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226021226021B0007WLM9EARJ62A1AJIZZ1Mike Chamberlin0011249776000eclairNot happy with this product, they come very hard and without the directions telling you this is how they are supposed to be. They are apparently dehydrated and you fill them and they soften up, but they were so hard I don't know how you would do that, they just broke in my hands.
226022226022B00620UWM8A1YLM1S4U9A08Sdery0051329177600Delicious!!I have seen this mix in my supermarket for a very long time and one day my husband asked me to make it for him. I made it and we loved it.If you love carrot cake you will love this cake. I think it had a little too much raisins for me but it did not bother me. I already have another box in my cabinet to make again another time. I will just remove some of the raisins. I tried 2 different cream cheese frostings and the best one for this cake is the Duncan Hines creamy cream cheese frosting. Mine looked just like the picture on the box. Delicious!
226023226023B000LM4QPMA24SMUE7730Z1KW. Collier "Peripatetic, Veteran"5551256428800Not quite as good as regular batter, but its good enough!Considering that its low carb, its pretty tasty. It coated well, stood up to frying well, and did OK in the oven (a little soggy on the bottom for a few pieces). Be aware that there is a little bit of an aftertaste, as with almost all low carb products, but in this product its not overwhelming (remember: individual tastes may vary!), and if you use a lot of hot sauce on your chicken like I do, you don't notice it at all, hah. It also works well for regular fried chicken with a bit of salt, pepper and paprika added.

I will be buying this product again (and again).

Note: if you are looking for a frying batter coating, use this from Dixie - do NOT buy Dixie's "Plain bread crumbs", it had a really bad sour taste and aftertaste. This stuff is good.

I now can put home made Hot Wings and breaded chicken breast tenders back on my diet and enjoy a favorite food without blasting my blood sugar and still keep my diet low carb -- Thanks Dixie, and pass me the hot wing sauce!
226024226024B0049Z5PZCAJYPAZ3JBHBKDArt and Soul "ACottageArtist"0021329868800SO SO SauceOrdered this based on the positive reviews, but frankly it just doesn't do much for me.....You can use it to marinate meats, be can be quite strong....I recommend tasting it first. I think there are better products that are easy to find and cheaper.

I was attempting to find something along the lines of some "sweet soy sauce" I had at a great restaurant. This is not it. Since I now own 6 bottles of this, will give away some of them....and experiment with adding some sweeteners to achieve a similar product.
226025226025B008EJONR0A2JBXD2OZBZNG9alec1141345593600an excellent soda.Bawls is a great soda with a great unique taste. It's not something you can describe so you will have to try it. I give it 4/5 because its expensive
226026226026B00521H09GA1H0XHZN4TNO03Suzanne3321324512000Small Fireballs - UghI was so disappointed when I received my package. I ordered these for my husband for Christmas as he loves them but I was expecting the 'LARGE' fireballs. I wish the distributors would specify in their description whether the fireballs are 'small' or 'large'. I was under the assumption that since it was a 3lb bag, it would be the large fireballs. I still have the container from the last time I ordered Atomic Fireballs and it had the weight listed as 3lbs so I thought I would be receiving 3 lbs of large fireballs. I am still debating on whether to return them or not. I am going to wrap them and let my husband open them for Christmas. I will leave it up to him whether or not I will return them and search yet again for the 'LARGE' fireballs. What a bummer because I love them too..the big ones!
226027226027B00521H09GA17LPLXKKEAK5HMark Litz0051340064000I'm addicted!I always have a pocketful of these with me at work. I'm hooked! I used to be a smoker and being able to pop a fireball in my mouth drastically cuts down on cravings at work.
226028226028B002PO09J6A38QXG26T3U31ORyansmama16070051326240000Tastes and looks great!I work with fondant a lot and I use to buy just white then color it, but that takes a lot of time, is messy, and the colors always turn out different. I discovered Fondarific and I love it!! They have tons of different colors and different flavors. This is a perfect color and tastes good.
226029226029B0054EEHRYA2H6D0718S7C3YG. L. West0041349395200An Acquired TasteIt's almost impossible to find any gum now without some kind of artificial sweetener. So this filled-the-bill for me. I will say it was strange chewing this at first (because it it pretty much like a plain gum base with an oh so slight mint flavor) and the pieces are large enough I chewed only a half piece at a time, but it cured my need to chew and I don't have to fret about the cancer causing artificial sweeteners. I say give it a try. Chew a few pieces and I think it will grow on you too :)
226030226030B0054EEHRYA9MZQMV2NM5GWMaviJeans0051343865600This is a Turkish Gum with Green Tea Flavor!This seller delivery is really slow and you cannot track it. It still did not arrive after two weeks. But I know this product from Turkey. This specific gum has green tea flavor. You can also find Falim Gum without any flavor. Those of them and this product also are free from any sugar products, if you wonder how gum tastes, you can have this gum and love it. In US or Canada, we are actually chewing plastics with sugar but this is a real gum. I strongly advise it. It is a Turkish product and its name means my fortune. Every single gum is wrapped with a paper tells your fortune, it is for fun but in Turkish.
226031226031B004BRACGKA3T73SO7AN0IZVWilliam1141329696000Great Dark Chocolate for "on the go" but priceyMy wife loves these dark chocolate pearls because she can keep a box in her purse. The box is metal and seals well. Of course, the Godiva chocolate tastes great. The downside is the price. At $3.77 per ounce, that comes out to over $60.00 a pound - pricey for any chocolate product.
226032226032B004BRACGKA1FNVXNEPWBZRRVinya0051336608000Great On-The-Go ProductThese Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls are getting harder to find in stores, which is a shame because they fill a great niche in the chocolate lover's life. They are a perfectly portable, portion-controlled (if you want them to be), high-end treat.

Another reviewer talked about the price tag on these, which I'll admit is hefty (it's usually cheaper in stores, if you can find them!). You're paying, though, not only for the quality chocolate, but also for the design and package. This tin is one of the only candy tins that I have never seen pop open at the bottom of a crowded purse. Never! The box doesn't seem perfectly air-tight, but it keeps the pearls fresh for a good long time regardless.

The pearl design is super-smart, particularly given how many people (women especially) are trying to be portion conscious. One or two pearls really will satisfy a chocolate craving without "costing" a lot of calories. The dark chocolate is more like Dove than one of the high-cacao artisanal chocolates out there - it's rich and full-flavored without being bitter in the least.

I highly recommend Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls. Given that they're becoming scarce on stores (and pricier online), I'm a little concerned they might be on the way out - try some while you can!
226033226033B004BRACGKA2JA08ZKL461KJSull0051331510400Yummy ChocolateThe Chocolate Pearls are a great quick snack and easy to carry in your bag, and very good. 1 or 2 Pearls are a tasty pick-me-up.
226034226034B000HKHPGAA1CKP0D0XGGVCHLost Kat1151254787200Flavorful basting spray for grill loversWhile dating my husband he grilled up some of the best brats I ever had. He refused to tell me what he used telling me it was his secret ingredient. It took me getting married to him to finally find out his secret ingredient was the Original Bry basting spray. Finding out about Bry spray was definately worth getting married! We use it mostly whenever we grill pork , chicken & brats. We even used it on the Thanksgiving turkey we grilled for our large family gathering. It was so good there was nothing left but bones.
226035226035B000HKHPGAA3KKAJ0Y3NYVJ3Steven C. Erickson "SCE"1141220054400Good but need larger bottleI have used Bry before, but can't find it locally now...

It does a nice job of keeping meat moist while grilling. Just remember to shake each time you use it.

My complaint is that I would like to be able to buy a larger bottle or 3-pack of the original Bry (at a better price per ounce than separate bottles as currently defined).
226036226036B000HKHPGAA1G9PQQ3HC02FXco1jayhawk0051342569600The Perfect Touch to a Great SteakThe Mesquite Bry makes a great steak a perfect steak. It's also fantastic when making beer but chicken. I won't BBQ without it.
226037226037B000HKHPGAA2TTGD2H27FKIQSereJane "SereJane"0051222646400Bry - OriginalI use the original every time we grill. It adds a delightful flavor to all meats, especially hamburgs and pork chops.
226038226038B0018A21I0A1RRTP5JFEGR9NMistrell "Mistrell"0051331856000DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!These cookies are addicting. They are just the right texture and consistency and taste homemade. Awesome company. They shipped the product very fast as I was anxious to sample due to my father raving about them. He was right. They are awesome. We actually purchased a case then.
226039226039B0018A21I0AOVMTR7PA8XB9Bearwife0051268092800YumOh, how can a cookie that looks like any other store bought cookie taste so amazing? These are just the most delicious cookies around, no kidding.
226040226040B0032CZOTUA2AZ5YD9H1SVDWLaurag0051342569600Great SeedsI bought this after using some Lemon Balm Essential Oil -- which is super expensive...I thought I'd give it a try to grow this plant myself. I started by simply planting a few of the seeds in a small pot -- within days they had sprouted and looked great. They are now moved into their own separate containers and on their way to be being big healthy plants. I imagine that with these seeds I'll be watching them closely to ensure their survivial for the next few months but hope to have them in the group sometime this fall...if we don't make that then early spring. Great deal on these plants. I look forward to enjoying the aroma this plant has to offer.
226041226041B0032CZOTUAH95B07Q298NHSA White0031342224000Poor gardenerI bought these seeds, and they did not grow. However, I think that was me and not the seeds. The weather was really hot and after reading tips, I put them in the wrong soil. However, the company that sent the seeds has a really good website about tips about how to plant the seeds and even offers replacement seeds. I have not contacted them yet, but I plan too.
226042226042B0032CZOTUARPIRAWKMFCGAwalter ellsberry0051323820800All seeds grewSeeds arrived in a timely manner. Seeds were planted as directed and it appeared that all of the seeds sprouted.
226043226043B00478OJMQA1H8BZW8TRWBA0kathyph0051318377600Delish!I sampled this at Cornucopia in Cashiers, NC and thought it was quite tasty. It has been wonderful on steaks, chicken, and far....and only a little gives a lot of flavor.
226044226044B0040WAM5CAEAFIAZT59YVRJ. C. Dollinger "Judy Doll"1141323216000Dr Mc Dougall's Low Sodium SoupIt's so hard to find tasty, healthy low sodium products in the stores. I knew this line carried them but I haven't seen them sold elsewhere. I was so glad to find them on Amazon and to find out the prices were fair. The soup has a nice flavor and is great for a last minute meal when you are tired or in a hurry. I only wish they carried the other flavors besides the Garden Vegetable.
226045226045B0040WAM5CA1JK8J07R1JEWVGloria1151317081600Good Stuff and Makes Easy Meal!!For purchased ready made soup this is really good. There is no "from the can or carton" lingering flavor. With my limits now due to health this is a very good option for me on the days I need something healthy and fast that I can do myself. I will be keeping this on hand all the time.
226046226046B0040WAM5CA11WNE1N8SZDFPCEA1123 "CEA1123"0031342396800Size is not worth the priceThe soup tastes good but from other reviews I was under the impression you would get more than 2 meals from a box. Its worth buying the instant cups this is not worth the price.
226047226047B0040WAM5CA2TH5YZHGSEGGAK. Lewis0021337558400not greatFor the price, the soup is not great. Tastes pretty bland.

I'm not honestly sure how well you can do with veggie low sodium soup - all soups are best made and ate the same day honestly.

I'll keep looking.
226048226048B0040WAM5CA3IO81RY0F5K4Kseen enough0031335571200A little blahhI have used other Dr. McDougalls products before and was very satisfied, but this one is just not up to their normal quality. The soup was rather bland and it was not as chunky as Progresso, and you paid a higher price. It is not bad, but it is also not worth the extra cost.
226049226049B0040WAM5CA1K8PEC7C82EAChaya Fradle "Survivor of Life's Battles"0011334707200Really bad flavor. Not worth the money.There were not that many vegetables. Mostly broth that was somewhere between flavorless and bitter. It said light sodium, but there was almost no herbs in there to flavor it nicely. I would imagine if you put it in with your own homemade soup, it would add a few veggies, but why would you need it? No, I would not recommend this.
226050226050B0040WAM5CA3DI6EJPHYAW4CThink before u buy0041322006400Great soup, wish they had same organicThis is a great soup, one of my favorite soups. I love the mix of veggies, some potato, and the spices.

I only wish they had the same soup made of organic ingredients.

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