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227581227581B001FSJCPKA28EQ06V6ZOMV0Nanette Erickson "An avid reader from Florida"0051272326400Terrific idea.I have a cat that can sense a pill in anything and refuses to even try a
"snack" with anything hdden in it. I popped a pill into a salmon pocket, and "Voila", gone! The best ever for pilling a pet.
227582227582B001FSJCPKA14GZ4VK468BGK. King0051271203200Made recovery much less stressfulMy cat recently had surgery and had to take a course of antibiotic pills. I was dreading the idea because he's a difficult cat to pill, and I didn't want to add more stress on him during recovery, but these treats made the whole process easy. I gave him a few without pills in them first just to make sure he'd eat them and to get him used to them. I never had any issues getting him to eat them with the pill in them. (I cut the pill in half and gave him two pill pockets at a time, since the pill was on the larger side.) It might also help to not give your cat or pet any food for a few hours before you administer the pill, so they're hungry enough to be less picky about it. I'll absolutely use these again in the future if the need should arise.
227583227583B001FSJCPKA7HD13ERQVKMPMeagan Lohin0051270771200My cat loves taking pills now...My cat needs to take a supplement for joints as she's getting older. I found these at a pet store and they have been great. Now when my cat hears me opening the pill bottle and grabbing the pill pocket bag she thinks its time for treats and starts meowing excitedly. They go down no problem. Its Incredible! I have also bought these on amazon and it arrived quickly.
227584227584B001FSJCPKA1FH9KEVZ178CDD. Brownfield0051268784000A GodsendAll three of my formerly-stray adoptees love these things. The two that require daily medication would be impossible to pill otherwise so I'm extremely pleased with the positive outcome!
227585227585B001FSJCPKA37ESM6PCUK3PECat Owner0051268611200What a Great Product!When my vet prescribed Prednisone for my cat's allergies, she gave me a few Chicken flavor Pill Pockets to try on my once-feral cat. She suggested the treats be hidden in the cat's canned food. I was skeptical, having suffered through decades of cats spitting pills out, trying to bite me while I held them down, finding and eating around pills hidden in food, and foaming at the mouth while being pilled. Pill poppers helped a lot, but they traumatized the poor kitty.
After two days of "tough love" hold-the-cat-down-and-force-the-pill-in, she was becoming afraid of me. So I tried the Pill Pocket sample, figuring it couldn't hurt. I hid it in her canned food breakfast bowl, and she inhaled every bite of food. Pill and pocket gone! She has taken all her pills since I began using the Pill Pockets, and her allergies are 90% better.
As the Predisone pills are very small, I am able to cover them comletely with the Pill Pocket. And I think it helps a lot to put the pill/treat in wet food.
227586227586B001FSJCPKA3M767HJ0LO559Anthony Fitzgerald0051267056000Great product, works like a charm!These treats are a great little invention! Our very energetic 1 year old kitty named Harley Quinn was absolutely not allowing us to give her liquid medicine, and forget pills! We did some research and came across these pill pockets, and boy do they do the trick! She actually comes and waits expectantly for her little pill treat twice a day. I never thought I'd see the day a cat would want medicine!

I love this product and whole-heartedly recommend!

NOTE: I use needle-nosed pliers to insert the pill into the pill pocket, then seal it nice and tight. I never let the pill touch my hands nor the outside of the treat, so no pill scent is left behind.
227587227587B001FSJCPKA791E1I9Q3Q9KCE0051266796800Picky kitty is happyOur 15 year old cat has to take thyroid medication twice a day. The thought of having to give a cat pills was frustrating, but then we ran across these wonderful treats. 95% of the time he gobbles it down without a problem, which is a pretty high success rate when you are talking about a cat. He likes the salmon flavor too.
227588227588B001FSJCPKA3VSPT6RKF4ZWMJoseph W. Davis0051260057600Good newsthis product helped us emensly in giving our cat medicine. She loves them, and gobbles them up quick.
227597227597B001FSJCPKA1D88OUSMF2K8FS. Gordon0051245110400one of the best things ever!At the vet's office, I saw these on the shelf when I picked up medication for my cat. I wasn't sure, but on a whim decided to get them and am so happy I did. My cat loves the treat, sniffs the air when the bag is opened and gobbles it all up. The vet said that if the cat gets sneaky and can separate out the pill, you should crush up the pill and pour into the pocket. I only wish these were invented years earlier, I can't even fathom all the scratches and hisses I would have avoided from previous cats.
Also, how great for a cat sitter or someone less interested (err, willing) to stick their hands in an angry cats jaws!
A fantastic fantastic product that anyone with a cat who needs meds should have!
227598227598B001FSJCPKA3BZB2E3VVQFMFR. Directo "HealingMindN"0051244851200My Bengal will eat the whole bagI have a bengal striped cat who especially loves greenies. Recently, he got sinus trouble, so I got the Sinu-rite here at Amazon. I needed something to get that free shipping, so I got the pill pockets.

The pill pockets were made perfectly for those little pills: Just slip it in, mash the little doughy thing shut, and Barney Bengal swallows it up like he's never eaten in weeks. (That's how I first found him; he hadn't eaten in weeks.)

They might be expensive, but they sure make giving pills to cats hassle free.
227599227599B001FSJCPKA30XU6ESDIHAUPMyke0051232150400Life Savers!Our puppy (80lbs) is epileptic. He can pick his pill out of anything we try to hide it in - canned food, cheese, even tuna. Then to make it worse, his 2 siblings would try to quickly gobble up the heavy dose of phenobarbital that he spit out. These wonderful little things has made the 2x day doses something that is happy for everyone, rather than stressful for the household. The cat pill pockets are much more affordable (45 instead of 30) and they work just as well.
227589227589B001FSJCPKA3D0YKGLZ42KHLCatherine G.0051259539200great price - fast deliveryWent shopping around for the best price on these pocket treats - and found it! Super-fast delivery, too.
227600227600B001FSJCPKA12DMU3Q11IDC1S Brethes0051231804800Greenies Pill Pockets - brilliantWe have to feed our cat 3 to 4 pills a day and he is a very picky eater so it's been impossible to get pills into him without a struggle as he won't eat them if they are just disguised in food.

These are brilliant, they're soft like plasticene and you just stuff the pill into the pocket, squeeze it closed and voila, instant cat treat - he begs for them now... why on earth nobody stocks them in the UK I will never know.
227590227590B001FSJCPKAHZFJ1Z2A3FKQSpare-Time Critic "Deb"0051258588800Worth their weight in goldImagine my horror on learning that each of two my cats would need a tablet every day for 21 days! Luckily, our vet suggested these pill pockets. I was skeptical, but the darn things work.

The pockets come in a bag very similar to their regular cat treats, and apparently the flavor is appealing too. Both cats beg for them and gobble them up, totally unaware they just ate medicine. It's only day three, so I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but that's six times so far that we haven't had to force a cat to swallow medicine--well worth the cost already. My hands, arms and nerves are grateful!

EDITED TO ADD: The 21-day regimen is over and neither cat balked ONCE at eating their "special treats." I am SO GLAD we bought them! I will buy these again any time I have to give a pill to a cat.
227601227601B001FSJCPKA2IJW703TBICF1D. Brawn0051226707200Love These!!!These are a live saver! My vet's office recommended these when I asked about ways to give my cat her medication. I have a very finicky cat and it's very difficult to give her pills. She eats these with the pills in them like they are her regular food. I've tried both the salmon and chicken flavored. My cat has a strong preference for the salmon flavor. I highly recommend these!!
227602227602B001FSJCPKA3GBS13EUHBDARB. Poole "bradiane777"0051226016000Life saver - so farSo far we love this product. Some of the reviews have me a little worried that it won't last forever but it has literally been a lifesaver for our cat. She has always been very territorial to the point of always staying in the room when anyone is around and hissing and swatting at people who try to touch her or get too close. Our basement door was left open just a crack and a neighbor's cat came in. Our cat would not go downstairs, she just looked through her pet door and they screeched and yowled at each other but our cat was totally over the edge after that. We couldn't get near her; she growled and hissed all the time. We have grandchildren and we really were considering having her put down. My husband loves her so much and she is only two and a half years old so we didn't want to do that. The vet put her on Prozac but we couldn't get it down her. It was hard enough anyway but with her in the agressive mode, it was impossible. The Pill Pockets made all the difference. She swallowed it down in a second and wanted more. She is just upset that she doesn't get more than one treat a day. She has always loved chicken but we will try another flavor if she gets tired of this one. She has had a habit of getting bored with different types of treats after a few months so we hope this doesn't happen with this one. The last two days it has taken two treats to get it down her. I'm not sure if my husband isn't putting them in right or if she has figured out that if the pill pops out she will get another treat. We've only been doing this a week and we just hope this keeps on working because if we are not able to continue giving her the medication, she has to find another home or be put down. By the way, the medication works great in case anyone has a cat or dog that has problems of some sort. Considering the other treatments and prices of raising animals, I was happy to find the price on these. I would not call them pricey considering they only eat one a day and it gets the pill down the cat.
227603227603B001FSJCPKAU0WCNQ00PK2PAnrol0051221782400SO much easier to pill my cat with these!!I bought this brand from Amazon (salmon flavor) and they are absolutely wonderful for me and for my kitty who gets daily pills. I pinch off a bit of a pill pocket and mould it around the pill (use just enough to coat the pill completely), pop it in the back of her throat and it's gone. Pill Pockets are about the consistency of children's modeling clay, stick to the pill but not to your fingers, and slide nicely down kitty's throat. I won't try to tell you my cat enjoys me prying her little jaws open but she doesn't struggle anymore, she doesn't have to endure that bitterness, and I don't feel like a horrible meowmie.
227604227604B001FSJCPKAIVXSB1YJ2ZM2J. Schilling0051221264000AmazedI feed my ancient, grumpy cat a joint suppliment that he just barely tolerates the taste of but is excellent in increasing his arthritic mobility. The suppliment comes in a large capsule. I use 2 pill pockets to wrap around the whole, big capsule and he scarfs it down and asks for another. I stared in shock the first time. This is a great product. Leads me to ask why can't MY vitamins and supliments be such a treat?
227591227591B001FSJCPKAC8A55SNCN2GYG. Pearson0041257811200So far so goodMy cat has been peeing everywhere. After a vet visit determined that this was just behavioral she suggested I put my cat on amitriptyline to modify her behavior. Whenever I tried to give her only half a pill she would spit it out and drool and scratch me all up. I've only tried this product a couple of times but she loves it so far and I'm so happy not to be fighting with her and getting injured-hopefully she won't catch on to the trick.
227605227605B001FSJCPKA3144PA5SJ0GYC. Simeone "CidSim"0051219622400A lifesaver!!THANK YOU to whoever invented this simple little item!! My cat now has to take thyroid medicine twice a day for the rest of her life, and there's NO FREAKIN WAY we would ever be able to give her pills any other way!! I tried to give her pills in treats, crushed up in food, shoving down her throat!! NOTHING worked. She freaked out as soon as she knew it was medication. She loves the chicken pockets and LIFE IS GOOD and it's so easy, she waits for her treat every day. She's doing so well and things couldn't be more purrfect!!!
Happy in Massachusetts
Sadie's Mom
227592227592B001FSJCPKA24YQCSTDOXRSZS. Carter "fester"0051256256000These things miraculous!This relatively simple innovation has absolutely saved the tender relationship I have with my cat. As she was recently diagnosed asthmatic, I am now forced to administer up to 2 prednisone pills to my incredibly finicky, active and resistant 7yo Bombay mix. Before I found these I was struggling with the "pill popper"; even when that gadget successfully hit the target, I was forced to watch her foam vehemently at the mouth when the easily-dissolved and extremely bitter pill it launched hit any part of her tongue or back of her mouth, forcing her to choke - not to mention battling the scratches from the pour soul who thought her mom was poisoning her with this awful medicine. Amazingly she liked both flavors of these pockets, and now gobbles them down - pills safely tucked inside - without so much as a shake of her head. I'm forever grateful to Greenies for coming up with this great product - they have saved me years more of struggles with a cat forced to take daily pills!
227606227606B001FSJCPKA1CXOB8AZM4L6SChris Matthes0051217808000Very picky cat LOVES them! They work, we are relieved!!!The idea of forcing 48 pills down my cat was daunting. We tried food, chicken, cheese, etc. The cat would either stick his nose up at it, or just spit out the pill. With these things, 1 second and he just ate the whole thing. That was it!!! I am amazed.. This is a 12lb cat that will only eat 1/5th of a can of fancy feast in the morning and at night. Any more he just leaves it. He is very picky, but loves these.
227593227593B001FSJCPKA1EE86LYOREDUKS. Nobel0041255910400Shipped Fast. Good ProductThis item was shipped fast and is a good product. My cat takes 5 pills a day and loves these. No fighting with him or chasing.
227607227607B001FSJCPKA1W1SIMJW3QLNEE. Busteed0051216944000Greenie Pill PocketsGreat product. My cats take their pills thinking they are treats. Well done!
227594227594B001FSJCPKA1BOPEVW2RN6XDnannowandnext0051253923200Herpes CatMy cat has herpes and to keep her flare-ups under control I give her lysine daily. In the store these are expensive and not worth it, but through Amazon they are very affordable. Most times she swallows them right down enthusiastically. Occasionally she'll have a difficult time like they are sticking in her mouth, so I wet them.
227608227608B001FSJCPKAO0R7ULJR36LQGregory P. Vass0051209081600Works great!These pockets work so well with my cat. He takes his meds almost everytime. They are awesome.
227595227595B001FSJCPKA2Q6YJLJ3O7278Christian Reader0051251849600Cat loves them!Our cat is currently on medication twice a day. In the past we had tried giving her pills manually but it was a two person job and very unpleasant for us and for the cat. Our vet recommended this produt and using the pill pockets has made medicating her a breeze! She comes running when she hears us getting out the package and gobbles the pill pocket and pill right up! For her they just seem to be delicious cat treats. One caution, a few times we have handled the pill pockets too much (once I tried rolling it in a ball) and it seems to make it too compact/sticky. Those times she had a hard time chewing the pill pocket, it seemed to stick in her month (sort of like peanut butter can stick in a human mouth). She did eventually get it eaten. If we put in the pill and pinch it closed (as the instructions say), she can eat them very easily. We don't know what we would do without these and buying them through Amazon is cheaper than through the vet.
227609227609B001FSJCPKA1CE0IHO5LSNGNJoel Tesler545431168387200Mixed results, and some tipsI have three older cats who take arthritis pills. One also takes a thyroid pill. I decided to try the pill pockets. For the first month or so, they all loved them, and they made it easy to give the pills. However, after three months:

One cat still loves them. I have to watch her carefully or she will steal the pills from the others.

One cat has figured out how to eat around the pill.

One cat sometimes takes them, but at other times just sniffs the pocket and skips it.

I have figured out a few tricks that help:

There are two types of pockets for cats: chicken and salmon. The chicken is slightly larger and more pliable and works better with larger pills. However, I think that the cats find the salmon tastier.

Get another cat treat and stick it to the side of the pill pocket. Then place the pocket so the treat faces down. My finicky cat is much more likely to eat the whole thing that way.

The pill pocket still helps with the cat who eats around it. After she eats the pill pocket, it is easier to shove the pill down her throat. She is more likely to swallow it instead of spitting it out if it tastes of pill pocket.

If you have two pills, try to fit them both in one pocket. Giving the cat fewer pockets will make it seem more of a treat.
227596227596B001FSJCPKA3G6PF1X3X86P7Colorado Gal0051250380800Easiest Way to Give Cat a PillThis product was recommended to me by my cat's veterinarian. The product really works with my cat. It's not obvious when you order, but there are two sizes of pill pockets, and this is the smaller size (size of the pocket, not just quantity). It works for what I need to give my cat, but may not work for some pills, so I advise buyers to pay attention to this.
227610227610B001FSJCPKA3I9MCGO36KZ7VShawn Kovacich "Author and Creator of numerou...444451221523200Great Idea That Works Well Until Your Cat Outsmarts YouI have two cats, one is mine and the other is my girlfriends. My cat, although he isn't thrilled with getting the occasional "tummy pill," does do pretty well with them and doesn't usually throw too bad of a fit. My girlfriend's cat on the other hand, is quite the opposite. That little bugger will throw one of the biggest fits you ever seen when you attempt to give him a pill. You would think that we are trying to give him a bath he throws such a fit, which is another story all together!

Anyhow, we bought some of these "pill hiding treats" in an attempt to get him to take his medicine without the daily fight that is usually attached to the act of pill taking. The very first time we tried them we were both a bit apprehensive wondering if we had just wasted some money on treats instead of the normal band-aids which come in quite handy at pill time. Needless to say, these "pill pockets" worked!

We were literally amazed the first time that we gave him one with a pill in it and he actually gulped it down without even tasting it. Oh, what joy swept through our household. Little did we know that it was only going to last about 2 weeks. Just enough time for use to become complacent as far as the daily pill act was concerned.

Sure enough, we were once again outsmarted by the cat. Approximately two weeks into the "pill hiding treat" debacle, we started finding his pill on the floor but no sign of the pill pocket. We soon discovered that the little bugger was chewing the pill pocket off from around the pill and eating it without eating the pill.

Now we give him several "pill hiding treats" throughout the day, and only one of them has the pill in it, but he never knows which one it is. Although we never put it in the very first one, or the very last one. This has been working now for about a month, but I figure were running out of time on this one and had better start thinking up a new plan of attack before we are once again outsmarted by the cat.

Shawn Kovacich
100% Cat Lover

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