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234234234234B002CJOBWKAUSCFIUUL7BV5Gabrielle A. Jusino0511303948800This stuff killed my dog...Okay, he was 12 years old already but he was always a healthy dog (Westie). He ate this "dog food" for the last few years of his life, nearly every day (unless we got something else, which was rare). In the last six months, he had many seizures, not holding his urine, and eventually could not walk straight. He also had a stroke. Guess what? This "Moist & Meaty" crap has HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP as its SECOND ingredient! We think that our dog suffered from diabetes as a result of eating this stuff and that it was the reason, along with older age, behind his poor health condition during his last days.

DO NOT BUY THIS! It has way too much sugar. Even if it's a sugar "substitute," it has been proven to be harmful. You want your dog to be healthy, right? Make sure to check all the ingredients when searching for the right dog food. THIS IS NOT IT.
234211234211B004YV7VEOA1TVPCKY6FPKKYpaleo tx gal0051350432000awesome healthy sweet treatI love these bars. They are live and healthy and sweet. After switching to a paleo diet I had to find suitable replacements for luna bars and other types of treats and these are perfect! Highly recommend them!
234235234235B004ME0L6IA1K9GIGYA0XJ25shane0051342569600My favorite Chili powderTHis is my new favorite chile powder. Its hot, clean, with a hint of sweet. Its fresh and does not taste old or dusty.
234212234212B004YV7VEOAAUICTIUBVU7RRoy Berger "Everyman"0111343174400Like Deried Out Bark!I expected chewy bars but these are thin and hard. I thried to chew one but spit it out. No pumking taste! I guess those are chips of almonds but no taste of that either. And don't expect to bite this off, it's too hard it breaks off!
234236234236B005454S4AAWPA970JBQKOXNabil Yazdani0051324944000Good Stuff but Hard to FindWe found this product at Costco and it was very reasonable priced (around $7 or $8). It is a seasonal item so they do not carry it during the winter months. I cannot wait for it to come back. I thought I'd try Amazon but it too, seems to not be selling it. Hey, some of us like these ice bars even when it is cold out!
234213234213B000CQR30MA14FTS99QK09OFOtter mom3351168300800holiday treat for those missing London chocolateMy son and I went to London this past summer, and he fell in love the Cadbury chocolates - not the weak immitations that are sold in the USA, but the REAL ones, the Queen's chocolate, sold in the UK. This was a fun surprise for him for Christmas, because these chocolates were fresh from the UK and tasted great.

Delivered promptly with no problems.
234237234237B005454S4AAMM0BQ3L2J6QYWendy1251316217600Fantastic!!I searched long and hard for this product and I was thrilled to learn that they had the exact ice bars that I was searching for. The customer service was the best and shipping was extremely fast!!! Thank you for making a hard to find product in the U.S accessible. And the costs were reasonable. I will definitely order again from this seller.
234238234238B005454S4AA2E1Z9JJ1FNFRYMelanie1251314144000Thank goodness there are companies making 100% juice popsicles!!!!As far as I know Motts and Welchs are the only companies that make 100% juice bars with no added sugar and other bad junk like artificial flavors and sweeteners. Our kids dont need the fake stuff, its bad for them so I give a BIG thumbs up to Motts for making these yummy ice pops :) I just wish they weren'tso hard to find, I would love for stores to sell them but I guess most parents dont care and will fill their kids with all the unhealthy fake crap out there without a care in the world. Thank you FIT YOUR BUDGET for selling these in your store!!!!
234214234214B000CQR30MA3IHD0GF5NYBFBTracy0051338595200Cadburys StockingChristmas just wouldn't be complete without a Cadbury's Holiday Selection Box or two! I always buy one for every member of the family...reminds me of Christmases in England as a child.
234215234215B0029JTUBAA3E1KL2N4ZOQ8WPool Enthusiast2351184889600A versatile productI use this in the bathroom and the kitchen to clean. It has a great ability to get off soap scum, hard water stains, and even rust. It also works great on dishes that need a little extra boost to get them clean, like cooked on or burnt on anything.

It also works great on my teeth and gums keeping them clean. It takes a bit getting used to the taste, though. I make sure that I rinse well, because it is a bit gritty. My teeth have never been so stain free and my gums are tough and healthy, with regular use.

Most people use a box of this in their freezer to absorb the nasty freezer smell.

And of course, it also is a needed ingredient in cooking and baking.
234216234216B0029JTUBAA3HSDGCM3RKZETMindthedrawings0051344124800Cheap and awesomeI use baking soda to clean everything. This was super cheap, fast and awesome. Now I have enough baking soda to last a year!
234217234217B0029JTUBAA3M8R4JD1SIS76'MaryLou Cheatham "The Collard Patch"3551214956800Some Unusual Uses of Baking SodaWe don't like to eat lady bugs, caterpillars, and other unsavory critters. When we are washing turnip green leaves (like the ones we cook in Flavored with Love: Mary Lou's Family and Friends Can Cook) or collard green leaves (like the ones we cook in The Collard Patch) we toss in about two tablespoons of baking soda into water where we are washing the green leaves. Then we leave them soaking there a few minutes. The critters loosen their grips from their secret hiding places on the spines portruding on the back sides of the leaves, and they float to the top.

We use baking soda in our bath water to relieve us from the itching and burning caused by chiggers, which plague us in the South.

It is fun to mix it with vinegar and put it in a toy boat or submarine, and it is great for making a model volcano.

Few products are as versatile as baking soda!
234218234218B0029JTUBAA30TUN35ZE3NEUEnamelation !0151316217600old standby at good priceThis is the old reliable product in one-pound boxes. I use it to scrub down my glass stove top. I use it to follow citric acid to blow out drains. It has always kept odors out of the freezer. If you mix it with salt and hot water with a piece of aluminum foil it will detarnish your silver.
234219234219B0029JTUBAA3QSBXWBQU2KLZbouboule0151255651200great stuffI use baking soda for many purposes: i brush my teeth with it once a week, makes my teeth whiter and takes out tea and cigarette stains away, i also use it for heartburn or poor digestion, excellent for that too. It's nicely grined and dissolves well in water.
234220234220B002ATEFX2AXPIMTGVB6342Chopper1151313020800Good StuffI eat one of these for breakfast 5-6 days a week. Usually after I work out in the morning while on the way to work in the car. This happens around 8am with a 20oz bottle of water. I eat them because they taste good and keep me full until lunch. If I'm going to work out and watch my diet, it better taste good and fill me up. The bar is chewy so it doesn't crumble all over me while I'm driving. I decided on these after a lot of trial and error with many brands and different types of bars.

The other thing I like about these bars is that for some reason I haven't gotten tired of them. I haven't even tried the Peanut Butter or other flavors offered. I started eating these things the first week of January 2011 and it's been pretty non-stop. I even take them with me when I travel to keep me away from fast food. I play a lot of golf and that's where I discovered these bars. The bars are almost impossible to find in stores and paying retail at the golf course can get expensive. I have Amazon Prime so it ships to me for free 2nd day UPS.

I do P90x so I'm pushing it pretty hard on the workout and have a strong appetite. As far as my diet goes, I eat one First Tee bar in the morning, eat anything I want for lunch less than 1,000 calories, snack in the afternoon with trail mix and then have a light dinner usually less than 750 calories. I started at 230 pounds and 25% body fat and I'm down to 185 and 13% body fat. Just have another 10 pounds of fat to go by the end of the year to reach my goal.

Tip: If you live in a hot area. They will melt so don't let them sit outside all day when they're delivered. If no ones home during the day, send them to your work. They will still taste good if they melt, but won't look as good. My son eats the 10th tee peanut butter bar prior to wrestling and likes those.
234221234221B002ATEFX2A2SVWJEJ3FME34kdphoto1141264377600Good stuffNot sure if they really give me any more energy but it taste's good and it's better than a hot dog on the 10th.
234239234239B002NM1UYSA1TIVD0Y3KJSCNlawyerwhocooks "lawyerwhocooks"646551274659200Fantastic Grits that Can't Be Beat (recipe included in review)As a native Southerner, I've eaten grits all my life but I'd never had yellow, coarsely ground corn grits before I tried Bob's. From the moment my family tried these grits about two or three years ago, we've eaten no other grits. We cook these grits every weekend, usually Saturday and Sunday mornings. Oh, we've tried a few good regional products, but they're just not as good as Bob's (for instance, Lakeside yellow grits are good, but because they're more finely ground, Lakeside is a bit too creamy, tasting almost like a corn porridge). I prefer the more coarse grind of Bob's yellow grits, and the flavor is exceptional. The corn flavor in Bob's comes through, but not in an overpowering way - not to sound like a geek foodie, but Bob's yellow grits have a fantastic taste and mouthfeel. It's hard to explain, but I recommend you try them. If you're not sure you want to bite off a bulk multi-bag purchase via Amazon, then check your local grocery store (Publix in the Southeast carries Bob's, as do many organic/gourmet grocers). Regarding price: Bob's Red Mill products aren't cheap, but the company fills a very unique niche (Gluten-free products, unusual flours, etc.) and I'm willing to pay the price to keep the company from disappearing. Plus, every product from Bob's Red Mill that I've ever tried has been superior, including these grits.

Oh, and NEVER follow the cooking directions on a bag or box of grits - that's the primary reason non-Southerners think grits are nasty, because they make grits without the necessary amounts of butter, salt and milk or cream. Also, these are not quick cook grits, so it will take about 15-20 minutes from the time the water boils to achieve smooth, cooked grits. To feed four people (assuming you also have pancakes and a meat for breakfast), use three cups water brought to a boil, then gently shake about 2/3 cup of grits into the water. Once the water/grits combo comes to a boil, immediately lower the heat to simmer and stir frequently. [A note about lumps: if you don't stir often enough, you get lumps; if you dump the grits in, rather than shaking them in slowly, you get lumps.] Add two or three tablespoons of salted butter, then an unholy amount of salt. I'm afraid to measure how much salt we actually use (we salt to taste as we cook), but I would guess we use two or more teaspoons of salt. To avoid oversalting, start with one teaspoon of salt, taste when you're almost done, then add additional milk and salt to taste. Depending on how thick you like your grits, add additional water (we prefer to use 1% milk) to thin them out a bit. You can also add chopped bacon or country ham to your final product for flavor.

A word about polenta: Any Southerner can tell you that grits left in a pot to cool become polenta... so go ahead, and impress your Yankee and West Coast friends by "grilling up" leftover slices of your breakfast for dinner. Remember, the Americas introduced corn to Europe (including Italy), so grits came first.
234240234240B002NM1UYSA3E6KNT4MSAO9EMarian A. Parrott161751287273600This is best for grits or polentaOnce you've made this you'll never eat instant white grits again. These grits have a rich corn flavor and need little enhancement-just a little salt and butter. I used these to make a South Carolina shrimp with grits that was the best I've ever made. They are also identical to the Italian polenta. Don't buy those silly cylinders of precooked polenta or boxed instant polenta. This product is easy to make on the stove top and ridiculously easy to make in the microwave: just bring the water to boil in a large glass container ( I like my 16 cup measuring cup), stir in the grits while stirring, along with salt to taste, and microwave until it's thick and creamy, stirring every couple of minutes. Eat it soft or cool it and cut to make grilled or fried polenta. Amazon is offering a good price also.
234222234222B002ATEFX2A16YRZFBDE0KEIMike Edmonds0051297555200Works for me.Played 36 holes,in 6 1/2 hours, with two of these and plenty of water. Felt great before, during, and afterward. I'm 61 y/o in good shape that needs to avoid some of the more obvious golf snacks such as trail mix and candy bars.
234223234223B000U9YQ4MA1JHXIJJ773BZRGeekyErin6651266192000Aromatic, delicious, and delightful.This extract is excellent, and it shipped really fast. It's great in blueberry muffins, and works well as a fragrance. I would also recommend it rather than tasty puff for a delicate flavour in your tobacco.
234224234224B000U9YQ4MA2E9YR1NPPK7IWMarylander6651265846400Lavender flavor extract adds zing to teas and coffeesThe lavender flavor is not found everywhere, and works well in tea or coffee.
I like to add true vanilla extract as a base flavor.
234225234225B000U9YQ4MAM995K8543MCOShannon0051319932800nicei love the taste of lavender but if you use to much it can be soapy tasting and thats just really bad..
234226234226B000U9YQ4MAQMDFV28XQ8SESunshine2411311811200Contains propylene glycolI did not realize until I received this product, that it contains propylene glycol. To be fair to the seller, if you read down the amazon page far enough, that fact is stated. However, I find the thought of ingesting propylene glycol disgusting, so I am going to search for a replacement that is pure natural lavender.
234227234227B0016N8H5UA2HKQ8H6P8KC5NK. Dolinger1151252713600Brought back memoriesThis was so fun to open, I bought it for my brother's 40th birthday and he was a big candy eater(pillowcase on Halloween), so he remembered lots of the items. His 3 year old son also enjoyed it...he stole about half the candy. There was a lot of pieces and many that we hadn't seen since we were kids.
234228234228B0016N8H5UA2NP8VEKVBF6NIS. Yates1151244160000Super Yum and Tonz of FunI recieved the 70's bag for my birthday last year. It was Super Yum - the candy was all fresh just like I remembered it. If was so cool to share these flavors from the past with my son who had never had Razzles. The only thing missing was the Marathon Bar. I am totally giving this for Father's Day this year.
234229234229B002CJOBWKAHQ13I9CI4US6Kathryn E. Etier "Miss Bob"0041328313600Two out of three say "more please"......or would if they could talk. One of our dogs is extremely fussy and won't touch Moist and Meaty, but the other two (one is very fussy) gobble it right down. I also like getting the 15% Subscribe and Save discount and having the product delivered to my door.
234230234230B002CJOBWKA1HCA5LXLL1YGGCapo "TechGuy"0051328227200My dogs love this stuffI have toy poodles (it's a small breed, not an actual toy made of plastic) and they do not like to eat hard dog foods. It got to the point where they were underweight because they refused to eat all of the different dog foods we tried. Now that we are using the Moist & Meaty they are happily eating and back up to a healthy weight.
234231234231B002CJOBWKA26877IWJGISYMLon J. Seidman "lon401"0051314057600Good for finicky dogsSay what you want about this product's composition, but my Husky is 14 and a half years old and has eaten this dog food since she was a pup. Huskies are very finicky eaters, sometimes going a day or two (or more) without eating. She also rejected a number of dry foods that we tried both in taste and other unmentionable rejections that I'll leave up to your imagination. Needless to say we were wasting a lot of food (and money) on stuff she wasn't eating.

Moist and Meaty will last a few days in the bowl. She eats it regularly and is in amazing health for her age with a puppy-like spring in her step. The vet is even shocked by her health and longevity. Is it all the result of the food itself? Definitely not. But she's no worse for wear because of it and we rarely waste any.
234232234232B002CJOBWKA21CTUWPD40OVBKing B "computer science master"0041306368000Dog loves itMy dog loves this food. Mostly used as an added "treat" to the normal science diet food (50/50 mix). It is very soft and easy for her to eat. My veterinarian likened it to "snickers bars" most likely because it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup, but she really enjoys it.
234233234233B002CJOBWKA23ES9ZA316PRLJerrie J. Mcclain0041292716800Good dog foodIt is hard to find soft food for a dog without teeth. My poor baby is 13 and has lost his little teeth. It is difficult for him to chew dry dog food and he doesn't like canned. I tried Bil-Jac, but he wasn't all that fond of it. He will eat the moist and meaty. I give him half a pouch in the am and half at night. He seems to like it and it is easy to chew. This isn't considered a premium dog food, but I can't find anything else. The price is great from Amazon and they ship fast.

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