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237091237091B0040WKGLMA25AQKXOK8DEZOsewy seamstress0011330128000OMGosh!! the tangerine flavored water! yuckThe tangerine water tastes like ??? fish? I hope I can get my money back!! very disappointed. I opened up the tangerine/fish water, and I thought mmm that smells good. But whoa, what an awful taste. Makes me nauseated just thinking about it
237092237092B003VTHY74A1AA0G2AWPDTVXbrendalee4451310515200Good creamers.Good product in an easy to use box to use on the counter top. Other creamers I have bought from other distributors have clumped, but so far these are great. They do expire after 6 months, so don't over-order quantity!
237093237093B003VTHY74A22KRTIWDLOA98chadwick1151333497600Great!This is a great buy for any coffee lover! There are more than enough creamer containers in this package set (4 boxes of 50 creamers) to last quite a while. They taste great and go well with any cup of coffee. Plus, the little fold out display on the box makes it easy to get to the creamers.
237094237094B003VTHY74AF30W6VYOTF7HCatrine1151325116800Awesome valueI had trouble finding these in my local grocery store. I ended up buying a flavored creamer, which I did not want. The price was about $4 for a 12 ct. box. This deal was a great price and they will last a few months.
237095237095B003VTHY74A2H84V55USFJQXM50051337126400delicious, original creamerawesome! completely awesome! not the crap hazel or cappachino, the original! delicious! real creamer, not the fake powder crap! will definitely buy again. everyone in the office tries to steal them!
237096237096B003VTHY74A11X6WC59UDF4Ysweet pea0251339891200Coffee -mate creamerCoffee-mate Creamer is being use at my church. Some people use 2 in their coffee and use the stick stirring it around in the coffee cup.
237097237097B002RTC7ASA2O6214AWIX4SMMiss J "Loves Music"111151257120000These are the best Kisses yet!A friend bought these last year and shared them with me. They were so good, I immediately went to the same store to buy some more and they were already out of them. I have searched everywhere for these pumpkin spice Kisses and could not find them. I even called Hershey's but they couldn't help me either. I finally found them here at Amazon (yea Amazon). If you like pumpkin, these Kisses rock! I highly recommend them. Only problem you'll have is portion control.
237098237098B002RTC7ASA2FLPZWD3XW4FKJust me6651287014400Delish!These are a little piece of heaven! I think it's white chocolate with pumpkin flavoring? Also a hint of nutmeg maybe? Either way, they are simply divine.
237109237109B0031YOD0UA26KWG162U8VBQlq4451286496000Gluten Free and Tastes GreatThe ingredients listed on this page are wrong. Actual ingredients on the box are different and ARE GLUTEN FREE. Even my fussy non-GF husband likes this one. We've now tried several of these mixes and like them. My only complaint is it's a lot cheaper at Walmart. I just paid $1.50 per box there. That's quite a price difference.
237110237110B0031YOD0UAFGDISGCO4ZIAJ. Richardson2241320796800MARINATION IS KEY!!!Please take my advice and marinate your chicken before making this meal, otherwise you'll have plain chicken mixed in with fried rice. I recommend some toasted sesame oil, soy sauce, and ginger (add some red pepper flakes if you like heat).
237099237099B002RTC7ASA1XFQZWZ3WJH7YJamie McAllister "Jamie McAllister"2231348531200Not good, not bad.I can't just unwrap and pop them in my mouth like I can the other Kisses. These guys are just okay. I find they are much better for cooking with rather than eating. Try Chai Pumpkin Spice thumbprint cookies.
237111237111B0031YOD0UA2YMCPP3KW9IXUUSMC852251299456000Cheaper than takeoutI just made this tonight with shrimp instead of chicken, and it was pretty good. I did not put in the eggs. I could taste the salt though. It had more flavor than my regular salt-free cooking has. It does state clearly on the box that it is "gluten free," but that is not a concern for us. For a little over a dollar a box, this is a good deal.
237112237112B0031YOD0UA37F907UNQ28CNL. Decker1151312848000Good and Definitely Worth A TRYWe made the gluten-free version of this tonight. It was really good, I don't know what some of the other reviewers are talking about on amazon or on the betty crocker website. First, a lack of gluten isn't going to make there be too little water, that's a failure to follow the directions. Followed as directed it works out fine. Second, this is worth a *TRY* if you like this dish from restaurants. I thought it was really good and certainly for the price cheaper than Chinese restaurant chicken fried rice. I picked this up from my local grocery store for $1 a box plus a coupon I got off the betty crocker website I got three boxes for like $2.25. Also when I cooked it, it smelled good to me, certainly not nasty or inedible like some people say. I like the new version, don't stop making it just because some people miss the old one! Everyone in my household loved it, and we didn't even have leftovers!! I will be making it again. I just wish the ingredients were a little more specific: It says "Spice" is an ingredient. Uh?? Also it says it has yellow food coloring in it, I wish they would just leave that crap out.
237100237100B002RTC7ASA3H2FHCKSH9KX4Luc G. Perin2231318896000Meh...tasted awfully chemically.This is a quote from my wife, who is the candy freak in our house: "I was totally bummed. I love pumpkin too. This was just too much of a fake pumpkin flavor with subtle undertones of, oh, I dunno, some sort of a plastic taste. I would have liked to have had some chocolate flavor in there to maybe tone it down a bit or something. Thumbs down from this lover of all things confectionary, but still glad I tried them because I'm always in search of a winner. Definitely don't take my word for it though. Just try them. You may love them."
237113237113B0031YOD0UAT9ZES76SFEB3Broke in Arizona "gap4"1221286496000It is not gluten free-Update 7/7/12
While Betty Crocker now has many tasty gluten free products available, it appears the Asian fried rice beef and chicken helper products are no longer gluten free.-

The ingredients listed on the Amazon page for this product, Asian Helper Chicken Fried Rice, do list wheat as an ingredient, as one rater has already noted. But, if you check the special General Mills website at [...], it says the product is gluten free. I have not tried the product yet, but I will soon.
237114237114B0031YOD0UARFDWUPN5P4WKBetty0111323129600MAY CONTAIN WHEAT on box topThis product is not "Gluten Free". It has "MAY CONTAIN WHEAT" listed right on the top of the box along with in the ingredients list.
237101237101B002RTC7ASA32RL81RYITWUMJon0051327363200Excellent productExcellent product/service. Item recieved before promised (during the holiday season!) and was exactly as described. This dealer was the only place I could find this scarce product. I will definately do buisness with them again.
237115237115B0031YOD0UA3HSQ089C79X3WRosta0111318377600Worst smelling meal I have had in a long timeAs soon as I dumped the seasoning packet in I knew it was going to be bad. My kitchen was instantly filled with an awful smell that only got worse as it cooked. If it were up to me at this point I would have stopped and made something else. But my wife insisted we stay the course and eat this meal. To describe the smell I think excrement works best, I am not using this term to be funny, its just what it actually smelled like.

Fortunately it did not taste as bad as it smelled, while it was not the best tasting, it was not as unbearable as its smell. The recipe did not call for enough water and the rice was rather chewy.

In conclusion I'm sure there are products out there that taste better, and definitely smell better than this one.
237116237116B0031YOD0UA1A1YRLDPS0J2Kimberlie S. Cramer "GHKSC"0111317772800Asian Helper Chicken Fried RiceThis was horrible! It was too salty and it the rice never gets fluffly. Even though I followed the recipe exactly there was not enough water to get the rice done, so even after adding more water and cooking longer it remained crunchy. The rice reminded me more of macaroni than rice. There were hardly any vegetables in it and it smelled very unappetizing. YUCK! I ended up feeding mine to the dog; she seemed to like it just fine.
237117237117B0031YOD0UAQKQH3I5WLPFQH.T.S.0111311811200oh my goodness NO!ok, i wasnt going to review this but had too. Got this at Target and was excited since it is supposed to be gluten free, but I think the ingredients listed online are wrong..but besides that, this is the most disgusting meal in a box i have ever tried. the sauce just oozed msg and was so nasty. i mean, i like sweet sauces, and salty, but this was just beyond bad. it is not worth trying in my opinion. just mix some tamari and agave and you have a better alternative than this. i tried saving it, but it was impossible. even the dog wouldn't eat it...
237118237118B0031YOD0UASGEDSWV6L9XVSarah4911286409600This is not gluten free.Why is this in the Gluten Free store? Read the ingredients. It contains wheat. It might be a great product but it should not be in this listing. Please remove it and the other Helper products. They all seem to contain wheat. If you don't have celiac disease you can disreguard this complaint.
237119237119B0031YOD0UA1NJ2IFYIT3EAKMikki Adams0311286668800Soy sauce, g/f's insidious nemesisC'mon Betty, overlooking the wheat in soy sauce is a rookie g/f mistake. That's usually where the wheat is sneaking in - and in the caramel coloring. Yes, General Mills, it's quite tough to eat the way we need to eat. We appreciate that you want our business but you have to get this right. I get a headache from even a little soy sauce. Take this seriously. It's our lives.
237120237120B000LRH410A1GP4NLSJ66KJ4linny0011330992000LinnyI had these cookies in a restaurant. Loved them so I got the name and ordered them. Not the same quality is terrible. They had a funny taste and they were a waste of money.
237102237102B002RTC7ASA1T37WKRIJYRXCRyan P0021323561600Kisses that just are notThese kisses are just OK. They sort of taste like pumpkin but not very good pumpkin, and they lack a critical flavor - Hershey's chocolate.
237103237103B002RTC7ASA3RBUU7E0E43D9tammi0051323302400greatty. it was great. took to last day to get to me but loved the candies. I would order again next year.
237104237104B002RTC7ASA1Q1AMKFH5H25Bmindy0031322438400ok for cookingThese would be good to use in something that you were baking but to eat them alone they are not good. A little too overwhelming on the spice flavor.
237105237105B002RTC7ASA2YB7L0BFT09EFJohn Mills0051320105600Tasty and CreamyI really like these. The flavoring is not over-powering but noticeable. The texture is very creamy. Interesting that they do it in multiple layers.
237106237106B002RTC7ASAE6TETH9UW2CLC Roth1211350518400Pumpkin KissesI was terribly disappointed with my recent purchase. It arrived in a timely manner, but when I opened the package the candy was completely melted and unusable.
237107237107B002RTC7ASA3CWBVSHDH5I82Lehtisha Andrews0111350604800like taking a bite our of a fall candle....These are terrible. Its like taking a bit our of a fall scented candle. Buy them for a Halloween gag gift.
237108237108B002RTC7ASA6PJVAUU4HZM4Terrie "Terrie"0211346889600Not PumpkinI bought a package of these because I love pumpkin....had to throw the package away as no one would eat them! Doesn't even come close to pumpkin-flavored. We'll stick to chocolate kisses from now on!

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