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224971224971B0017WFN2KA2N5CA54O8S0YIMartin W. Dawson0041285286400cajun sesame stickspurchased this product because i love sesame sticks. the only place locally that has sesame sticks is walmart and they only have oat bran sticks. i decided to buy the 'cajun' style because i like things spicy. well they are and i like them. when this product becomes available again i will probally order the regular sesame sticks because the 'cajun' style might be to spicy for my grandkids. i love these.
224972224972B000TMS0REA2D2XOBXVF2V07Bobbygeorge4431217030400Not to be confused with a fine English marmalade!The label says "marmalade," but it's a far cry from a quality marmalade, which is tart, with pieces of orange and orange rind. That said, it's not a bad product -- more like a sweet orange preserve. If you like sweet, you might like this. But don't think I'll go this way again.
224973224973B000TMS0REA2SYX1Q8CX8WOWBusterbrownF1151344643200DeliciousIt's almost to good to be true :-) On a carb limited diet, it's great to have something that has no carbs, calories....etc. It allows me to feel like I can have a more "normal" addition to my meals. I'ved used other Walden Farms condiments and love them all!!
224974224974B0029F7OQ2AU62ZO1UDABEXmoi7721294617600Great tea, but this price is robberyI love this tea, but this merchant's price is ridiculous. Search the net, you can buy 6 packs of this tea for literally half the price listed here for a 5 pack. Buyer beware!
224975224975B0029F7OQ2A22ECQLMLTERW1eyp5551289606400my favorite teathis is my FAVORITE tea and i have such a hard time finding it. i always buy extra around holiday season. no sugar needed. when i cant find this i drink plantation mint by bigelow.
224976224976B0029F7OQ2A31BVMVOOQCS89Brianna1131322265600Great Tea, Questionable PriceMy mom loves this tea but we have the hardest time finding it in stores! I always buy in bulk so she can enjoy it all year. I am a huge amazon buyer, I always find great deals, with the exception on this tea. You can go straight to the Celestial Seasonings website and purchase 6 boxes for 16.99! I will be buying tea from their website as long as the price stays great!
224977224977B004L431A2A1RR91VWEMBTS8Clementine Dare "Clementine"4451305417600Tastes yukky but goes down quickly and does the jobI don't like how this tastes but I do like how it holds me over as a meal replacement. Great for weight loss or post workout. No mess meal and low in sugar. Awesome.
224978224978B004L431A2A3K6KLZM6NMSSUMacMan891042251316476800Great Convenience- watch dosageThis is a great product but I highly recommend using 1/2 vial then waiting an hour or two to consume the second half. Now I'm only 136 lbs so for a larger person it may not be an issue. But my body was apparently not able to absorb 40-50g of whey protein at one time. My body seemed to not be able to absorb all it it efficiently and it resulted in gas and Montezuma showed up! After using them for a few weeks it got to where I could absorb them better once my body was more used to this type of protein. Like I said I'm not saying this will be an issue for anyone else. It could simply be that my body is smaller than average. I still use them in 2 doses just assuming my body can use the protein more efficiently that way.
224979224979B004L431A2A103SZ0O68JK0YElizabeth B. White1151332633600Great right after your work outAfter working out, I mix one shot with water in my water bottle and drink it on the way home. Refreshes but also delivers protein in that post workout window when metabolism is primed to use it. I am usually going home to have dinner, so it also provides great appetite control because I don't get home feeling ravenous.
224980224980B004L431A2A38DZ6O49QMYHJE. Nelson1141325203200Pretty GoodTaste is great, compared to the competition, and the price is fabulous. The only thing I don't like is that there are little chunks of something inside, and no matter how much I shake the vials to try and get the chunks to dissolve, they never do. So, given the price and the great taste these are a good buy - I just wish they could get rid of the chunks inside.
224981224981B001XUIH2EA231DMZA8857YVIvanhoe "wck"2251306540800Super Value - Super Tea!I couldn't believe the speedy shipping. This is the ONLY place I have found
Tetley bulk tea to be available. I love it:) Used to drink it all the time
when I was growing up - now I can enjoy it again!
224982224982B001XUIH2EA3IMVS1U3KP024Happy Reader2251305763200Excellent value, Very Good flavorValue and flavor says it all.
The only thing possibly missing is the atmosphere or Foo Foo quality, which has no value to me.
If simply good tea is what you want, this is the product to buy.
224983224983B001XUIH2EA2G0H83EWBPIQOcard player2251302307200Loose tea leavesI searched everywhere for the old fashioned loose Tetley tea leaves. They are great for brewing fresh ice tea or a cup of hot tea. Full bodied flavor, much better than the tea bags. We are enjoying the flavor we did growing up from this great product. Thank you Amazon for carrying it.
224984224984B001XUIH2EA850FUZHR0OZNadsum ""0041350691200Excellent teaI would give five stars but this is not a high falutin tea- but it is a top notch everyday tea without the expense. When a pot is brewed I frequently say out loud " That is a good cup of tea!".
224985224985B001XUIH2EA2BZUJAL7D0VKGChapman Scarborough0041331078400For this price, an excellent valueTetley's is a very old British brand that used to be much more easier to find stateside that it is today. Thankfully we have amazon to fulfill our needs.

Tetley's is a nice light, well balanced, "English tea" that I have been pleasantly surprised about. While its no Barry's Gold Blend, its an excellent tea for afternoons (I prefer lighter tea in the afternoon and evening) compared to my breakfast choice of Barry's. If you prefer your tea English instead of Irish (lighter flavor, the Irish prefer very bold and strong tea), this could very easily be your one stop shop for your 'stable black'.
224986224986B001XUIH2EA24B4CP03WMU8QRavenwings0051325894400LoveI start every day with a cup of tea, brewed extra strong, with cream and sugar. Tetley is the only commercial brand I buy. I am a tea snob and prefer gourmet teas, but can't always afford them. I was thrilled to find loose-leaf tetley as it brews up so much nicer than a bag, and it's more economical.
224987224987B001XUIH2EA3JE9DNBO2JC8Ijarob0051319846400Excellent Tea.Wife loves it and uses every day in her electric teapot. large quantity of tea for a very good price.
224988224988B001XUIH2EA1G8XHIDW5Y2X2StirringTime1231304985600And I forgot the tea straining ballI like Tetley Tea so I figured this would be a great buy. The tea is a loose tea but not leaves, buds or flowers. I was a little disappointed when I found out this is similar to instant tea but it doesn't dissolve, it's more like a freeze dried loose tea to me and I forgot the tea strainer ball! Thank goodness for my french press.
224989224989B001NH5I4MA1Q19YU82ZA162Xavious0011344729600No flavor, considering the name and ingredientsI have had many ginger teas in my life, and the best I would have to say is fresh ginger root ground. Considering this tea is marketed as "ginger peach" and the ingreadients state: : black tea, flavor, ginger root, there is no ginger flavor and the "flavor" in the ingredients does not seem to be peach. The brewing instructions state "one level teaspoon of leaves per 8oz of water". This ratio gave it a watery flavor, and doubling the ratio did not improve flavor. The best way to describe the flavor in "my" opinion is that the tea tastes like my grandma's perfume smells...not the best. I would bet that other teas made by this company don't all taste this way, but this flavor does not meet my expectations for being called a "ginger tea".
224990224990B001NH5I4MA10ZM1D568O4JPTXtraveler "customer"0011344556800the terrible ginger peach teaThis tea had a weird strong musty smell and taste that got in my nose and would not go away until the next day. I'm not kidding. Don't know what's wrong with it but ended up throwing it out, and that was several bags. Teas Etc. is a good vendor so I was really surprised. Bleh.
224991224991B001FB5LHUA3VZATI63KMDOVCharlotte K. Baxter1121300060800Strong taste - Try before buying in bulkThe title of my review says it all. I bought them b/c I was constantly running out of gels and wanted to get in bulk, and these had caffeine and came via Prime shipping. However, the flavor makes me kind of nauseous. They may be fine for you, but I recommend trying before buying in bulk.
224992224992B002O0JXVQA31RDMQSHZQSNQPica4451299715200Delacre Prestige luxury vs Delacre Prestige ElegantThe Delacre Belgian Chocolate Biscuit Assortment's are truly wonderful! I have ordered them for myself as well as for gifts that have pleased the receiver's. I want to note however, that there is a fault in their advertising. I ordered the Delacre Prestige "Luxury"...Assortment and also the Delacre Prestige "Elegant"...Assortment. When my package arrived today I received 2 of the "Luxury" Assortments. Upon calling the shipper I was told that there really wasn't any difference in the two, despite the difference in prices? He went on to give me an explanation I didn't understand as it made no sense. So if you are looking for two different Assortments to try, keep in mind that "Luxury and Elegant" are the same thing. Otherwise, ENJOY!
Sincerely, Pam
224993224993B002O0JXVQA1GK2Y419AT1H5giftseeker2251290384000Christmas gifts for our customersWe first bought these two years ago, about 20 boxes. Half of them arrived broken. We contacted Amazon and they advised the supplier and we got replacements quickly and in time to ship to our customers. Last year we ordered again, about 30 boxes and all arrived just fine. I am ordering again for this year, 40 boxes. Everyone loves them, including me. This year I'm getting extras for our office as well.
224994224994B002O0JXVQAC1IBZO2KNK7QDon Dickson1151325808000wonderful Christmas cookiesI order three or four large tins of these scrumptious cookies every year around Christmas. They make very fine gifts, and I never fail to save one tin for myself. The assortment is both handsome and mouth-wateringly delicious.
224995224995B002O0JXVQA7SHON5SGCAP5J. Yoon0051292544000Yum. Awesome assortmentWe get these cookies from a business each Christmas Season. They're so yummy I skip a meal just so I can eat more.
224997224997B003IWVGU0A13F93TSMDB8Y6Brende460051349827200Good tasteThis is a very nice, full bodied coffee with a very delicious taste. It's a nice favored coffee to wake up to in the morning. I would reccommend this coffee to a person who likes a medium strength and blend coffee.
224998224998B004DIW0B2A3NC7WY278E1X2Nihon Desu0051346889600Great!Incredible savings. Great carbonation. Box broke because of the weight but not a big deal. All arrived in perfect condition.
224999224999B000JIMSBCA35QY34RGSVLRKMatthew VanAndel "Veraxus"101011270598400Sold by Dishonest FoodsI keep getting Amazon emails with these coins listed - presumably because I was recently searching for Chocolate Gold Coins to use in my wedding. The problem I have is that the title blatantly states that these coins are "Only $0.09 Each!" which is a blatant lie no matter how you swing it. Let's do the math, currently a bag of 465 coins is listed at about $70.00. Assuming that is the gross cost of the product, $70.00 divided by 465 coins is just a fraction of a cent over $0.15/coin. But wait - the seller also charges a grossly inappropriate $18.95 to ship the coins. This brings the total for the entire bag to $88.95 or a fraction of a cent over $0.19/coin - which is MORE THAN DOUBLE THE PRICE that "Honest Foods" is advertising in the product's title and description.

Honest? I think not. I'll buy my coins from someone who doesn't lie to my face.
225000225000B000JIMSBCA2M7YKZQWU7PQQJo "Desert Rose"7751162598400The Amazing Gold Coin Search!This vendor went above and beyond to get the gold coins to us in Phoenix Arizona during the hottest time of the year and in a huge rush situation.

Every thing about the transaction demonstrated the highest degree of exceptional customer service! The package arrived in the time requested and in absolutely perfect condition. Thank you! My group was sooo happy!

We would shop with this vendor again without any hestitation.

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