Amazon Fine Food Reviews

239911239911B0049W5NA2A2QQGNXAWK5MP7avidhiker0051339891200Great morning teaThis is a great morning tea it has no crash and keeps me going through the entire day. I do love to drink coffee although this doesn't have the coffee taste it does have the kick I would strongly recomend this!
239912239912B00170BDPSAH2DM3QUF32QYAaron "The Man"0041350259200The food is fine, I think my cat is the problemMy cat hates this food, but I am also starting to hate my cash, so I'm going to call it a wash.
239913239913B00170BDPSA2FHCQJZI7LXTPHeather Joliene0051344729600Olive loves it!I sprinkle this dry food over my cat "Olive's" wet food. We get her the Newman's Own Organic wet food. Great combo!!
239914239914B00170BDPSA2HGLWVRFCI2WRTheresa Thibodeaux0051341964800Approved by the Queen of my Heart, BittyMy cat, Bitty, is 16 years old and has had canned tuna for breakfast every morning since she came to enrich my world. To be sure she got all the nutrients she needed, I would supplement the canned tuna with a dry cat food. When I discovered that most dry foods contained waste products, I started searching for one without them. The ones I found did not offer the tuna flavor she liked. Then I found this one on the Amazon website and she almost couldn't wait until I put some in her dish. Now she sleeps most of the day and has gotten a bit of flesh on her ribs. Thank you Merrick for making a food she would eat!
239915239915B00170BDPSA3KHOFC9GOWQY7UrbanFangrl0051340150400My Cats Love ItMy three indoor cats love this food. One if them is a very picky eater and another isn't fond of seafood, so I was worried about getting this food and it being tuna, but they both love it. The other has a sensitive stomach and this food is very gentle on it. I highly recommend this to people who are trying to get away from feeding their cats common brands and trying to feed them a healthier diet.
239916239916B00170BDPSA161SLW262SXG7Cait96090051334620800Good price for excellent cat foodThis price is very comparable to what I've found in stores. My cats love the food and it is gentle on their sensitive stomaches.
239917239917B0025UBYT4A2QOHQ8HMEKLJPvgts9002251334361600Great Ranch Dressing for Healthy EatingI received this in the alloted time, actually on the last day of the alloted time. These packets are great though for taking with you out to eat. I am on Nutrisystems and they are just the perfect size. The flavor is great. I think the Hidden Valley fat free is as good as the original Hidden Valley. Thanks Amazon for carrying a great product to aid me in my quest for eating healthy!
239918239918B0025UBYT4AWK8JFCJ72VGTCareful Shopper "Loris"2241294704000Diet and tastyVery good ranch dressing without the fat! As expected, Hidden Valley has managed to provide a very good salad dressing/dip without all the calories usually associated with ranch dressings.
239919239919B0025UBYT4AZAMYI8GG4A98B. Williams0051346630400GREAT BARGAINI was happy to discover this product in the individual packets. The original is great but the fat free dressing is my favorite. I am anxiously awaiting for Amazon to restock this item at their low cost. Thanks Amazon for carrying this product at a reasonable price.
239920239920B0016BU82CA1H2R3U6I562WCharles W Brown6651330992000Add Flour to the mix. See belowOK here is what the problem is. When I first made this mix it did not come out. It was very moist and did not rise. I blamed the yeast. I called the company to find out what was wrong with the mix. I was told to add 3 table spoons of flour. I did on the next box. Well that was the problem. The sweet mix has such a high moisture in the mix. It need that extra flour. Plus the bread came out nice and sweet and soft. I also baked it on light bread not Med.
239921239921B0016BU82CA2LC1SPAB82IRZCarolyn5511301270400not as goodI used to buy this at Walmart a couple years ago all the time. They quit having it. I finally found it here. I was VERY disappointed. The company that makes it has changed it. The texture of the bread is different. It is not a soft bread anymore. The taste is different, not as sweet. Taste is nothing like before. I do NOT recommend it and will not buy it any more.
239922239922B0016BU82CA3SIHB0TA0DN1JJulia E.6721233360000old yeastAfter baking 1 bread from the 12 boxes I noticed the date on the yeast is only good until April, 2 1/2 months away. No wonder the bread didn't rise very well. I'll be returning the rest. I called the company that makes this bread and they told me they didnt know it was being sold on Amazon. They have no control over how or where this product is being stored or if properly, so please don't buy it from amazon.
239923239923B0016BU82CA3RE4TPZJBZ04QMontana2251314748800MontanaThis bread is great tasting. You can use in the bread machine or make by hand. It is a little sticky so I usually add a little more flour. It is very moist.
239924239924B0016BU82CA358T7R2D8CPMKRebecca1141335484800TastyWe couldn't find our favorite bread machine bread in the stores anymore and was excited to find it on amazon. Very sweet and tasty. Perfect bread to make for company. Leftovers make good french toast.
239925239925B0016BU82CA1LBXK5U6RNM4ISusan Tedeschi "Pat"1151333324800Wonderful Bread!We love the Hawaiian Sweet Bread and when I found out they actually had a mix for it I could stop myself from getting it. The mix came out great, no problems with the yeast. I was really glad to have found this item.
239926239926B0016BU82CA3N4KJZK4FZ1A9kalena "hulagal"1151318636800Super good!I am buying this at Amazon because I cannot find it at my local WalMart any longer and am tired of chasing around for it. This is really great bread. Whenever they say Hawaiian Sweet Bread I always smile, because the Hawaiians "stole" this from the Portuguese when the Portuguese immigrated to Hawaii (same with the ukelele). Anyway, this bread is pretty close to the original. I always add a couple drops of yellow food coloring and a tablespoon more of sugar to this to make it come even closer. You can't go wrong with this bread mix with or without my additions.
239927239927B0016BU82CA262ONK4P0SV0PLeo A. Dubois "yankeeinparadise"1151307577600OOOOoooooh!! ...SO Sweet!We waited over a year for this product to emerge on Amazon and made sure we were notified when it did. YUM!
We had it shipped all the way to Kauai were we USED to find it in the stores. Hot, light, fluffy Hawaiian sweet bread splashed with soft, sweet butter (or Smart Balance)... what a wonderfully delicious way to wake up in the morning. You can set the timer for your bread maker to finish just before you get up... Oooh-la-la! breakfast in bed.... ya know what I mean?
239928239928B0016BU82CA2VA798OJS88Z5A. Jenkins1151285027200My guests LOVE this bread!I run a vacation rental business ([...]) and start the bread in time for the guests to arrive to the smell of fresh baked bread. They all LOVE the Sweet Hawaiian. I used to get it at Walmart, but they haven't had it in months. Glad to find it here!
239929239929B0016BU82CA2ONI07QTJDSSUKara1151261958400Best bread mix ever! Sweet and delicious.I didn't order it from Amazon directly, but I get it at my local Wegmans, and it tastes great! Just put the three ingredients in the bread machine, walk away, and three hours later, taste the sweetness and lightness of the bread. Still my favorite bread mix. Hard to find! Make sure you use room temperature water, or else it will not rise correctly!
239930239930B0016BU82CA19AIL772T1UP3L. Hunziker0021350777600Hawaiian sweet breadDidn't care for the taste. Not what I expected. I had an aunt who grew up in maui who used to make sweet bread all the time. I expected something closer to Hawaiian sweet I buy at publix.
239931239931B0016BU82CAQMYT4OZ1YTJEqponjunkie0051349136000Best Hawaiian Bread EVER!This is the best Hawaiian Bread EVER!!! Just a hint of sweetness.. It is very easy to make in the bread machines. In a couple of hours fresh hot sweetness..I love this stuff.. I just wish one of our local grocery stores would carry it.. But Thanks to AMAZON I can still
239932239932B0016BU82CA8JDR1UG0D9O5Steven L. Gordon "Rocketeir"0041339977600Great taste - needs some work to make rightI would give this five stars based on taste alone but I agree with some of the other reviews that the mix and directions out of the box need some tweaking to make it right. I am in Denver, so altitude can play into it (although the box says it won't) and I find that I need to hold out a few tablespoons of water or add a bit of extra flour to get the right "look" to the bread ball. I also hold out a quarter teaspoon of yeast for proper rise. I have made two of the 12 boxes so far, using my Oster Expressbake bread machine, but hope to get to the point where I can set it up and forget about it and have great tasting, warm, bread for breakfast. I would also like to get a shipment of 3 or 6 boxes instead of 12, but since the expiration is more than a year out, it is a minor complaint (considering the free Amazon Prime shipping that is ;-)
239933239933B0016BU82CA1Z1W4Y6E3HNLLbecky0041332633600Bread MixWe used to be able to buy this in our local Walmart, but cannot find it anywhere now.
We love this bread; however, the only thing
about our recent order was that 2 boxes didn't
mix up right. Have no idea why out of the 12 boxes we ordered, (we have 1 left) 2 boxes were complete flops. Had to throw them out. Not sure if the yeast was bad or what.
I will try again, and hope that with the next order every box is good.
239934239934B0016BU82CA3TKSQ638E5YU4Georgette "p-i-o-l-popcorn"0051299542400Great Bread MixThis is a great buy, especially since my local stores can't seem to keep more than one on the shelf.
239935239935B0013NHSVWA2TQD6R721TBOJFaireMaiden2241236729600DIABETIC: This is THE ONE + TIPSHaving been diagnosed a Type II Diabetic, real sugar is out of the question for me anymore; so, the hunt began. And, like most other Diabetics, I've tried 'em all... every sugar substitute on the market.

DiabetiSweet is THE ONE. It Tastes just like sugar. Leaves No Aftertaste, just like sugar. Cooks and Bakes, just like sugar. And Measures spoon-for-spoon, cup-for-cup, just like sugar.

I use it, sparingly, in my coffee and tea, and on my cereal.

I use it to make cookies, candy, and ice cream.

I use it to make cake, cobblers, pies, and coffeecake.

I use it to make rice pudding, jello, chocolate mousse, and crème brulee (baked custard with the broiled, or torched, sugar on top... substituting DiabetiSweet of course).

I've put it in my food processor, pulsing it a few times, to get it more finely grained like Superfine Sugar (what is commonly called 'Baker's Sugar').

I use it for all the things we know and love that are designated: Sinfully Sweet. And you would not know you're eating something sugar-free.

I gave DiabetiSweet FOUR (4) STARS for the simple reason that, if you eat too much of it, you WILL get gas; and I mean hard, rumbling, can't-hold-it-in-at-all gas. Get ready to be hugely embarrassed if you're in public.

If you go over the gas limit, you'll then find yourself living in the bathroom for the next 3 hours. Imodium becomes your new best friend.

Unfortunately, this is the downside of DiabetiSweet. It just runs right thru you. So, you have to play with it to see what your limits are.

In my particular case, it goes like this: 2 small scoops of ice cream, I'm fine. 3 scoops, I've got gas. 4 scoops and I've become one with my toilet, *lol*

I will not give up my DiabetiSweet because of the possibility of these nuisances. I've just learned what my body can handle, and what it can't.

Which, if looked at from another perspective, is a good thing; for no one has any business eating 4 scoops of ice cream, a 1/2 dozen cookies, or more than 1 slice of cake, cobbler, or pie.

Just like real sugar's harmful effects (obesity, hypo-hyperglycemia, empty calories, etc etc), DiabetiSweet should be used very judiciously. It is, after all, a 'treat' not a 'staple'.

239936239936B0013NHSVWA3V9VRJHDDWF18Chelsea1151231891200Great SweetsMy Dad is borderline diabetic so I bought DiabetiSweet for my Mom to bake with for Christmas. DiabetiSweet added the right amount of sweetness without the aftertaste you get using artificial sweetners. I recommend this product and plan to try their brown sugar.
239937239937B0013NHSVWA1YXB0NJBTDCNZMikeK0051264809600Works GreatThis is the first product we found that works just as real sugar, even for baking without any recipe adjustment.
My wife blessed it and I highly recommend it.
239939239939B0013NHSVWA347GM3UJE5JRQM. Kirksey "MicheleK"0031255651200Better than the other substitutes!Although I still prefer my 'real' sugar, this is the best substitute I've found so far.
239940239940B001EO5NN0A2KEKNCBKFUB3MDonnasan0011343174400Bitter latelyNot sure what happened but this tastes extremely bitter. It used to be my favorite. I will switch to another, more fresh brand next time.

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