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224671224671B002F914G8A33O4IYTAUZ1C2Razer1151308614400Love it!wow this is a beautiful plant, mine arrived nice and lively, all 3 stocks were well kept when they arrived and the vase is a very nice yet subtle touch. there is even a leaf(how can i say mold out or carve out on the vase) not picture but shape and it makes it look as if it were meant for plants.
224672224672B002F914G8A1J4L4F8EEKLSBLea Harper2331308182400Not so LuckyWe sent this as a gift and it died in less than a month. At least the recipient liked the vase.
224673224673B002F914G8A3HNBJXZGL5B54suzzzzzz0041350086400nicei have bought 3 total , 1 for myself and 2 for family members. it comes in good shape and is sturdy because it is bamboo. the vase is attractive. in short have enjoyed this lucky bamboo.
224674224674B002F914G8A34YBAGB0MCLX3Rafi Z0031349481600Looks good but lack of instructionsThe packaging was good and it arrived properly. The plant looks good and you can keep in at home or in your office desk.
But there is lack of instructions on maintenance of the plant. I wrote directly to them but no reply.
224675224675B002F914G8A38TLPIG0LAT55Russ Johnson0041347580800beautifulAbsolutely beautiful and adds to any room. Is quite large and very distinct with a rich maroon color. Is immediately noticeable and only to the good. Very highly recommended.
224676224676B002F914G8A3CDIE2YYSTNSDBabs Starbuck0051347148800Lovely bambooThe bamboo and planter arrived very quickly, two days and I paid for regular shipping. The plant was well packed and the vase was very nice. I would definitely purchase this product again and give it as a gift again. Loved it and wish I got one for myself. Thank You!
224677224677B002F914G8A10YC3ZPPNEYNWBad Seller0011344729600Died very quicklyI followed all the instructions and even looked up how to care for it online, but within a month the plant was dead. I read online and they said the gel it is packaged with is toxic to the plant which caused it to die. Do not buy this product from this seller!
224678224678B002F914G8A3H6KAIR0OMB60Becky0051342742400Bamboo!The bamboo arrived in great shape and the vases were well-packed! I ordered two of them from this company, and am happy with both. They have a lot of shoots coming off of them already! Not sure what the gray goopy stuff around the roots was when I unpacked it. Assume it was plant food or something to keep the roots from drying out. Anyway, these look great and I'll be ordering more soon.
224679224679B002F914G8A2OWQY0IO0KLCQSamantha G.0051342137600Perfect!This is Lovely! I purchased this as a birthday gift and it was delivered FAST. Both the plant and the vase were just like the picture and my friend sent me a photo, so I got to see the plant first hand. I would definitely recommend this!
224680224680B002F914G8AB470GAVSK9FJCupcakes0051341964800Love this.This was packaged very nicely, and didn't take long to ship. The plant was very nice, and super green. The container was also super nice, great for the price.
224681224681B002F914G8A2VN8KKI8PZ5NJRobin in Washington0051340755200PresentI bought this for my Mother on Mother's day and she feel in love with it. She said that it was wonderful. Would buy again.
224682224682B002F914G8A2IA06YB6DUFUCChip0041340150400Awesome!This was received exactly as outlined!Packaged well. Bamboo shoot was wrapped in plastic and the roots were packed to stay moist and protected. I LOVE IT!! Perfect!
224683224683B002F914G8ABBTLEAZH0E8AB0041339372800Quaint and appropriateSmall but may be just the right gift to say the right thing. Visually nice, ships well and will be appreciated.
224684224684B002F914G8A2CGN244OMGFLkelz0031339200000Much Smaller than Expected - Not as Good as PicturesI received this item today and I'm happy with it, but I'm not thrilled. It is much smaller than I had anticipated and I guess that is my fault for not reading the dimensions, so be sure to do that before you order. Also, the vase looks almost black in the pictures, but it is more brown in reality. The vase appears to be much better quality in the pictures as well, but it is not that great in person. It will still work for my office and these lucky bamboo are really the only plants that can survive without windows.
224685224685B002F914G8A20G06T0NZUDD8Bill0051338508800Bamboo ReviewPlant looks almost exact as in the picture. The description matches what I received. The plant is in great condition and shipping was quick.
224686224686B002F914G8A1J279PK2YKZ2shannon0051336003200Looks great!It is such a beautiful plant in any shipped fast in perfect condition and easy instructions..and the stand is great quality. i am so happy with it!
224687224687B002F914G8A6E3Q6M6BBEO2Justin0051333324800Awesome!Exactly what I wanted, and exactly what I purchased. It had 3 shoots; one in a wonderful twist pattern and two others with lots of sprouts. Container is nice and heavy so no worries of it falling over; and the plastic isnt a bad container for it to be in- at least until I can find a large shotglass or something close to the plastics size/shape to change it out with. So happy with this purchase!
224688224688B002F914G8A33GQIEKD71G9DKzirra0031332547200CuteThe plant and vase came in great shape and on time. It was a little smaller than anticipated and the vase is plastic looking. But for the price is expected.
224689224689B002F914G8ASASNF0PO488Ghema0031331078400much tinier than in pictureThe plant arrived in great shape and is very pretty. I just want to highlight that it is much tinier than what it seems like in the picture - about one and a half feet in height - I must admit I didn't check the dimensions but didn't realize it's such a tiny plant....nevertheless a good buy.
224690224690B002F914G8A1XJR38PVTPXQGathira0041330992000pretty and livelyI love bamboo plants. I liked that this was low priced and well made. There is a leaf accent on one side of the vase, which is nice. The plant arrived healthy and has been going good for last two months. Its a little difficult to water if you dont have a mini watering can. It adds a nice touch to my house so I love it.

Update: Its almost 7 months now and the plant is doing absoultely wonderful with almost nil light. I got some plant food from
which is amazing, and I put a drop in like 2 weeks, and water only when the water level comes down, and it does the bamboo really good, lovely green leaves and all.
224691224691B002F914G8ACJUPMQOU94Hjsasada810051330560000Perfect office accentArrived quickly. Could not be more happy. It is a great accent piece in my home office. I have had it for over a month now. Bamboo still looks healthy. Can't beat it for the price. Just change water every week or so and this bamboo will serve you well.
224692224692B002F914G8A29FUT8VCYIM96Pook0051329782400Looks Great!I ordered two of these. Both me and a co-worker had been wanting a nice bamboo plant for our desks. I was skeptical about how it would arrive considering it is a living plant, but it was packaged very safely and arrived in great condition. Both plants were very green and unscathed. Looks very cute on my desk :)
224693224693B002F914G8A3J0BW0GX5JWENAngel N.0051328832000very pleasedI just received this little buddy in the mail today and I have to say I was quite pleased. It is smaller than I thought but not too small. It looks great on my ladder style bookshelf and another plus would have to be packaging because this is a real plant so I was a bit worried about that but it came packaged to perfection and even the roots protected and tightly secured. Overall I give this a five star review because it actually looks like the picture and was packaged well and I paid next to nothing for it. Great buy!
224695224695B002F914G8A11LK9F8VK9C0EPammy1731311120000Bambo plantThis is my first time owning a plant and i'm not sure i have anything interesting about it. It doesn't seem to be growing to me. It's still alive but i may not be caring for it enough for it to grow.
224696224696B003DW7W7QA2FIGLNN2PU5SUE. Mills "frugal shopper"0051305936000Delicious and powerful!Wow, this stuff is great! A little strong on the first cup you make especially if you let it steep too long, but the blend of flavors is delicious and it really helps make you feel better. I always drink it when I'm sick and give it out generously to all of my sick friends as well. Many different flavors in the tea, some sweet and some with more of a bite to them, but the really amazing thing is the way they all work so well together and you can taste so many of them distinctly! HIGHLY recommended.
224697224697B004790G4UA3NINQ3TTG08SOGrace Johnson1251332633600The Best Pepper mix ever!Paula Deen 3.05-oz. The Lady & Son's Pepper Mix is the best Pepper mix ever.
Our family loves to use it on everything.
224698224698B004790G4UAHYRTWABDAG1HE. Thomsen "arvig"0111342396800An appaling product!I can't believe that Ms. Deen would sell such a product now! I bought this on accident, thinking I was getting another seasoning from Ms. Deen's line of seasoning. I then looked at the label, and noticed that Ms. Deen now promotes cannibalism! Not only that, but the consumption of a mother and her child! How could anyone suggest eating a woman and her offspring, I don't know. Maybe where she lives this is fine, but I will not consume people just for a gourmet treat. For shame Paula Deen, stop eating a lady and her son!
224699224699B006IWVT4UA1GALZCXD8FHORDaniel L Edelen0041347840000A surprising merlot value that tastes best chilledMany reds show their depth closer to room temperature. For those vinophiles who appreciate a red that holds up to a decent chill, Gnarly Head's 2010 Merlot is an excellent value.

Gnarly Head is a wine brand I usually ignore, but for a pizza dinner I wanted a cheap red, and this was under $8. With no time to chill, the first glass was underwhelming. A bit too much acidity came through on the finish, and the wine had diesel notes--a common characteristic in some ambitious reds, but not one I like in a merlot.

In a startling turnaround, the next day's drinking with a decent chill proved this to be an outstanding red for the money. Lush, with loads of varied dark fruit, and a velvet finish with excellent balance, it shone when served cooler, something many reds do poorly. Highly recommended at 55 degrees F, and a good choice for white wine drinkers who normally shun reds.
224700224700B003L1XWBEAWXH63WE2TL2SAdelknight Seven "oodleman_aka_mazza_2k3"8851298937600Nobel Peace-Prize Winning chipsThese chips are simply heaven.

If all the people - black, purple, orange, brown, white - if they all just sat around the table and ate these, I swear my friend that peace will prevail. Prejudice will crumble. Tears will flow. Smiles will abound. And the world will be good-ish for at least a few days. Until these chips are replenished, then peace upon peace.

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