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232646232646B000E243RAA3S3C720ZBRH9HMatt0011287964800Not consumableWorst protein product ever. It was impossible to get down 2 chips. It turns into cement right away in your teeth. Stay away, you are better off with the most vile protein powder instead of this product.
232621232621B000E243RAA154LF7THOX5E2Tana Williams0041343347200Pretty good snackI had weight loss surgery (Sleeve) so always looking for high protein foods. This chip is pretty good though I admit I don't eat them that often. My husband and son like them too so that says a lot! It's a good snack to have around for that "crispy fix".
232647232647B000E243RAA1MOSL8Z26PB1CEarl Schube0051287014400Great product!I have reordered these four more times now, I really like them. They are kind of like pork rinds with a lot of flavor, and are healthier than regular chips. My favorite flavor among these chips.
232622232622B000E243RAA2ELAY5JSZTOKINelson N.0021341964800Should just be called Chili ChipsWhile high in protein, Kay's Natural Chili Nacho Cheese Protein Chips should just be called Kay's Natural Chili Protein Chips as their is no nacho cheese flavor found in the chips. While I did eat these because I am trying to increase my protein intake, I was disappointed with the misrepresentation of the flavor.
232648232648B000E243RAA3T9KSG0TKGEJQAnita Sylvan0031284940800way too saltyThese were ok but far too salty. Also, although it looks like it would be an individual serving, there are one and a half servings per bag. Since it is difficult for many of us to leave a third of a bag, we end up eating too many calories!
232623232623B000E243RAA2HOOFYY5X4AQ8Christine0041341273600DeliciousI have had these chips before. They are a great snack that is high in protein! I will be ordering them again soon!
232649232649B000E243RAA3K2MNE57EQDH9Brent A. Timm0021284508800Decent nutrition. Unnatural taste.First, these bags are 1.5 servings, so adjust the calories accordingly. They tasted a bit greasy and the flavor was bearable.
232624232624B000E243RAA3PN9RBO3UDYPKKenneth M. Cronin0051340236800Taste like Ranch Doritos!!These little chips are fabulous. They taste like Ranch Doritos!! Wonderful flavor. Great for salads or crush as use as breading on chicken.
232650232650B000E243RAA3TCKB6HRJQINCMike0031278720000Just okI have found some of Kay's Natural food to be pretty good. I wasn't really impressed with these chips, though. I don't know if I will order again.
232625232625B000E243RAA12YT3X6DMQE8Pfinfan0041340064000Pleasantly SurprisedI was a bit leary about ordering these chips but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did because I think they are good and you get alot in a bag for it being low in calories. I definitely will order again.
232626232626B000E243RAA15J565U5K6J16L. Faulkner0041339891200Prtein ChipsAs endorsed by Dr. Oz, these chips do satisfy and are quite tasty. They do not leave an after-taste and despite their small size, are filling enough to complement a meal.
232627232627B000E243RAA3D0HMC6RQT0N0J. Flood0041336348800I like these, plenty of flavor...I'm sure there's more sodium than I need, but if you don't like the taste you're less likely to eat these and grab something really bad instead. I'll take the trade off and drink more water instead. It's not Doritos, but it's a healthy single serving alternative and a break from less flavorful alternatives...
232628232628B000E243RAA1N80OCH5FFNPIdeBest720051336348800Great tasting high protein snack!The flavor of these protein chips are perfect to stop the snack cravings. Because of the high protein count, I don't feel guilty eating these.
232629232629B000E243RAA3CGWU1WDBIR4GKrista L. Frazita0041336003200Good Protien snackI am pregnancy and gluten free so i was looking for a good crunchy snack to much on during the day. I will have to say i was pleasantly surprised by these chips. They taste pretty good and the stats are good with those of protien, no gluten and low in fat. I am going to try the other flavors.
232630232630B000E243RAA1YYDHLQIQZX0FNancy Neuman0051335830400Kay's Naturals Protein ChipsI love the spicey taste of these snack chips. They have lots of protein and are quite filling. They are one of the best protein snacks I've found.
232631232631B000E243RAA39BJQZZC4SGIDC. Eshe0051324339200My chip replacementI love these. I like the taste, the texture and I don't feel guilty eating them. They also make me feel pretty full and satisfied. Good replacement.
232632232632B000E243RAA37YUVKEE2H0EPgreen garden0041322697600Good Snack!This was my first time trying this product and I enjoyed it. I liked the amount of protein in the snack which is what motivated me to buy it. The flavor was good (chili nacho cheese) and I will definitely try the others. One big plus (besides the nutritional content) is the amount in each bag. Usually with individually bagged chips I'm always reaching for more, but these have large portions in them that leave your crunch craving satisfied. My only complaints (which are very minor) are that the bags are a little difficult to open and your fingers are left a bit messy.
232633232633B000E243RAA65DFK1MSAFGAChrissyLovesSnacks0051320796800LOVE them!the best healthy chip I've ever had. The serving size is quite satisfying and the taste can't get any better. I've had the parmesan and nacho cheese...the lemon don't appeal to me but I haven't tried them. They really are delicious and you won't regret buying them. Don't expect doritos or your conventional chip though. They are definitely DIFFERENT than your grocery store chip but really really good!
232634232634B000E243RAA36CVFLUJAADLZTish Steele0051319932800at last healthy snacks kids LOVEWe love these and my kids takes them to school and the class fights over them. It is nice not to worry that they are eating too much junk food!
232635232635B000E243RAA8WEFWRDQIMR2Jo Ann0031318723200Good, but priceyI ususally buy Genisoy tortilla chips, but can't seem to locate them in-stock anywhere. So I decided to try the Kay's chips, because they are high protein also. They are good, but very pricey. I don't think I'll buy them again- just didn't think they were worth the cost. I hope I can find the Genisoy chips soon.
232636232636B000E243RAA257TD5GO1T81WM. Ferrin ""0051317859200Yummy delicious crunchI ordered both the Chili Nacho and the Parmesan. I found the chili nacho may favorite. I am vegetarian with a gluten sensitivity, so these are wonderful for giving me a healthy crunch with protein and no gluten. I have like these as well as most chips. I have now subscribed and I hope I don't run into the stale problem another reviewer did.
232637232637B000E243RAA2JFRJPWWPFYE3Cesar Trujillo "Cesar"0041315180800YumTasty and crispy. Not too crunchy and not too salty. Good chip option that you don't have to feel guilty about. I love these with my afternoon protein shake!
232638232638B000E243RAA3K0GV0HVSS6Bk1ngkev1n10041311811200Good snack foodTHe chips taste great i love them, the only problem i have witht hem and this i why i gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the chips are kinda small and some times its like eating crumbs because they get smushed easily. OTherwise the chips are great. nice little healthy snack. also the packaging of the 5 oz bags arent very good either, but the product taste is great.
232639232639B000E243RAA4W6RWWGZFBR1D&A0041308355200Good for gluten freeI like the flavor of these chips. They did seem to leave a bit of a film taste in my mouth when I was finished eating them but if I chewed a piece of gum, the problem was gone. I think these are pretty good for gluten free. They are good to keep in the car and at school for a quick pick me up snack.
232640232640B000E243RAA90THXDJK53Z8JUST a READER0021300579200OK but not as good as the big bags.I bought this same product in a health food store in bigger bags... BUT I guess it was not the same in the smaller bags. They were called Parmesan Chips but they were not as crunchy and they were full of parmesan. There was almost too much parmesan on the chips in these smaller bags and it seemed as though at least 1/4 the bag is parmesan. They just were not as good as the bigger bag. Maybe it was a manufacturing error... but I will not buy them again. I really wanted them for a protein supplement to my snaks. OH WELL.

If someone gets these and they are crunchy then I really would like to know that.
232641232641B000E243RAA2N2SUTTDEQ4F6H. Bland0051298851200Super tasty!I love Kay's chips as a way to get my snack fix while maintaining my weight loss. The taste of all these chips, including the lemon herb and chili cheese, are great! The only negative is that the texture is a bit crumbly, thus messy. I will continue to buy these, however, as a fast and healthy snack option.
232642232642B000E243RAA29A4BGEX97O26Gooodjuju0041297036800CrunchyIf you can't have doritos, I suggest getting a bag of these...they are tasty and have a good serving of protein!
232643232643B000E243RAA38Z8IA8377IE3Annette Peterson0051296691200DELICIOUS and great for you!I love these chips, the Chili Nacho is definitely the best flavor. I prefer the individual bags because they are one serving, but these are the best chips and so healthy for you! Plus, they are made right here in my home state of MN! :)
232644232644B000E243RAA2B8Y50ZQIGPG1crowfeather0021294790400Really not that goodSaw the bunch of 5 star reviews and thought I'd give these a try. So people complained about it being salty, but that wasn't the problem for me, since really, potato chips are just as salty as these. I think someone else called this taste "unnatural", and that pretty much tells the story. These chips taste like they were manufactured in a laboratory, and not actually the product of natural consumables. They look like corn chips but they seriously just taste like flavoring and oil and basically empty of flavor besides these. Not recommended.
232645232645B000E243RAADUPZFIJT04ZPM. McGill0041288569600Very good chips!I was a little wary of these due to the mixed reviews here. However, I'm glad I purchased them. I think the flavor is good and the chips are crunchy and taste fried to me. One drawback is that they are pretty small so it's tough to dip them without getting your fingers messy. They cheese can also stick to your hands. I actually like the taste of these more than the sour cream and onion Pop Chips I purchased in the same order. These also have great nutrition compared to those (10 grams of protein per serving, 15 per bag!) I will probably buy these again, they make a good snack.

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