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238351238351B0057JF92SA1CQ5HOU8MUE4BMarilyn1231338422400Yummy but ExpensiveQuinn popcorn is very yummy and quite tasty. Almost all of the kernels popped up. While I was pleased with the taste and texture, I thought it was too expensive for the amount of popcorn you get.
238352238352B0057JF92SA1R2TIWG1Y0B4ZWireless "bandaid"0121348876800blueumbrellaI was looking for a healthy popcorn option and unfortunately this is not that product. Fortunately, the oil and seasoning were packed separately, so the popcorn could easily be eaten without it, but you end up paying for something which is discarded. The popcorn kernels were fresh, but average in size after being popped. I will stick to the store brand in the future.
238353238353B0057JF92SA366X6R5GHGZ81KJC0151347840000Best New Product on the market!!I offered this company some help through kickstarter, and was really excited to try this product. I first off loved the packaging and the simple look to the bag. The print was large and easy to understand and wasn't cluttered.

The best part of this brand is that you can control how much oil and seasoning you put on the popcorn. It may take some practice to get the timing right in your microwave to pop all without burning it. The Parmesan and rosemary is by far the best flavor with the lemon a close second.

The only thing I would change is the maple flavor, it needs to be sweeter or maybe a different type of maple as it has an almost cardboard flavor.

I stopped eating other microwave popcorn a long time ago and find making it myself to be a hassle when I have a random craving. I am seriously addicted to this now and will be buying again right now. They need to start selling at my local grocery store soon I think!!
238354238354B000QAVBB6A26Q7SRGGYJDJ6Calvin W. Hines0051259971200FANTASTIC FLAVORThis is the best meat rub I have ever used! The maple undertone really adds a taste never experienced before and a small amount on both sides is all that is needed. It really helps hold in the moisture too. This would be a great gift for any cook but especially those who do outdoor grilling.
238355238355B000SZ7DNEA29Z8M81JA7K64MT7741285545600FEE BROTHERS MAKE TERRIFIC AND VARIED BITTERS!All I can say is that I love FEE BROTHERS various beverage products. They have an amazing line of flavored Bitters. Bitters are terrific if you've never tried them. Most folks know only Angostura Bitters but there are a wide variety of them. Don't think of them just for alcoholic cocktails but also for non-alcoholic beverages and drinks, sauces, salad dressings, baking and cooking applications. My first experience with FEE BROTHERS was their Orange, Peach and Mint Bitters which I bought a few years ago. I really enjoyed them and found them quite versatile in bar and kitchen. The Lemon Bitters are no less terrific than the previously mentioned ones, as are the Cherry and Cranberry (which I've also tried). There is one caution with the Lemon Bitters,...due to the action of the lemon oil in the bitters on the inside plastic "dash/dropper" cap, it becomes loose & can easily fall off when shaking drops of Bitters. I sadly did not look before dashing a few drops into a cocktail shaker and suddenly I found a good 1/3 of the bottle in my cocktail shaker because the cap came off. You either have to use a dropper or carefully hold the cap on the bottle when you shake a few drops. I E-mailed FEE BROTHERS and they wrote me that they were aware of the inner cap problem and were working on it. They then sent me a new bottle of Lemon Bitters and a complimentary bottle of their Cranberry Bitters. I was really impressed with their promptness and thoughtfulness in sending me not only the replacement but the free bottle of the other Bitters. Top notch product and company.
238356238356B000SZ7DNEA1EWQXH0UE8OYGAlan L. W. GUNSUL "Active elder"2351254355200Proper BittersThe only place I could find proper bitters (i.e. orange bitters for mimosas) was
on line for the one place in greater Seattle went out of business. Since lemon bitters
was also available I bought some of them also. We use them anywhere bitters are called
for in mixed drinks to add a new taste. We use both types in our mimosas.
238357238357B001RDAUG8A37K6X041H54B2Michael H. Wrisley3321291248000Where's the Smoke?OK. I was all puckered up to really like this version of smoked olive oil (I thought the one I'd been guzzling was the only one in the world!). I figured at the rate my family consumes The Smoked Olive's local brand (they literally put it on almost EVERYTHING!), it might be worth saving a couple of bucks (after shipping it wasn't so much cheaper after all). I was excited the day it came (like 10 days after my order) and got out some of my homemade, wood-fired oven baked ciabatta bread. A big sloppy dip (I like olive oil) on a hunk of bread entered my mouth and... what happened to the smoke? There wasn't a whole lot of smoke to begin with, but the initial flavor literally fell off. Like some poorly executed wines that just have no character. Yeah, I'm spoiled and prejudice living in Sonoma County where the best artisan foods are found. I guess this is a perfect example of "you get what you pay for".
238358238358B001RDAUG8A1G2DLIUQKIDTLpaw2251287964800super flavor for vinaigrettes, reductions, any savory dishThis has been out of stock locally, though I keep asking for it wherever better olive oils are sold. It's a superb oil to begin with--very fresh and buttery, smooth and without any bite---but the added smoke dimension is really present; it doesn't overwhelm a sauce or dressing, but it doesn't vanish, either.
It's great when brushed over seared sea scallops just at the end of cooking. It marries well with citrus flavors. I've added it to a port-cherry sauce for duck breast, yum. It's good in any vinaigrette, but especially ones used with whole-grains.
238359238359B001RDAUG8A22NLBSGTF3IPLLinda Cervon2251268870400AMAZING!I had a bottle of this a few years ago and HOARDED it. The place where I originally bought it has been out-of-stock for months and I have only a few drops left. I probably would have used it on more things other than salads and grilling meat and chicken but I was concerned I couldn't replace it.
It's so good... if you've never tasted pine smoked olive oil, try it now!
238360238360B001RDAUG8A4C7GT76GP6V1Joyce1111290729600disappointingThis Spanish oil was disappointing. It lacked much, if any, real smoky flavor and I found the oil itself to be rather unappealing. We had the smoked olive oil from Napa, California and it was incredible! It's a little more expensive, but definitely worth it.
238361238361B001RDAUG8A3OUVRX0YSNJIFCarol Purnell "cpcooks"1151261612800Smoked EleganceUse this oil with a little balsamic vinegar and turn a salad into an experience. It is also an excellent addition to broiled or baked fish. Miguel and Valentino is a precious find!
238362238362B000FDMQB8A2IKBFY6BHRAXRTuttiFrutti3351171843200Thin is good!I love these rice cakes mainly because they are thinner and crispier than the plastic Quakers or Lundbergs which I stopped buying a long time ago because I couldn't swallow them (literally).
238363238363B000FDMQB8A1UOP3I8BE70JJR. Smith2251318032000Clever take on bread loaf shapeI actually like rice cakes & these are extra fun. They come " thin sliced" & in a loaf shape so it's a clever take on a loaf of bread. The toast slice, squared shape lends itself to a sandwich eating experience. They hold up to spreading goodies on them & don't disintegrate into your lap when bitten. The taste is fresh, crisp & lightly salted. i haven't seen thesein local stores.Well done product!
238364238364B000FDMQB8A1VFW8E6OUVH8EMJ STONE1151322438400Hands down the Best Rice Cracker on the market!Try these rice crackers, you will not be disappointed, they are absolutely the best I have ever had! I couldn't find them in any of my local stores, I was really happy to discover Amazon sells them.
238365238365B000FDMQB8A21L5LQZ7ACSVSLynn M. Marziale "Yummy & Healthy"1151299456000YummyExcellent taste for myself and for my Golden Retreivers (a la the vet's advice ...) Pet treats are expensive and fattening. The dogs love the crunch, too. But I love them with peanut butter or hummus spread on them! Thank You.
238366238366B000FDMQB8A1K8PBCHA6YW40S. Anible1151284854400YUM.I can't stop eating these. It could be worse, though--they aren't bacon. I'm hoping that Amazon will offer these on a subscription basis. They're better than any other rice cake I've eaten, and I've tried 3 other brands. These are thinner and more dense. My boyfriend even likes them. :) They're slightly salty, but the nutrition information is the same as for the other varieties of Suzie's. This was my favorite flavor. :) I eat them like giant potato chips.
238367238367B000YFZ9XYAMWWV85VK1TYXPolar Bear1151203292800VERY DELICIOUS!!!!!These seasonings (other flavors: Sicilian & Tuscany) there is also a Parmasan blend, but the first 3 are my personal favorites, are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! They are also very versatile, you can have them with olive oil for bread dipping or better yet, use them to cook chicken, ground turkey burgers, fish, just about anything you can think of. I've tried a few other seasonings at the supermarket but they are waste of money, you get a lot more seasoning and a TON more delicious flavor with the Dean Jacob's seasoning collection.
238368238368B000YFZ9XYA34SKKVHH06G4WMAA "MAA"0051347667200One of my favorite flavors!Wow, this is an amazing flavor. It's wonderful in olive oil for dipping bread,on top of pizza, throw it over cooked chicken, salad, soup or even tasty, so versatile...can't go wrong! I even made croutons with it with some leftover home made bread.
238369238369B000YFZ9XYA1EOJ0WTDH8CLKR. P. Schubert "bread dipping connoiseur"0051180224000Great StuffThis adds that something extra to plain olive oil making it special instead of just ordinary. I highly recommend it.
238370238370B001VNKZUUA2TIQTMU8SHVG1SierraNevadan101131268524800Somewhat bland/sweetI was attracted to this item for its low sodium content (2 T solids = 1 cup broth = 20 mg sodium). Has a sweet taste due to the corn syrup solids that are the first listed ingredient. I wanted to use this to saute vegtetables without oil and as a soup base, but the sweetness will limit its use for that. I'll be looking for another low sodium alternative or perhaps, making my own powdered herb/vegetable base when I get ambitious.
238371238371B001VNKZUUA1MBRYT57OLI23June "Junie"111421262131200RATHER HAVE THE SALT THAN THE SUGAR .I thought this item would be a good addition to try on the diet I've been following. I was looking for a low sodium, vegetable flavor. The brand I usually use DOES make a vegetable flavor, but not in the low sodium variety. I have not opened the package of Frontier as yet. I was not happy after reading the label. The first ingredient listed on the label is, "Corn Syrup Solids." There is a carbohydrate content, a sugar content and a relatively high calorie content, comparatively speaking. My usual brand has about 10 calories per serving. Frontier's has a calorie content of 60 per serving. Frontier website states, "Frontier Natural Products Co-op specializes in natural and organic products." I did not expect to get sugar in their soup product, albeit a less sweeter one. Lower dextrose, nevertheless is still sugar. If you look on their website, this is what Frontier states about the product: " Vegetable Flavored Broth Powder, Low Sodium - Use this rich flavor blend of tomato, onion, garlic, carrot, basil, celery seed, kelp, parsley, spinach, turmeric and bay for soups, rice and pasta. Pure, natural taste-without fillers, hidden ingredients, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. " DOES ANYONE SEE CORN SYRUP SOLIDS LISTED, HERE? :( DISAPPOINTED and didn't even taste it, yet! Not what I was expecting.
238372238372B001VNKZUUAIZ7S4GB8UFOVS Grey "pet lover"0051302393600Use it every day!I have high cholesterol levels and do a lot of meat-free cooking. I use tablespoons of this wonderful product to give depth to my dishes. I use more than is suggested and frequently add a little wine as well to create dynamite vegan meals. I wouldn't be without my broth powder!!!
238373238373B001VNKZUUA3ONBB4GAGBHAWDebra J. Focht0051299110400Finally sodium-free VEGETABLE broth powderI couldn't imagine why there was no sodium free VEGETABLE broth. I finally found some and it is good. So convenient to use, rather that boiling up a batch yourself and throwing in frozen cubes.I am doing a lot of from scratch cooking and even canning with this low sodium diet and really didn't need one more thing to make.
238374238374B002NED5HQA461VTLW9G9YBDance Dance Dance0051323216000yummyI have been eating this cheese my entire life and I never knew the name until recently. I buy the big tin even though its super expensive from my market. Its so rich and yummy.
238375238375B001JGGQNYA1ZOTVZDV9B1YZJ. Baker "Distractionist"0051304726400Essential Brown SauceI can't live without this sauce. I used it in and on everything.

On eggs, beans on toast, sandwiches, and its essential to my steak marinades.

This bottle is the normal size, I was hoping to get the huge ones I see imported at British food shoppes, but this was the only one listed.

Shipping was just barely more than the product, but its the S&H I was really paying for, and it was FAST for intl shipping.

238376238376B0053TZLIEAHBM02WNEYIAPSou1151322438400A DiscoveryI could never get it right when it came to making meringue, and when I was trying to make the Royal frosting and it asked for meringue powder it was like a real discovery for me. I could not find it in the stores and had to search for it on the Internet, of course came through. Now I am not afraid of recipes that talk about making a meringue it is so easy and works exactly the way it should plus it is safer than having to eat raw egg whites.
238377238377B000V8WDS8A15YITHY4NTTSQhayley0051336089600Best candy ever!I used to buy these as a kid when the convenience store near me had a big tub of them and they sold them individually and put them in a small paper sack. I loved them then, and they are still just as good now! So glad I found them on Amazon! We have already gone through three of these boxes, because everyone in my family loves them and whenever someone visits they eat them too. They are definately my favorite candy!
238378238378B000V8WDS8A56HOUWZEFR7TVon G0051334793600Yummy!!!One of the best purchases yet.... Whenever I need a little candy it's on hand! Love it and of your looking for good candy in bulk at a cheap price this is definitely the one of you..... :-)
238380238380B007KZJV6MA3KTU6VVGU701HJoypebble0041346630400"Ground in a frozen state to preserve the shape of the flakes?"I bought and used this product and it was satisfactory in every sense except that when I went back to buy more, the copy said:
"Ground in a frozen state to preserve the shape of the flakes." Didn't go further. No Seller Contact was evident on the page. Too unappetizing.

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