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238591238591B000CRIUNUALSVRJQE2THZTGrady Morgan9931254268800Great Granola, Not fresh from AmazonThis granola is really good, but the stuff from Amazon is not fresh. The whole bag is a solid brick of granola when you receive it. It is pretty stale. I've gotten it several times, and my experience has been consistent.
238592238592B000CRIUNUA3UV7L5ND3EH8TJanet Boyer "Snowland Deck Creatrix"9951159401600Delicious!Guess what I'm eating right now?

You guessed it...Bear Naked Banana Nut Granola!

I was in the organic section of a grocery store the other night, looking for low-fat granola. (I'm on a low-fat diet to help combat elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. *wince*)

I bought myself a 12 oz. packages of the Banana Nut, as well as the Bear Naked Peak Protein Granola. The latter was so-so, but the Banana Nut? YUM!

It's delicious plain, in my opinion, but you could certainly eat it with milk/soy milk as cereal, or mix in with some yogurt.

There are 11 servings per bag (about 1/4 cup) and here are some nutritional facts per 1/4 Cup:

140 calories (60 from fat)

Total Fat 7 g (10% DV)

NO Trans Fat

NO Cholesterol

5 mg sodium

17 g carbs (3 g dietary fiber, 5 g sugars)

3 g protein

If you love organic, hand-made, nutritional products, Bear Naked Banana Nut is wonderful! It contains almonds, and tastes a bit like dried banana chips + tasty granola.

(P.S. The price here at Amazon is a STEAL! I would have paid over $10 more if I would have bought the same quantities at the grocery store!)
238593238593B000CRIUNUA12F2IDT2X0HEFMichael Holl6651142985600Good enough to start eating breakfast again!This stuff is awesome. A great-tasting mix of all-natural granola, WHOLE almonds & walnuts, and banana chips that make breakfast the best meal of my day! I'm not a huge banana fan, but the flavor here is perfect: the bananas don't overpower the nuts and vice-versa. What I like the most is that every mouthful is a little different, depending on the mix of banana, granola, and nuts you happen to get. Great with milk or as a snack. Even though the bag looks small in comparison with the boxes of cereal on the grocer's shelf, you get nearly the same amount of stuff, and the quality is 1000% better than any other granola on the market (just compare the list of ingredients and you'll see what I'm talking about.) Highly recommended, also try the Apple Cinnamon and Fruit & Nut varieties.
238594238594B000CRIUNUA2P0O1OR2KE461DonGiovanna "Viva il Maestro"6641158105600Not bad ...I hesitate to write a review about a food because, well, one man's meat is another man's poison ... I like the not-too-sweet and minimally processed taste of this brand; the Banana flavour is our favourite. The Fruit and Nut flavour lacks a little oomph and the fruit inside is too tangy for my taste buds (so maybe TOO minimally processed?). Also, remember that 'All Natural' is NOT organic, even if you find this in the health food section of your grocery store. Our local Target also carries this brand of granola and has the best price for it.
238595238595B000CRIUNUA1HOGHL27A02MPJ. Michael Weiseman5551171324800YUU-UUMDISCLAIMER: I do not work for Bear Naked or any of its subsidiaries or parent companies. I am an normal consumer.

This stuff is GREAT! I was recently forced to go on a low-sodium diet due to congenital high blood pressure, and finding things with little to no sodium that actually taste good has been REALLY hard. I picked the Bear Naked All-Natural Granola, Fruit and Nut last night and it is wonderful. Its pleasantly sweet-not bland, and leaves a great aftertaste, unlike other natural granolas. the fruit and nuts in it are fresh, even without preservatives. Better yet, it has 0 (zero, none, nada) sodium!! A little Bear Naked and some soy milk in the morning and I'm set. I definitely will recommend this to all my family and friends. Thanks Bear Naked!
238596238596B000CRIUNUA34AZQI46YAP1MTortillaCorn "Keep it Healthy!"4431228003200Fantastic product, questionable value on AmazonAll of the Bear Naked products are great (Fruit and Nut being my favorite) but the prices on Amazon have become more and more unfavorable to the wise consumer - one 12 oz package is available for sale at my local Stop and Shop grocer for $3.99 - no waiting for shipping, either! Please support this fantastic product but purchase sensibly.
238597238597B000CRIUNUA3E73T83H7TRQOmiss lee3351147219200YUMMY!Quite frankly, this is comparable to the Banana Nut Crunch from Post except this is better. I look forward to the crunchy banana slices and the almonds that are hidden in this granola. Great with fat-free milk! Everyone in my family is in love with this cereal!
238598238598B000CRIUNUA170ETPQ4V6LDZP. Pursel "ppursel"3351170892800Best Granola I've FoundI really like Granola, and have tried many different kinds. Most of them are just too sweet, more like candy than a nutritious treat with grains and fruit. These are perfect, I like the Fruit and Nut, it has big whole nuts, so big in fact, I have to pick them out before giving them to my two year old Great Niece that I watch. My husband prefers the Peak Protien, which has very little fruit because he doesn't like dried fruit. Those are the only two I have tried but plan on trying them all.
238599238599B000CRIUNUAUS41DWQVM8MHarley Ulbrich5651152403200one of the bestI was recently give a birthday gift of Bear Naked All-Natural Granola, Banana Nut, 12-Ounce bags (Pack of 6). I would say that it is probably the best tasting Granola I have ever eaten. I like to eat Granola with yogurt and this make one of the smoothest Granola breakfast that I have even eaten.
238600238600B000CRIUNUA1FDGISP2A5UK0A. B. "Busy Mom of 5"5651151884800Great start if you're trying to eat healthierI picked up Bear Naked granola at a chain grocery store (expensive) after pouring over some health and fitness mags....trying to get in the routine of eating healthier. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best....and this granola REALLY is. Less fat, sodium (and all the other stuff you don't want) than other boxed brands I've tried, but tons of flavor you might not expect from a "natural food". Hats off to the two who started this company. The banana nut granola DOES taste great! And I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find it again :) I just have to get the rest of my family in line...
238601238601B000CRIUNUA1SEWK67N0B571Robert J. Davidson2251215302400SOOO healthy !SOOO healthy & good tasting.
I started eating a bowl in the morning with added walnuts & almonds & blueberries, A healthy lunch & a healthy dinner & I have lost 62 lbs in the last 7 months.
I have zero cravings.
No exercise..just cut out sugars & white flour foods & ate healthy.
This granola is the best !
238602238602B000CRIUNUA2C8045GSHISYKW. Baker2251176163200Bear Naked GranolaBear Naked Granola, especially the Fruit & Nut, is a superior product, and we have used the product for some time. Bear Naked items tend to be expensive in local supermarkets, and the prices are a little better at stores such as Costco. Costco tends to be out of stock or does not hav the flavor we want. Purchasing through Amazon was cheaper then the supermarket, cheaper then Costco, and the shipping was prompt and free.
238603238603B000CRIUNUA3NKSVKXMM5I4TRoyalfamilyfive "The Professor"2241169164800A little pricey for granolaDon't get me wrong, this granola cereal is superior to all others I've tried. Whole almonds and raisins, cranberries, etc. But for the price, I was a little disappointed, I expected much more. The vitamins and minerals are a little on the short side of this product, but mostly beat anything comparable in the grocery aisle. Like another reviewer, I could also smell a "plastic" odor in the package, but the granola did not have a bad taste nor a bad smell. The resealable bags are nice, especially to keep the product fresh.
238604238604B000CRIUNUA17PGJU80JGBIHCharles2251150588800Oh, this is for breakfast?I found this brand in a local health food store, and more recently in the Targets in my area. It's wonderful stuff. I've yet to eat it as a cereal for breakfast, though. I just pop open the bag and eat it by the handful as a snack. Not too sweet, just enough to taste good. I was recently disappointed in the Vanilla Almond Crunch variety, it tasted too strongly of oil to me. The banana nut has never disappointed. I recommend that you find it locally if you can, to try the flavors, then come to Amazon to buy the ones you like best. The price here is almost $1 off per bag compared to Target.
238605238605B000CRIUNUA3FNXJ6K6BQ9CKA. Feener4551163030400Best of the bestBear Naked is my favorite granola and Fruit and Nut is by far my favorite flavor. I came across Bear Naked because one of my favorite breakfast's is granola mixed with banana and yogurt. When I went off of refined sugar I was having the hardest time finding a granola without sugar added. Bear Naked uses all natural sugars like pear juice and maple syrup. My favorite part of this flavor is the dried cranberries and the coconut, plus the almonds add crunch to an overall chewy texture. I recommend this brand to all lovers of granola and to anyone looking for a healthy treat.
238606238606B000CRIUNUA1PPUD7G6M0P9OReed Cummings1151340755200Yummy!Absolutely love this product so tasty I can eat a bag in a couple of hours. I'm hooked on this stuff. It is sweeter than some of the other blends but not too sweet. A good amount of nuts in it as well.
238607238607B000CRIUNUA34BZM6S9L7QI4Mandy "mandy"1151298332800FANTASTIC WITH LIGHT YOGURTI think my headline said it all. It is way good with Light and Fit yogurt from the grocery store. It is a new favorite snack/meal replacement.

Banana Nut Bear Naked makes me smile. Wonderful product.
238608238608B000CRIUNUAPJ9Y0Y5JU03DSharon Apel1151272672000SharonI am a granola connossieur. I eat granola in vanilla fat free yogurt for my morning meal. I've tried lots of different granolas. The Bear Naked Fruit and Nut is the best that I've ever found--not too sweet with just the right amount of nuts and fruit in the granola mix. I highly recommend this product.
238609238609B000CRIUNUARYCT306D51XQP. Ratliff1151219795200Tastes great, more filling!My husband adores this granola! It is dense and chewy, with toasted whole grain flavor. It's not overly sweet, with the raisins adding just enough sweetness to be satisfying. Of course, like all granola, they seem to think that 1/4 cup is one serving...yeah...right; I've watched my husband sit down with the whole bag and a spoon while watching television! I don't eat it that often (calories, doncha know!), because I can't seem to limit myself to 1/4 cup either! This flavor is his favorite (the ones with added protein have an additional flavor that he finds objectionable), which is why we buy it in bulk from
238610238610B000CRIUNUA3FALBC0LBGFQGJustJohn1151180742400Great granola!This is a great natural snack food. Has lots of good stuff in it and is great as a mid-afternoon snack between lunch and dinner. While it may be healthy, it is not a low-fat food and though it can be easy to eat the entire bag, one needs to pay attention to that. That said, it is delicious!
238611238611B000CRIUNUAQRR9UUNFS9GNE. Fromlath1151178928000Tasty, Tasty GranolaThis granola is very good. It's not very sweet and has a nice crunch. I really like that the granola has almonds, pecans, cranberries and raisins. It's great with some sliced bananas, a couple blueberries and some vanilla soy milk. Yum!
238612238612B000CRIUNUA8RKPVGPRMAN6pcwluhn "pcwluhn"1151162512000The best darn granola on the planetBear Naked Granola is just fabulous. I've tried every granola around, and Bear Naked strikes the right balance between crunchy, sweet, and ostensibly, good for you. And Amazon's price certainly beats what you'd pay at the store.
238613238613B000CRIUNUA2RHWPWQJEN6TBWii Oh Wii Oh Wii6911284595200Company ingredients not worthyI purchased a Bear Naked chocolate / peanut butter granola cereal first part of last year 2009. The Peanut
Butter recall came out. I asked the Bear Naked company if this cereal was involved in the recall. They said no
it was not. I still did not open the cereal. Then 3 weeks later I actually found it on the recall list. Then they
listed it on their site. I inquired again and asked for a refund. Sent several emails and received no response.
They do not back their own products. They were apparently using crappy peanuts in there own cereal and did not even know the source of the peanuts. Can't trust them on any of there items. I never got a refund. This company cannot be trusted. Stay away.
238614238614B000CRIUNUAPCIMKHYU9NCBYou Don't Know2341228780800Very Good, But...I agree with most comments made but it needs to be pointed out that if you don't like your food to be overrun with nuts then this isn't the granola for you. There are big Almonds that are a mouthful in and of themselves. So the granola is good but just FYI.
238615238615B000CRIUNUARLSID0JXM3QKCarol J. Baker "Carol Baker"2311184371200DissapointedI really like this granola but this order tastes old in fact one bag was opened and a few days later it was moldy.
238616238616B000CRIUNUA19C4WE5N9WJLUCentaurdb0051350950400Great Tasting Granola!This granola is awesome! It tastes great and was delivered fresh. I look forward to trying other flavors but you can't go wrong with this one!
238617238617B000CRIUNUALUM76IAYQVX6the crafty connoisseur0051350518400The best granola out there!I've been purchasing Bear Naked Fruit and Nut Granola for a few years now. I've tried sooo many different kinds, including making my own. I would recommend this to ANYONE who appreciates good granola and wants a good quality product. It's very filling and goes great with milk or sprinkled on top of yogurt. I've even sprinkled it over my pancakes while they're cooking. The pecans and almonds in it are my favorite!
238618238618B000CRIUNUA3ULKUGJMMXDP0rWolf "rWolf"0041350086400Good productI got one at the venue of my fist half-marathon. The product overall claims to be very nutritious and natural. I admit that it mostly stands true to its claim and, more importantly, whole grain oats are fairly chewable and like that fact that it retains its natural texture too. As other reviewer has pointed out, taste is very well balanced, neither too sweet nor too bland. It comes with nice ziplock bag with all those printed claims that gives impression as if its a sole survivor of past 'age of raw food' and boasts of not having ingredients that any unprocessed food should not have. Neverthless, it keeps granola fresh. May not be able to convince GMO-free community since label has no mention of it (I am sure these guys would put it in billboard fonts if it were ;D).
238619238619B000CRIUNUA2URJIXUKAT9KSara E. Costello0051346112000Love it!I eat this granola almost every day for lunch mixed with vanilla yogurt. It is delicious. I love the crunch of the nuts and the chewiness of the dried fruit. It makes a very satisfying meal.
238620238620B000CRIUNUA1M6MO03IS1Y8YMichael0051337904000Excellent GranolaI've sampled many granolas before and conclude Bear Naked's Banana Nut Granola is one of the best. Being purely natural in ingredients would satisfy most people's taste. Has the right blend of bananas and whole nuts, which provide something to chew. Not overly sweet either.

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