Amazon Fine Food Reviews

233520233520B004TNVSDWA2Z74ZPCSEF8L5Candy lady1151350172800Another Amazon Find - Fruit filled candyDelivered quickly, product was packed well. Have been sharing them at work and these strawberry filled candy are one of the favorite candies in my bowl! Great flavor too...perfect combination of hard and soft candy in one. Searching for these everywhere - Amazon does have everything!
233491233491B002ZZ9UUOA2VEQUTRI7NQ8QKathy0011318377600Made by gold!This product is way too expensive. I paid like more than $34.00 for two and you can find it in costco around only $5.00 each. They taste the same anyway
233492233492B001K2EPUIA1WRNKCP6NQ318JJ5551262217600Totally yummy!This maple cream is delicious. If you love the taste of pure maple syrup, this is made of the same, but in a form you can spread on toast, crumpets, scones or eat on a spoon! Enjoy.
233493233493B004WJATHOA21CZIJ7LXR1A1Olinda "Steady Shopper"3351334102400Great CoffeeI, personally, do not drink this coffee but my roommate loves it. A bit on the bolder side and that's the way he likes it. He says tasty and not too bitter.
233494233494B004WJATHOA2AKNM5HF2H6JQjessica wyatt1151347148800BOLD AND FLAVOREDI love bold dark roast coffee and I love flavored coffee, but can't ever find dark roast / bold coffee that is flavored. my favorite in the pods by far!
233495233495B004WJATHOA24OX6XLW4L331OKCJohn0031342224000You will love it or hate in betweenI ordered it but didn't realize that it was flavored coffee. I can drink just about any coffee flavored or not. The description says lightly flavored which I think is a little off. There is a distinct coconut flavor to the coffee. If you like coconut, you will love this coffee. If you like no flavor or coffee with a hint of flavor, pass this one up.
233496233496B004WJATHOAOPQ145T9PV2BTerry1211349049600Careful these aren't k-cups!These coffee pods come up when you search for Jamaica Me Crazy K-cups. So yeah I was in a hurry and ordered these by mistake.... Guess what! They are NOT returnable. Thanks a lot Amazon! You are no longer a source of k-cups for me.
233497233497B004WJATHOA2YEHH6O0R68QEGerald Shifrin0111337817600GhastlyI ordered this by mistake thinking I was getting Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. This was just terrible. I pitched the whole package after trying a single cup.
233498233498B001OKM8MSA377GYNIQVML6AFred Gene Haseney9951242000000The SoyaJoy Automatic Soymilk Maker: Easy and EconomicalI've been using the SoyaJoy Automatic Soymilk Maker about once a week for almost a year now. A deal at $99, the soymilk maker has paid for itself over and over again. It's so easy to use; my favorite recipe is my own: Pineapple Soymilk. All you have to do is soak soy beans overnight. Thaw half a can of frozen pineapple juice; add the juice to the SoyaJoy along with filtered or bottled water. Add a tablespoon of oat flakes to the soy bean filter, then add the soy beans; attach the filter to the unit, plug it in, and about fifteen minutes later, your soymilk will be done. Let it sit for about half an hour to cool; chill overnight in the refrigerator, and enjoy. Using a whole can of frozen
pineapple juice overwhelms the taste of the soy beans and additional sweeteners are not needed.

I also prepare soy milk this way: soak overnight soy beans, a few raw almonds and raw Virginia peanuts along with about half a teaspoon of Basmati rice; next day, prepare Soymilk as usual. I add the Okara (the residue that is left after the liquid is drained off when making soybean milk) to homemade soups as well as when I cook rice (I use a crock pot in both cases); the Okara adds something special to each meal.

"The SoyaJoy Concentrated Magic Cleaning Powder" is very easy to use, and aids in keeping the soy bean filter clean; in fact, I used the powder, as directed, only a few times, then one day I realized that I didn't need to use the powder anymore, and a simple cleaning was possible using water, the brush that comes with the SoyaJoy, and a sponge.

If you plan on using the SoyaJoy often, you can pre-soak the soy beans; they keep up to a week in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator.

I've been on the "Blood Type" diet for a decade; Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo says of his diet that soy-based foods are "super foods" for a Blood Type A. Every time I walk by the soymilk section at the grocery store, I see an expensive way to buy that food; the SoyaJoy Automatic Soymilk Maker is the most economical and easiest way for a Blood Type A to enjoy "super food"!
233499233499B001OKM8MSA1OB8JYRHA5MXVjain9951240704000Great product, excellent serviceI bought this SoyaJoy maker 5 years ago from a friend in Houston. I have been using it since then. It is a reliable great product, very easy to use. I am extremely satisfied with this product. Unfortunately, I lost the plug cable during my recent moving. So I checked Amazon thinking to buy a new maker. I was so excited when I saw the same product is now listed on Amazon. So I e-mailed the custom cervice asking if I can get a plug cable from them. I got a quik response and they will send it out to me the very next day.
It is a great, reliable product. I strongly recommend this product.
233500233500B001OKM8MSA2XYHGU9B0Y4AGDavid81041243814400SoyaJoy soy milk maker is good, but SoyaPower Plus is betterI just posted a review on SoyaPower plus soy milk maker. I had a SoyaJoy for five years and I do like it (still working). I would have given the SoyaJoy a five-star had I not used the SoyaPower plus. They are both made by the same company. If you can't spend $60 more, the SoyaJoy is still a great machine for the money! Sorry SoyaJoy, but I have to tell people because I have used both.
233501233501B001OKM8MSA1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"3441254614400great machine but takes timeWe've used the SoyaJoy machine for well over a year. It makes great milk and you can experiment with flavors till you get your favorite. We use a few less soy beans and add some soaked almonds for a great combination milk. As far as the end product, it gets 5 stars. Minus one full star for time involved to wind up with only about 6 cups of milk.

The one thing their web site videos do not ever tell you is the amount of clean up time it takes each time you make a batch. When you do a double batch as we often do, plan on close to an hour and a half total time with 2 cooking times, straining the milk through a fine strainer and then squeezing the mash through several layers of cheesecloth and cleaning the machine itself twice so there is absolutely no soy residue left.

We use the left over mash (okara) for everything from super breakfast porridge base to fake crab cakes to cookies. End result: The money saved altogether more than makes up for the time involved.

We are also on the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type food plan and soy is very beneficial for blood Type A's. Type B -- don't use soy, period.
233502233502B001OKM8MSA1L672WF6E1D4XMellie0051347235200Great product, great customer service...I really love this soymilk maker. It is very well made, durable and easy to use. Every batch of soymilk I have made with it has turned out well.

I have to say I was very impressed with the customer service this company offers. I bought my SoyaJoy used and it did not come with an instruction/recipe booklet. I contacted the company directly and let them know that I had purchased their product from an online auction site used, and that I would like to purchase an instruction/recipe booklet. Customer service was very helpful and promptly emailed me the booklet to print out without charge. There was absolutely no hassle & they were very friendly.
233503233503B001OKM8MSAPNG4GZOH8PM9Jillians Mom0011325548800Conked out after 2 yearsI was basically pleased with this product but it only lasted 2 years with average to light use. It should have lasted longer. Their customer service merely suggested i buy the newer model but i will shop a different company.
233504233504B001OKM8MSA71F4QB8SXHD4catonthelapagain0051296518400Wonderful machine! No more throwing away packaging!I love my soyajoy. I bought it 5 years ago and it still works as well as ever. It's so much faster and easier (and easier to clean) than making soymilk the old fashioned way, in a pot with blender. Also, I don't have to buy soymilk, which is often expensive (for organic), overpackaged, and since I live out in the country, difficult to find.

I usually make a soy/rice blend. This is one of the reasons I like making my own, because I don't want too much soy and mixing the beans and rice like this creates a complete protein. It also tastes less "beany". I used to add some almonds too, before I got too cheap to buy them.

The machine should be washed as soon as the milk is done, but it's not hard to do. I still haven't used the cleaning powder that came with it. I just give it a good scrub.

My favorite thing about this soymilk maker is that I'm not throwing away piles of packaging that I can't even recycle here.
233505233505B001OKM8MSA2B46QP0XT0RVWLinda Lam0111290988800Mal-functionEvery time I plug it to the wall, it short circuit all the plugs on the whole wall.
Could not even start to use it.
233506233506B008JA7H6SA22SPKKTSQA6ZXKitty Wildebloode0011349136000EwwwwwwwTastes like a REALLY watered down bitter flat/re-carbonated grape soda. I think that the taste factor has to do with the fact that this is 50% juice and 60 calories, while the other "regular" V8 Fusion flavors such as Strawberry Banana, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Concord Grape Raspberry are 100% juice and about 120 calories. The other flavors taste a million times better than this! I don't have the slightest clue how this got past any human taste testers.
233507233507B0036QKVIQA21O2HHIJTRCXCAnna*1121316476800NOT quinoa FLAKESThey shipped quinoa GRAIN instead of quinoa flakes. Too bad I found out about it too late... I did not finish my quinoa flakes when I was ordering more, so I did not bother to open a 25lb bag until 2.5 months later. Well, fortunately, it is not a complete waste... in my home quinoa grain goes 10X faster than quinoa flakes.
233508233508B0036QKVIQA3ECGYOU1TJHDGJ. Green2331297641600Great food, wrong packageFlaked Quinoa is a great food from Ancient Harvest-containing a complete protein, I use it to add extra nourishment to home made granola and breads, and cook it like oatmeal. Unfortunately, I received a 10# box, not a 25# bag. Amazon credited me 15/25 of the price to correct for the mistake.
233509233509B004BQ7P1QA2O7AG40FHQXNZK. Casey0051320710400Can't stop eating theseI stumbled on these at a Whole Foods in Albuquerque and as soon as I'd eaten one, went right back to the store and cleaned out their entire inventory. Since they don't sell them where I live I buy them off Amazon all the time now. It's rare to find such a healthy snack that's so tasty, but these really are, a perfect mix of sweet meets rich, but not too filling and my favorite afternoon snack to tide me over till dinner (they go perfect with a cup of hot tea). They'd be great for holiday parties too, kind of "elegant", if that makes sense.
233510233510B004EBPTIOA2VIBZWD67KTKCJ. norman272951213920000Excellent foie grasSure it's cruel. All meat is cruel.

Once you've set your moral rage aside, this liver is the finest you can buy without having a local supplier (which is a better option). This package is fully veins or ducts...and cooks very well. The taste is precisely what you would expect from one of the finer gourmet suppliers in the world. The fact that it is duck means you're not spending as much and the flavor is right on.

If you don't like meat, don't eat things that have to be killed to be eaten. If you do like meat and you love foie gras, then this product is a must-have.
233511233511B005HZ1UMKA1IZI2WWS2A08Vczadra0041322179200YUM!!!!!This makes BBQ so awesome!!!! I would recommend this to anyone that wants to add that little extra to thier BBQ meats.
233512233512B005MWT78MA3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer0051333584000Interesting "Natural Source of Antioxidants" made from green tea, acai berries, and grapeseed extractI like a variety of teas, especially green and white, so I was intrigued with the ingredients in this one. It does have more taste than I usually find in green or white tea. It isn't too sweet, which is good, because I don't like sweet tea. It smells and tastes a lot like blackberries to me.

I won't try to judge about the health benefits or claims for vitality, increased metabolism, ability to promote health and anti-ageing, etc. I just enjoy different teas and was looking for another way to drink green tea for its benefits.

It's labeled as a "dietary tea supplement" "Made with Organic Tea". Since the ingredients were important to me, I'll list them here for those of you who are interested:

Organic Green Tea 900 mg
Organic Green Tea Extract 100 mg
Organic Hibiscus 400 mg
Proprietary Blend (whatever that means) 600 mc
The rest of the ingredients don't include amounts per serving:
Ginseng (panax)
Acai Berry Extract
Blackberry Pieces
Bilberry Juice Powder
Black Current
Grapeseed Extract

Other Ingredients: Natural Grape and Berry Flavors

It does contain caffeine. "We have added 100 mg of pure organic tea extract high in polyphenols (antioxidants) for maximum health benefits."

Directions: For health benefits drink 2-4 cups of tea throughout the day.
233513233513B0043C0AQ0A1FN34TZ05UAVYmary sunshine0051328400000arrived perfectly!I wanted these sugar snowflakes to decorate my Yule log cake for Christmas. These were perfect, none broken, nice variety, arrived in plenty of time. I would order from this company again for cake decorating supplies!
233514233514B001IW16SEA3R1D7H3PIFONUMichael Jandrok4651280188800Ramune is awesome fun!Ramune has to be one of the coolest and most unique soft drinks that I have ever seen. My kids had been dying to try this stuff ever since they had come across it on J-Box, the popular Japanese import webshop. Ramune is incredibly popular in it's native Japan, and now it looks like the fun is beginning to spread here in the States.

To open a bottle of Ramune, you have to remove the top, pop out this little plastic plunger from it's casing, and then use the plunger to pop out a marble that seals the neck of the bottle. The neck of the bottle has two indentions that will hold the marble when you tip the bottle back to drink from it, keeping the neck of the bottle clear. Hold the bottle the wrong way, and the marble will clog things up. You can avoid carbonated overflow when opening by pressing gently on the plunger until it depresses the marble; knock it down with force and you're sure to get a fountain of spray.

The melon flavor reviewed here has a very unique taste. Think honeydew more than watermelon, sweet and light with that distinctive Ramune lemon-lime backbone flavor holding everything together. Truly a treat.

This is a way fun product that kids (and most adults) will have a blast with. It's a smaller portion (8 ounces) than what we're used to here in the US, but that actually works out for us as we're trying to limit the amount of soda that our kids consume. Ramune works great as an occasional soda treat and the fun factor alone keeps us coming back for more. Ramune is easy to find at just about any Asian market, but for those who don't have easy access to one, ordering here on Amazon would be recommended. Pricing at an Asian market should run in the $7.99 to $8.99 range for a six-pack.

Also, for the safety conscious, I can attest that these drinks are very safe. We've never had a problem with the marble, and I can't find any reports on the internet that would indicate any safety concerns with this drink. It's not a choking hazard, in other words. Ramune means 'carbonated' in Japanese, and I can highly recommend this wonderful and very different drink.
233515233515B008D3BQEAA12YZ1OMFQJNPGTea Cup Lady0051344988800Fantastic treat!I tried this tea at a tea room recently, and it was absolutely divine. The tea had a nice balance between sweet and spicy; almost like a chai tea, but even better. My friend, who doesn't like tea, tried it and absolutely loved it. Definitely a great tea.
233516233516B007FUA5K8AXGN8A40PY8IEMW in Dallas0051347580800Yummy Organic CrackersI first discovered these crackers at Health Wise Foods (what a great little store!) in Montgomery, Alabama. I had been looking for a low carb, reasonably priced cracker. These are perfect! They are delicious, organic and don't cost an arm and a leg. I will be ordering more of these.
233517233517B0013T8VSAA36VM3U0148YRRMingz "2die4 movies"0051263772800Fantastic RoastRobust, smoky, coffee that knocks you off your feet with its wonderful aroma and tastes even better with every cup.
Just like the coffee I drank in Venice, Italy. Quality product and worth every cent.
233518233518B004TNVSDWA1I8F6JNIVQ6RWjaspertyler7751326931200YUMThese are very good. They have an amazing strawberry flavor and a great chewy center! I love these! I have tried one other brand which tasted kind of fake. I will be buying these repeatedly!

On my third order and these current bags are sort of defective because many of the pieces do not have the soft center. They are still good but I like the soft center the best!
233519233519B004TNVSDWA2IS1LUHS5J1EELivin Easy2251344384000The real thingI tried 3 other strawberry candies, but the Arcor is exactly what I've been seeking: great strawberry taste with gooey center. Wonderful candy.

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