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222631222631B000ALGNHIA154PFJW3JR07KG. Busse "mo_ma"0051251676800Kitty KavierMy cat loves the Kitty Kaviar! He gets satisfied with just a pinch! It's dried fish in shavings. At the pet store it was $7.98 a can. this way i got it for $5 a can. It came quickly and very fresh!
222632222632B000ALGNHIA1NS52Y4JXH0Z4Linda Burton0051246752000Cats love itMy cats love this product. It gets them in at night and safe from coyotes!!
222633222633B000ALGNHIA2SRU8WEYYIRCYcat lover0051246147200cat training toolI have two cats and one of them is very very independent and stubborn. The only way to get the difficult cat to come into the kitchen at bedtime (and I close the door after she enters) is to open the kitty kavier and call her for her treat. She absolutely loves it and has been having it every night for the past 18 months. Now, the other sweet and cooperative cat wants her share as well.
222634222634B000ALGNHIA1RBZQTELKPODGDawn M. Wagenknecht0051246060800My cats are addicted to this stuffThis vendor, Entirely Pets is always prompt with delivery...
I can't be with out this or the cats in my house will eat me!
222635222635B000ALGNHIA131STYXKU6P2ZTexan Fan "TexanFan"0051231372800My cat is addicted!My cat acts like a junkie with this stuff to the point I call it Kitty Crack. I have a plate down for him that I put the Kitty Kaviar on. He'll sit by it and cry. He won't stop crying till he gets some! He must have his morning and when I get home from work fix. He can hear the lid coming off the can from the other room. He loves this stuff THAT much!
222636222636B000ALGNHIA1SWZ1U4G0YGDFSDM "PT-Guy"0051231286400Yummy treat for the kitties!This used to be my cats' favorite treat, but then they both suddenly went off it. I decided to give it another try, and they're gobbling it up again. I also use it as a 'garnish' for some foods that are very healthy for them, but that they don't particularly go crazy for. It's a great product to have on hand.
222637222637B000ALGNHIAFVIXQURFEBOGP. de Vries "philip de vries"0051220832000My daughter's cat goes nuts of these treatsMy daughter's cat Mattie loves Kitty Kaviar. Mattie is a big lovable Maine Coon cat. Mattie sure loves to eat, but finding food/treats that Mattie is willing to eat is a Herculean task. Mattie is one finicky eater, but one whiff of Kitty Kaviar and Mattie's tail shoots straight up. He immediately runs over when he sees the Kitty Kaviar can. On top of that, Kitty Kaviar is healthy and nutritious. Kitty Kaviar is the best cat treat that I've ever purchased. In the end, I bought six cans, to keep Mattie and my daugther happy.
222638222638B000ALGNHIADWTXOTD0VV50J. Boothroyd "Cat Woman 11"0051215475200Kitty KaviarI have been using this product for a couple of years and my cats LOVE it. Just a few flakes is all they need for a treat in the evening. Packaging is excellent as is order response time. I recommend this product to all cat owners. Wow - meow.
222639222639B000ALGNHIA3SJ3GAI7HUA0WDawn Rago "kitty krazy"0051146009600Best cat treat!!My cats LOVE this stuff!! It's smelly, but they are in complete bliss when I give them Kitty Kaviar as a treat. My one cat used to be very anxious and a little high strung, but ever since I started giving him this treat he is calm and extremely loving! I highly recommend it to anyone with a kitty!
222640222640B000ALGNHIAL0RQWMUUAFIEJ. Bishop1231183420800depending on your cat i guessi know of one cat who craved this product.. meowed everytime he saw the box. Bought it for two other cats, and they could go either way with it. so but one box and see how yours reacts and then buy a lot!
222641222641B000ALGNHIA2HBGSCCFHLHCTPurtha Q0211260835200Huge DisappointmentI have two cats, one of which didn't get to be 23 lbs by refusing cat treats. After learning that my habit of treating them with tuna and tuna water straight from the can (one likes the fish, one likes the water) was likely causing bladder stones among other negative effects, I tried every single kind of cat treat available in an attempt to "wean" them onto something else.

When I read about Kitty Kaviar I couldn't order it fast enough. When I opened the can and my cats took a sniff, they couldn't run away fast enough. I tried repeatedly to get them warmed up to Kitty Kaviar but neither would touch it. These are NOT finicky cats - the one that ISN'T obese was a stray and went hungry for quite a while; we nicknamed her "vacuum girl" because she eats anything and everything. Except Kitty Kaviar, that is.

Am I the only one who has had this issue? The reviews on here are so overwhelmingly positive, that I don't understand why I got the response that I did from my cats. They are now in love with Pounce Lickkittys - so much cheaper but apparently so much better. Unfortunately, because of Kitty Kaviar, I had to listen to my husband's "I told you so"s AND deal with two very disappointed kitties who thought they were getting something special.

Buyer beware - product doesn't live up to the hype. I tried to rate it 0 stars, but apparently that's not an option.
222642222642B000ALGNHIA1QXE7OX7MSL2HM. Smith "cenmad"0211203120000A waste of money for usI was really happy to find another cat treat that was natural and free of fillers/preservatives/chemicals. That said, none of my four cats will touch this stuff, even though two of them eat almost anything. Much better to give them treats like Three Dog Bakery "We Pity the Kitties" freeze-dried salmon, Feline Greenies, or just plain tuna.
222643222643B000ALGNHIA3N81I4EX568L7Carol J. Sheats0511192320000MY CARS ARE ADDICTED GREAT PRODUCT
222644222644B003VZBGIGA2THZC7BLNW9T7J. Hood3311330041600Clusters?I ordered these thinking they would have some clusters in them. Nope. Just small clumps of oats. Should be called Honey Nut Oats. Called General Mills and complained.
222645222645B003VZBGIGA1UNJ3MK855DTTsticks3321313971200Not the same - differ from box picture, changed recipeThese are not the clusters you may have been used to. They would more appropriately be called oat clusters because the good old honey nut clusters are no more. Set your expectations and they may be a suitable replacement. The texture of the clusters is very different and the taste is slightly different. The flakes taste more of fiber than I remember, but that may or may not be the case.
222646222646B003VZBGIGA30OEP2SQ4J82RD. Wera "book lover"3321309996800DisappointingI have bought this cereal in the store in the past. The stores seem to have stopped selling it. I was thrilled when I saw I could buy it from I did buy it but the cereal doesn't taste the same as it did before in my opinion. I don't know if the manufacture changed the formula but it just didn't taste as good.
222647222647B003VZBGIGAYCD5Q1I3OBWVMatthew M.2251294531200Absolutely awesome that Amazon carries this item now!So, I absolutely love Honey Nut Clusters. I think it's something bordering on criminal that I can't find this cereal anywhere in my local market (Spokane, WA). It's been several years since I've been able to enjoy a bowl.. and now I'm quite excited that I have 3 boxes on the way! Thank you Amazon.

As for the review.. I think Clusters cereal is about the best that I've ever had. Yum.

- Matthew
222648222648B003VZBGIGA2UPLFMGSJCYVVL. Mayor1151308528000Yum!Totally love the taste of this cereal! No on in our family eats any other cereal except this one! And Amazon has a great price on it - its on my subscribe and save ist for delivery every month.
222649222649B003VZBGIGA39RD0WNQXBAYNJudy1151285718400Honey Nut ClustersI love this cereal! Don't understand why its not in the stores where I live.
222650222650B003VZBGIGA1ZWTAYT2WQ26TKayKay0021348099200They changed the cerealI agree with a few other reviews. I used to eat these all the time til the stores stopped selling them. Ordered them from amazon and noted that they did change the actual clusters. They are more like oat clusters than nut clusters. They aren't bad, but not the same cereal as before.
222651222651B003VZBGIGA3QW9XYY4ODMRScatherine s theuer0051339545600Honey Nut ClustersI have been looking for this product in so many grocery stores and could not find it! I had bought this cereal for years until it was no longer in the food stores.
I would purchase this cereal often if it was sold in the stores. However, I found it on amazon and am glad I am able to purchase it.
222652222652B003VZBGIGA23YAZJ4GB50NDbecca c0041329177600Grew up with this cerealI used to eat this all the time on the east coast, but in Seattle, we don't have Honey Nut Clusters. I thought it may be a little ridiculous to order cereal online, but have no qualms about it now. It's a good deal, and there's nothing quite like it. Sweet, crunchy, with cornflakes is a welcome change from Special K.
222653222653B003VZBGIGA1AVXVCBODG5ZNEllen J. Fort0051325376000Honey Nut Clusters CerealWhy do all the good cereals disappear! Now looking for "Kaboom" cereal! This cereal is the best and a favorite of my family. Shipped quickly and in perfect shape!
222654222654B003VZBGIGA3G0ZHP2X2FUGCK. Denny0051321228800I love this cereal!So very glad that this cereal can still be bought online thought I wish General Mills didn't pull it from the shelves. Great taste and healthy!!
222655222655B003VZBGIGAVTX91EV06EVSmatts0051316908800hard to find itemMy husband loves clusters- we can't find them anywhere in our area. Great find. I'll be back for more. thanks much
222656222656B003VZBGIGADF4NC1A29NPELove Viper Products0051316390400The Best Cereal OutHoney Nut Clusters, in my opinion, is the best cereal out on the market. Too bad I have to order it offline, since the groceries stores in my area stop carrying it. I have tried "similar" products but none compare to Honey Nut Cluster and I am sure nothing will ever compare to it. I have called General Mills to congratulate them on branding such a great cereal that is both kid and adult friendly. Sorry but I am a nut for Honey "nut" clusters. :-)
222657222657B003VZBGIGA1IRKQKJHO9ZU8Grace "Mrs.Productive"0051314662400Hard to Find in Stores!My aunt loves Clusters. She was shocked to find out that they discontinued selling this cereal at her local grocery store. She was estatic when i told her this cereal is sold on Amazon! The boxes arrived in great condition. My Aunt is on cloud 9!!!!!!!
222658222658B003VZBGIGARYQLPYG71NBKJohn McCray0051306972800vary good productI like the product, Its is not sold in the stores in New York so I order it from amazon
222659222659B003VZBGIGA2CBU84ZK1BHF2gingersnap0051301270400the bestwe love clusters! little more on price than what i used to pay at the store but its not available in stores here. im very happy and buying again.
222660222660B003VZBGIGA1DD4B97M4DUC5migit0051297123200AwesomeI haven't found these in stores for years and was very happy to see it on amazon. Just as tasty as I remembered.

I also recommend trying Almond Milk with this cereal. It goes really well with it.

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