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239187239187B005EV2EJAA2DPIF50YL6BXCDan364431329350400Exotic SoundingMy primary reason for looking at unconventional salts was not for any kind of magical healing powers, but because I've learned how bad chemically processed salts are for you.

I'm all for marketing even if it makes your product sound like it came right from the heavens... but I'm also for doing your own research.

"Himalayan Salts" don't come from the mountains themselves... instead it typically comes from Pakistan a few hundred miles away. That's not to necessarily say the mineral deposits wouldn't have come from the mountains, but it sounds a lot less exotic when you find it's the same stuff that's used to salt the roads over there.

There are a lot of varying reports on Himalayan salt... many suggesting that it is indeed high in lots of great minerals, but any balanced report seems to suggest it's also be high in other stuff you don't want too much of, such as fluoride.... The supposed ancient lake this salt came from is from the dinosaur age, but just look what happened to them ;).

I'm not sure what to believe now, but when I realized I was wasting way too much time I decided I'd just switch to French Gray Sea Salt also sold by the Spice Lab... If you check The Spice Lab's website, they've actually got a link to their supplier in France who seems to have been around for hundreds of years harvesting salt the old fashioned way free of any chemical/artificial processing... Many of their workers have even been in the salt harvesting industry for many generations. Sounds good to me, much less fairy tail like. In comparison, I watched a video online about Himalayan salts and the lady said it was important that Himalayan Salts be removed by hand to preserve it's good vibrations....

I'm positive that this Himalayan salt is many times better than ordinary table salt, and it tastes great too! But to best accomplish what I set out to do, I think the French Gray Salt sounds like a no-nonsense quality product that fits the bill.
239161239161B000J2EAYGAYZM3WV0A81QFE. Porter0051225152000Healthy Dog TreatsMy dogs enjoy ALL products from Dogswell. Happy Hips Lamb and Rice is just one of their many offerings so my puppies get variety. I like to purchase them because they contain no hormones, antibiotics, fillers, byproducts, wheat, corn or soy. Fabulous choice for pets prone to allergies.
239188239188B005EV2EJAAR8NQVTCWM9QPMiss Betsey Trotwood "Only bad witches are ugly"91041330387200Really Does Make a DifferenceUp until now, I had only ever used koshering salt in my cooking. I really felt kind of silly making what felt like an extravagant salt purchase. I added the item to my shopping cart and then removed it several times. Eventually, my curiosity got the best of me and I pulled the trigger and bought this salt.

It truly does taste wonderful, especially as a 'finishing salt' added right before serving. On really ripe tomatoes, it is AWESOME! I have also learned that this salt is not really an extravagance when it comes to yeast bread baking. Apparently, yeast LOVES trace minerals! This salt has elevated my breads (both literally and figuratively) from pretty good to outstanding! And just like "that," I no longer felt silly buying expensive salt, because, I have spent a LOT of money on natural additives to enhance my yeast bread baking. (This one was cheap in comparison and can be used for other things!)

I held back one star because I am very finicky about textures, and in very few applications with this salt, you can experience a very slight grittiness (from the undissolved minerals, I guess).
239162239162B000J2EAYGA37RK1X8WS780IVijay Laxmi "organic chick"0051199232000Dogswell Happy Hips Lamb & RiceI do not own a dog but my friends have dogs and they love Happs Hips Lamb & Rice. This was their christmas gift.
239189239189B005EV2EJAA2WF6DVNDV0A9OMischelle Weedman-Davis4451331424000Big Fan of Himalayan SaltI read about Himalayan salt at and thought it sounded interesting. I love it. It has a unique flavor, goes well with everything and is good for you.
239163239163B0047LRBQYABDRSWS8IQ56RMummieT "Searcher"2211327622400Stale and Poorly packagedThe candy is shown in a sealed zip bag with a label sating what it is. It was shipped in a plain baggy taped shut. My order was for three different types of chocolate covered nuts, all pictured in labeled zip bags. I received three unlabeled sandwich bags without any packing labels or content information. The pecans inside the chocolate were stale. The peanuts are Spanish peanuts with the skins still on them. Who dips Spanish peanuts in chocolate? The skins make them taste bitter. I had intended to give some of them as gifts, but since I had to open each bag to figure out which was which I wasn't going to give an opened bag, especially after tasting them! I contacted Bayside Candy and requested a refund. The response was to tell me not to rely on what the advertisment showed, but to pay better attention to what their seller page states regarding their bulk products. They also stated they would not give a refund unless I shipped the chocolates back to them. You are not supposed to send opened food products through the mail.
239190239190B005EV2EJAA8V55ADU97OK3Noteworthy6751326153600What I was expectingThe grains are a little too big, like when I put some on my food on my plate you will actually crunch some on the salt. I know the title says 'cooking' salt but it also says fine grain. Great product and I would buy again, but for my table I will look for something a little finer. Fast shipping!
239164239164B0047LRBQYA1ZK08UJ54B8W3Bobazk0011334880000Unrecognizable!When I received this I thought it was spotted rocks. They were hard with white spots all over them. Not edible at all.
239165239165B006QV1VOGADLY9Y8RU59JOwilly1151327795200crazy for themMy 1 year old Polish Sheepdog goes crazy when it comes to Blue Superbars with Blueberry/pomegranate. I break them up as they are a bit costly for the amount of bars in a bag.
239166239166B001874C12A25UZ7MA72SMKMBrent Butler2221311033600TastelessI can tell you from experience that it is not hard to make healthy, low calorie, low sodium soup that tastes good.

Calories for this soup are OK, and it has a few carrot pieces in it for a little extra nutrition. However, the taste was totally bland. It is commendable that they used less salt. However, they could have added a little rosemary and/or garlic, for example, and produced an enjoyable taste without one bit of extra calories or sodium. I also found the chicken to be overcooked and rubbery, as were the pasta curls that they think are "noodles".

Yesterday I had a can of Progresso Classics Vegatable that was the same calories, more nutricious, and full of flavor. Even the old fashioned small can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle is a better bowl of soup than this. No more "Healthy Choice" in our pantry.
239167239167B001874C12AOZKXUJW2EWGRDana "danaaust"1131301011200Love Healthy Choice, but Too Many Dented CansI really love Healthy Choice products because they are very low in sodium. I ordered the Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup from several months ago, because I have not been able to find the "can" soup in stores. The grocery stores only have the microwavable bowls which makes the soup taste like plastic. Therefore, I was happy to see that I could order the can soup from My first order of the Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle "can" Soup was great. I enjoyed every can.

However, my second order of the Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup was very disappointing. Out of the 12 cans, there were 7 cans that were severly dented. I knew that there was something wrong before I opended the Amazon package/box, becaused the box was soiled. Some of the dents were so deep that it resulted in seepage. There were too many leaks, dents, and the box was so damaged that I could not return the product even if I tried. This was a waste and loss of money. Because of the location of the dents on the cans, I truly believe that they were packaged that way. My order was "packed" with dented cans. The dents were not the result of shipping or handling. I will never order this product again unless can ensure that my order will not be packaged with dented cans.
239168239168B001874C12A1A8Q05ADF9LY4Neil Abrahamson "itry2pleeze"0051350086400homemade tasteThick broth -tasty tender white chicken and NOT salty. The best canned soup we have EVER had - even better than "fresh" soupd available at many "big box" member store deli departments.
239169239169B001874C12AS7WAM7C0NCSCao0011348185600Ridiculously dented cans...These were so bad I had to throw 3 away and was nervous to eat the rest. The soup itself is good.
239170239170B001874C12A3R5I72PHIB3O7S. Talaske0031331596800if you like blah soup- this is for you.It's soup. nothing special. needs a bit of salt to make it have flavor. I would go with a different brand next time.
239171239171B001874C12A3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme0051299456000Excellent chicken soupThis is one of the best canned chicken soups that I have eaten. It is low in sodium and fat, made with good quality chicken, and the noodles and vegetables are tasty. I often have it in the winter with a sandwich for lunch.

Shop for price. I buy this as part of a 10 pack (5 chicken noodle, 5 chicken rice) at my local Costco for ten dollars.
239172239172B001874C12AEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns0041263254400Healthy, quick chicken soup - a little light on the flavorWe keep this soup in our pantry for times that one of us is sick, the power is out, or we need a quick meal. I like that it's lower in sodium and fat that some other soups, and it IS fast to open a can.

However, I find the soup overall to be a little bland. I add fresh ground black pepper to it, and it's better. A few crackers, or a grilled cheese sandwich and you have a meal.
239173239173B001874C12A1M0Z6CXK0D0VJJ. Hack "Bridge Player"1251285459200Great Canned SoupMy adult son eats one can of this soup for lunch every day. Seven days a week. He loves it. With a piece of bread he is satisfied. I'm personally allergic to onions so I can't eat it. They have two versions of this product on the market. One a regular can and one with a pull tab. The pull tab version was too tight and without being very careful it was too easy to spill. And they gave you less soup for a slighlty higher price. The soup from Amazon was the regular can which we preferred.
239174239174B001874C12A84LZH0ISUIMCSusan "Momof2"1241236988800Soup is good for canned, shipping a little roughHealthy Choice offers a good canned soup. Shipping was fast but two cans were dented.
239175239175B000FPCVY8AT4FRG7NQDHPDS. Ferraro "shar"2241228003200Very good for those with AllergiesMy daughter is allergic to nuts and soy and this mix is a great substitute for the real thing. I made a batch and froze it so whenever we go to a party I just grab one for her. she doesn't know the difference.
239176239176B000FPCVY8AX0IW9VT4QGNUmoonwomyn "moonwomyn"0021326499200DisappointingThe disparate reviews of Cherrybrook Kitchen Yellow Cake Mix are truly perplexing.

I made this mix for the first time and I found the cake to be awful. I followed the directions exactly, but it tasted like cigarette ashes and had a sandy texture.

The cake cannot be eaten as is. I have put it in the freezer for now and plan to try to use it in a trifle or something.

I am not sure if I would buy this again, although I find it interesting that some people are getting good results. Maybe there is some "secret" to getting this cake to turn out well?
239177239177B000FPCVY8A18E7DFOZQ5BNASangeetha Menon "sangee"0051265846400Great cake mixI baked a cake with it and it turned out fine! Everyone liked it. The icing I used with it was Duncan Hines classic vanilla (has no milk or egg). I would definitely buy it again.
239178239178B000FPCVY8A2I44P41SIED8NVegan Mom0051242432000Great easy cake mix for the allergic or vegan!We wouldn't survive without these mixes! We chose them because they're vegan, but the fact that they're nut free is a bonus after a friend's son developed a nut allergy. When I need to make cupcakes last minute, it's great to have an easy mix to use in my busy schedule. They come out perfect EVERY time. I made 2 batches (one vanilla, one chocolate) for a bake sale recently and they were the first things that sold out. Non-vegan nor allergic folks declared them delicious. I've even 'doctored' the mixes to add flavors for more 'gourmet' a little strong coffee in the chocolate mix makes a great mocha cupcake. Lemon juice and rind in the vanilla makes a delicious lemon cupcake. I highly recommend these mixes to anyone who's got a nut allergy or can't/doesn't eat eggs or dairy (or soy). Cherrybrook Kitchen is this vegan working mom's hero!
239179239179B000FPCVY8A1BYJHK7RB7N7CIsabella E. Bertelli0051237161600You will never know this allergy-friendly cake from any other!!My son is allergic to dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, etc, and finding products to accomodate his needs and tast good has been difficult at best. Cherrybrrok Kitchen has been a God sent!! Super moist, yummy, doesn't fall apart, and no chalky taste like some other products have. We made cakes for all holiday occasions. People are impressed when they find out it is an allergy-friendly cake. I say it taste better then any brand of traditional cake you can name. We also freeze batches of cupcakes for parties we go to. Thank you Cherrybrook Kitchen. This will be an even better find once he starts school where so many kids have so many differnt allergies. Hard to find one product that addresses multiple common allergies and be something kids will go for.
239180239180B000FPCVY8A22IHT2X4DHZJSmammamichelle0051231804800YUMMY--best allergen-free baking mix on marketWe recommend this product to anyone who has allergies. Excellent product, yummy results! The cupcakes taste better than ones made from a regular mix--when's the last time you could say that about an allergen free product! Company has fun graphics, fun rewards program, and is great for kids with allergies. Would also work for people who are vegan. They test every batch, so you know it's safe!
239181239181B000FPCVY8A30ZQYUZTJIY9YE. Smith1221314057600Gummy and overly sweet.My 3 year old son is allergic to all nuts and soy. When I saw this in the store I thought it would be a great way to make a fast dessert the whole family could eat. The 3 year old told me it was yucky, ate the frosting off his slice and then threw the cake itself away. As stated in the title it is gummy and way too sweet. I will not be purchasing this product again. There are other mixes that have much better results and making a cake from scratch is not that difficult.
239182239182B000FPCVY8A1EH2S92FHWZRPJust a guy0141244419200Big fan - people without allergies actually eat it too!!!This stuff is great for those of us with allergies. I can finally have birthday cake. Usually egg free cake is virtually ineatable. This stuff is so good people without allergies actually ask for seconds. That sounds like a ringing endorsement to me!!! (Note - stay away from the gluten free products - unless you must - they tend to taste like chalk.)
239183239183B004TEVBVUA2QI88Z08V2S73Lottie0151334707200Dilemma when dog ate the Maltesers in CanadaWhilst in Canada the family dog ate the very large box of Maltesers that had been taken across from the UK. Amazon Canada could not offer the very large box and so I ordered from Amazon UK; the shipping costs from UK to Quebec far outweighed the cost of the Maltesers, but not the joy of the recipient.
239184239184B004M0XU8IAMLPZONYXWFKY1summergirl2251309910400Honey delightCandy is exactly what I have been looking for.Sweet honey hard candy on the outside and soft honey center.
Love it will buy again.
239185239185B004M0XU8IA21IL6ELKIMYSJjlac0051348790400DeliciousThe honey filled candy was so good. I shared it with friends and family. It's great not only for enjoyment but also serves the purpose when your mouth is dry. I will be getting more
239186239186B004M0XU8IA2N2FJ2WS0MWTVMichael W. Erb "Digital Enthusiast"0051337126400Very Good but not like REAL Queen Bee'sI can no longer find "genuine" Queen Bee's honey candy so I tried this product. I consider this candy a worthy substitute of what I was looking for; the flavor is excellent and is almost a duplicate of the Queen Bee candy I remember! I'm glad I purchased the Arcor candy and I will do so again in the future.

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