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230941230941B001EQ4KM8A3TPCGHZPLV35QEric Rose0051259539200It's hard to stop eating them.These sour 2 inch worms are made with jelatin & corn syrup lightly coated with sour sprinkles and I would say that it's the corn syrup that makes these worms so delicious and sweet at the same time. I will be buying more very soon because both 4 1/2 pound bags are about gone.

A real bargain for so much candy.
230942230942B001EQ4KM8A3PC6I8D7ZH0ZPsyscokid "n."3531243296000Warning, don't purchase during summer months in the south west!I purchased these to share with my son, both of us have a weakness for sour worms. The package just arrived and both bags are giant rainbow colored blobs. Not much I can do with two 4.5 pound gummi masses. Not much in the way of options to make a return. I'm chalking it up as a 16 dollar lesson on the dangers of purchasing items of this sort through an online seller (especially during hot summer months in Arizona).
230943230943B001EQ4KM8A2U8L6ZHB3Q9OELAMBxROAST2431215388800yum... for a whileThese gummy worms have a nice taste... for the first 50 worms. After that, you're basically stuck with seven pounds of gummy worms you're not going to want to eat. As a matter of fact, you might never eat gummy worms again. Beware! This product is NINE POUNDS of gummy worms. Buy at your own risk of gummy worm estrangement and/or heart attack. Good luck.
230944230944B001EQ4KM8A323RI4JJPLZDDflyaway0131326499200Taste is sour and good, but...I had these once before and it was absolutely amazing, but the price is going up and up, and you kind of get tired of it eventually. It was pretty sour but ultimately it ends up becoming something you get tired of easily.
230945230945B001EQ4KM8AIG0CN4J1TCAWAna Denmark0221245024000Per pound it's a deal, but the worms are LAME!Just so you understand me, my last meal on earth would be sour gummy worms and diet coke. But these worms were lame! First of all, they are so sour that you can't taste the flavor of the gummy candy. So even though there are 3 colors of worms, there's really only one flavor. I actually started running water over the worms before eating them, just so the ridiculous amount of acid wouldn't shred my tongue. Secondly, contrary to other posters, the worms I received weren't at all soft. Maybe the ones I got were old. I won't be buying any Albanese candy again.
230946230946B00126ICNIA28FG53AH3K4UNBrett0051341273600Gobble it up anytime you want! A great product.I know it's the off time for smoked turkeys and the such but it didn't deter us from trying this 6-8 lb smokehouse bird. Old tom came packed correctly and cryo wrapped. It is tender, easy to carve and cooked all the way through. It took us maybe 30 minutes to carve the bird and stack the meat up high. A complete bird ready to go without the fuss. Order with confidence and expect it to be shipped within a reasonable amount of time. Gobble gobble.
230947230947B00126ICNIAL3E5V6MXO9B0pionex17960051326412800New family favorite!!!!Loved everything about this turkey. The taste was excellent, preparation... what preparation? Just EAT. 5 stars across the board. Will purchase again for myself and for gift giving.
230948230948B00126ICNIABRGF9CNIULH7Cesar H. Marchegiani1551261699200El Pavo de thanksgiving se lo comieron en NavidadLo compré como regalo para mi familia en USA, me dicen que está muy bueno, sabe a jamón navideño.
Cesar Marchegiani
230949230949B004WXRRKCA19UTUEBWKIZFTBernadette1151348272000DeliciousI have only had this in Hawaii. It is not available local to me as far as I know so I was delighted to find this here. It is one of my pleasant memories of our fiftieth state.

This package is five ounces and contains fifteen pieces. It sounds pricey but to some of us it's worth is because this is good quality milk chocolate. Melt in your mouth yumminess. I feel that for the excellent quality the price is worth it. It's my favorite candy.
230950230950B004WXRRKCA1LPNBQGHEPZICGranny1151344038400EnjoymentReceived as a gift from a friend who recently visited Hawaii. What a thoughtful gift!! Macadamia nuts and milk chocolate are one of my favorite treats. Mauna Loa Mountains was a delight to my taste buds. Never been to Hawaii, but this candy made me think of waterfalls and lush green mountains. You must treat yourself to this taste.
230951230951B0018CI95WA1XLIXF0207PM2Aunt Bee0051350950400Natural Balance canned Salmon cat foodThis salmon blend is the only cat food I can get my himilaynan cat to eat. He is 20 yrs old and had lost 3 lbs. I tried a/d food from the vet and he ate some of that for awhile but it gave him diarrhea. Anyway this has been a great long term food that has saved his life. It is not rubbery like some cheaper canned cat foods.
It is made of healthy ingredients too....Gotta have it!
230952230952B0018CI95WA18Q1Z01K679WRAlan Truly0051337990400Our kitty loves this!Our kitty cat has grown quite addicted to this particular brand and "flavor" of cat food.
She eats it, comes looking for more when it suits her and had never been sick from it. I like what the ingredients are (and aren't), so we're both happy. :)
230953230953B000WY98P2A3LJW14NERMEJITamara Talsma0051305763200Kasugai gummy candies are the best!The flavors just pop! I have yet to find a flavor that didn't surpass the flavors that are generally found in American gummy or jelly candies.
230954230954B000WY98P2AI09ALHTUJ305Ken. C.0051297123200Kasugai Kiwi GummyLove these! I first bought them on a whim at a funky little world food store and what a great buy! They are probably the best, no guilt, no mess, no mystery candy ive ever had. They are a little more expensive than other candies but well worth it. the only down side is running out lol. I do wish they made a bag with a larger quantity also
230955230955B000WY98P2AB8LCVPQF2THEPatrick C. "quitesane"0051200009600yummi gummi!these might just be the best candies ever... from anywhere! one of the few things my son and i agree on. i found them at a grocery store in california and after getting back to texas, could not find them anywhere... until now.

these gummi's have rich, real fruit flavor and great texture. they come individually wrapped so you don't have to pry them apart. there's no funny artificial tastes or smells and no sticking-to-your-teeth - just pure fruit enjoyment.
230956230956B003TWBUW8A3KVADKL8XTSOUS. Clark "race cars & chocolates"0011330300800Not good productI purchased the six pack of these dried figs, being a real fan of dried figs for snacking, but I found all of them covered with what appeared to be some kind of white mold. My emails to the packing producer to find out if this was still safe have all gone unanswered and I finally had to throw them all out. Don't buy.
230957230957B0000DISV5A33K3PCPDX2SLJoanie A.1151272240000Superior Fruit SlicesThese are terrific...I bought lemon, lime and cherry flavors...they're not too hard nor too soft and with just the right amount of sugar on them. I'll be buying these as long as The Candy Depot makes them!
230958230958B0000DISV5A3NIW3E1QF0GVTMandie0041328486400Fruit SlicesThe fruit slices arrived after the estimated delivery date, but were exactly what I needed. I'm placing them on top of cupcakes for a bridal shower (lemon- lime themed). They seem very fresh and look fantastic!
230959230959B0000DISV5A1LFLGBRZCNDWSN. Czerwinski "catprincess"0051326844800Great fruity taste!I bought these fruit slices hoping they would taste like lemon, not sweet like candy. They are great. I like to let mine sit out during the day sothey harden up a little. Very lemony!
230960230960B004AW1WSIA1AXW9IQR0AF22Michael T. Clark "M T C"1151333584000# Best Tortilla Chips on the Market, Period #I love Mexican food, especially when you are waiting on your main course to come and the place you are eating serves up piping hot tortilla chips with salsa. This is almost impossible to replicate from out of a store shelf, in a cold bag, however, after trying these On The Border chips, I will say, this is the closest thing to restaurant style chips I have ever had. The freshness, the taste and hint of lime, simply outstanding, right off the shelf. Not sure how they do it, but these chips really are the crispiest on the market without making your own at home. Highly recommended for those folks wanting a good chip for salsa without going out to eat...
230961230961B004AW1WSIA3LMC8686BYGP4Crystal K. Inman "CK Island Mom"0051350172800The best!Had these from Walmart and my family loves these tortilla chips! Not greasy, nice and thin! They go very quickly in our household!! Luv 'em!!
230962230962B004YSZA5EALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette0051327708800Great product and nice tasteThis is great coffee. The flavor is not to strong. If you are looking for something different, and different taste this is it. It is definately Folgers quality and has just enough flavor of chocolate silk to give you a new flavor.
230963230963B000WFZO3QA2G6PWZ97Y5W3JJoseph Cash0041341878400Very sour and love the taste but...The taste doesn't last very long. Even so, the look on my sons face when he bites into one is priceless.
230964230964B004EPT45EA2K47UOAR9B6KSHardwired0051329177600Blackcurrant MustardMy wife had previously tasted this mustard on a trip to San Francisco, and I was glad to find it available. The product shipped on time, and arrived in good condition.
230965230965B000FIR44MAQTIPHCGQZBVQWilliam S. Hart0051196121600Great candy - use it to quit smoking!This is the best mint candy I have yet found! It contains none of that deadly high-fructose corn syrup or toxic fake sweeteners, only glucose which is much safer and better for your health. It is a great candy to use when you quit smoking - just pop one into your mouth instead of a cigarette!
230966230966B000FIR44MAJXS08HVHV445PECART "PECART"0051169856000so far the best !!most minty,most refreshing ,the best mint you'll ever have, just's gets better as it disolves !!!hard to find
230967230967B000FIR44MA1F8FKS6STRXF9Sharon Kelsey0031153785600Read the Shipping WeightI was expecting 36# of hard candy -- 24 count of 24 oz packs. In fact, I got 24 count of 5.25 oz packs. I didn't notice the low shipping weight which would have tipped me off to an error in the copy.

That aside, this candy is sweet at first and then as it disolves, it is more intense and sharp in flavor. Nice as a mint, but not as a "candy".
230968230968B004J43HBWA1ZE8UBCX4422IRetiredmaw1151325030400Great transaction!Item arrived as shown and in good condition. Also was shipped on time, will be ordering this product again!!! Thanks for the good experience of shopping online Amazon!!
230969230969B002XGL4YAA2BGFU9U30AJINSara Duckett0051324425600Wonderful first food...My son started on solids at 4 months and I wanted to give him healthy, organic first foods before I decided if I would do the whole "make my own baby food" thing.... I have been very happy with this brand. My sons seems to like it more than the Earths best brand, and the veggies (Peas, carrots and sweet potatoes), he likes even more than the fruits. I have stayed with this brand as much as I can, as he really seems to prefer it over others.
230970230970B0051OH8DWA17BNKK39R5SW4Ivy M. Gilbert0051320624000We Love Gerbs--Toasted Onion & Garlic Pumpkin Seed KernelsThese are heavenly--and healthy!--snacks for our nut-avoidant household. I have anaphylaxis to tree nuts, so it's terrific to have access to seeds prepared in a facility with no nuts! They're perfectly seasoned, portable, and power-packed energy for when we're hiking or otherwise on the go. My children love them, and they gobble them up. Perfection: I get to feel virtuous in my parenting, and they get a delicious snack. I have no financial interest in this company; we just love their products! Thank you Gerbs!

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