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227245227245B001H1BHVCA2GARFV9U1XHU2A. Rekas "Nerdvirgin2016"3451295568000MAGIC CAT FOODI have an extremely large (not fat, just huge) cat, who has major problems with digestion. Every other brand cat food he would barf up his breakfast every day. Finally I brought him to the vet, spend $1000 trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with him (he was also worrying the base of his tail bald and howling). We switched him to a novel protein diet (venison) and intense hairball (this product) and like magic, everything cleared up. He still barfs from time to time, but it's gone from an every day occurrence to a once every few weeks occurrence.
227246227246B001H1BHVCAKKEEUGMJGB2IPMG0051345248000Cats never tire of this healthy foodWe have two cats
227247227247B001H1BHVCA2RYNX1ZYQL7QAMadeline R. "Maddie"0041344297600Enjoy less puking.Hairballs are frequent in our household so I thought I would give this a try. (The cat pictured on the bag looks just like my Teddy - I hope that's not what influenced me to buy this!) I have been using one type or another of Royal Canin dry food for ten years. They Intense Hairball 34 gets eaten so I have no complaints. I would not say this eliminates hairballs completely, but it does seem to reduce the frequency and that's enough for me. I mix this with two other dry foods (one Royal Canin and one grain-free organic) to try to meet all my cats' nutritional needs.
227248227248B001H1BHVCA1IU4JZFDZA9HJP. Boynton "Middle School teacher"0051334102400It worked on a 14-yr-old catI have my mother's cat now. He isn't allowed outside. He threw up on what seemed to be the majority of surfaces in her house, and was proceeding to leave what seems to be indelible marks on my floors, and rugs, and furniture.
This cat food has stopped that.
Despite having the old cat food, Purina One, still in his dish, he ate this anti-hairball cat food so fast when I opened the bag and put it into his dish, that I was sure I would have him throwing it up all over the place. Didn't happen.
Things were better within 2 days, and he has now stopped any of the choking, throwing up, etc. I haven't found any, seen any, or heard anything.
It's been a couple of weks now, and he still seems to love the food, and my life is much better.
I think it is well worth the price, and I am very glad I took the chance.
227249227249B001H1BHVCA3BN5DFP6ZIB1TCindy Montgomery0051332288000Royal Canin Intense the best!I had learned about Royal Canin's Intense Hairball formula (for cats) last year, from a friend of a friend. I finally started using it about 6-months ago and I was amazed and elated at how well it works. Among a number of others, I have a family of Maine Coons in the house and the addition of this food has been a lifesaver, for all. For various reasons, I am unable to feed everyone "just" the Intense Hairball, so I mix it with their other dry food (though I make sure they're getting a decent portion of the Royal Canin every time I feed them).

I had initially been buying the 6-lb bag at a local pet store, but it's quite expensive for that amount, so I checked on Amazon and was happy to find the 15-lb at a decent price, in comparison. I highly recommend this product to anyone with indoor cats; long-haired and short-haired.
227250227250B001H1BHVCA1EMMG7RQSL5QUMy2cents0051327017600Excellent food for hairballsMy cat was throwing up 2 or 3 times a week and I knew hair was the culprit. Since my cats have been on this food they only average throwing up about one time per month. Yes, it cost a little more but it is well worth it. My cats seem to really enjoy eating it as well. Sometimes I buy the Royal Canin Intense Beauty and mix it with the hairball control.
227221227221B001EQ574IA2Q9DV3UHLIJ61G. Doyle7741252713600tastenoticed the difference of ingredients in this 15 oz pkg versus the old smaller pkgs. the newer one lists salt first whereas the older pkgs listed sugar first than salt. Being that I do not use salt, i noticed the saltier taste in the 15 oz pkg. now trying to figure out how to cut the salty taste. add more sugar? someone suggested putting a piece of potato in while cooking to absorb the salt. otherwise good to have the spatini back.
227222227222B001EQ574IA3NV8DNNSAILN6M. Ware3351257292800Spatini sauce is really good.It's unfortunate that you can only buy Spatini in quantities to feed an army. One family sized batch only needs 3 Tablespoons of Spatini mix, but the minimum order is 4 packages of 15 oz (each pkg is enough for 60 servings). This has a wonderful flavor, though, and if you are cooking for any large group, or a church soup kitchen, it is also easy and inexpensive. Spatini sauce is delicious made with tomato paste and water so you don't have to carry the 10 pound cans of tomatoes to cook for a big group.
227223227223B001EQ574IA1XD7HO6AY5DZIBarbara E. Weil5651269820800Fantastic~!To be quite honest this product was not for me but for my bestfriend. Her father is dying of cancer and told her he wanted spagetti with this specific sauce. She is not very good on the computer so I did the research and ordering for her. We received the product quickly and her father was very happy. Especially after it was made. He was unable to eat alot but it made him happy and that is all that matters.
227224227224B001EQ574IA1DUQ06VLU00ZHS. McKeever2251291852800I finally found this!I love making spaghetti sauce by adding Spatini to plain tomato sauce. I was so upset when the grocery stores in my area stopped carrying it. I was excited to find this on Amazon. Although it's a little difficult because it comes in such a large packet, I was able to put just the right amount of seasoning in to make a wonderfully zesty sauce! I love this product! I love!
227225227225B001EQ574IA35CFEAJPKCX06Big Daddy Chef "jmoore143"2251282953600Not just for sauce. . . .While I haven't bought the big bags yet, every time my sister or I went back home to the North East, we would stock up and basically buy all that was on the shelf. Since it has been discontinued, I actually found a recipe to make it myself - and it isn't too bad. Not the same, but close enough.

As for the title of this review, yea, I put a packet in my sauce, but I also use a packet in my meatloaf and/or meatballs. It gives it just that little more of a tasty kick to them.

I will buy this - probably at least 4 packs (to share with my sisters) but until I get around to it, I will continue to make my own.
227226227226B001EQ574IA946856LZ5881C. Rivera2251282435200EXCELLENTThis is the only spaghetti sauce my husband will eat. Its a family favorite.
227227227227B001EQ574IA2AFKWX5KFN9OB. Smith2251271548800Excellent sauce and so easy to prepare!So glad to find Spatini again! It is delicious and so so easy to make. Also, purchasing this through Amazon was a very good experience too. One of the packets had a hole in it, I called right away, they sent me out all new with next day shipping! Great customer service!!
227228227228B001EQ574IA2XJKRRMTWTIFKL. L. Lindh2251269129600THe best sauce and so easy.I have used this sauce mix for 40 years. They no longer pack the retail/ home use size. I got this and use 2Tbls. per 6oz can of tomato paste. It is flavorful, easy and most economical.
227229227229B001EQ574IA18WF3K943NS33Lisa A. Nichols "spatini"2251261526400spatiniI have used this product for years and mother used it also. I noticed it was not on the shelves in the supermarket. I was glad I got it online. I use it in sphagetti, meatloaf, meat balls and soup. It adds favor to all my meals.
227230227230B001EQ574IA3605ABQQB2QWJS. Straub2251259020800Can't Make Spagetti Without ItI have been using Spatini for 30 years to make my all of my Italian sauces. It use to be easy to find at the grocery stores, found in a box containing 3 packages, but now I can only get it in these large packages. It is the perfect seasoning.
227231227231B001EQ574IAJ6YQ69B3EI8DBlood Mama "blood typing"2241258416000spaghetti sauceI was glad to see that you can purchase spatini somewhere. They seem to have taken it off of the shelves in the grocery store. Although, I don't know why.
227232227232B001EQ574IA1KXONFPU2XQ5KStephanie Manley2251255392000Talk about yummy!I had heard so much buzz about this tasty stuff, but I was behind on giving this a try when it was in the grocery store. It is wonderful. I have opened my packets and put them in an airtight container, and I will use this mix to make sauce when I need it. You end up saving some money this way instead of buying prepackaged jars. Best of all you always end up with a wonderful easy to make spaghetti sauce. Next year when I can, I am going to give this sauce mix a try. Very easy to use, and tastes like you spent all day in the kitchen!
227233227233B001EQ574IA22C3I87L0SKOAmels1151313884800great productIt's a great product--always satisfied!! Excellent mail service too never a problem. thank you!!
Will order this product when needed. You always keep me satisfied and that's a BIG +++.
227234227234B001EQ574IA323K3BPACS08VPablo1221303257600Down the drain...So I used to use this product all the time, but they eventually sold the company to a bigger conglomerate and I think their product has lost quality since then...luckily though there are always new, small companies coming out with new I get my spaghetti sauce mix from a small mom and pop establishment out of the midwest with roots tied to Northwest Italy. Check it out and you will probably make the switch like me. Google - Rudy's Spice. It's really good stuff, and is worth the price...but that's just me, a snobby food critic. Ciao!
227235227235B001EQ574IA2HVL44J1CMMJDLucy Fan "Kari"1411256601600FlavorlessI bought this product because it was recommended on a blog. However, I could have saved the money. It is hard to believe that such a big package could add almost no flavor. I used the basic recipe that was printed on the package but after tasting it I had to add lots of my own spices to overcome the strong acid tomato taste of the tomato paste. My recommendation: save your money and use the spices you already have.
227236227236B001EQ574IA2PESJKR7L87KJWendy Wood Carter "member"01111256515200did not recieveI did not get the package.?
It was delivered Sept 30th at 10.ooam.
I also did not get another packaage from a different store
delivered same day and time.
U.S.P.S said it was left in the hallway.?.I live in a Condominion0
Where you have to be buzzzed in.
Wendy Wood Carter
227237227237B000EZYTUSA2HIZQHLV07WHBLanark2251164412800One of my favorite candies everBest way to describe this is imagine a can of sweetened condensed milk further condensed into soft and chewy nugget. Very wonderful and addictive.

We've tried any number of other milk candies we've come across and this one is definitely our favorite. (with the Kasugai hard candy version coming in second...)
227238227238B000EZYTUSA34V8Y2TFQ3TO9Deborah Herzberg "hotflash"1151240704000Delicious treat!My daughter had brought some back from San Francisco and they were a huge hit with everyone. But we couldn't find any locally. Once they were gone, my son kept asking em to get more. I found them on and made the purchase. My son shares them with his friends, and right now, there is a pile of wrappers on the kitchen table, so I need to go get the boy and have him clean them up. They are a great treat, not too sweet, and just plain good. Try them.
227239227239B000EZYTUSA2G1YTRZ6IZW70J. T. Lee0131245628800candyi picked wrong candy by accident, but i liked it.

this is little chewy like a caramel,
i wouldn't recommend if anyone doesn't want caramel like candy.
227240227240B000EZYTUSAVFJ327UXPXLFJerry Helsing "jlhelsing"0131227916800Not as good as White RabbitsThis product isn't bad but sure isn't white rabbits. Unfortunately, white rabbits have had some problems as of late. So if you need a fix, this may do the trick.
227241227241B001NG71ZMA1C3KXFVNMO0WM. Dyer "Mishy"1111280880000Not so good this time :o(I am a huge fan of Frontier Soups, but this is a big disappointment. The asparagus is very tough and woody. The flavor was also a bit strange. Sorry Frontier...I just can't recommend this one!
227242227242B001NG71ZMA1AOIRS6HVP8BBbeachnana0051337126400deliciousMy daughter gave me a packet of Springtime Asparagus for Mother's day. I made it last night and my husband and i both found it delicious. We added a cup of half & half and the frozen spinach.
227243227243B001H1BHVCA2BCLHC3H7CZB3Kelly "parrothead in KY"3351293840000Life SaverLet me just say that this food has been a life saver. One of my male cats has suffered from horrible hairballs all of his life. I tried science diet, nutro, blue buffalo, you name it. Finally one day I ended up at the Emergency Vet (weekend of course) with a very sick cat. Come to find out he had a hairball that had lodged in his intestine and blocked it. Luckily he was OK. The vet recommended this food and we have been great ever since (2.5 years now). He still throws up the occasional hair ball, but wow they have decreased in frequency and size. I love this food and so does my cat.

The only problem that I have had with this food is from Amazon's packaging process. When it comes from Amazon, the bag is somehow ripped open or cut open every time. When it comes from petfood direct, no problems ever. Not sure what Amazon is doing wrong, but they need to figure it out as this is not exactly cheap cat food.
227244227244B001H1BHVCAFKT81UTB94L5Jason Fisher1151293840000Another quality Royal Canin ProductDo your research before buying just any bag of cat food. Your cat would probably love the taste of the $5 bag of mass market garbage on the shelf at your local grocery store (NEVER buy pet food from a grocery store - do you buy food for your own consumption at an animal store?). That $5 bag of slop comes with a much higher price. Many of the big brand cat food producers use ingredients of poor quality and aren't easily digestible. Many of these same companies test their food on cats kept locked up in small cages 24x7. Royal Canin products have high quality products, my cats love the taste and I can sleep at night with a clear conscience that my money was spent on a quality product made by a respected company that does not mistreat animals. My thanks to Royal Canin.

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