty (kalamansi) and spicy (chili). For $.49 a packet, you can't go wrong.
222251222251B002Y3GSHUAWVQ0R67MNMMFLee0051321056000Chili and calamansi - delicious!These noodles are flavorful and zesty thanks to the calamansi (Philippine lemon) in the flavor packet. They cook up a little oilier than your typical ramen, and they have a slight peanut oil scent without the flavor pack. The chili oil in the mixture might be a little much for some folks, but it's great if you're looking for some variety in your instant ramen repertoire.
222252222252B002Y3GSHUA19IEMFBJBTMXIEliza Warren0311317513600Do not buy unless you have a strong stomachThese noodles were actually quite good, but I'd never in a million years order them again, because they made my friend and I very sick instantly after eating. I gave the noodles another chance and they made me sick again. Will not try anything else from this company again either, I've learned my lesson.
222253222253B006XLAL5YA21PTSHBX229JYScrappykat0051347494400Nice sample pack of Tea'sThis was a nice sample pack to purchase. I was able to try a lot of different teas, most had two of each kind so you had a better idea if you really liked it or not. I would have liked to have more black tea choices, but overall very satisfied.
222254222254B006XLAL5YA36UR170SB4APKJayEsseff0051343174400Best Tea K-Cup product available!This is pretty much the best value and coolest product available for Tea K-Cups on Amazon. Each K-Cup was 100% unique as advertised! I've drank about 4 or 5 of these so far, and the taste in my opinion is even more robust and full than steeping bags the traditional way! I would recommend this sampler to anyone with a K-Cup maker that loves hot tea. Be sure to pick up some raw honey and fresh lemons before buying this! :)
222256222256B000LL0Q9SA1US7D4TJ492TOM. K. Blue4451281225600Mighty Tasty and Useful TooRecently I had the misfortune to fall off a bus--no laughing is allowed. To make it worse, I had next to no food in my apartment aside from a box of these Taste Adventure Beans, assorted frozen veggies, rice and tortillas. A co-worker had given the beans to me to try as they hadn't worked for her "project" (a nacho fund raiser). Thank goodness for the beans. One can only eat so many bowls of frozen veggies and rice without going nuts.

Once I tasted the beans, I was hooked. The ingredient list is one that I can get behind: precooked pinto beans and sea salt. That's it.

I now keep a box in my desk at work for those emergency snacks. I do doctor my beans with a bit of cumin and chili powder. And they are great for those week's where I forget to soak beans for my weekly batch of refried beans.

Will I be buying more? Most assuredly.
222257222257B000LL0Q9SAK0LTDW5VQC44Apollos2 "Michael"2251270598400Great taste without all the workHighly recommended! We typically cook 4-6cups of beans in the crock pot over night, but that means you have to clean them, wash them and wait about 8hrs before they are ready and store/freeze them when you are done. We still do that but if need beans on a moments notice these are perfect. Not quite as good as home cooked from scratch but with very very close. I like to keep a couple boxes in the cupboard. For about the same price as canned beans, you can have instant better tasting beans just by adding a little water.
222258222258B000LL0Q9SA2XLSGW0Z2J7BKCathy1151296950400Great BeansMy mother-in law gave me a box of these a few months ago and I really like them. They are easy and convenient and you can make just a single serving. They are low sodium (compared to other products) and are really good. I use them at least once a week and I am very picky about the foods my family eats. I recommend them.
222259222259B00860YDK4A21AYYGX1S2TG6pezzotoo0051347667200Addicted!My sister-in-law introduced us to this drink. It is wonderful. Not only refreshing on a hot day but great tasting to boot. I cannot find it locally and was so happy Amazon carried it....just wish it would come back in stock.
222260222260B004E4CCSQA151OW029XD9JUSusan Tunis0041328054400Drink MeThere's nothing like a nice refreshing glass of cool water on a hot day. However, in damp, foggy San Francisco, I don't necessarily find myself craving as much water as I should ideally drink in a day. And while I seek some flavor to my beverages, I don't want to indulge in too much sugar, caffine, or calories. Consequently, I've been addicted to the little powdered drink packets designed to be used with half-liter bottles of water.

When I saw this product on the grocery shelf, I immediately wanted to try it. It has several advantages over the powder packets in my mind. First, you can flavor any amount of water, whether 8 ounces or 25 ounces. Also, you don't need a shakeable container with a lid. Mixing up the MIO beverage can be accomplished with a squirt and a swish. Finally, you can flavor to taste and make your peach tea a little stronger or weaker as you like it. All of these anticipated benefits have indeed proven to be true.

But what's more important than everything above is taste. My immediate response to my first taste was, "This tastes like artificial sweetener." It wasn't the most positive first impression, but as I continued to drink and got used to a new flavor, I found it palatable enough. Nothing to rave about, but good enough for me to keep drinking. The peach tea does have a nice tartness to it that I like.

As for other pluses and minuses, well, this product is very portable, but it's more likely to spill or leak than a powder packet. That said, the bottle design seems quite secure, and I'm not especially worried about that happening. Finally, the bottle promises that it can make up to "24 servings," but you have to read the fine print to see that a serving is 8 ounces, and it's very likely that your beverage serving is considerably larger than that. So, figure that into your math when you consider the economics of this product.

As for me, I like it enough that I'll try a second flavor and see what I think of it. Happy drinking!
222261222261B004E4CCSQA1VBDMNT6I8RE5Katharena M. Eiermann "Existential Diva -- Pr...0051328054400use anytime kind of convenience...MIO Peach Tea liquid water enhancer

* because I like a stronger tea flavor, I used 3 squirts of MIO Peach Tea liquid water enhancer in a large glass of iced water.

* nice peach-tea flavor, color is aesthetically pleasing, especially in a clear glass, or water bottle.

* nice and sweet... MIO Peach Tea water enhancer is as I would expect peach tea to taste -- but, I do realize, taste is subjective and may differ per user.

* I detected no chemical smell or nasty aftertaste, no staining of glassware.

* note: only good for 30 days after opening, as per label.

Whether hiking through the mountains, sitting through some boring meeting, or power shopping at the latest mega-mall, MIO Peach Tea liquid water enhancer is a take anywhere, use anytime kind of convenience (does not need to be refrigerated) that I welcome into my hectic lifestyle. 'nuf said --Highly Recommended! --Katharena Eiermann, 2012
222262222262B004E4CCSQA3R9X003XW0LNRDeborah Verlen "Deborah"0031328054400Not your mother's peach teaFirst, I feel a bit like a fraud reviewing this as I didn't get it so much for the tea as I did for another use--based on another reviewer's experiences. She found when her bottle was leaking and she left it in the sink, the excess liquid leaking out cleaned her stained sink!

So, my feelings about the liquid used as a tea are mixed. Peach isn't my favorite flavor, but I do like a good herbal tea on a hot day. The liquid tea left a bit of a chemical taste and I was unable to get the liquid tea vs. amount of water right to where I was satisfied. It seemed either too weak or too strong.

The reason I ordered this product was more to do with cleaning the tile in my shower. I had let my grandchildren use the washable crayons on the tile and still can't get some of the crayon off. So I dabbed on some of the liquid full strength. It didn't get the crayon off, but wow did it clean the white tiles to a shine. Where I scrubbed the crayon markings, the tile shone (well it still had the crayon markings), but the areas where the tea had been brushed on that I wiped down were also clean. I looked at the ingredients and am not sure which one is doing the cleaning, but it was impressive.

A little expensive for a shower cleaner, but it might be worth it on stubborn stains.

So therefore I am giving the product three stars. One star for tea and five for a shower cleaner! The average is three.
222263222263B004E4CCSQA3HQAPXAJV7PRXDiane Kistner0041328054400A refreshing twist on water, conveniently carriedI've been drinking a lot more water these days than soda, which does save money and has to be healthier for you, but water does get boring. I was given the chance to try the MiO Peach Tea flavor, and I found I really like it. The first time I squirted it, I missed my glass, so be sure you aim it straight down where you want it to go!

Like so many other food products these days, MiO does depend on chemical sweeteners (for 0g of everything), so I don't think I would be using a lot of it. But just a little squirt perks up cold water really well. A good thing, too, is the fact that you can cut down on your use of plastic by using MiO for your flavoring. Just ask for water at a restaurant or fill your bottle from the water fountain, squeeze in a little, and voila! The MiO bottle is about the size of a laptop mouse, so it will easily tuck into a bag or pocket.
222264222264B004E4CCSQA1FXY0GUFHEI59reg0031328054400Watch out!The directions say to use one sqeeze for each 8 oz of water. Not knowing how it came out of the container, I didn't tip it completely upside down over my glass when I gave it a gentle squeeze. Boy, did it ever squirt out! All over me and outside my glass! So, a word of advice, it doesn't come out of the container until you squeeze it, so definitely turn it upside down before squeezing.

I am a water drinker and try to avoid caffeine. I do, however, enjoy having a little flavor in my drink, occasionally. I am limited in my choices. I had seen the ads for Mio and had picked it up in the store, but didn't see whether or not there was any caffeine. The description I read on Amazon said there was none, so I decided to take a chance. I also liked the no calorie part.

Once I had the Mio in the glass of water, I was able to try it out. I started with one squeeze and stirred it up. The color was very pale, for tea. The smell was peachy, but not like a real peach. More like a peach fragrance in a lotion or candle. The taste was pretty weak, so I put in another squeeze. The smell and taste was now stronger and the color was a light pinky-brown. The taste is pretty artificial. Tastes like there are a lot of chemicals used to achieve this taste. there is a label, which did not pull off cleanly, over my ingredients list, but from what I can see, there is a good reason it tastes like chemicals.
222265222265B004E4CCSQA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"0041328054400Portable Peach tea flovor great for water bottles. If you like fruity peach tea you will love this.This comes in a portable bottle that will fit in your pocket. Pocket flavor for on the go. Add to your water bottle or anywhere use to add to glass of water. MIO makes it easy to limit those extra calories from sodas, high sugar drinks or to stay on diabetic low sugar diet. Reminds me of those peach teas that you get as an option in resturants. This does not leave any nasty after taste when swallowed, so you can enjoy a low calorie fruit tea without a nasty after taste.
222266222266B004E4CCSQA2BN9DIBP9A0XGD. Vance "NinjaKnittingGramma"0021328054400MIO Liquid Peach TeaFirst of all, the packaging of MIO is cool! Well designed and thought out, easy to carry and no drips when you use it.
However, the Peach Tea has a very off putting smell when you open it. It smells exactly like chlorinated pool water. I decided to give it a try despite the smell. One squirt in a 20 oz bottle of water gave a very, very light taste, mostly chemical in flavor. A second squirt made it sweeter, and gave it a Kool Aid type peach taste, but no tea flavor at all. A third squirt made it undrinkable, sickeningly artificially sweet. Blech!
222267222267B004E4CCSQA22PUBSSNP54LG. Little "value seeker"0051328054400Lots of flavor!I am actually surprised how good this is. Not sure it actually tastes like tea (it's called peach tea) in any way, but it is really peachy. I am trying to stay on a low carb diet and this is refreshing as well as tasty. My husband tried it too and also said that it has lots of flavor. I will definitely buy this in the future.
222268222268B004E4CCSQARYSDAZNRXN6GA. Crafton0031327968000Better than Mango/Peach and Sweet Tea in my opinionI did not care for the Sweet Tea and Mango Peach MIO's, you can see my reviews on those.

I generally like Crystal Light and other additives to bottled water to break up the boredom of drinking water. The other two flavors of MIO that I tried, I did not care for. However the Peach Tea was much better. Start off light on this, taste it and adjust one drop at a time. You can go from 'not strong enough' to WHOA that's too much, in a hurry.

The only con with this, like the other MIO's, was that I still get that slimy 'snails in the mouth' aftereffect when drinking it, and I can't figure out why. It makes my mouth feel oily.
222269222269B004E4CCSQA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0041327968000We Like It - RecommendedMIO "Peach Tea" has good sweetness and good flavor, being one of the better tasting ones of this brand. MIO is intended to be added to water and can be mixed "to taste", I like four short squirts into a 12oz water bottle. The snap lock lid is secure enough to carry the container in a shirt pocket and does not need to be refrigerated after opening.


222270222270B004E4CCSQA1OWRLSD7LTSQ9Creative License "Creative"0051327968000Mio...MY OH!I love flavored water...I must admit I have used Mio before and really
have enjoyed trying their assorted flavors. I think the one thing that
I love most about this product is that you can make your water flavor
as weak or strong as you would like to. My daughter likes it a bit
more flavorful than I that's easy enough to do, you don't have
to open another 'flavor baggy' or container, just put another squeeze
into the water and stir...boom...there ya go! What an easy way to get
more water into your life! AND at a much more cost effective manner
than purchasing bottled teas/flavored waters.

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