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229536229536B004V0NWA0A382JJN3BJ87EIVeggieAlchemy9951327622400Veganocity: check!I really hope I can continue to purchase this product on Amazon. Vegan white chocolate chips are really hard to come by, unless you shop at places like (which gets pricey at times). Trying to make your own vegan white chocolate is a little tedious. Real cocoa butter is delicious, but fussy and melty. This white chocolate coats and hardens like conventional white chocolate. That comes in handy for things like cake pops, chocolate covered fruits and homemade frosted circus cookies. I will keep this stuff stocked in my pantry!
229537229537B004V0NWA0AGYHKANVP3ZNLsmiles5551326326400Vegan white chocolate chips!!Thank you for selling these on amazon!! I've been trying to find vegan white choc. chips at a reasonable price for 3 years, and the time has finally come!

The white chocolate chips are very tasty and the price on them is great, especially with amazon prime free shipping! Considering that they come from across the world, that is a great bargain!!
229538229538B004V0NWA0A11M1LYI68ER5OC. Nelson3351338336000great alternative for dairy-allergic kids (and grown-ups).We've used these to make chocolate lollipops. It is a little slower to melt, but works very well and solidifies with a shiny sheen. It is very sweet, like all white chocolate, and it appears to be one of only two brands of dairy-free white chocolate, both kosher from Jerusalem. Probably most candy makers know this, but in case you are a newbie like me, we tried to use natural food coloring (with an ionized water base) and it makes the chocolate seize up. But, on its own (or probably with a gel-based food coloring), it works great.
229539229539B004V0NWA0A2HGLDQLH0TQVJSistapril3351335657600Delicious! Great for GFCF kids!FANTASTIC!!! These little chips are sweet and melt in your mouth. A great choice for cooking projects that require chocolate that melts easily. The palm gives it SUCH a mellow flavor :)

It is so hard to make exciting treats for kids on a GFCF diet... until you really get going on it, that is! My kids have been thriving on a GFCF diet for 3 years now. Every year they tolerate sugar a little better, so we have been experimenting with different recipes involving sweets. Last night we used these with our whirly gig kettle corn popcorm maker (that we LOVE) and we made white chocolate/cinnamon/raisin/kettle corn, it was sweet and salty and delicious.

I can't wait to make homeade white chocolate lollipops! And experiment with a recipe on the (also gfcf) rice chex box!

If you can't tolerate dairy, these chips are definitely worth a try.
229540229540B004V0NWA0A7TGRFNXTA6AEMichael Greeves "hyperstrikeMike"2251333065600Great taste - good vanilla tones - great for cooking/bakingWhen these arrived we opened them right up and started eating them. They are delicious! I love that they do not contain dairy! Very good Gluten Free macadamia nut cookies are on their way out of my oven!
229541229541B004V0NWA0A3TXXD59X0LG4RVegan Symphony "Vegan Symphony"2251328313600Wow! Vegan white chocolate that tastes awesome!I love baking and had wanted to bake reverse chocolate chip cookies (basically dark chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips)....but could never find vegan white chocolate chips (not in Whole Foods in NYC even!!!)....then I found these...not only do they bake well, but they taste great.....a non-vegan friend ate some and said these chips were the best white chocolate chips she ever tasted.....The price is reasonable (considering....) and I am reordering more now!!! THANKS AMAZON FOR MAKING THIS SPECIALTY ITEM AVAILABLE!
229542229542B004V0NWA0A3P1T03UHU5QZBY. Howard2251328054400AmazingI just made vegan white chocolate chip cookies using these fabulous chips and was floored by their flavor. They have a very mild taste and are not as sweet as regular white chocolate chips and almost taste like chocolate chips! They compliment cookies very well. My husband immediately ate four cookies. These white chocolate chips are a real treat and I hope Amazon always carries them. Super fast free delivery.
229543229543B004V0NWA0AQFKSOKQ7WXVCjohn connor0051343779200Yummy nice Chocolate ChipsOh!! This Chocolate Chips are so tasty and yummy. I like it very much. This cocoa butter is delicious. ME and my brother like it very much..
229531229531B000EDG5CAAKSMZAUIQ3GKTA. Obitts0051333670400Straight whey without anything addedGreat whey that contains all the essential amino acids your body needs without the added crap. I use this with some raw organic turbinado sugar after a workout to rush the whey to the muscles in need and restore my glycogen levels. Great product.
229544229544B004V0NWA0A1K8IUPKW0LVV5Alex McKenna2411343347200Literally the worst white chocolate I have ever tastedI was very excited to read the terrific reviews about these white chips and ordered the three pack. When they arrived, and I opened the first package, I was profoundly disappointed, these are easily the worst white chocolate I have ever tasted. The texture is hard and waxy, like cold margarine. There is almost no vanilla flavor, they are too sweet and the overall impression is horrid. The second ingredient after sugar is vegetable fat, and it shows, the chips are not smooth and do not readily melt, giving the mouth feel of cold margarine. I wonder if the other reviewers have never tasted superb white chocolate, because I cannot understand how anyone could rank them 5 stars.

I threw them out.

Perhaps in the panoply of kosher, vegan, lactose-free white chips these rank well, but compared to actual white chocolate, they are inedible, even the cheap packages of Nestle's white chips at the grocery store are far better.
229545229545B00374Q9YCA3THKATDJ91RP1Nom de Plume0011345075200MSG-Riddled Poison from Japan, no less.If I had a dime for every Buddhist who tried to poison me with MSG, I'd be a gazillionaire three hundred times over. Shame on the Chinese and shame on Japan. What wretched people they are.
229546229546B001FB68UEA1X5814V44RNP0Karen Roberts1151232323200Great in Chop Suey!My mother used this in her recipe for chop suey and so do I. I love it! It makes the "gravy" savory and spicy.
229547229547B001FB68UEA2YP32UNEJ42LIA. Christine Allen "True Blue Ril"0031330646400SurprisedThe expiration date is sooner than I expected. There are four jars in the packaged and I don't use it often.
229548229548B001FB68UEA1QO8TTRSQ6G14KimOKC0051299456000Wonderful to Find!This product has been a favorite of my Mothers for years! She uses it to make many different asian dishes because of the unique flavor, color and richness it adds...she had been unable to find it in stores and does not have a computer so I was thrilled to find it for her!
229532229532B000EDG5CAA1HE12VH8XKCYKJoey Joe Joe Junior Shabbadoo0121289520000Heartburn.I have made several shakes with cocoa powder, whey, agave syrup, and non-fat milk (my normal mixture) and ended up with heartburn. I have used another natural brand of whey with these same ingredients for months with no problems, so I suspect this brand might be the culprit. It does mix well.
229533229533B000EDG5CAA3FPHTQCAGGB9Falex "alex"31711289174400High in cholesterol???Anybody look at how much cholesterol is in this whey? Isn't that a high amount? Look at the label picture.
229534229534B006F54FBYA22JPAATE9U1VUtonny0021330819200disappointmentThe sent wine was a thing of the commercial prices of about 10 dollars, and was a disappointment.
Since cheese and wine are sent separately and a transportation cost increases, it may be unavoidable one.
Cheese was delicious.
229535229535B004V0NWA0A2WSAGFJSQC1YFCrease in the Page121251325030400Now this is white CHOCOLATE.These are vegan, dairy-free. Very tasty. I had only ever had the white chocolate that uses dairy cream and whey, and I thought I hated "white chocolate" and wondered why they called it chocolate. Well here is why... because white chocolate should be made with cocoa butter. Then it is truly white chocolate. And it doesn't have that dairy flavor; it has a very mild chocolate flavor. These chips melted down well and also went back to solid at room temp.
229549229549B001FB68UEA1TVCEP1P71JRGSavannah3900011294617600Bead molassesHad to buy 4 bottles of product. It will be past use by date by 3/11. No way can I use 1 bottle by that date. Not a good buy.
229550229550B001FB68UEA3UAZVF6RZT3IJackson0151299628800on time and as describedthe material came on time and as described. Only problem was the delivery folks (not UPS) did not ring door bell and left it outside
229551229551B002LLFWS6AIN3YKNNNPLO6Amazon buyer3351278806400Rich Taste and TextureI bought this as a father's day gift. He absolutely loved it. It was very expensive for its size, but for people who can't eat gluten it's a real treat. I told my mother to buy some Dunkin' Donuts for herself and to stay away from the cake! It was delivered frozen to FL within 3 days of placing the order using FREE Super Saver Shipping.
229552229552B002LLFWS6AG85L11WCOJVXMichael A. Wilkes0151323216000CakeWe received this cake without any dry ice but it was cool to the touch. We can't wait to try it as it lookds delicious. We would recommend to anyone.
229553229553B002TJWHZ6A2SA4SRJ6CF88WSteph7841266451200NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!This stuff tastes really, really good. My only complain: Not enough paneer bits! But I am obsessed with paneer so this opinion is to be expected. It has the right amount of veggies and such in it and a very wonderful taste. It goes really well with Jasmine rice, which is how I eat it. It was a very good purchase on sale. If you like Indian food, this is a very good brand to buy.
229554229554B002TJWHZ6A1M5VXVTC42MCRMia3341277164800Yum!!!!The paneer is totally delicious and makes this meal. The sauce is great and makes green beans edible to me, I don't leave a bite in the bowl when I eat this.

I just ordered these easily a year after I last finished them. Still so amazing. Small problem when you're only a little bit hungry and just want a serving...You cannot stop eating. These are without a doubt my favorite Tastybite food.
229555229555B002TJWHZ6A3K00L9I9L92BJcyngrepen1141323216000Good flavor, Good combination of spices, Good ingredients.These are a tasty bite indeed!
The ingredients list is short and simple. Unlike a lot of other shelf stable, processed foods, there isn't a single ingredient in this that you couldn't buy from the organic foods market.

If you are looking for anything close to restaurant quality, well...go to a restaurant. For something that can be dumped out of a shelf stable pouch and microwaved, its more than palatable.
It's nowhere near as chunky as it looks on the pouch, but there are still plenty of veggie and paneer bits in there.
One important thing to note is that it's very high in sodium. So its best eaten over plain white rice (at least I think it's delicious that way)
229556229556B002TJWHZ6AEZTBAQUKT067C. Walker "landwalk bookworm"1151310515200My FavoriteOf all the tasty bites, this one is my favorite. I'm still working on trying them all. The stores in town don't carry every one they make.
229557229557B002TJWHZ6A2CPC5Q60AU7XJChange0011333497600Love tastybite, but this is twice what it costs in healthfood stores.I love tasty bite, but I've never ever seen it go for more than $4 a pouch and that was in a remote location, super price inflated mountain town grocery store. Generally I get them 2 for $5 at whole foods or trader joes (it's in a TJ's package there, but it's still tasty bite). A pack of 6 for $30 is $5 each! Might as well go out for Indian food at that price.
229558229558B002TJWHZ6AIM0F10YVBOJFJHS0041331596800greatNot as good as the chickpeas, but I really like this one. I'm glad that I ordered it and will order it again.
229559229559B002TJWHZ6A6KL17KKN0A5LK. Harper0051330905600So healthy and tasty quick meal for vegetarian!Awesome product! I use this over steamed rice, and add some raisin to it, them microwave for 2 minutes. Bit of sweetness of raisins make this dish even more flavorful! Consider eating out, this saves you money!
229560229560B002TJWHZ6A3L93WIS6B4F5HMichael Ferguson "some guy"0041310688000A 'Paneer Masala' recipe, ready to heat and eatTasty Bite has put together a variant of this restaurant favorite, not restaurant freshness or quality, but very good indeed. Nice balance of spices, ample vegetables, a delicious 'gravy' holding it all together, but could use more paneer chunks. Ultra-convenient and perfect served over Basmati or brown rice. I keep coming back for this one year after year.

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