Amazon Fine Food Reviews

236491236491B000MBN5TKA25ZDP4B029E25M. Rutkowski "Mil Ruko"0051345593600If you don't like this you have questionable judgmentThis is the only taco mix you need. The flavor pops. It's unique. The fact that you can get this from Amazon is a gift from the Taco Gods.

Don't trifle with the Taco Gods and ignore their blessing. Buy some of this. Cook it. Eat it. Delight in it.
236492236492B000MBN5TKACSWH5ZUZVBMTDemanding0051345507200Chi-Chi's Restaurante SeasoningI love this seasoning- use to purchase at the grocery store but cannot find it anymore. So glad you had it!
236493236493B000MBN5TKA3HYZZPKZROTR6frs0051319068800great taco seasoningthis is the best taco seasoning i have ever tried,our local store ran out of it,so found it on,and bought a case of it just to have on hand
236494236494B000MBN5TKA25CDZWYOHQSS9Jon0051311724800Love it!I can't get this product at any local super market or WallyWorld store. I use it for Tacos, burrito,homemade chili, chimichungas. It has all the seasonings but with none of the red stuff like other mixs.
236495236495B000MBN5TKA31K5YHNLPXIO9MangoTango50051309651200NO MORE REDThis seasoning is Awesome! It is very light. Can be used for meats, salsa, marinades, chili, so much more. I have been using this product for six years or more and it has never let me down. Glad it is auto-shipped. Now I can have it on hand. This was sold in store for a short period then disappeared. Hard to find online....Now available on Amazon. I'm so pleased.
236496236496B000MBN5TKA18XLXYGG5E1HAngelbaby0051306108800SO good...Cannot find this product at stores in my area anymore...delighted to find it at Amazon. I use a packet of this and a packet of regular taco seasoning to ground beef for all our favorite Mexican dishes. SO good..try won't be disappointed!
236497236497B000MBN5TKA339PZ29E96U0DLeslie C. Fayling "Leslie from Michigan"0051304553600My favorite seasoning for Mexican dishesI finally learned how to make Chi Chi's chimichanga. It's not an easy recipe and takes many steps, but when I'm in the mood, it's worth it to have a dish I absolutely love. This seasoning is essential to make it taste perfect.

Last night, I took leftover beef stew (actually, it was beef ragout, which has tomatoes and onions, not potatoes in the mix) and added chili peppers and this seasoning. When it was hot, I put the meat and some cheese in the flour tortillas, then more cheese and gravy over the top and heated it a little longer in the oven. It made a delicious wet beef burrito. This seasoning is very versatile. Though I had to buy 24 of these - I'll do it again and again, when needed. I've shared them with my sister when she wants to make these dishes and my daughter-in-law.

This is not a taco seasoning. It is a much different flavoring and until you taste it - you won't know. Yum.
236498236498B000MBN5TKA13ZM3F802K42XPapa Heiser0051301616000Glad to have found this!We used to buy this in the store, but, for some reason they stopped selling this in our area. Well, I was happy to find it on Amazon. It tastes so much better than most taco seasoning mixes. If you are looking for something different (in a good way!) give this a try!
236499236499B000MBN5TKA1K2134DVCTKEYJennifer Beedie0051299628800So many usesI had bought some of this seasoning mix at the grocery store to make tacos and my son and I both loved it. I then found these on Amazons Subscribe and Save and paid less than a buck a package for them. I gave some to my grandmother and my aunt. They used it on brisket and found it delicious. This is now a staple in my household. It has simple ingredients and great taste. I highly recommend and I will enjoy adding this to different meals.
236500236500B000MBN5TKA2W8NBRET2W2OZWhat's The Story Jerry0051297814400Chi Chi Restaurante Seasoning MixThis is the only seasoning mix that I like to use for taco's or Fajitas.
I am glad I am able to still purchase this item since it is not sold in the stores.
236501236501B000MBN5TKA1Y15N2I3C2NGJTina "Tina"0051296172800The best!We love this seasoning. So glad to be able to order it online. Wish it would return to the stores!
236502236502B000MBN5TKA2QWVHKTK7YWK2Angel Epps "Angel23"0051294531200Missing ChiChi's, but Amazon to the rescueChi Chi's was my all time favorite restaurant and I am still going through withdrawals. The only hope that I had left was that i was able to buy the taco seasoning in the store, and still try to create the ChiChi's taste in my own kitchen. Than all of a sudden i could no longer find the taco seasoning in the grocery stores. I was devastated. While looking on line trying to find any stores/anywhere that sold the seasoning, I learned that I could get it from Amazon, in which I already ordered from often. I was elated. I ordered a whole case of 24 packages and will soon be ordering more.The ChiChi's taco seasoning (restaurante) is not a red tomato base seasoning, but a tasty garlic and onion taste (if you liked the ChiChi's food you'll remember how there tacos and (meat) was seasoned). Excellent taste!!! Thanks Amazon for coming to the rescue!!! Please don't ever stop selling the BEST taco seasoning around!!
236503236503B000MBN5TKA2TYUS7KVXS977Letha RN0051291420800the best taco seasoningI bought this in the grocery store in Iowa and haven't been able to find it in CA. It has a great flavor and doesn't turn the meat orange. Nice garlic, onion spice mixture.
236504236504B000MBN5TKA23PSHX1LSRHGRDavid Fitzgerald0051282348800Best taco seasoning out thereIf you like to make tacos and burritos at home, most likely you've noticed that the majority of brands pretty much taste the same. This one stands above all. It has a unique light flavor that you will love. The first thing you notice is that it doesn't turn your meat orange like the others. It's not overbearing in flavor, yet is very tasty. I have problems finding this locally so I bought this big pack here. I've already used 4 packets. I will keep ordering these as long as they are made. Second to none! If you are looking for Mexican seasoning that is delicious and a little different than the others, you owe it to yourself to try this.
236505236505B000MBN5TKA3RJXTXOSBHBY4D. Snedden "DAG"0051280707200Love this seasoning!I cannot find this seasoning anywhere else. My whole family loves it as it does not have an overpowering chili taste like a lot of the other taco seasonings have. It is the only seasoning we use and my kids love it!
236506236506B000MBN5TKA23QELB0H583NFktkate "ktkate9"0051280534400The best seasoning for tacos out there.Let me say that if you hate that "brown" look your taco meat gets after you use other seasoning packets, then look no further. Mexican resturaunts seasonings do not change the color of you meat. It just seasons it. Whenever I have people over and have tacos, everyone tells me how much they like the flavor of the ground beef. There is only one store in the city I live that carries this. I ordered from here and now I do not have to drive all the way on the other side of town.
236507236507B000MBN5TKA26BPPZDX7JD8GDonna0131297814400Contains MSGI used only one packet out of the entire box of 24 when I discovered that it contained MSG. This information should be made available before you purchase. The taste was OK - if you are expecting any tomato flavor, there is none.
236508236508B000MBN5TKA9JT9EVPK98XBlambo20001511303516800i have to disagree...unlike the previous reviews, i found it to be very bland and lacking flavor. initially i was excited when i opened th pouch as the scent was awesome. after browning the meat and adding the seasoning per the directions, i found the meat to be very bland and basically under seasoned. i ended up supplimenting it with my standard taco seasoning that comes in a blue pouch. this chi chi's seasoning did have a nice little kick of heat from the chilis, but as far as flavor i found it lacking in this department. it just added a bit of heat (in the spice sense of the word) to the meat, thats about it. i am rating this based on flavor alone, as the amazon service was A+ as usual.
236509236509B003LWOS7AA347XJQ184KKXULinda Braly405311289433600Overpriced!This same pack can be found at several retailers for half of this price! It's full retail price at Keurig is only $15.45. I would like to try it but will be buying it somewhere else.
236510236510B003LWOS7AAR3D0L2GZKJP7H. Brewer "love my boxer"7841298851200great but priceyI love getting a box of teas with four or five different types. I don't really like to settle on a whole box of one flavor. However, it is a little pricey. It is double what I pay for the K-cup coffee. I think I paid $22 for a box of 22. When I buy coffee, I can usually find a 50 count for $24. I wish I wasn't paying as much for it...but I'll still buy it because it is delicious!
236511236511B003LWOS7AA147ZMOG6JMXXXLewis Bailey "I see what you did there."3331297728000Great Tea - Priced too highThe tea itself gets a full 5 stars for flavor and quality. Minus two stars for the cost; this is $10 more than the same thing at Keurig, as someone already mentioned.

Definitely buy the Celestial Seasonings Tea Sampler...but not this one!
236512236512B003LWOS7AA3EUSH8DPW75LRbarry5631323648000Excellent tea but overpricedI just got my KEURIG single serve coffee maker a little while ago and went crazy here on Amazon looking for different coffees and teas that would work with my system. I love herbal tea and the variety included in this 22 count set are the flavors I like - good variety. Sleepytime is my all time favorite. The Celestial Seasoning teas work great and the set was exactly what I expected. I am very pleased with it. But I am not pleased with the price and am angry at myself for not researching prices for this product elsewhere before buying. So if the price is fine with you I highly recommend this set of 22 Celestial Seasoning single serving cups. Just be sure to read in the description what you will be receiving and make sure they are the flavors you want. And also be aware that there are other places to get it much cheaper. But the teas are truly delicious. Of that you can be sure.
236513236513B003LWOS7AA26VTLHH7YYDU1D. Dobson "five2one"223111290902400$1 for a cup of tea???This item is grossly overpriced. Amazon's response was that it is from a 3rd party seller, so they have no control over it. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll order direct from Keurig or look for a deal elsewhere.
236514236514B003LWOS7AA36GYL411FVD2GabbyGirl92241322524800tea timeTea is good. Wish there would have been a little more variety. It came with the English breakfast black tea which I already had come with the Keurig. The only new ones I got were green tea, sleepy time tea & a lemon zinger:) All of which I like just was expecting a little more (than 4) variety
236515236515B003LWOS7AAV0BQJ80TM1R1Archibald Mcdowall "Scotty"1141333584000Good tasteAs is with most of the KCup varieties I have tried this tea fits the bill, it has good solid flavor and tastes very good I thoroughly recommend this tea product
236516236516B003LWOS7AA1JYHOTUWVLMWOTSB1111333497600Yucky!I got these hoping for a more healthy version instead of drinking coffee every morning. I've tried two of them and don't care to try any more. They are very bitter! Unfortunately went through my coffee first, so it's too late to return these!
236517236517B003LWOS7AA3F9IPXIRX95FYBrian Cooksey "Brian"1131323648000Incorrectly packed and had 11 green teaThe package I received included 11 green tea cups and only one lemon. One package isn't enough to just if it's an "incident" or a "trend". As a result, for now, my rating is neutral.
236518236518B003LWOS7AA3A58DJTXQSI3KN. Greco1151320192000Good teaI am not a big tea drinker but, it is very good tasting tea. Well worth the money. I personally like the green tea but, everyone has their own taste.
236519236519B003LWOS7AA6MDK431W83PAWilliam E. Nave1141319155200K-cup teaI bought the sampler to try different teas. Liked the Eng. breakfast and zingger teas, green tea was ok. Next time I will just buy english tea. Sampler served its purpose.
236520236520B003LWOS7AA16FIHDCGPV7ZKJason0051349654400Very Nice Samle PackVery good teas, I love them. I tried this same pack at a time when a good variety of teas were not in the stores quite yet. I have sleeping problems and I drink the Sleepytime every night before bed and it seems to help me stay asleep. The Lemon Zinger is very flavorful as is the English Breakfast. I didn't really care for the Green Tea, it seemed a little bland but 3/4 made this a great buy.

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