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237241237241B001KWF2O6AB9DHX1F0UQ3QWorld Music Fan1151285286400The bestThis is the best Adobo I've ever tried. I use this on everything, meat dishes, salads, chili, seriously, everything. If you use Adobo, try this one. You'll never go back to your old brand, if that old brand isn't Frontier. Frontier really does have the freshest herbs I've ever had. And I swear I don't work for them, but come to think of it, I wish I did.
237242237242B001KWF2O6A2I4QY3PLHX9VBDelilah V.0051330387200Great flavor and love organic!Frontier has some of the best tasting seasonings and this one is no different. Great product and organic is always the way to go. Highly recommend.
237243237243B001KWF2O6A1SXMCMLHAVH0IBiba0051312934400WONDERFUL!This is such a great spice mix (Adobo). Like the other reviewer said, it can be used on anything and everything. I've used it on everything from eggs to pasta salads to chicken to rice and it makes each one taste like something from a professional chef. I highly recommend this spice to everyone......try it! This does have salt in it (sea salt is the first ingredient) so don't get heavy handed with it (which I tend to do sometimes because I LOVE the flavor so much) or it can make the dish too salty. It's all ORGANIC too!
237244237244B0048UAL3YADNPUV2B9CLEQC. Bullman5541296604800Not as pictured... (+Addendum)While the salt is good, it is not packaged as pictured. It comes in a nondescript ziplok style bag with a sticky label. I bought this for inclusion in a gift basket, but the packaging made me reluctant to include it.

Upon further review, the item title *does* use the word bag... I guess I should have read instead of relying on the picture.

Addendum: the sellers changed the product picture to more accurately reflect the packaging. Yay!
237245237245B0008F5O2QAW8MVGQ9G1BMTLizK "lizard"181851239062400Love these spices!This pepper shaker is great! We love looking at the choices and deciding which heat and flavor will best go with our meal. We've had this shaker quite a while now and the spices are holding up well and are still tasty.
237246237246B0008F5O2QA2J1CNLUOC73GLPaula A. Thessen "child of the blood moon"101151225411200very spicyBought this for my Son's Birthday, he loves spicy food & likes to cook- he's had alot of fun with the different spices.
237247237247B0008F5O2QA3IDCAUYW8G87CLJ1151263945600Great gift!This is a fantastic product and a great gift for anyone that loves to spice up their food. I gave it to my dad as a Christmas present and he loves it. So far we have only tried the cayenne pepper - it is quite a bit hotter than other cayenne that I have had but it has an excellent taste. Absolutely recommend!
237248237248B0008F5O2QA2ZT58S1VMW1O9Beryl the Bookworm "Beryl the Bookworm"71051137024000Doesn't get much better than this!If you appreciate caliente, you MUST try this!
237249237249B0008F5O2QA20S7XV2JK0UXLGregory C. Ward0041343260800Hot pepper variety!There are 6 different "ready to shake on your food" here! (Different peppers do taste "didfferent" too!) No "grinding, chopping" needed at all!
237250237250B0008F5O2QANCUW3OEJFGQ2Crystal Berry "GlidderGirl"0051342828800Good SpicesThis is an amazing pepper shaker, however it is not as big as I imagined. I love the spices and I would consider ordering more at a later date. I would recommend it to anyone who has craving for insanly hot food. I myself am a spice lover and I wish you all the best in your spicy endevors. Thanks for the wonderful product Amazon.
237251237251B0008F5O2QA3RKD403BBYN73ArlingtonWahoo0041325980800Packaging needs improved, but great contentsAs several reviewers have also commented, the packaging for this product is terrible. It is very hard to get the spices out, and when you do it makes a big mess on the container. The contents are great, though I wish they sold the habanero flakes separately because I seem to go through those the quickest.
237252237252B0008F5O2QA2F26LTC94LWDJJoanna Smith0031324944000Good spices, Awful packagingThe package is poorly designed - all the peppers are covered with the same plastic cap and it comes off very easy. When one wants to use 1 of the 6 types of peppers available, he will have some trouble to stop all the others from falling also.

The quality of the actual product is good, but not being able to select and easily use the one you want is against the very idea of this shaker.
Would not buy again.
237253237253B0008F5O2QA20WEEYX2YQXW1swans62500051324944000Love Dave's Gourmet Products!I have been experimenting with different flavors using spices and herbs and other condiments. I haven't had a lot of experience with different chili peppers so this was a great way to sample the chilies in a variety of forms. I'd recommend it as a gift for novice cooks who like their food with varying degrees of heat.
237254237254B0008F5O2QA3CKPNSGA7JOLKBachelier ""1004""0041316304000Useful for variety and travel.First, the bad parts: the canister is awkward. If you want some sprinkles of any item, sure this is fine, but if you are trying to get a teaspoonful of any one item offered for a recipe, expect to spend five minutes getting the proper amount.

But this Six-Shaker does what it does very well, which is offer a lot of differing heat levels and flavors (raw to smokey) in one easy to transport canister. I take mine with me everywhere.

Value? Well, it is a little steep for the couple spoonfuls of peppers in each chamber, but what you are paying for here is the round-robin with lots of selection in one device, not totting six different jars.

Dave's Gourmet products are always high quality on the ingredients/flavor side of things, and this product is no exception. These are high-quality peppers (hint: want to know how to tell bad quality dried peppers? Well, they taste increasingly gritty and/or dusty because guess what? The sellers are extending the product with dust!).

If you have one favorite dried powdered pepper though (say, chipolte flakes), then this isn't for you. You will use up your favorite long before the others are used and be stuck with orphan peppers for a long time. Me, I like variety.

So if you like variety, hot peppers, and easy to transport this is a great assortment.
237255237255B0008F5O2QA2LSGTBQ9HZ2NDJolene "Jolene Brown"0021310774400Chiles were nice, package is AWFULI enjoyed the variety of chiles, but the canister is pure hell. You can't even break into the thing. Even though the habanero and chipotle flakes were awesome, I'll never buy anything again in this ridiculous canister. To get a tablespoon of flakes, I had to pound the canister on a newspaper on my counter. I probably spent five minutes on the task.
237256237256B0008F5O2QA1JRMZAKGEIUELDenis0041308182400NIce variety packMy buddy bought this for me for my birthday.

It has a lot of great choices of spices.

My favorite to make is a white chicken chili with onions, chicken, spices, etc..
237257237257B0008F5O2QA2B2SIJ0JGS3Z3Dave G0051303862400Very nice spice shaker.I've had this for about two weeks now and the habanero pepper flakes are almost empty. I've sampled all six spices and they all have great flavor. I've made beef jerky with the habanero flakes and it turned out great. Made turkey jerky with the New Mexico chili powder and that was great as well. I've been very pleased with this little spice set and I think it's a great addition to any spice cupboard as you can chose what heat level you are in the mood for.
237258237258B0008F5O2QA2MKZQFH5QSTGQLee Ann Capogrossi0041293840000Good for sprinkling, but...Great item since we can't easily get these spices where we live. However, I had to cut out the sprinkling screen so I could just have a hole to pour the spice out of -- I needed 1 tbsp for chili and sprinkling was taking forever. The top would not open at all.
237259237259B0008F5O2QA1OT0GLXRNMO4Spa Aficianado0051293321600Great GiftPerfect for chili heads, nothing in it very spicy but the variety is unique-- 6 chilis to taste test in one package. Very inexpensive and unique gift idea.
237260237260B0008F5O2QA70HUTHGNQ42URJR "RJR"0041292544000A good giftThe recipient liked the gift. Since she lives in another city, I haven't had the chance to sample this. She enjoys the chiles, though.
237261237261B0008F5O2QA2VXTPP0J6WN9Ddaisy2431293494400all are HOT!All these varieties of pepper are very hot. My son loves them, but his tongue swelled
after the first try. Not for those who don't enjoy hot cuisine.
237262237262B0008F5O2QA30N1CJAWRVWBNChris0151314230400The HotnessI love the hotness, and I am constantly running out of different types of pepper flakes. I had to buy this when I saw it, and I don't regret it. Spice it up!
237263237263B0009F5CJUA1SJMAF4M4WCHBSuperbier81011278979200Check the EXPIRATION DATE!!!!These candies are great if they are NOT expired. I have ordered these candies from several different sellers on multiple occasions and I have consistently received expired products. Additionally, some sellers put company stickers over top of the expiration date so you can't tell when the product expires. Beware of the following sellers as I have had trouble with each of them: Toys Samurai, ABCTOY4me and ToysDiva. I have reported each of them to Amazon (4 different complaints in the past 4 months) and Amazon has done nothing to stop them from sending out expired products or products with hidden expiration dates. Good luck.
237264237264B006ISOWQGA3ARVWLRF8WPPZLilly Miller0051335225600Works for my dog - Even More So Than the Original Beef Flossies!I recently tried these out for my dog despite being more expensive than the regular Flossies as she seems to have gotten a little bored of the regular Flossies. (I stopped giving them to her for a while to help increase her interest again) She's VERY picky when it comes to new things and is not very food motivated so often times I will have to give her something several times before she will try it. (then often times once she does she loves it!) I was shocked that she went for this right away and absolutely loves it!

I don't buy them that often so every time I do buy them she is so happy she can barely wait for me to get the packaging off! Speaking of, although I like when items are indiviudally wrapped it is kind of annoying having to get the shrink wrap off the product without breaking it, but I'm sure the reason why Merrick does this is because they do have quite a smell to them.

Although the smell isn't pleasant it DOES NOT seem to resonate in the dogs mouth, nor does it stain the carpets. My dog has a soft mouth and is not a strong chewer so these types of treats have always been fine for her. She usually will chew for about 20 minutes and then leave it, which I will pick up and save for later.

I've actually caught her eating the whole thing in one sitting now that we have tried these, which is a rarity! These seem to be more "chewy" than the original beef Merrick Flossies - lately she will eat through the Flossies rather than chew on them as she used to, but these she seems to love getting into smaller pieces and picking it up in her mouth and just chewing til her hearts content.

Of course not all treats work for all dogs but my pup loves them. I haven't been able to find them in stores except when I was on vacation 300 miles away, so for now I will continue to order on Amazon. It seems that the prices have gone down considerably from when they first came out with the product, although I would like to see better bulk savings!
237265237265B006ISOWQGA30QBT07D6EPBSSeven8Nine0021334620800Gone in a flash - and stinky too!Our dog loves to eat any kind of steer pizzel and she certainly loved this one. Problem was, it was gone within a half hour. Most of the pizzle style chews we give her last 2-4 hours. For the price, I had wanted it to last longer. Also, this one stank - so bad - that I was glad when she did finish it.
237266237266B001O8SJ5KA352K9NY8AO99Uniamert2251265673600Great deal on lots of gumI realized I was chewing A LOT of gum, and knew that aspartame isn't the best artificial sweetener. Tried Spry and liked it. Flavor last a fairly long time, but not as long as the convenience store selection. Also have to have 2-3 pieces for a good chew. I'll take xylitol over aspartame though. Best price for a sample pack of all 4 flavors. Fast shipping! I like their gum, but the fruit flavor gives me headaches. The same thing happens when I used to chew JuicyFruit. I think it is the artificial fruit flavoring (Spry uses both natural and artificial for fruit gum. The other 3 flavors are naturally flavored). No aspartame, can't complain. I'm happy!
237267237267B001O8SJ5KA1DR8CR4NQ2779gold0051317600000best gum everI bought this set for my husband's deployment. It should last a long time. The gum is great with all natural ingredients. His dentist and physician both recommended it for over-all oral health. I really think it is a better alternative to sugar-free gums with aspartame.
237268237268B001O8SJ5KA316VQ7HTXZTFSA. L. Jones "Babs Goodtalk"0031304380800Good gumIf you are watching your sugar intake then this is a good gum. The gum is soft and are the pieces are the size of Chicklett gum. My only issue is that some of the flavors disappear quickly. The longest lasting appears to the spearmint flavor.

Update 9/22/2012 is the only place where I can purchase this gum at such a reasonable price.
237269237269B001O8SJ5KAO9OIIJGIVE49Lynne0051281398400Spry Xylitol GumThis gum was recommended to us by our dentist. He said that xylitol was supposed to be very good for teeth. The gum tastes great and does seem to be helping our families' teeth. This 4 pack is the best deal price-wise. Since we have a large family (8 kids), we tend to go through it quickly. The variety pack is nice, too, since everyone likes a different flavor! The least-liked flavor is the fruit. It would be nice if the buyer could just pick 4 of his/her favorite flavors, but until that happens, we'll continue to buy this.
237270237270B001SAZJO8A3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis3331340323200Nellie Nellie Nellie!Oh man, what have you done? High Fructose Corn Syrup, dang when did that happen?

I have eaten these things for years it seems, in salads and mainly right out of the
jar. I've tried very hard to cut out HFCS from my diet, along with GMO's, but its
getting harder and harder to do it seems as these big food companies are getting
pretty tricky with the names and now that the Senate has refused to back a bill that
allows states to mandate labeling....but I'm getting sidetracked.

These beets still taste great (5/5) but I refuse to support a company that puts this
garbage in our food supply. I guess I'll just have to figure out how to make my own,
but first I'll have to find the organic beets, or grow my own and then pray that the
FDA, EPA, and Homeland Security doesn't arrest me for growing my own food!

Rant over, they still taste great, just wish they'd lose the corn syrup. BTW, Del Monte
still uses real sugar in their beets.

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