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236731236731B003IN848QA3NFWMZ650JPBLShirley Azar Gordon7751291334400Excellent qualityThis coffee offers a rich, full-bodied cup in easy to carry packets. Douwe Egberts, my favorite coffee, now makes the best instant coffee! Try it once and you will agree.
236740236740B003IN848QA3SQ47XY8ADNJ0J. D. Foster2351318550400How Delicious it is!My girlfriend found Douwe Egberts in a Las Vegas restaurant a year ago and really liked it. We went back to the same restaurant and it was just as good the second time as the first time. Asked our waiter what brand it was and he came back with it on a piece of paper. We thanked him a bunch and when we came home we found it at Amazon. Decided to give the packets of instant a try and the girlfriend just smiled with the first sip. Now when we go out she will carry a packet or two with her and at a restaurant she will ask for hot water. We tell them what we are doing and to charge appropriately. Not that cheap, we want to be fair. Anyway she really likes it and now I purchase an extra box as a backup so she will never run out.
236741236741B003IN848QA1ZICRF3PTIHO6L. Parker0051345766400The best instant coffeeI first had Douwe Egberts coffee at a restaurant and loved it. I drink instant coffee on the mornings I don't have time to brew a pot of coffee before work. These packets make a delicious cup of coffee. They are the right size for a good cup but on the mornings when I need an extra 'kick' I add another one. This is really very, very good coffee, is a little more expensive than the grocery store instant but is worth the price. I even take a few packets with me to work when I need a pick-me-up in the afternoon and no coffee is brewed. Will definitely purchase again, and again, and again.
236732236732B003IN848QA2YJ3J6ZKZNL6NMyOpinion6751294790400Great Instant Coffee!When I found these coffee sticks I was excited. When I received them and tried them I was estatic! It was the same wonderful flavor I remembered from the restaurant where I first encountered Douwe Egbert coffee. I moved to an area where I was unable to locate someone serving this coffee so I was happy to find a way to bring it to my home. Even though the coffee is a little pricey, I am totally pleased with my purchase. The coffee sticks produce a perfect cup of coffee every time, in my opinion.
236742236742B003IN848QA2OJTGLO8KSWFEADB1270021344816000Good but weak.If you would like weak coffee use one packet if you would like a good, smooth coffee the two packets. Wish I wouldve listened to prior reviewer. It's good coffee but expensive if you need two packets to make one cup. I'm going back to Mount Hagen instant packet coffees ....wonderful coffee flavor, not bitter and not weak. Oh and cheaper.
236733236733B003IN848QA33HWB3M8NWQ58Tanya Adamson "Ketanyara"3331321660800Very weak coffee but pleasant flavorMy husband and I have been using Starbucks Via for quick fixes of coffee. I was attracted to this by both the price and reviews. I have to say that the price is not good when you have to use two packets to a cup. The coffee, while pleasantly flavored, is very weak when compared to a single packet of Via. If you like a weak diner coffee then you should be happy with this. If you prefer a richer flavor then you will have to double up or look elsewhere.
236743236743B003IN848QA3FSVMOL811HF6Jwilly0041324339200Very surprisingI'm not much of a fan of instant coffee, but appreciate the convenience when I can't either brew my own or buy a cup. That being said, I went on the search for an instant coffee that actually tastes somewhat decent. Starbucks VIA is the obvious choice, but the price (and the frequency in which I intend to drink said instant coffee) was rather prohibitive, so I started with Maxwell house and Folgers, the ol' standby! They lacked taste and didn't quite agree with my stomach, so I finally decided to search Douwe Egberts on a whim, thinking they would be too cool for school to possibly make a lowly instant coffee. Well, they certainly do, and let me tell you it's pretty good. Instant coffee it is, but terrible it is not. Smooth enough with the right amount of water, and flavorful as well. It certainly surprised my palate, and helped me to change my preconceptions about instant coffee. Try it, I dare you.
236744236744B003IN848QA36RIDATX0ZCDQjlstokes0051323302400Good Coffee and ConvenientMy husband and I drink a lot of coffee, but wanted something easy for when we wanted just one cup at a time. We didn't want another appliance on the counter, so we purchased the Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee Sticks. We love them! The coffee is much better than most instant coffees and they are so convenient! We started with purchasing one box, but we are going to start the monthly order.
236734236734B003IN848QA2SYAJC3D97UJAJamie Purvis3351313798400Best Coffee EVER?? (Is this instant?)This coffee far exceeded any expectations I had of it. I purchased Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee Sticks to take on a camping trip for about 25 people. It was gone in 2 days!!! This coffee is soooo good, that I have it auto-shipped now, and do not even brew my coffee anymore! Goodbye Keurig coffee cups, and Mr. Coffee!!! Hello Douwe Egberts Instant! Never thought I'd see the day that I would L-O-V-E instant coffee! :) Best "surprise" I have ever gotten... and I love me some coffee!!! Trust me!
236735236735B003IN848QA35I428M5WAT5QJoseph Kohout Jr. "The Art of War"1141326585600Very Good - From a Coffee SnobI purchased as a component of my food stuffs preparedness program.

My morning coffee today was whole bean "small batch" Ethiopian. Needed a boost between Divisional Play Off Games. I took a packet added hot water and some Splenda. Surprisingly good.

IMHO, all instant coffee has some aftertaste, though I found this to be very minimal and it didn't hit me until after I finished the entire cup.

I am curious to see how this tastes iced during warm weather.

Not a replacement for fresh ground or even DD. However, as an alternative to a trip out or not wanting to deal with mess and effort of brewing 1-cup, not a bad alternative and as a component of a food preparedness program, an excellent option.
236745236745B000Y28TC0A20A9P8EJ5BREGhasselaar "belgie"3351332892800Superb Tabouli ! (But, no recipe is included.) Highly Recommended!I enjoy Tabouli, thus, I ordered a large amount. The other reviews indicate that this s a fine quality mix. Could someone please send me the correct recipe for the use of this mix? I can find no phone number for the company and Amazon was not very helpful with this issue (a big surprise, Amazon is usually great in dealing with problems and issues). Therefore, I mark this product down to 1 star. After I experiment with various combinations, I will add to this review. I hope that this product is as good as everyone has mentioned in their reviews. But, I do think that the company should include instructions.

UPDATE: This is the best Tabouli mix that I have ever experienced. I can unreservedly recommend this mix to all. I am glad that I was able to acquire this mix in bulk, it is delicious and will disappear quickly. There is no recipe included,but,this is how I made mine:

2 cups mix
2c. boiling water
7T Olive Oil
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1/4 t. cayenne pepper
5 green onions -thinly sliced
2 tomatoes- small bits
1/2 of a diced "European"" Cucumber
Salt and pepper to taste

Pour boiling water over mix, let sit, covered with plastic wrap 'til the mix has cooled. Fluff with fork. Add olive oil and lemon juice, taste and adjust quantities as needed. Add remaining ingredients. Let sit for a few hours so that flavors meld. I have a cold kitchen and did not refrigerate the Tabouli. American refrigerators make the Tabouli too cold, which dulls the flavor. Ideally, this is best made on the day of consumption, if you keep it a few days, it becomes soggy and less tasty. If you have good Feta, the type in brine, add bits of that to the Tabouli or sprinkle it on the top of each serving.

Note: For my taste, the mix has enough mint, others may prefer to add some chopped, fresh mint.
236736236736B003IN848QA3H1Y72CU3O9O0Sheri Glavan1131320624000Buy it packaged in canister instead...Delicious coffee!!!For those of you that love the taste of this coffee as I do, here is my advice. Buy the one in the glass canister. It will cost about the same per cup and then you have a nice glass canister for other things. The coffee gets 5 stars, the packaging gets 2 is why: The packaging is misleading because when you cost it out , you think, 300 cups of coffee...that is about 17 cents a cup and the coffee is really some of the best, if not THE BEST tasting you will find...but it takes 3-4 packets per cup. That is still not that much for a great tasting cup of coffee, but you would do better to buy it packaged in a nice glass canister.
236737236737B003IN848QA10QTTMTISDN85Homecat1111320019200Dowe Egbert Pure Gold Instant Coffee Sticks- 300 grams packageWas unhappy with the flavor. I ordered under the assumption that the coffee would be the same quality that I have so enjoyed in restaurants. I will not be re ordering this particular product. If any one has ordered any Douwe Egbert product that meets the quality that is in restaurants PLEASE let me know!!! There must be something that is out there. Thanks!
236738236738B003IN848QA3E79SQMRNGHAJwilmaeileen1151319760000Is this Instant?I recently had this instant coffee at the Sheraton Hotel in Instanbul. Couldn't believe this was instant coffee, best I ever tasted.
236739236739B003IN848QA1ODPQHNL6FQTBJerry1131311638400OK, but not as good as Starbuck's Via packets....I was hoping that these packets would contain coffee that would rival Starbuck's Columbia Via coffee....but it does not. It is a good substitue in a pinch, but nothing beats Via. Jerry
236746236746B000Y28TC0A3W2FY3LBC3RCCOzarka1151332288000A Must-Have for Tabouli LoversWhen our tabouli supply gets low we quickly get to Amazon to purchase this product. The price is right; the tabouli is well-packed and fresh, and delivery is prompt. Good stuff!
236747236747B000Y28TC0A34KWQS2L2LVB8K. Lahti "musician"1151318636800Great stuffThis is fine tabouli for a great price. I use a lot of tabouli during the summer when I have plenty of garden veggies to chop into it and it was great to find this available in bulk & "organic" as well.

It is kind of non traditional but try it with chopped tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, green onion & add some fine chopped fresh mint. Mix in some chicken breast chunks and some crumbled feta cheese for a quick complete meal, great for picnics and travel.

Please keep carrying this product, Amazon!
236748236748B000Y28TC0A1G39OX0LIHYHSC. Tanner ""Attract""1151316995200Fantastic TabouliThis mix is the best for quick meals or a party platter on chips. So easy to prepare and 70% organic. We pick fresh limes and lemons from our trees and this extra zip is heavenly. The bulk package keeps well in plastic jugs and the value is unbeatable.

Good food, great value.
236749236749B000Y28TC0A22ATC6IYYECOYK. Nairn1151298851200Excellent product3 - 3.33 lb bags is a lot of Tabouli but if you eat a lot of it, save yourself some money and buy it in bulk. Very worth it. Thank you to Amazon for carrying the product!
UPDATE 25-August-2012: I don't like to discuss pricing as part of my review but I have to say that the current price of this product has over doubled since I purchased it Nov-2010. The price will have to come down before I encourage others or am motivated myself, to buy it again. :(
236750236750B0053WLOLEA1B0XTA8VO2R5Alilcapo20030051309996800Great Stuff!This is the best jerky I have ever had! My absolute favs are original and hot - can't go wrong with either one. Great, healthy snack.
236751236751B000PVMPJIA2KAOIY8M4D044Mac_Cat "MacIntosh Man"0031271894400Great product - expensive shippingI love Paula Deen's sauces and they can be hard to find.
This is one of my favorites - it's tart and sweet, but not like a traditional "Sweet & Sour sauce". It's smokey and perfect for steaks and grilled veggies.

Don't be confused by the photo - they are not selling 3 bottles at time. That's just how they picture it. The steak sauce was reasonable at $6.99, but the shipping was $8.95 by UPS and it was late. The US Post Office would have shipped it cheaper and delivered it faster.
236752236752B0059K0VOQA3RO8EWFXJSMLBBelle Gayer0041336953600Great Cinnamon FlavorThese cinnamon bears have great flavor and do not taste sugar free. My only issue is that they should be softer.
236753236753B0059K0VOQAJ2U6IXDINAI2Raj A. Litchmore "Mike E Litchmore"0051326067200Humble tasting, sugar free, healthyHello,

I bought these for my mother for christmas and they taste good. They taste peppery a bit and are chewy and stick to my teeth (better brush after done eating)and they have a plain taste,not very very sweet and not bland. They are good if you want sugar free snacking time!:)

Michael E Litchmore
236754236754B008O95BTEA3PFECDYJ14LFIChristine0011350518400just bad!It is unfortunate that my order had 2 boxes that I am now stuck with. This is a horrible flavor. I can't even begin to think of what words can describe what it tastes like.
236755236755B005Y110NQA3JNDZML3MI4TJRLHT "NYC to NJ to DC and back"6621326672000Completely new recipe, and not in a good wayThese are not the old SB bars we came to love. I was so excited to see these back on shelves...until I tried them. They are not crispy like a PB rice crispy treat anymore. They are not sweet nor crispy. They are just disappointing.
236756236756B005Y110NQA1DJCH9JL6PZFANHPM9006621326240000From 5 stars to 2:(I used to buy these regularly at BJs in a multi pack box, but then they stopped carrying SB products. The chocolate peanut butter ones were always my favorite. I haven't been able to find them for a long time so when I saw them on Amazon, I jumped on them:) Eagerly awaiting their delivery.

I hope they travel well, as when I purchased a box of Atkins bars, the chocolate looked as if it had been left in too high a temperature and was all discolored.

I will update the review when they arrive.

Jan 18, 2012

They just arrived today, and I'm sooooo disappointed. They're not at all as I remember. Left a weird aftertaste in my mouth. They're not made by Kraft anymore, either. Even the texture is different. They used to be nice and crispy, but now they're just - odd.

I have 39 more of these to go:(
236757236757B005Y110NQA2RSLLPBDPHZHDMr. Mayhem1151331769600South Beach BarsI love these bars! They taste great and I eat them all the time for breakfast. The only problem is that they have become hard to find. Thank goodness for Amazon. It you want a low carb option which tastes good, try them.
236758236758B005Y110NQAXBQYXTOX3TXTR. Harris1111327622400GrossI've been dieting with the Slim Fast 3-2-1 Program for a month now with pretty good results, but I heard that I would get even better results on this plan so I decided to try these bars since I love peanut butter and chocolate. They taste awful. I know that no matter what people say, diet food will never taste as good as regular food but at least it should be palatable. It doesn't taste anything like peanut butter or chocolate, it's more grainy than crunchy, and it leaves this weird after taste in my mouth. I think I will be switching back to Slim Fast, at least I actually enjoy their products.
236759236759B005Y110NQA2ZA6MGW6YGOOJMichele L. Foster1151327276800South Beach Bars are Back!I used to purchase the South Beach Bars from before on an automatic shipping program. Then they went away for a year or so. I was surprised when I recently saw them back on the product list. So I snatched an order up and am pleasantly surprised that they are basically the same as before - for me a good thing! I will check the prices locally first, but if they are comparable, I will definately purchase them again from Amazon. Thanks
236760236760B005Y110NQA2AK5WBJXQIOSFsbdfan1151327190400sbd meal barI was pleasantly surprised at how good these
are. They have a great texture and I really liked the Peanut Butter
and chocolate combination. For a meal bar, I found these to be very
filling. Would definitely consider ordering these in bulk now that
I've had a chance to try them out.

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