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232448232448B0000CFN0YA8ZGVQ5VUG1B6Nancy "Nanc"0051324425600QUESTION PLEASEI can't tell if these are paste or gel. All I can seem to find lately is the gel and I want the paste. The picture here is too small for me to read the details. Any help would be great thank you
232449232449B0000CFN0YA2T9FO2SH48OHKJessica Kessler0041313884800colorful!The colors came out very nice. The only issue I had was with "no taste" red. I had trouble getting to the dark red I wanted and had to use a lot of dye. Other than that the cake came out beautiful!
232450232450B0000CFN0YA1QQCLXM9UQSY9Christalrx0051313280000Great deal on Wilton Product at AmazonI ordered Wilton Cake colors from Amazon and was extremely happy with my purchase. The exact product I wanted arrived on my doorstep the next day in perfect condition and cost $3.00 less than it was selling for in the store down the block. Excellent bargain.
232451232451B0000CFN0YAO79VTFTF5PB7Dagnus0051300060800a little goes a long way!Only takes a small amount to make rich color. Bought at a craft store for $14.99, very pleased with the purchase. I can tell these colors will last me a long time.
232452232452B0000CFN0YA2MIR02WSRHWTRBino0051298851200What A Bargain!Taking cake decorating classes, I needed a lot of different food colorings. I found just that in the product I ordered.
232453232453B0000CFN0YA13O8UEPSG5TI8kat77 "Kat"0051285286400#1 coloring setThis is #1 set of coloring to me you have so many color choice you can make from this set.I like because it is gel not liquid or powder.If you like to play with colors this is the set for you!
232454232454B0000CFN0YA2DGJSFG95ZLW2V. Piere "Zelda"0051261526400IntenseWow now these are intense color. One tiny drop and it's very vibrant! I had to use a toothpick on some things since I was coloring a small amount and it would have been way too dark.
232455232455B0000CFN0YA86B996S9VHGLmegastore0151328140800wilton colorsVery happy, fast postage. Item exactly as described will definately shop here again. nothing left to say. thanks thanks thanks aaaaa+
232441232441B0000CFN0YAP44JLW9KGUKSJessiclaire3431289174400I was disappointedPerhaps I did not investigate thoroughly enough, but I purchased these colors under the impression that they would create rich true colors. Unfortunately, the red is pink, and the black is gray, just like every other food color I've tried before.
232456232456B0000CFN0YA329WFPFOCSDBLMadsmum0131306886400Damaged packagingWas disappointed that when I received the package as the box was obviously damaged, quite squashed. When I opened it the red food gel had leaked through the box. It hadn't all leaked out thankfully, but had made quite a mess. But as for the actual product, I am quite happy with it and think it was great value for money opposed to buying it in Australia where I would have had to pay almost the same P & H to get it sent 500 km's as I did to get it sent from the US, let alone the actual product price.
232442232442B0000CFN0YA4UWNRY0WWECKAmandaR0051351036800Best readily available food coloring, great assortmentYes, they are totally artificial. But for special events like birthdays, I honestly feel that its okay to use them, and nothing colors frosting like gel food coloring. I used to buy the single larger colors, but Id end up having them for years, and they do get funky tasting. Im so happy to have found this assortment. It has every color a person could need, including dark and light skin tones. And you can blend them to make even more shades if you desire.

Each color comes in a smaller size than when you buy them individually, which is great for me because I only use them 4-5 times a year.
232443232443B0000CFN0YA3JF001WP479T7J. E. Ramsey "Jeram"0051350518400Great deal!This was so easy to use. The mess was nonexistent and the color was even. The variety of colors was fantastic. Totally recommend this!
232444232444B0000CFN0YA2WB3PZL2XP2YHappy in NYC0051339804800Love the colorsLove the colors I can create and the colors are pretty depending if you want darker or lighter. A little goes a long way
232457232457B0000CFN0YA2O4XSGDHR0ECOPurplecheryl100151262995200PurpleCheryl10This is a wonderful set for any baker. Easy to use with beautiful color choices.
232445232445B0000CFN0YA2ZADLV7P1GG2WPortia0051329955200You gotta love it!I love the colours they were brilliant and you just need a little to get a lot!
I would by all means recommend this product to all consumers its a great buy and will last a long time, since you just need a little to colour the fondant.
I am happy with this purchase !!
232458232458B0000CFN0YA2ZQS09V4SAMMEntisar1331321920000Red is pinkUnfortunately, the red is pink, and the black is gray when i used it for cupcake but for icing they work perfectely.

I wonder if any one can give me a tip on how to make it pure red and black for cupcake.
232446232446B0000CFN0YA350S1ROJPUBW0BakerMom0051328313600In loveIm in love received this a week ago and already put it to use. I am so glad i found these was using the liquid kind, these are so much better, i thank my mother for using these herself when i was younger. great buy cant go wrong Wilton is the best
232459232459B0000CFN0YA22UX6HKCY80JQB. Schweiger82311290297600Very disappointedWas very disappointed to find that this product has high fructose corn syrup in it. I don't know if this is common for all icing colors or not but I guess I figured since it was Kosher that maybe it wouldn't have those type of ingredients. Wish I could return it but doesn't pay off because I would have to pay for shipping to return.
232447232447B0000CFN0YA19XGMNDQ8U9JKDailys0051326758400I received this item okHello! Thanks for send me this item. i received it in perfect conditions and it was the one i wanted for a gift to my mom. i am a very satisfied customer because she loved it. thank you again and congrats!

D. Acosta
232460232460B0000CFN0YA3MF4EWOORZLN0L. Thibodeau "Can't eat Food Dyes"62011320192000Made from coal tarPlease know what your eating, the color is made from coal tar. Your body is effected by petroleum products....... Do some research?
My children go crazy on this stuff, adhd to the max!
232461232461B0000CFN0YAZMWOEH12YWNHLina Gutierrez43631236038400ColoresEstas pinturas son muy bonitas sin embargo la caja y los recipientes son muy pequeños la imagen aparenta que el producto es mas grande sin enbargo cada potecito tienen apenas unos 2,5 cm de altura.
232462232462B0006U3NJ4A3A8NB11HSAXWPESH202031193356800Dogs love it, but be sure to give in moderation or you'll be sorry!I bought this with the Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug, since it was recommended that they go together. I have two papillons - one loved the toy and was quite good at getting the treats out of the bottle rather quickly...while the other one waited and consumed what fell out.

That being said, they consumed a fair amount of the treats. Not a lot, but a good handful. Since the product was recommended to go with the toy, I had assumed that it would be okay for them to have more than just one or two of these. The next day, when it was Potty Time, I noticed that their #2's were bright green, and a little "loose" (sorry for being so graphic). My dogs don't eat table scraps or any people food - I feed them Science Diet puppy bites, with occasional training treats, and this is the first time I've ever noticed a problem with their BMs.

They seem to like the taste of these, though they prefer others. I would recommend mixing them with some other treats rather than using them consistently, or you'll be cleaning it up later. I will probably continue mixing these in with other treats/kibble until I use up the bag, but will not purchase anymore in the future.
232463232463B0006U3NJ4A1ZGWVZMM0BMT2Breeze6711207353600Wouldn't buy againThe product does come in a great resealable bag but and this is a big but the dye in the treats will have an effect on the dog. After just a couple my dog had bright green poo.
232464232464B0006U3NJ4AO0EJSJTHUUA6Nancy NM2251190419200Oh's Treats Are GREATMy puppy LOVES these treats. They are small, easy to carry and great for training. They can be used in a variety of the Premier Line of dog toys but I just use them as training treats.....
232465232465B0006U3NJ4A28URN0B675OIEKristy0021298678400Buddy O'sThese are ok treats. My dogs ate them but didn't seem thrilled because they were more like little pieces of dry dog food. Probably won't purchase again.
232466232466B0006U3NJ4A1LNUE94GWEKABCarol "CC"0011267574400Premier Buddy Oh's Dog TreatsI am sorry to say that the dog treats I received were already spoiled, when I opened the package. I just threw them out. Too mad to complain.
232467232467B0006U3NJ4A2RBQ3DUWGUPUACB "CB"0031258156800Just Dog Food?Dog pretty much acted like I had just given her regular dog food as a treat. Even when put in her treat ball she didn't get too excited about it. Probably just the dogs taste for treats, but she was unimpressed.
232468232468B0006U3NJ4ACENA1D5WKI8BMarianne0011249430400PoorI did not get the product that I order on two separate occasions. I sent the product back the second time with a letter explaining the problem and I have no response.
232469232469B0006U3NJ4A2WUWAVZF4WCJEBeagleLuvr0051233964800doggie fungreat for the bored and hyper dogs.

get the toys to stuff them into.
232470232470B0006U3NJ4A2URZQL5JDFC9HKaren I. Lawrence0051231718400My Dog Loves TheseThis keeps my dog busy trying to get the delicious treats out of her tug a jug. I just wish they would come in larger sizes.

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