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233731233731B000FBM54SA3B25XNM439IACPrivate Person "Enjoying Life"2251216512000Love These Cookies!!!These cookies were recommended by the editor of Gourmet magazine in a post from her weekly emails. She was right!!! They are to die for. Buying a case at a time from Amazon was great also. They arrived promptly, in great shape and we didn't have to pay any shipping as we qualified for FREE SHIPPING on our purchase. Having these in the pantry is a great timesaver.

They've got quite a bite to them -- possible ginger. They are thin -- just perfect for a quick nibble or dunk.

We just loved them!!!
233732233732B000FBM54SA3JQBIG20QD4PY. Zhang2251205971200BestLove it very much. Too bad this item is not on-sale anymore.
If there is next time, I will get a whole case!!
233733233733B000FBM54SA2G4E53Z194Y3EDr. Simpson1131315180800Uneven production qualityI have purchased a carton containing 12 boxes.

At least half the boxes had a few crumbled thins in them and 2 of them had the taste of rancid butter.

The rest were up to my expectations; but, overall I was disappointed.
233734233734B000FBM54SA2RKI7RPP5CJMGK. Fontenot "Prairie Cajun Regenerated!"1151238976000So Simple, So FantasticSugar, butter and eggs are three staples of almost every kitchen. Who knew that these three ingredients could combine in such a way to produce Jules Destrooper's wonderful butter crisps?

I actually learned about butter crisps from my wife's aunt who makes them each year at Christmas. She always gives us a lot of them and I always eat way more than I should. I love these treats and they have become a highlight of Christmas for me.

The other day I was walking through a local store and happened upon these Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps and immediately grabbed a box. While they aren't quite as good as the homemade ones of my wife's aunt, they come in at an extremely close second place.

Homemade always beats the store bought brand in my opinion, but Jules Destrooper will now get me through the year until December rolls around. If you enjoy a lightly sweetened, terribly addictive treat, I highly recommend Jules Destrooper's butter crisps. They are a great snack any time of year and are the perfect compliment to ice cream, coffee or all by themselves.

Highly recommended.
233735233735B000FBM54SA2432ET1VC7K2ZS. Massey1151223164800awesome tasting cookiesWe tasted these cookies in Florida, came home and ordered a case of them, they are the best tasting, buttery crispy like waffles. but they are cookies, very thin and crispy.
Wished our grocery carried them.
233736233736B000FBM54SA310UXVMXXNP8FYvonne Parnes "critic extraordinaire"1151221696000ElegantAn elegant treat, unique in that it incorporates tiny pieces of crystallized ginger in a paper thin, crisp cookie. Absolutely the finest product of its kind.
233737233737B000FBM54SA1537BQLT3VJ99Juniquilt2day1151214006400Great cookie!This is one of my favorite cookies. Light, crispy and flavorful; a great snack without too much guilt. I order them regularly.
233738233738B000FBM54SAVHZ3ZFGXHX7Baputerlady "aputerlady"1151198800000Thin Buttery Ginger cookies without the kiddy tasteThese are adult ginger cookies. There are actual little chunks of ginger in these very thin very crispy little wafers. They're even better dunked in tea. Careful - it's easy to eat a whole box and there aren't that many in a box. I order them by the case to make sure we don't run out.
233739233739B000FBM54SAOPHX4C8KCX84Marlo P. Maher3441218326400Jules Destrooper Buyyer WafflesThis a great light snack.Two of these delicious belgian waffles has 130 calories with only 50 from fat.Total fat is 6 grams and saturated fats are 3.5.So I grab a couple and pray that I can stop at two,and have coffee or tea along with them.I'm at peace!
233740233740B000FBM54SAIKFLOM2JPIZ4Bonnie J. Terrizzi3441197331200Wonderful cookiesLight and crisp - wonderful flavor, but not many cookies in the package. I will buy again
233741233741B000FBM54SAF9BQQYCKQ3UCKC "metroxing"3451157328000Greatest Cookies EVERThey are crisp, buttery yet light.

Unlike some other cookies, they even taste great when they are broken into smaller pieces (as shipping by Belgium is liable to do sometimes).

The only downside is they are addicting - there are about 24 wafers per box and before you know, it's time to order another 12-pack :-)

Yes, it seems like a lot but if you need to remove temptation - these make great gifts. As you can see, the boxes are classy and in most gourmet stores, EACH box can sell for nearly $6! ... so you will also seem a genuine benefactor :-)

The only thing wrong with these cookies is that Amazon makes it too easy to obtain :-)
233742233742B000FBM54SA368HEJS3IIYM4One Real Picky Consumer "mobius1357"2311263772800Great Product.....Horrible Shippingi have loved this product for years, and when I saw them on sale at Amazon, I jumped and placed an order. It si very rare for Amazon to mess something up, but they did this time. Their shipping method reduced the cookies to shards and crumbs. You could never serve them in that condition. But they make a fantastic crust.

Lets face it, on this one item, Amazon completely dropped the ball on shipping.
233743233743B000FBM54SA1VLKSR4SKS098marie0041344902400My soldier's commentsI know that product because I was raised in Belgium.

I send Jules Destrooper to my adopted soldier and he loved the waffles more than
the thins. But he nevertheless liked the thins more than expected.
His buddies liked them too and I doubt any package is left.

Not everyone likes this specific taste (spekuloos is made with cinnamon)

Personally I love Jules Destrooper tiny waffles best. All is excellent tho.
highest quality. Delacre is also excellent. Lotus is less good. too much sugar.

A favourite brand that develops taste without making you feel saturated with fat.
233744233744B000FBM54SA176GEI1GDZAD7coffee for days0041343606400Jules Destrooper Almond Thins reviewThese snacks are so delicious! Sadly during the shipping there was minimal cracking of the small crackers. Although it isn't an issue to me because my family and I just eat them plain
233745233745B000FBM54SA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0051343520000Elegant cookies of excellent qualityAll of the Jules Destrooper cookies are made in Belgium with good quality ingredients and packaged well. They are quite attractive and whenever I serve them to someone who has never had them before, they always comment on them.

The thins are especially elegant, thin and crisp, wonderful with ice cream or a warm beverage. My only complaint about Jules Destrooper cookies is that it is very difficult not to eat a whole box at once. Whenever I see them at the dollar store, I stock up and try to hide a few boxes in the top cabinet.

Ginger Thins - These have plenty of nice chewy little bits of translucent candied ginger (5%) that contrast with the almost brittle cookie and have a good balance of spice (ginger and a hint of cinnamon) to sweet. These are wonderful with tea.

Almond Thins - Crispy with lots of almond slivers and slices (10%) and a pronounced flavor of both brown sugar and butter. I appreciate that they aren't loaded up with almond extract, making the taste more delicate in than the usual almond cookie. Especially good with ice cream, crème brûlée, or any custard-based dessert.

Butter Crisps - These are also nice and crunchy but with a more neutral flavor, very buttery, similar to an ice cream cone. They are excellent with a thin smear of jam and hot chocolate or with ice cream.

Paris Butter Waffles - These are not quite as brittle or elegant as the others but because of the deep waffle pattern, they are the perfect vehicle for hazelnut chocolate spread (Nutella) or speculoos spread (Biscoff spread) and a cup of coffee. This variety does have artificial vanilla, which is actually preferred by many for baking cookies.
233746233746B000FBM54SA2ASKMW91ORPKGBarbara D. Langham0051341360000My new found favorite.These cookies are delicious. I first tasted them when a box came in a Mother's Day gift basket. When the last crumb had vanished, I searched for more on Amazon and, sure enough, my favorite shopping spot came through. This crunchy, buttery waffle cookie is a terrific addition to a bowl of Blue Bell (yes, I'm a loyal Texan) ice cream or a good cup of tea or coffee. We even eat them with a cup of yogurt or kefir as a light evening meal. You'll find your own favorite situations for this tasty treat. The only thing I would change is the packaging. Each thin box holds only 8 cookies, although each cookie is about 1 1/2 x 3 inches, so one cookie is plenty to eat in most cases. Also on the positive side, the small packaging ensures that the crispiness lasts after the box is opened. I should add, the cookies are in two plastic nests of four cookies inside a foil package inside the cardboard box, so a good clamp keeps the opened cookies crisp and whole. Bon apetit!
233747233747B000FBM54SA3A6XGW7B7ZES1Mr. Daniel R. Embody0051336694400GreatThe product is great. I prefer this over all your other products. Very tasty. Not much more to say. I would buy it again.
233748233748B000FBM54SA2M8OWD9PT638IAmazon Buyer0051329436800Cookies excellentThe cookiea arrived on time, and were exactly as advertised. They were delicious. I will buy more of these cookies from this vendor as and when I need them.
233749233749B000FBM54SA24WJRWBGWAZRAAntonia Hamilton0051323216000So Great!!!!My mother and I ate some butter crisp similar to this product. I never heard of this company before so I went ahead and tried it.. They are amazing!! I am ordering them again! These will be my stocking stuffer this year
233750233750B000FBM54SAOA1CRDFJFVH6Robin Sean Tan0041321401600A little too sweet, but kids love itSlightly expensive biscuits but Kids love them because they are really sweet. The adults love them too! Very fresh and crispy.
233751233751B000FBM54SA2O15I4NSR8TY2AJ0051290902400very pleased!The order arrived very quickly, no broken cookies and I'm so pleased. These are my aunt's favorites (and mine too), so we are both loving this. I'm so glad I found these on because they are so pricey in the store!
233752233752B000FBM54SA1AEQ0EHTTPY2TM. Jessup0051276473600Makes the best S'mores EVER!I thought I liked s'mores before I tried making them with these cookies. If you haven't already tried them you need to, so good!
233753233753B000FBM54SA1CVN6FWUCZOMDhis_billyness0041232668800Pretty dang good!These butter waffles are good on their own, but much better with fruit or iced cream. IMO
233754233754B000FBM54SA1Q2Z3RFYEL5IRrenee "adult cookie monster"0051227830400deliziosoA buttery, crisp, not terribly sweet, crunchy delight. Either alone, or accompanied by iced or hot tea and/or a bowl of Sharon's All Berry Sherbet or Sorbet.
233755233755B000FBM54SAMOKUWGOI1323Robin A. Taylor0051216684800Absolutely Delcious!!I can't buy these too often - they are an addiction! Absolutely wonderful with a companion scoop of ice cream, or just plain with glass of milk. I love making them a part of gift baskets - for housewarming or hostess gifts. Almost always get asked where I got them.
233756233756B000FBM54SAND8ZSOIUQXL2Cathy G from NH0051216166400Favorite cookiesIf you enjoy a delicate flavor, a crunchy bite, and superb taste, Jules Destrooper cookies will be your choice. My favorite are the "butter crisps", second favorite, "almond thins". Haven't tasted any others but if they are representative, the rest must be incredible! Butter Crisp Cookies are absolutely outstanding!

Difficult to find in local stores where I live so have to order on line now. Received quickly from 100% satisfied with service and especially the product! Try 'em, you'll LOVE 'em.
233757233757B000FBM54SA2MNUUY1WQ3Y9TWilliam J. Mol0051210291200AddictiveThe best ever, you can't stop eating them. No wonder the King of Belgium likes these cookies also.
233758233758B000FBM54SAXQIHSF9KK7CODody0051209340800Decadence at its BestThese cookies are the best store bought cookies I have ever eaten. I usually prefer my own cookies, but this product is superb! Fine enough for elegant dining situations.
233759233759B000FBM54SA11UPNFYDICF3CRobin M. Vaughn0051207440000Perfect for every occasion!I added these to our adult children's Easter baskets.
They truly enjoyed them. The taste is light, crisp, and totally delicious.
I plan on using the rest at a tea party and as hostess gifts. :)
233760233760B000FBM54SAI47WBE7PHESFJ. Collins0051207353600AdditiveExcellent cookie; light, buttery, not too sweet and oh so easy to eat at least half a box at a time. Maybe some one else can make a cookie as great as these, but no one can ever make a cookie any better, because these cookies are the best! Try them and I'm sure you will agree.

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