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233911233911B003E6COMOA2UF10DQV2W4VZAbigail Taylor101051340841600love the tiny serving size!Each bag contains exactly 8 gummy bears, and is 50 calories. I love that I can have just one but don't feel bad about going back for a second if the craving wasn't satisfied.
233912233912B003E6COMOA100OABQM9FN8OCLaw101041339718400Note these are MinisPlease note these are mini packages with about 8 bears in each package, the total weight of the entire 72 bags is 1 pound 9 ounces. You can't really see this from the picture, and they are smaller than I thought they would be. Otherwise it is as pictured.
233913233913B003E6COMOA36XMN8L3QPRAHMC4411342224000Not Worth the Price I PaidThese were definitely not worth the price, and I only paid a little over eight dollars. These bags are incredibly tiny, and there really are a few tiny bears in each bag. I wish the product description provided the number of ounces per package so I could better judge how much product I was getting. The total product received is comparable to approximately two regular sized bags of gummy bears that you would buy in the candy aisle at the grocery store. I was shocked at how little I received for the price.
233914233914B003E6COMOA1QFHCFJI2EMACReeah Davis2251332115200Really tiny bears!I was surprised when I opened these up to see how "mini" the bears and the packages are. For some reason I thought mini applied to the size of the packs! That being said they are delicious as all haribo products are. The tiny bears and tiny packs make them a good size for small rewards or for cupcake decorating.
233915233915B003E6COMOA1D9P6QMHNX4ARElyse2251331337600Haribo Gold-Bears MinisThis was a big hit at work. Each gummi was smaller than the normal one you would find in the larger packs, but the overall concensus was that they were "softer" in texture when chewing!
233916233916B003E6COMOA64NFKSMLRVT7Cmor2251326844800happy haribo loversSo glad we decided to look for these little guys online! our family and friend were so happy to find them in their stockings and at our gift exchange.
233917233917B003E6COMOA28I1BP8N7I8A0My Pen Name1151344902400Great snack size treats - excellent price.Haribo make the best gummy bears in the universe. These packs are extremely small, but are great for little snack packs to hand out. Think of the size of Halloween handouts and you are on the right track. Still, given the price, these are a great deal.
233918233918B003E6COMOA2NOC27ZMPCXW4S. Smith1131344297600Do not order in the summer!My bad. I ordered this in July and Amazon shipped it via UPS, with the OK to leave the package outside the house - when it was 95 degrees out. We had gummy soup in all those little packages. We put them in the fridge and ended up with gummy squares that were very chewy, but still tasted good. Lesson learned!
233919233919B003E6COMOA2VUQHXXL9BW7Lkimmberli1131340496000tiny packages, tiny bearsThese would be best for a toddler's incentive box or special treat (or bribe!)
233920233920B003E6COMOAV959FYA3SL2Zlee4jc71111338336000Haribo gummy bears were hard and stale and not worth the price!They were not worth the price, they were hard, stale and just not that good, I Have bought Harbio in the stores before and never had this problem before. I was very disappointed and will not order again.
233921233921B003E6COMOA158I4XBGHVQ7Wglj1041151326240000Perfect size, excellent productThis size is perfect for the kids, and also for the adults. Although, sometimes I am caught eating more than one bag! Great to put in the lunch box, or just for snacking. Love the cute little miniature bears, and small packaging. The plastic tub is great for keeping the little bags organized. We do the subscribe and save on this product and couldn't be happier.
233922233922B003E6COMOA2UO944UHQVLRWjulesybabe2341333584000Good, but tiny!So this is a mixed review. I give 5 stars for the taste and quality of the bears. If you are familiar with Haribo, it's the same awesome yumminess you expect from the brand.

So the packages are TINY and the bears are TINY! I was imagining the bears to be small, but the package seriously is 2in x 2in big. The description also said that there were 2.2 lbs in the canister of bears and then you get the canister and it says "1 lb 9.4 oz". That's over 1/2 lb. off! The little packages themselves say "less than 1/2 oz" and you only get about 10 bears in each package. If you are buying this product because you are thinking you get a great deal, it's WAY expensive. You are only getting 2oz of bears for the same price as a 7oz bag on sale (and using a coupon) at the store. Even without the coupon, the bigger packages are a way better deal.

I'm giving the overall product 4 stars because the price is CRAZY and the description was inaccurate, but the package size and gummi bear size is perfect for my toddler, so I'll find good use for them, but I won't be repeating shipments with subscribe & save. It's just too expensive. The taste is great too, so only one star less for price. Hopefully amazon will update the description so that people are more informed before buying.
233923233923B003E6COMOAJFQYHQVBJN5MBrittnee Laverty "Brittnee with Clip This Not...0051350950400Love Them!I love the Haribo Gold Bear mini packages. This is one of my husband's favorite candies and he was super excited to be surprised with them. These are the baby packages that only have maybe 10 tiny bears in them at the most. You almost need to consume 3 packages just to get your candy fix.

These are great for party favors as well for Halloween.
233924233924B003E6COMOAW4QJ9RVAW7C3velzOSTO0051350950400FlameWell worth the 10-11 dollars. id buy it again no problem. the package came quick and the mini gummi bears came in clutch for about a month
233925233925B003E6COMOAPHPXV5RY2SDPezklipze0051348704000YUM!A big box of gummy bears. I don't know what else to say. The box is sturdy and could also be re-used.
233926233926B003E6COMOA1WUMITYCQ7GXSmissjrc750041347321600Gummi Bears!!!The missing star (originally two) is because this product is melted into a gummi "splat," there are no gummi bear formations. Another minus, it is hard to open packets and we have to use scissors, and then the treat is melted into corners so our scissors get dirty/sticky. HOWEVER, my colleagues loved them! They looked for melting patterns and talk about looking for packs with "more red," or "green melted with green," etc. So they get a star back :)
233927233927B003E6COMOADB3GBTQTPEZNS. Kelly "Sarah"0051346976000Best Gummy Bears Ever!I love these gummy bears soo much and having a mother who was born in Germany I grew up eating these! So when we ran out of Star bursst for our candy jar at work I bought these to fill it up. The coworker love them! They are individually packaged with about 5-8 bears in each pouch (i haven't actually counted yet, so that is a guess) so its nice to be able to grab one and take it back to your desk and have a few to snack on.

When I received the item they were fresh and not even close to the expiration date. Very happy and defiantly recommend to anyone.
233928233928B003E6COMOA2DKLJW4YU3T22A. Simpson "sassypants"0051346284800Perfect size, Reasonable PriceThese were the perfect size and priced just right. We bought lots for our local elementary school and we're sure the kids will love them. There are just enough in the little packages!
233929233929B003E6COMOA1CRGQYQGZX4ZWbluezer0051345766400Small bags help me to not go too nutsThese are the very good gummi bears that I have enjoyed for a long time now. Getting this large a quantity was a little intimidating at first but the small bags make it easier to limit my intake of these wonderful little pieces of joy. So, in short, the small bags make the candy last longer.
233930233930B003E6COMOAD9Y4VOU9OB7PKent0041342742400mini gummi bearsThe packaging is small and there are only a few bears inside. However, the few bears inside are smaller than your average gummi bear. One positive is that because they are individually packaged, the non consumed bears will stay fresh longer. I guess and inherent positive will be that it can control portions.
233931233931B003E6COMOA2T0HNDKJ56H6VKenneth Gorrell0041342483200Gummy Bears (Haribo Gold Bears Minis)i thought i was purchasing something different but recieved something less than i expected i was midly satisfied with this purchase but i should have read and understood more clearly before i ordered but still in the end i got what i paid for so i can not complain about this purchase
233932233932B003E6COMOA1QMWD52D1O1Y8LANJr4D0051341360000Original Gummi-Bear tasteI think these are the original Gummi-Bear taste and feel of any I've found elsewhere. The small packages are just the right size for everyone, some even eat two to get that satisfaction they crave. I bought them for a co-worker girl in the office, but the Haribo's are more of a hit with everyone else. The package count seems to be about right for my monthly subscription. Amazon has a good program here.
233933233933B003E6COMOATFET2PBPVXVHPatty St. George0051339804800Not all Gummi Bears are created equalIn fact, not all Haribo Gummi Bears are the same. They vary in taste depending on where they're produced. These are great--not too sweet and not too shiny/slimy as others can be. Wonderful flavor. Even the flavors I like least taste great. The only problem with this is that 72 mini bags disappear quicker than I can imagine! Enjoy.
233934233934B003E6COMOA3L3EXVUOFPRV9TMM0051339200000Yummi GummiI can only find these specific gummi's in stores during Halloween so I was extremely happy to be able to purchase them through Amazon. The smaller packets keep the gummi's fresher. Plus, what I like most about these is that they are chewier than normal, as opposed to softer.
233935233935B003E6COMOA17W2S2LN3RIW6Klaus Kitovich0041338595200Good sizeThese are tasty. They are a good and convenient size for self-control on sweets and there are a lot of little packages! I feel like they are no where near as flavorful as normal sized Haribo gummy bears are though and they seemed tougher than normal. These could've been older, that's the danger of buying candy online is getting old stock.
233936233936B003E6COMOA2X02RWQ8RFYUWCody "Customer"0051337472000Dorm foodMy daughter lives gummy bears and these bags are great for her to stash in her dorm room. Gummie snacks are low in fat so they are better than other candy snacks
233937233937B003E6COMOA149GHZZHSSEVHB. Mackay "Coondawg"0051337212800PERFECT SIZE ! !These little treats are the perfect size for a reward for students,Sunday School kids, or your own children for a job well done. The individual wrapping is much more sanitary that hands in a big huge bag, and the kids love the tiny bears!!!
233938233938B003E6COMOA33B0FFULH1R12R. Wong0041334966400Great TreatThe mini size is a little too small for my enjoyment. I prefer bigger gummy bears.I go through multiple bags at a time, so no point of portion control here. Great for packing lunches for the little ones.
233940233940B003E6COMOA8MM7W4HVE3KOCraig Schallmo "Concerned Consumer"1221341532800Little to be DesiredThe picture would lead you to believe these come packed in a plactic container. Not so, they arrive lose in a small cardboard box. These are, in fact, mini packages and mini bears. I wouldn't have any problem with the size of the bears or the package, although they are slightly tough to open due to their small size. Our issue was that they were hard and stale. Have had much better luck with other vendors and Haribo products, these however, leave much to be desired.

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