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225991225991B0087GGLSEA1SK9O1C7KOLMHThomas A. Juarez "Tom"1141326067200Whoah!!!This is really strong coffee!!! it will wake you up in the morning! it was a little stronger than i wanted, but we all have our tatstes...
225992225992B0087GGLSEA1UL74OE5A2ZYIJ. Higgs "bahama shopper"1151324857600Delish!It is a little expensive, but very good. Nice flavor. Select different cup size for stronger/weaker flavor. Compared to the Donut Shop(by Coffee People) this Starbucks is stronger and has a better flavor.
225993225993B0087GGLSEA259M5BKNUK47VS. Cicero "Korat Person"3451320883200too overpricedI love the coffee. This is way overpriced. i just bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. i paid $15 for a 16 count box. it's still high but not anywhere close to $55 for a 30 count.
225994225994B0087GGLSEA3OCKMAKIVSNWQkenny0051349481600yummieThere where great I will be buying this again.
Everyone should buy this it will get you up in the morning.
225995225995B0087GGLSEA2KYPN0VV1K9CVTbasine0051347753600So flavorful!I was very surprised at how much flavor this Breakfast Blend coffee has. The Breakfast Blend is delicious, and I will definitely be purchasing it again! Definitely wakes me up in the morning!
225996225996B0087GGLSEA9XOCXEQGY051C. Johnson "area526"0041324339200StarbucksThe coffee is a Lil strong & a Lil bitter...even when using the largest cup size. It's like a very strong cup of Folgiers brewed coffee.
225997225997B0087GGLSEA11IDK9L74LPT1C. Schmidt1221333238400OK, but just a "cup of coffee"A cup of store-brewed Starbucks Breakfast Blend has always been my favorite cup of coffee. Even when I brewed (regular brewing) it at home I couldn't get the quite same taste, but I could get close enough. Now that I have a Keurig brewer, I was excited to finally see Starbucks BB k-cups.... but, ouch, the price.

For comparison, with my Keurig brewer, right now I like Tully's Extra Bold Breakfast Blend and Tully's Extra Bold Kona Blend, both of which I brew on the 2nd cup size (~7oz). I've liked some other k-cups in the past, but they haven't been available on Keurig's site for a while.

Anyway, I finally gave in and bought the Starbucks Breakfast (and House) Blend k-cups (from Keurig's site). Neither is like getting the same cup at Starbucks. I realize it can't be exactly the same, k-cup vs large brew. The Breakfast Blend k-cup is ok, I guess. But it just doesn't have any of the complexity you taste in a cup from Starbucks. It's just "a cup of coffee". I brew it on the 2nd (~7 oz) cup size on my brewer... smaller is too strong/bitter and larger is too watery. To me, it's definitely not worth spending more on the Starbucks branded k-cups since I don't feel like I am getting anything close to the store brewed cup. Actually, I don't even like it as much as the Tully's BB mentioned above, so wouldn't buy the Starbucks BB even if it was the same price. Bummer.

(FYI - For me, the Starbucks House Blend is undrinkable - it's too bitter (and I've tried brewing 3 different sizes, from smallest to travel mug). It's just bitter regardless, with no underlying complexity of flavor. )

Hope this helps someone, since obviously taste is very subjective!
225998225998B0087GGLSEA120BPRX233DLLGreg "smitz0327"0131326585600Coffee taste great but way over pricedI like the coffee but cannot see paying the price for it but the coffee is good and doesn't have any bitter after taste to it. I drink Emerils which taste good to me and I get the 50 pack for 30 dollars here. Sorry but cannot recommend buying Starbucks till they drop the price
225999225999B0087GGLSEA2NBU0WHQTLVAFIan H. Keogh142411320710400OverpricedVery Very overpriced. 30 Starbucks K-Cup for $49.44? You can get from BJS, Sams Club or Costco a 54 count Starbucks K-Cup for $39.99. Which is a way better deal.
226000226000B0087GGLSEA21S9JRFPFVWD8hopsandmalt4811323302400Great product but WAY OVERPRICED.Completely enjoy Starbucks K-Cups... but I get them at Costco. 54 for 39.99. Roughly .74 a K-Cup. Amazon is over a $1 a K-Cup.
226001226001B0087GGLSEA3KTNEENED73D9cfsandy0411336003200Reduced to 99.9 cents per cuphopsandmalt, they took your comments to heart and reduced the price to 99.9 cents a cup. Glad to see we buyers are heard. These prices for k-cups are so ridiculous. I would think Starbucks would at least be competitive with other brands.
226002226002B0087GGLSEAVFBH3IXLTOHZElizabeth Boatwright51411320710400WAY overpriced1-10 count box is about $9 at Vons...why is this so expensive on Amazon? I won't be purchasing this from amazon until the price comes down significantly.
226003226003B0087GGLSEAJIIIB8Z5B6ZDKenneth Kahn11611323043200Rip-offLeave it to starbucks to enter into the "me too" market with an inflated price scheme. However, this product will flop as starbuck's consumers typically want to be seen holding a starbuck's cup so everyone will know they overspent. Since Keurig's coffee is typically consumed in the privacy of one's own home, starbuck's attempt to get in will certainly fail.
226004226004B001EO6FNCA1MXWXBFHO54RXCarla G.2251291852800Best GF cookies everWe made these last week. They are absolutely delicious. I had to go get the box to prove to my 13 yo son that they were gluten free. They are easy to make and easy to cut out. My 9 yo GF son had a great time making his own Christmas cookies. I told my GF friends and one of them made the pumpkin recipe on the box and raved about how her whole family loved them. They have been gluten free for 15 years and were so excited about these cookies. Another friend is using them for decorating at her daughter's December birthday party.

I would keep the dough divided into halves or thirds and keep the unused part in the fridge while you are cutting out cookies. Also, the recipe calls for potato starch to flour the pastry sheet. (If you don't have a pastry sheet, use a GF cereal box liner. Cut it down one side and open it up. Works great, esp. if you have more than one kid making cookies.) I used corn starch and it worked fine. I also had to bake them a few minutes longer than the instructions. It says it makes 100 small cookies. That must be thumb nail size. We made about 30 normal cookie cutter size (3" x 4") cookies.

This is at the top of our list for favorite GF treats. Great to be able to make something that tasted so good for my son.
226005226005B001EO6FNCAUB0XSE087RD0Lisa Imerman1151292198400Great Tasting Dough that is usable with cookie cuttersThis was very much like a non-GF dough. Rolled out nice and cut out nice cookies with a variety of cookie cutters. They tasted great too. My non-GF family members liked them just as well as my GF family members. They did need to cook a bit longer than the directions said.
226006226006B002BGCND8A2YWO7YN6IG4DOFaith "Living the Red Road"2251270512000Great in smoothies - Kids love itI love this tea, it is my favorite hot or cold. I put the tea in my kids smoothies and they love it! I also make a gallon of tea and put it in a milk jug. Then when my boys are thirsty they drink it instead of soda. It is really good.
226007226007B002BGCND8A2LHSO5CI5HGXHLBROOK "Luke"1151258761600Great fruit flavored teaReally like this tea. The mangosteen flavor is very strong and is great iced, but is almost a little too sweet when enjoyed hot.
226008226008B002BGCND8A3VVBMD2NDQSW6Beth Daniels0051306972800good teaTea is such a personal taste, isn't it? I am NOT a tea lover, but I have discovered that I like most Good Earth teas because I don't have to add a bunch of sugar to them. This Mangosteen isn't quite as wonderful as their Original, but it's much more summery, and a fun, fruity tea. My kids like it, and I try to keep some on hand rather than letting them sugar up with something else.
226009226009B002BGCND8A1ESSV8IJKREJ6jsue0051288915200Another great Good Earth tea!The boys where I work love this tea. I love this tea. It is now part of my life.
226010226010B002BGCND8A2494WANZHLB93Vicki "Vicki"0051280793600Smells like Bubble YumI love this tea! I add just a little bit of honey and it's sweet and delicious.
226011226011B003G2LI14A3MIQQ1EGJOSI3Chorn0051350172800Good value!Very happy with this purchase. It's exactly what it was supposed to be. No problems with out of date or damaged packaging. The tub is very big, and hard for my wife to lift out of the drawer since the handhold moulding on the side is not very deep. So we just leave it in the drawer with the lid loosely on, and scoop it out as we need it. The tub is too big to pour from, so we use a little scoop that we just toss inside the tub after each use. Very good value for money on this size of packaging and it looks like it will last several months. I will buy this again.
226012226012B003G2LI14A425V6ZG142FAAnon0051341187200Strawberry milk mix made with sugar, NO HFCS!Obviously, strawberry milk is not a health food. Especially when you make it with whole milk like I do. That being said, the Nesquik powders are a much better option for me than the syrups because they are sweetened with sugar and not HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which gives me intense, sharp stomach pains. I can have a glass of strawberry milk when I have to skip meals just to have something to hold me over or when I need to take a medication which requires food or milk, and I can do it without the stomach issues. I like both the strawberry and chocolate powders.
226013226013B003G2LI14A1WRXBC5YXQYE3Daftwooly0051319760000HugeThis is the standard strawberry milk, but in 2 HUGE containers. I mix this with frozen berries, yogurt, ice, and milk for smoothies. My shipment arrived in perfect condition and will last a LONG time.
226014226014B003G2LI14A1N58SCL54ECBUKim0031313452800Not Nesquik's Fault, But...This product arrived a little banged up, not in the best condition. We're able to use it and everything but the bottom of one of the giant tubs is concave so it doesn't sit stably, and the seals inside the lid are kind of, I don't know, greasy looking? That sounds worse than it actually is, but I wasn't super impressed.
226015226015B001QEF194ANYMEWWI0N75AAdamran2221332115200No Bargain!I was under the impression when I purchased this item that it was several bully sticks and that in no way ONE stick would originally cost almost $70.00! I thought that this was one heck of a bargain at $15.00. I was wrong. I received ONE bully stick, about two and a half feet long. I would be more upset but it appears that my dog does enjoy, after some encouraging, chewing on it. It may not last her longer than it takes me to finish this review, but at only $15.00. I can't be too upset. I am however disappointed, feeling somewhat mislead by the picture. If I would have paid the original price they have posted, that would have been a much different story.

I'm rating this item only 2 stars, no more because of the reasons mentioned above, but no less because even though it's no great bargain, it still seems like a fair price for the product I did receive. If I would have I known that this is only one item, I most likely would have not made this purchase.
226016226016B007I1VEJUA1CRPP34ELJ8Q4TDUB4451333238400AMAZING!!!!This is the absolute BEST oreo flavor to ever come out!! Kraft Foods if you're listening.....PLEASE make these available all the time :)))))
226017226017B007I1VEJUA259W8AGBOT0G4arietta night sparkel2251340841600Great cookieThese oreo birthday cake cookies are simply divine. I could eat a whole box lol but i know i shouldnt and cant.!! :) They do taste exactly like a birthday cake. Very yummy.
226018226018B007I1VEJUA27QP6Y65ZE814Fountain422251336694400Greatest Oreo's Ever!These remind me of the best birthday cake ever plus there Oreo's. It's ashame there only here for this 100th celebration. The kids in my house Want more.
226019226019B009SMKESOA35K4XT7T1ZIFUInez Rivera0141304985600Not a bad product.This review is for the boneless ham. A little on the small size, but tasty. Be sure to thaw before baking or you will dry it out. Best eaten the day its made. I sliced some for the next morning and it definitely lost something. On the plus side if you've got a family, odds are there will be nothing left.
226020226020B0000D952MA26W84FWMHY775Amie0051311120000Best Gelatin Dessert I've Found...This gelatin is really good

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