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231931231931B0002YGSCIA2DVBPTXDZEFGZPeter Guither0051272326400Proper hot mustard that makes your head explodeThis is the real deal. Simply mix the powder with cold water and let it sit for a couple of minutes and you have mustard that cleans out your sinuses, like you get at a real quality Chinese restaurant -- not the pathetic "hot" mustard that is in packets at Americanized Chinese restaurants.

You can make small amounts at a time because it doesn't take much, so a can like this is an incredible value.

Whenever I have some of this, I feel like I'm at WoHop in Chinatown in New York.
231942231942B0000DG586A29YE36WHR7UYNLucy0331289520000Great jerk flavors, but too hot for meI picked this up at a food store when I was in either St. Louis or Chicago.
I LOVE the different spices, but it's soo hot! I would like it to be 50%
less heat, but the same wonderful flavor. I crave this flavor on chicken,
but in the future will have to make my own jerk.

And fyi, I LOVE hot and spicy food...
231932231932B0002YGSCIA33YED65URBO0YThomas R. Castleman0051267574400Awesome Oriental MustardI first found this mustard in an oriental shop near Atlanta, GA. I had used all I had and couldn't find it locally so reverted to the internet. The vendor was great, the price fair and the product arrived to my fullest expectation and satisfaction. I will continue to use this product and the vendor. It is the best hot mustard I have ever found - a tremendous taste that always enhances the meal.
231943231943B001VDWZXKA2W84ES4MHWLSMflashcard0041288137600abba-ZabaI purchased the candy for a friend that remembered it from her childhood. The candy met her expectations partly because of the surprise and partly as she loves the peanut chewy bars. I would have preferred the option to buy less bars aka 12 since most people won't sit down and eat 24 candy bars.
231933231933B0002YGSCIA1OL4V6CK2QJVYE. P. Brady0051249257600Best HOT Chinese Mustard ever made!!!!!If you love "HOT" chinese mustard, you will love this stuff. I was paying almost $6 a container in the stores until they stopped making it. The powder goes a long way for the price and its the only true Chinese Mustard that I've been able to find!

Thank you S&B!
231944231944B002QTWTFWA3S7QB6KBSOLKSjamieb8851274486400Food AllergiesMy daughter is egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, sesame allergic and corn intollerant. Annie's Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks are the first "candy" that my 8 year old can eat and she loves them. We think they taste great and she does not get puffy and itchy after consuming them. Thank you Annie's!
231934231934B0002YGSCIAEHU3FELXA6C3Me0151226448000Hubby LOVES itHe is simply wild over this stuff. Uses to make homemade hot mustard chex mix...on popcorn...not even counting all the other random uses he finds.

Too hot for me (but I am a wimp when it comes to "hot" foods....but if you like the heat, you will love it.
231945231945B002QTWTFWA1KU110KO2ILWGH. Rao4441288569600Great bunny snacks but go with the variety packsMy wife and I are vegetarian so we don't eat anything that has gelatin in it (i.e., most gummy products). I'm fine with that but my wife struggles because she loves gummy bears. We've tried vegan gummy products, but they usually taste like cough syrup. The Annie's fruit snacks are the exception. They taste great, even better than other gummy products. The only downside to this specific product is that there is only one flavor, strawberry. I'd recommend the Berry Patch or Sunny Citrus versions because there is more variety.
231935231935B0000DG586A1DWREB53LM92AVictor A. Gallis ""9951149292800Absolutely the best!There is no jerk seasoning better than Walkerswood, and few that even come close. The flavor of the liquid stuff you find in many super markets bears little if any resemblance to what you taste when you visit Jamaica. The only commercial mix I've found that even comes close to Walkerswood is Jamaican Choice, and that is still not up to par, having less bite and an undertone of sweetness.

Rub your meat, poultry, or fish with oil, then apply the Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning to taste, massaging it in. Let it stand for a while, then bake, broil, or (best of all) grill. A little bit goes a long way, especially for "beginners" -- unless you are accustomed to spicy food, one teaspoonful will be enough for a thick pork chop. Don't worry, though. With Walkerswood, the heat does not overwhelm the complex flavor of the other spices.
231946231946B002QTWTFWA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"2251274745600Our family loves these organic gummy snacks. Delicious real fruit tastes.Everyone in my family loves these delicious real food gummies. Annies has went above and beyond with the creation of this delicious flavor. My grandkids ages 1 to 5 and my kids 9 and 12 ask for these constantly. They love them so much, that I have to get me a pack when I first open a box ,or I will not get any. All the Annie gummy bunies flavors are awesome.
231936231936B0000DG586A3NASTUGJDL7B5Janine C. Ireland "Jamdown"6651123200000Fabbbbbuuuullloooouussssss!!!I'm 100% Jamaican, and I must say this is true, authentic seasoning at its best. I have 3 bottles with me at all times. My Indian friend eats it right out the bottle, or sometimes as dip for her chips. Its that good!!
231947231947B002QTWTFWA31R4H443NPRSNsabinanners1121323993600Last batch Amazon sent arrived with gummies melted & way too softWe've done a previous bulk order of these Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit before, and were very pleased that we were able to purchase them for below MSRP and what Target sells them for. However, this latest batch in the Strawberry and Mixed Berry flavors arrived with the gummies melted, making them way too soft (they stuck to our teeth and to each other.) Definitely going to cancel our subscription since the gummies did not taste good or fresh like they were the first time we ordered them.
231937231937B0000DG586A3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis4551206316800The real deal.Bust out the napkins, grab yourself a beer, and buckle your seat belts cause this stuff is a proper authentic flamefest of Jamaican jerk heat. You can put it on straight, or cut it with a little olive oil, but I've found it best to marinate chicken or pork tenderloins for at least 24 hours before cooking for optimum results. Its a little messy cause you really have to rub this stuff in and make sure you turn/shake your marinade bag every few hour to ensure an even distribution of this wondermous stuff. If you're not using rubber gloves, make sure you wash your hands and I wouldnt plan on rubbing your eyes or doing anything else to sensitive body parts for a while. haw haw

This stuff is the best, followed closely by Grace Jerk Seasoning but Walkerswood doesn't turn your chicken green like the Grace rub does. 5 Pods
231948231948B002QTWTFWA2TB966VCVI38VSuprmodl0051349481600DeliciousAnnie's is such a great company and these taste great. My daughter loves them and I feel good about putting them in her lunch.
231938231938B0000DG586A3D5GPQNODR5JJ. Howard1151272240000Best jerk sauce on the marketI love this stuff. Be warned though, this stuff has quite a kick to it but the flavor can't be beat.
231939231939B0000DG586A1DN1J7Y6NL3R9Plaid Ninja "Plaid Ninja"1141109635200Wow, this sauce is hotI like this sauce... lots of flavor and high intensity. A bottle like this should last a good while. I can't speak for its authenticity since I'm not Jamaican, and my one and only trip to Jamaica was years ago. Considering how I see this brand being sold in more stores and in higher quantities than any other brand I think its probably as close as you're going to get. I love the sauce, and I always make sure I have an extra bottle on hand at all times in case I run out.
231949231949B002QTWTFWAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0051346630400Great Fruit Snacks!I absolutely love these, healthy and yummy with an awesome texture. This flavor variety is by far my favorite of all the Annie's Bunny Gummies. Texture is really important to me when it comes to fruit snacks, and these have an awesome soft texture. They aren't hard and you don't have to sit there chewing forever; but if you want you can suck not them and they won't just disintegrate or stick to the roof of you mouth. They are perfect! I recommend trying the berry patch flavor as well!!

Another great fruit snack to try if you like this texture is Ocean Spray brand. They are not organic, but they are less than half the price of these. Mott's Medley's all natural fruit snacks are yummy as well and are made with both fruit and vegetable juices! The Mott's ones are also not organic, and not quite as soft as the Ocean Spray or Annie's, but again, much less expensive.
231950231950B002QTWTFWA2VYLXYG3H6TYNAundrea0031338681600Why use can sugar when you don't need to?These are extremely yummy fruit snacks! I am always on a quest to find organic, easy, yummy foods for our busy family. I was excited to find these and quickly bought a box, I've been impressed with all the Annie's products I have bought. They didn't disappoint in the taste department, but.... I am a little disappointed about the ingredients in these.

Ingredient #1: Organic Tapioca Syrup-this appears to be a great alternative to high fructose corn syrup and other sugary additives. Here's what I pulled up about this ingredient-" Tapioca syrup provides the sweetness needed in a natural way. Produced from tapioca starch using a natural fermentation process, tapioca syrup is a gluten-free and non-GMO (genetically modified organism) alternative to corn syrup, sugar, honey, maple syrup and molasses." [...]

Ingredient #2: Organic cane sugar-this is just sugar. It's organic, so it wasn't grown using pesticides or anything, but sugar is sugar and I try to limit it as much as possible. I'm bummed that this is the 2nd ingredient.

The rest of the ingredients aren't really a big deal to me, but here they are: Organic Tapioca Syrup Solids, Organic White Grape Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Color (Black Carrot Juice Concentrate), Natural Flavors, Sodium Citrate, Organic Sunflower Oil, Carnauba Wax (From Palm Leaves).

So why am I let down by this product? There are tons of great tasting fruit snacks out there that don't use any extra sugar to sweeten them. Stretch Island Origional Fruit Leathers don't use any extra sugars, here's the ingredients of their summer strawberry fruit leather- "Apple Puree Concentrate, Pear Puree Concentrate, Strawberry Puree, Organic Natural Strawberry Flavor, Lemon Juice Concentrate. All Sugars Are Found Naturally In The Fruit." Clif sells their Twisted Fruit rope that has no added sugar. Archer Farms sells a fruit snack for a great price that has no added sugar.

So the Annie's Organic Fruit snacks are a great tasting snack that is far above those icky artificial brands that are loaded with artificial dye's and sugar, but I still think there's some room for improvement by using only fruit to sweeten it, rather than cane sugar.
231951231951B002QTWTFWA3NOS22H78I2O3Mieu0051330819200By far the tastiest fruit snack!I didn't think an organic fruit snack would taste as fruity and interesting as the "worse for you" fruit snacks. Usually, 'all natural' fruit snacks taste bland and old. These are FABULOUS and addictive. Plus, they're only 70 calories a pouch and all organic. They're for all ages - believe me ;) Great chewy texture, pretty colors, adorable bunny shapes, bright strawberry flavor.

Shipping was fast and reliable, and the 4 box deal is nice. New favorite candy.
231952231952B002QTWTFWA27Y7LN6H9LG48UptownGirl "Chris S."0041328400000Strawberry, strawberry...Annie's products are all tasty with natural ingredients. While the strawberry variety is good, I think I'll stick to tropical flavor (or switch off)--thus strawberry gets 4-stars. Truly, it's all a matter of ones' taste buds. The strawberry really doesn't taste like strawberry at all--I wish she'd make an intense pack of "reds"....strawberry, raspberry and cherry. I notice more distinction of flavors with her tropical blend..although even then it's very subtle. I am an adult who purchases these for ME, though, so go figure! As far as kids liking them? I'm sure they would love the strawberry, and the tropical, and all of her flavors! Kids just like sweet period. The texture is what I like's chewy and firm enough, without getting stuck in your teeth!
231953231953B002QTWTFWA35F8KFLI0YZQHJ.D. "Sweet P"0051326844800Excellent Flavor, Excellent Healthy AlternativeI purchase these Annie's Fruit Snacks through the Subscribe & Save option and couldn't be happier. For the per unit price, this is a great deal when comparing with local store prices. This is a package deal of 4 boxes, each containing 5 pouches (.8 oz each). These are all the same flavor (Summer Strawberry).

I know some people may compare these with the mainstream fruit snacks that you can purchase in any grocery store and be reluctant at the smaller "quantity" contained in each pouch. The idea here is that the quality of the product, nutritionally at least, far outweighs any size issues. This is a problem with American societies misconception that more is better. Like 'Super-sizing' your fast food value meal, portion sizes have been getting larger and larger over the years and people are now expecting to receive the most bang for their buck, regardless of its lacking nutritional value. These .8 oz pouches are a perfectly decent portion size for a growing child, a diabetic with low blood sugar, or anyone that wishes for a small taste of something sweet and natural.

I highly recommend this product, although some people may wish to try the assorted flavors rather than limit themselves to one flavor (as I prefer).
231954231954B002QTWTFWA3G2NLAM74X8SYMelissa Boyd0051326067200yummy and healthy fruit snacksI love these fruit snacks! the texture is great - not really sticky like some others I've had. they taste really great, too, and they have a full dose of daily Vitamin C in every pouch. they're the perfect treat for a kiddie when you're trying to give them something sweet with at least some nutritional content.
231955231955B002QTWTFWA32PZJ92K9SBPWB. Hebel0051323561600tastytasty and soft. my toddler just loves them. they are a little pricey, and there are very few fruit snacks in a bag.
231956231956B002QTWTFWA3N85PBZS9FXJTTuscany Or Bust0051321920000Tasty treat for healthy snackingI'm not someone who shops specifically for organic food, given its higher price point. However, I am quite fond of these little fruit snacks and am glad they are preservative-free and dye-free. With the S&S price, they are signficantly cheaper than at my local Stop & Shop. I like to keep a couple in my lunch pail at work and in my car for when hunger strikes. The flavor is really intense.
231957231957B002QTWTFWA3W24145ILLDJJapril0051319414400Best snacks everThese snacks are the best ever. We even use these to "bribe" her to hold still while we change her diaper. Healthy, taste great and are well packaged. What more can i say about it. luv it.
231958231958B002QTWTFWAA2L819V3QBV8Neiderhouse0031319155200Weird consistency and bad tasteI have had other Annie's fruit snacks and they are wonderful! But for some reason this mix is nasty. Very weird taste at first. Then gets a little bit better. My 4-year-old and her little friends ate them fine but I don't see why. Maybe it was a bad batch or something. Glad I got a good deal on them...would have been irritated if I would have paid a lot. But I do like that these are SO much better for you than others. As far as they consistency...they were just really gummy (I have never had that happen with other Annie's fruit snacks).
231940231940B0000DG586A1G7OAHDVV3JSUgcole0011347062400Not So GreatDidn't like this product very much. The first time I purchased the product, the seal was broken and everything was leaking out but the company did replace the product free of charge which made me feel better about the purchase. I don't think it is a bad product, but it just was not what I really was looking for.
231941231941B0000DG586A3NROWEQV2VYTLOri D. Handwerk0051328140800Wowzy JerkHad this jerk seasoning in Jamaica, and loved it. Saw it in the states and had to have it. Highlt recommend it. Great seller also, very fast shipping!!
231959231959B002QTWTFWA293OW1IRJARFOjuliepoko0051318204800yum... bunniesI bought these all of the time as an alternative to the supermarket fruit snacks. They are not full of yucky fillers... I even enjoy a little bunny snack treat occasionally :)
231960231960B002QTWTFWA1IPSH259Z5I8UB. Diller0051318032000annie's bunny fruitMy grandkids love this gummy fruit snack - I love that it is all natural and a healthy snack that they can enjoy.

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