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233521233521B004TNVSDWA2A2JTMWKI6XLMJackie B.1151349827200Delicious!I love these candies, and these are the real deal. Be careful about other knock-off Arcor brand candies out there. This particular ones are great. Nice soft/chewy center and has great flavor.
233522233522B004TNVSDWA1GOT071JJNQDJ. Bailey "jbgordfan"1151340755200The right ones!These candies are truly from ARCOR (the "good" ones you find in a mixed bag of hard candies), not the imitator. ARCOR wrappers have "ARCOR" written in silver on the green "leaves" on the wrapper, the red coloring on the wrapper is "orangier" than the imitation, and the "seeds" on the wrapper are more numerous and closely spaced. They have a better taste somehow. I am glad I persisted in my ordering to find the right item. The Amazon page titled "ARCOR Strawberry buds" is misleading and I received the imitation from Columbia SA, not Argentina, as the true ARCOR originates from. Those were returned. What can I say, I'm picky!
233523233523B004TNVSDWAQFKSOKQ7WXVCjohn connor0051343779200yummy yummy yummyStrawberry Hard Kosher Candy only $14.69. it's my 3 no order in his product. i love chocolate very much. And i think he give me this on time..
233524233524B004TNVSDWA90IJFRY0DT7ZJoyce Berzle0121339718400No soft filling in most candiesThese are supposed to be the candies with the chewy strawberry center. However, most of the candies in the package were just strawberry hard candies. Very disappointed.
233525233525B000FNM33YA2B5A4L9N8DEEPBarbi2251213574400Excellent hot sauceWhew, boy, is this stuff ever hot!! But tasty! Many hot sauces have extreme heat - and there are some hotter than Dave's Ultimate Insanity now - but very few sauces combine the extreme heat with a very interesting flavor. Dave does exactly that with this sauce. If you can't take the heat, stick with your old Tabasco sauce, but if you want a new, exciting flavor with enough heat to knock your hat in the creek, try Dave's Ultimate Insanity. I know it will peel the wax off a hardwood floor, it says so right on the bottle! This sauce has a taste you can't refuse.
233526233526B0064KOOD4A215QEI3FPLVXUCarol L. Chmiel "Carol Chmiel"0051349136000VANILLA TOOTSIE ROLLSYou HAVE to try the VANILLA Tootsie Rolls! The regular chocolate ones are good, but THESE are the BEST EVER!!
233527233527B004FVTQJQAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige1111330214400False Advertising, Terrible Dog Food!!I bought this dog food because the bag showed pictured of veggies and chunks of meat, and with a name like "Beneful" I thought I was purchasing a nutritious brand of dog food. My dogs did eat this food at first, and slowly began to not like it. After reading the ingredients I completely regret purchasing it and feel just awful for feeding it to my dogs. The first three ingredients are Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, and corn gluten meal. How disgusting is that?! The main ingredient is a corn filler. One thing my vet told me a while back that I never forgot: "When you eat corn, what comes out of the other end? The same thing happens with dogs." Basically, dogs cannot fully digest corn as they are carnivores. Corn it is just a cheap filler that can cause dogs to actually eat more to feel full, poop out more, and retain less nutrients. Most inexpensive low-quality pet foods have lots of these fillers and cheap ingredients with little to no nutritional value.The only meat in Beneful at all is a by-product, its not even a real meat! By-products are the stuff leftover once all the actual meat is harvested. We're talking beaks, chicken feet, eyeballs, even chicken poop! I would not recommend this product to anyone, for any reason, ever. It is an absolutely awful dog food. I can't believe the pictures of veggies and full chunks of meat on the bag can be allowed to be on the packaging if the product does not contain the pictured items; it is very misleading and should be considered false advertising.

I recommend to stay far away from Beneful, and most Purina products. When purchasing a dog (or cat) food, the most important thing to consider is the first 3 ingredients; just make sure those first three are decent ingredients that you would eat yourself- provided that you eat a typical (non vegetarian or other restricted) diet. Now that I know what to look for, I usually buy my pets all natural foods such as Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Halo, or Wellness. High-quality foods tend to be more nutritionally dense, meaning you will be feeding a much smaller amount for the same number of calories. If you do the math to figure out the cost for the number of calories you need to feed your pet, many premium foods are CHEAPER than the awful crap you're buying at the grocery store.
233528233528B004FVTQJQA1Z4GII5CHCDG7K and B2311321920000Not HealthyWe used to feed our dogs this until we read the ingredients. Despite being promoted as a premium, healthy dog food, this is not. It is made by Purina. The first two ingredients are corn (not good for dogs) and chicken by product (not good for anyone). Buy something else.
233529233529B004FVTQJQA1CMD08Z49PGKQokiedan0051335312000Dog likes it and the quality is just fineHave been using this now with my dog for three years. she is a lean mean happy machine. vet always says she is just fine. I supplement her diet with fresh carrots and apples which she loves. Sure it may not be perfect but according to my vet why change what i am doing when her blood work, health checks etc are so excellent.

PLUS as you can see I actually own this product. Looking at the negative reviews is seems they sound just like commercials from tv.
233530233530B004FVTQJQA1U5OZKELSYUUIGreen Eyes "Love Suspense!"1241329091200I hate dragging dog food home from storeThsi si great way to buy dog ffod and it comes at regular intervals eliminating the need to run to the store often. One disappointment is that I would like to get a larger bag than the 7 lb.
233531233531B0069C21NMA1TRLFRWQS093MGeorge J Richter5611331596800Don't botherDelivery fine. Kobe beef WAY short of expectations. Thought $32.50 a pound (delivered) was too good to be true. Apparently, it is. Cooked 3 steaks thus far using 3 different methods found on the internet (no cooking suggestions included in shipment or on vendor's website). All 3 attempts resulted in tough meat.(Seared 2 minutes per side and then cooked another 3 minutes turning often). I've had more tender Choice ribeyes from Fry's in AZ at $4.88 a pound. Very disappointed. These steaks were graded 7-9 BMS (so I was told in response to my email inquiry). I find that hard to believe.
233532233532B003RYBSEIA23IXP312Q1B1YJamie R.0051313452800Great taste-Highly Recommended!I purchased these Jelly Bellys as part of a gift for my deployed husband. They aren't allowed to drink over there, but I wanted something for him to be able to reminisce about fun nights out. This fit the bill! Wonderful taste (like all Jelly Belly products)!
233533233533B004UB4N6MA2BJKZI1PC2DJNAnthony L. Poselenzny0051342310400Hot stuffPurchasing drinks on line can be worrisome. Will they be delivered without damage? These always are so well packed there never is any damage. This drink is very spicy and hot yet somehow thirst quenching. Also lower in calories than most drinks. It is my all time favorite!
233534233534B0007SNZS4A24PC0GX4CWJ0Lavg_customer4521273881600just too expensiveAlwaysDirect did an excellent job packaging and delivering. They actually packed it with 2 freezer bags to try and keep it cool. Now the freezer bags were complete thawed by the time i recieved it but I appreciate the gesture. The chocolate was fine and not melted. My only complaint is it is too expensive. Target sells a 9.5oz bag for $2.99. This "tub" is 40oz(note: product description is wrong. It is not 12/4.6oz packages; it is one 40oz tub). So it should be no more then $12.59 and with the shipping it is 67% more expensive then just buying at Target. Don't be fooled by the count because this is the foil wrapped andes and are 1/2 the size of the ones in the Target pack.

So good product and delivery if you have no other option but way over priced.
233535233535B0007SNZS4AQ01Q3070LT29James McDonald2451139011200The best chocolaty-mint treat for everyone.These candies are really a special treat. They are a fantastic stocking stuffer for Christmas and a nice gift for Resurrection Day. They are great for those delightful parties. Very addicting to eat. You can't have just one because you will eat the whole package in one day. Don't forget to share them with your kids too.

To show someone you think they are special, give them an Andes Creme de Menthe Chocolate candy.
233536233536B000VK6MN8A3Q1QOIOJRNATEBear0051303603200Taste GreatI love how fast you can fix this Thai Peanut in the take out type of box just add hot water, ster then eat. It tastes great and is fast to fix. This is not the same Thi Peanut that comes in a regal type of box that is cooked in a pan on the stove top. I like the taste of this one better and it is easier to fix.
233537233537B000VK6MN8A3DM2OAXKQR6U4Green Eyes1211226707200HorridThis is horrible, and yet the boxed stove-top version is five stars and we love it. It is shocking how different this product is from the stove-top version (which is so flavorful and has a perfect texture) even though they are called the same thing, though it looks as if the ingredients differ. The texture is goopy, the flavor is bland--it is sticky and plain.
233538233538B000Z97CD4A3TCTY0N97LIL2Moin Fudda2221271376000Manuka HoneyThe Picture on the bottle displays Comvita Active 5+ Manuka Honey whereas supplier provided floral honey. Thus product was not to my expectation.

233539233539B000LKYPSWAWIQN687TIKNXNyra Valle "Niña del Fuego"5551256774400Deluxe Bar is DelightfulMmmmmm. Recently tried the deluxe bar after trying all the other flavors and so far it is my favorite. Thus far, the deluxe bars have been delicate and crumbly like halvah "ought to be". Though I've only had a few bars, there is a possibility that I may come across one with that unpleasant cardboard texture (I've had this experience with the chocolate flavored bar). I did squeeze several of the unopened deluxe bars and they felt soft and crumbly (Mmmmm). I have high hopes for this bar and have a feeling that I may have hit the jackpot on this flavor. Wish me luck!

It would be nice if all the ingredients were listed here on amazon. Although, had I known what the other ingredients are, I might not have ordered this flavor. Besides sesame seeds, sweetener etc., there are raisins, pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews and pistachios, but I have, to date, only noticed almonds. Most of the other ingredients may be very well ground into the mixture or maybe I have not eaten a bar with noticeable pieces of the other ingredients.

After placing my order, I read the ingredients on the Camel's web site and my mind thought "Oh no, big chunks of raisins, nuts and seeds will ruin my halvah eating rapture." Not So. I'm delighted!
233540233540B000LKYPSWA2DJFN6DQQ8WF9E. Carr "tinkerbelle"3351244937600Halvah BarsWhen I received my order these Halvah bars didn't look like
the ones I used to buy in the fridge section of Publix. I
gave some to my adult kids to try, and after my first bite
I wasn't sure. These are not dry like the bars I used to buy,
but they have a bit of corn syrup in them and you won't want
to stop after a few bites. My boys enjoyed them a lot.
233541233541B000LKYPSWAI4HDXODOCMXCfritterer1151325289600the best thing for a healthy sweet tooth fixI don't know why this isn't the most popular thing out there on the "energy bar" circuit.I know it's not billed as an energy bar but who's to say it's not? It only has good stuff in it. It doesn't have cane sugar, it has protein, and it's delicious. Sometimes you get one that seems a little taffy-like and tough. I'm assuming that maybe it's been around longer. But at their best, they are creamy, moist, sort of sandy textured, and very flavorful. Just sweet enough. I can be satisfied with a couple of bites if I just want something after a meal. All the flavors are good, but I think this is my favorite.
233542233542B000LKYPSWA160XJ7ODWSSDVSolar Powered1151234569600Best IngredientsIt's the only Halvah I've found without partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. It is less sweet than most, but it has the healthiest ingredients.
I also found many bars had dark oily stuff on the outside of the wrapper.Hmm. But if you like Halvah, here's one without the PHVO.
233543233543B000LKYPSWA2TPOYNEEWCB47Deb McM1141221782400Different but goodThe first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that every bar wrapper was oily. Don't know if something leaked or it came like that from the factory. So far every bar has been well sealed. I wasn't thrilled with the first bite because I was expecting something sweeter and dryer like I have had in the past. But now that I'm used to the taste and texture I really like them. They even feel healthy. They are very filling and make me feel that I had a nutritious snack. You might want to try one before buying a whole box, but I do find them quite tasty
233544233544B000LKYPSWA3MHH28C6K3T7WS.D. Amazonian1141217980800excellent, but sometimes inconsistently texturedI've been buying Camel Halvah for years and it is the best Halvah I've come across. I really like that they don't load it up with preservatives or hydrogenated oils, like so many other brands. On the negative side, the texture can be inconsistent between batches - sometimes dry, sometimes oily. Regardless, it is still delicious!
233545233545B000LKYPSWA16KK3YHCWE29CQF Jane3441209686400Grows on youAll of the Camel halvah bars are relatively dry and tasteless. The more you eat them though, you may decide (like me) that they aren't so bad, lol.

And they make a great snack for my 2 year old who often asks for a snack at bedtime or in the car, both times when I don't want to give much sugar.

All-in-all a nutritious although tasteless snack that comes in handy often. I have purchased 6 boxes of various varieties and Amazon was fast with the delivery.
233546233546B000LKYPSWA16Y7ZZLEU6C7USouthern Girl0121221004800Tastes like wood chipsI expected a creamier texture with some taste. Big mistake! This tastes like crushed wood chips with an oily exterior. I found no raisins to sweeten it and maybe two small pistachios.

I rate it two stars because of its low carb content. I guess when I play 18 holes of golf I can use it as a substitute for lunch...with plenty of soda or beer to wash it down with.
233547233547B003FX2L1AA1RASVNPPM7XTVMark Bastings2251284681600Swwet & Sour TwizzlersThese are great, wish there were more than the two flavors but they taste great.
233548233548B003FX2L1AA2FYW9CVOEMM2KDilllovesswords1151324512000mmmm twizzlersI know not many people really like these sour Twizzlers but my god they are delicious. great price for such a large box lasted me a month.
233549233549B003FX2L1AA1QUHPI9XPUU3SJ. Seavitte1151288569600wonderful treatHard to find in stores. Just sweet and sour enough. Wish there were more flavors and easier to find. Like the smaller packs so husband and I just split one when we need something sweet after dinner. Low in calories so not a bad treat.
233550233550B003FX2L1AA332NVJK82ZCBUP. Meyer1911283558400Absolutely horrible. Tastes like cleaning solution.I'm a big fan of regular Twizzlers. If you think that these Sweet & Sour Filled Twists are anything like regular Twizzlers then you will be sorely disappointed. These taste absolutely horrible. They taste like sucking on a bottle of cleaning supplies, or maybe like cheap side-of-the-road reststop hand soap. Further, the texture is like soft plastic filled with elmer's glue. Nevermind the bad taste, the texture is so gross you won't want to eat these. These are also very, very unhealthy with a whopping 70 calories PER TWIST. Avoid this candy at all cost--it is repulsive.

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