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225841225841B0001JXDRCA2N1BQ77AO79OSmary0051342742400best tastingI have purchased many different brands of this type of fruit. This is by far the best tasting of all I have tried. It has no "off-putting" bite to it. Many do! I love it so much I cannot stop making my homemade pannatone. I guess I can thank you for these 5 extra pounds!!! If you use this type of product(I am Italian) so I do, I highly encourage you to give it a try. maria domenica
225842225842B0001M9WCYAI36PDBXP44MHBrian P. Cota3351186185600Lemon Olive OilThis is an excellent product to cook with, add to any salad, fish or poultry. Hopefully this item will still be on the market to purchase. Have tried many other brands and no other brand even comes close to the quality of this product flavored lemon oil.
225843225843B0001M9WCYA3TLTZ351Q8TKShopGirl "ShopGirl"1151322352000Simply the Best!!!!I totally agree with the previous reviewer. This lemon oil is so fragnant and rich - no other products on the market come even close to it. The price is also great - ranges from $8-10 bucks per bottle. I add it everywhere to create my own signature look: salads, fruits, fish, grilled chicken/ name it.
Two thumbs up. Don't even try other brands and don't waste your money and time on something else. This lemon oil is a masterpiece!
225844225844B001NVAE2OAGYN5DLRP0DLJCal "Cal"4421277164800Cute, but Made in CHINAI bought 2 dozen of these monkey lollipops as party favors for my daughter's 2nd birthday party. I was happy they arrived within 2 days of ordering. They are as cute as the photos depicted and they arrived well packaged. Each dozen is packed in a box that has the nutritional info on the box, but I was disappointed to see a label on the back of each lollipop to have in huge font "Made in China". For nutritional info, call this #. This label took away from the cuteness of these lollipops. I had intentions of giving one to my 2 year old, but after seeing this label, it makes me think twice whether I should. Everything now is made in China, and when it comes to children's products, China = RECALL. I wished the website posted where the lollipops were made because I assumed USA, had I known they were from China, I would not have bought these lollipops. I will just use them as decorations. Using something that's made in China is one thing, but eating something from China requires caution!
225845225845B0006V6LJWA1AH4KCLPYKYQSLisa A0051349827200Fantastic way to make someones day!I was unable to make my sister's birthday because there are several states between us. I looked everywhere for an affordable cake. I was leery of sending one through the mail, one I made myself or otherwise. I contacted Scott and told him I was putting my order in early and please try to get it to her closer to her birthday. It arrived ON HER BIRTHDAY and she said it looked delicious. Never heard how it tasted, but I am sure I would have heard if it wasn't excellent! Definitely going on the list to use in the future! Thank you Scott!
225846225846B0006V6LJWAWA91WDX6D466Sean0051286236800I was wrongI had originally given this 1 star, since my cake wasn't in the best shape when I got it. But, Scott contacted me and made it up by sending me the dollar amount in cookies to replace my cakes. The cookies arrived very quickly and were quite tasty and moist. I will definitely purchase from this company again.
225847225847B0035RLCLQAE3TKC62YTCO9Loren "Buggsy"6651285200000Very good saltRegular salt is (at best) very plain. I think of it like distilled water. If it has nothing else in it, it just tastes kind of "flat". That is why allot of filtered water in bottles have minerals added back in, so it has some flavor and "tastes right."

That is part of why sea salts and finishing salts tend to taste so much better on the pallet. They have trace minerals that are appealing to the tongue. They also lack the iodide that most table salt has added which (to me) gives it an off-taste.

The Himalayan pink salt has been my favorite for a while, and the salt provided by "The spice lab" or "Old Himalayan Salt Co." via this listing is a particularly good example of this salt. A great blend with a really good flavor profile.

I'd highly recommend this product, and this seller. It's particularly good on milder items like fresh cut avocado with a little lime or fresh tomatoes.
225848225848B0035RLCLQAE86DM8OE12PZScottir2251317600000Best salt ever.This is the best tasting salt I have ever used. It has excellent flavor without the metallic taste of some refined salt. There are no anti-caking agents, so I use my grandparents old trick of putting a few grains of rice in the shaker to absorb the excess moisture in the air that salt attracts. I had been using sea salt instead of standard table salt for a few years, but the taste alone was enough to get me to switch to Himalayan Salt. I can only describe the flavor as fuller and more nuanced, not just "salty".

I also use the Himalayan Crystal Salt (the larger pink rocks) to make "sole"(pronounced so-lay) for drinking therapy (one teaspoon a day, first thing in the morning). This process is described on various websites, and in the book "Water & Salt: The Essence of Life" by Peter Ferreira and Dr Barbara Hendel. The sole is salt crystals added to water until the solution is saturated, and can dissolve no more salt.

I have not been using the salt long enough to determine long term health effects. I do feel that I have more energy from drinking the sole in the morning, so that is enough for now. My friend is also drinking sole on my recommendation, and he is raving about the effects. At first he said it caused his body to throw off large amounts of mucus from his respiratory system, then he said it made his skin look younger. I did notice that he had age spots at his temples that seem to be disappearing, so he is thrilled with the results. Another effect the sole therapy is supposed to be reduction of double chin, so he is checking daily for evidence of this (haha)
225849225849B0035RLCLQA3V8906M9SPZC7Dali Van Bourgondien "Dali"1151319328000Great Buy!It took me a while to find out that sold spices as well as other items. The pure Himalayan salt is difficult to find
225850225850B0035RLCLQA1MU4SGS7R0PNRS. Fernandez1151310947200Forget the other sea salt I've been using!Received the pink pure Himalayan salt and was not surprised at all that it arrived extremely well packed. I tried it and it has a much much more delicious taste than the kosher sea salt I've been buying and using. I highly recommend this salt to anyone who has been sitting on the fence and wondering whether to try it or not.
225851225851B0035RLCLQA1THITL7L23B3QN. Austin0051332979200potent and tastyi enjoy using this salt to have a little something different, and i notice that i need to use less of this than i do of traditional white salt to achieve the same level of saltiness that i'm going for in a recipe. it's potent and offers more flavor than traditional salt and would definitely purchase again.
225852225852B00250TODWATIULS1VZSVHHN. Straw2241316476800bulk picle crispI use this for pickle making, makes pickles crisper when canning.
i use 1 1/2 teaspoons per quart jar. seems to work good. as far as i can tell it does not add any flavor and does help to keep pickles crispier when canned.
ive canned over 30 quarts and have harld made a dent in this container, it will last a long time
225853225853B00250TODWA1O6W3XTOBZBBTJ. Kapnick0041349308800Fast shipmentThis product arrived on time and does what it says. It will work for you just as well as it worked for me.
225854225854B00250TODWAOCTT3F4RU1EFYakhusker180051319673600Used as pH buffer for Vernier ProbwareWe bought this to use for pH testing in soils. We followed the instructions for making a buffer solution and seemed to work great. Many uses for this product but for us we have a lifetime supply of material for soil testing.
225855225855B003WXS3E2A16BSK0R55LZF8Karen Hsu0051346025600Tung-I mushroom noodlesTung-I mushroom noodles have the best flavor that I have ever tasted in a Ramen noodle. You HAVE to try them!!!
225856225856B000XYJ5SQA1IT05DZ2V313MDenise Brinkmeyer0021349568000You've got to like the flavor of ginseng a lotThe gum is mildly sweet so the ginseng flavor is quite overwhelming. You would figure that to be true in the product, but I expected more sweetness like ginseng soda which I do enjoy. I can't get my family to chew it, so this package is going to take awhile.
225857225857B000XYJ5SQA1A235CLCIU9JWFatman130051342915200Tastes Great!It may taste kinda bitter for people like me who are not quite used to Ginseng. But then I actually begin to grasp the sweetness from the gum after the 1st pack. Amazing flavor, if you would like to try something exotic. Don't give up until you finish the 1st pack!
225858225858B000XYJ5SQA3DJC16WKZ8MLXMary D0041325808000EnergizingThis gum is delicious and gives me a slight bit of energy. I think that its very expensive though but you get what you pay for. :)
225859225859B001H8W9IUA2QQ7FN3AQP15OCarmina0051350432000Great!Bigelow is my favorite English Breakfast tea, I love the bold flavor, and the large box was perfect for ordering tea for my wedding favors! Plus the pretty pink bags go great with my colors :) I ordered this and a box of 100 Stash Chai tea bags with the free super saver shipping and they arrived together within a week. I'm a happy customer!
225860225860B001H8W9IUADAOC6UTL8ZZVJonathon Gonzalez "sharkjmg"0051279670400Tea with lovely Freind.hi! this tea is great. lager nuber. ok big fan who knows. ok taste wonder smooth bold tast. not like earel grey. but good way stare the day!
225861225861B001H8W9IUA30YWVTZ650QT0E. Ashworth "pink lady"0051265500800AWESOME # of teabags in one box.I was glad to find English Breakfast online, because it is hard to find in the store. And the number in the box is great - no more small boxes to be purchased every week.
225863225863B002N6EVMMA2NMQWBDWT3SQFLorel Shea2251259539200sweet treatsI love Dennis Farms Maple coated almonds. They are a crunchy and sweet snack, a nice pick me up for afternoon slumps, and a healthier alternative to candy. They are delightfully delicious and have just the right amount of sweet maple to complement the nutty taste. The ingredients? Only salted almonds, (roasted in expeller extracted peanut oil) and pure maple syrup. That's it!
225864225864B002N6EVMMA2PL0US7RN67GJennifer "Jennifer"0051332806400Fabulous!I sent these to my son who is in college to keep in his pocket for a quick bite between classes. I wanted him to have something better than the junky pop tarts he's been grabbing from the vending machine, but I also needed him to feel like he was still getting a "treat" in a way. These fit the bill nicely. They are full of sweet maple flavor and chock full of protein for energy. He loves them and has already asked they be sent monthly.
225865225865B006YADPCAA2WZMMBOKNCTHHSprout0021327968000NOT as described, pictured or expected.Pieces are bite-size and don't last longer than a few minutes for a 15 lb dog. This is really only suitable for toy sized dog, if even.
225866225866B000E15898A1DA461LT2LQDIJonathan Aldinger1151290816000Great Daily TeaI tend to get too hyped up on coffee, and most teas have a flavor of which I tire after a few consecutive days. Tazo's Om is a very unique tea which I immediately liked, and now drink every single morning. I find the taste to be very pleasant; not too fruity and not too bitter. The black tea definitely adds a tiny caffeine kick, but not much more than a regular green tea, and green remains the dominant flavor. As with all green teas, over-steeping can lead to bitterness, so limit to about 3 minutes. Since I drink this daily, the fact that Om is organic is a big plus.
225867225867B000E15898A75HHTOGN6H6YCen-Tex Mom "Liz"0051346716800Tea Delicious and delivered on time and in great shape(NT)This Tazo OM Tea is delicious. I use it in the morning instead of coffee. This is how I prepare my large morning mug of tea. I heat water in my electric kettle, meanwhile I place a Tazo OM teabag, and a single serving bag of "regular" black tea in my mug, along with a pkt of Stevia, maybe with an additional teaspoon of Stevia because it is a big mug. After the kettle clicks off because it has boiled, I pour the boiling water over the tea bags, etc, placing one finger over the Tazo teabag STRING draped over the edge of the mug, so the string is not so likely to end up in the mug. Let steep for 3-5 minutes, squeeze out the teabags(I use a teabag squeezer I got at the English Tea Store online), then add my non-fat half-n-half. I enjoy this more than coffee, no sour aftertaste, and MUCH gentler on my system than coffee! TMI! Have a great day!
225868225868B000E15898A2BNL6Z0UV2CEEIrina0051323216000Best tea ever!!!!!!This is my favorite tea, and have tried many kinds! I just hope it is never discontinued! I wish TAZO would create a loose version of this tea.
225869225869B000E15898A24D3WAE2W0PNGnotanothernickname0041291766400niceThis is a nice tea with a light flavor. I particularly love it in the summer. Tastes great, hot or iced.
225870225870B000E15898AMN010NPLJW4XJamison0051288051200Fantastic TeaI drink a cup of Tazo Om almost everyday. It contains organic Darjeeling green and black teas, cucumber and peach. The blend provides antioxidants and just enough caffeine to get me going without any side effects. The hint of peach and cucumber make for a unique flavor. Steeping time really effects the taste so adjust accordingly.

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