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242461242461B0019KPKQEA33PLZ7SD5MCG0Patty Kaye0051314316800We have started putting it on everythingMy son-in-law first introduced us to Cavender's Greek Seasoning a few years ago. We started by adding it to shrimp and steaks but quickly found so many more things we enjoy it on as well. Grilled vegetables, hamburgers, baked french fries are just some of the foods this seasoning goes great on. Not overly salty or peppery, it's a hard to describe taste. Just that it seems to make any food that it's added to even more flavorful!
242462242462B0019KPKQEA3KPMOJ0BRVQI5Tom in Ohio "Tom in Ohio"0051295481600Wonderful Greek seasoningWe had this seasoning about a month. We use this to prepare chicken on a regular basis that we then either serve with rice or in a salad. It is fantastic. This will be a constant in our pantry.
242463242463B0019KPKQEA3C5IPY55Q138VJennifer Trump "A conclusion is what we come ...0041276387200Superb for almost anything you want to seasonSome seasonings are only good for some meats and / or veggies, this one can be used with anything! It's not a strong flavor, but it adds so much. It's like a bit of garlic salt and seasoning salt all rolled into one product, but it is unique and tasty. You can use a little but I use a lot, and it is never overpowering. It adds a hint of flavor without disguising everything, and yet it is not too salty - it is now my favorite spice and I use it on almost every meat and veggie I cook. Yes, it has MSG. But I don't care! It's delish!
242464242464B0012OV890A1JGUEVXSO7RFTMargaret Griffin0051343692800McCormick Chili MixI love to make my own chili but I can only tolerate mild chili. This is a great chili mix!
242465242465B002AQP4QMA1XBMLUS9TGPIOC. R. Boone8831327708800No longer 100% Vitamins & MineralsI would normally not have given Multi-Grain Cheerios just 3-stars. But General Mills recently changed the ingredients so that it's no longer fortified with 100% vitamins and minerals (might be sweeter, too). Someone wrote on the internet that they called General Mills, and their reason was simply that they wanted it "to be more like regular Cheerios" as if people were somehow confused between the two. The real reason was probably "to save money." There was also no notice of a change on the box except for the nutrition panel, so, I'm writing this FYI.
242466242466B002AQP4QMA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin8941262736000very good although still not the healthiestMultiGrain Cheerios is a wonderful cereal for breakfast or really just about any other time of the day! Although it's probably not quite as healthy as General Mills would like you to believe, it's really not bad for you, either. In a 1 cup serving, it contains very little fat, no cholesterol and it has some fiber in it, too. It also has 100% of the daily recommended amounts of things like iron, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. It does fall short on other things including Vitamins A (10% of recommended daily intake) and C (25% of recommended daily intake). You can click on the "nutrition facts" link above to find out more about what this cereal contains. Please note that this cereal does contain 6 grams of sugar per 1 cup serving, so if you need to watch your sugar intake very carefully you may want to find another breakfast cereal.

On top of what it gives you health wise, it tastes delicious without being overly sugary; and I like that. A 1 cup serving also gives you 10% of the recommended daily intake of fiber and I think that must come from the whole grain ingredients of this cereal. In addition, it's kosher if that matters to you.

Overall, if you don't have to watch your sugar and you're getting a good diet with vitamins and fiber in it already, this is a very good cereal. It's not the very healthiest but it's far from junk food and it tastes great! I recommend it.
242467242467B002AQP4QMA358YXS5OL4LRYA. Marcroft4451275004800Fun Cheerios Variety!This might be my favorite type of Cheerios (even though my husband is the Original Cheerio type fan) but with the regular Cheerios I get bored of them before I get to the bottom of my bowl! I love these because there are a few types of Cheerios in them and the flavor varies and keeps it interesting. It is a little sweet but not as sweet as the sugar cereals. I think that they're healthy too (compared to most cereals!)
242468242468B002AQP4QMA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"3341287792000Another good Cheerios varietyWhile Honey Nut Cheerios are my favorite, this multigrain variety is also very tasty. These are not the healthiest of the multigrain cereals out there, but they're not terrible for you either. They are a very nice middle ground between a sugary "kids" cereal and a true whole grain cereal. They have a light, sweet glaze, and the delicious crunch typical of Cheerios. Also like all Cheerios they're beloved by toddlers and make as good a snack as they do a breakfast meal. They go really well with half a banana sliced over the top.
242469242469B002AQP4QMA2YZ2NCC1HDMYIS. Malone1151320624000I Am Now Very Dissapointed!I am totally disappointed becauseI signed up for Subscribe & Save for the Multi Grain Cheerios for three (3) one Lb. .2 Oz. boxes to be sent to me once a month. It was a GREAT price compared to buying it in the grocery store and I love it and eat it every morning. After receiving the items for a couple of months, the other day, without ANY reason given me for it happening, I was informed by Amazon that I won't be getting the product any longer. It was bad enough that it was happening; however, the worst part was Amazon couldn't even give me a reason for it - something I think they should have absolutely done!! I oh so wish I could get that service back, or at least be told why!
242470242470B002AQP4QMADLPICOVG1NFMMookie51151315526400excellent productI love cheerio's multi grain. Even tho is has that sweet coating.

Taste is far better than straight cheerios, but I do mix them.

Why, oh why, does General Mills think that corn should be one of the grains, is beyond me. There are far too many corn based foods in the American diet, they could have left that one out.

Otherwise, excellent. No corn, more of the other grains. How about flax ?

Ingredients label: Whole Grain Corn, Whole Grain Oats, Sugar, Whole Grain Barley, Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Rice, Corn Starch, Brown Sugar Syrup, Corn Bran Salt,

Corn is FIRST, CORN starch, CORN bran salt. Three corn based products in the first nine ingredients.

General Mills used to have a cereal that was like Rice Crispies: Triple-something. I LOVED it. I'm sure it didn't meet their sales goals, but truly they didn't give it time. It too was corn, wheat and rice.

Lets leave corn for bio-fuels and get lots of it out of our diets. I truly love corn-on-the-cob; I love sweet corn; I love corn pudding, but it doesn't need to be in our cereal supply so much. General Mills? Make corn the LAST of the multi grains....I bet it would work.
242471242471B002AQP4QMA3B4UHY46BAEO8C. Jesse1141311811200It's Cheerios - if you like them, you'll like these.If you hear "multi grain", you think cardboard. Not the case with these... yes, the taste is a bit different from good ol' Cheerios you know from childhood, but if you're trying to be a bit more healthy the transition to multi grain Cheerios should be an easy one. My wife & I both thought they were pretty good, and we'll be buying again in the future.
242472242472B002AQP4QMA3HECNTF9F7YCYD. Ruehle0041350000000Product good Packaging may not be.I was really happy when I found this deal on Amazon! Great price for my Cheerios! However, I did see the note about the packaging may contain more and different information... I figured how bad can that be...

When I opened my first box this morning, the first thing I noticed was the package inside was short. I didn't care too much until I poured the Cheerios into the bowl. When I stopped pouring and stood the box back up a bunch of Cheerios slid down the inside of the box between the packing and the box!

So to avoid wasting some Cheerios each morning I'll need to tell everyone in the family to lift the bag up above the box top before you pour your cereal in the morning (which probably won't happen much).

The bottom line is these are so cheep because they are factory rejects. The interior or exterior packaging may not be up to standard. I would hope that they would all (at least) be sealed, but I'm sure you could get a little more or a little less cereal than what's printed on the box (hence the disclaimer on the page).

So as long as you understand what your signing up for then this is a great deal. My Cheerios tasted real good!
242473242473B002AQP4QMAA8JH8LD2H4P9Claudia J. Frier0051349568000omg what a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I paid less than $9 for these on here because they are such a great deal, but more importantly, my 14 yr old picky eater son loves these!! We are down to 1 1/2 boxes so I will be buying more soon. Even with 2 for 1's in stores this is the better deal.
242474242474B002AQP4QMA2GC5JELY3N07Vbman0051316217600Great taste and decent PriceI was shopping at Safeway and didn't like the prices that they were asking for for this cereal so I went to Amazon. A few days later, the box arrived and I was amazed at the bigger boxes than the standard cereal boxes that you can generally find in the grocery stores. The taste of the multigrain cheerios is a bit more on the nutty side if you are used to regular cheerios. There is none of the sweetness that the honey nut version has however, the multigrain should be healthier than the other cheerios. Overall a good purchase.
242475242475B002AQP4QMASQN8SODSM1SClouis0051311897600quick fix for hungerExcellent taste and excellent price. Easy shopping
242476242476B002AQP4QMA1RIP1EZKE5Q5Love4deals0051310860800Great price for a delicious and healthy cerealBefore MultiGrain Cheerios the only cereal I enjoyed was those high in sugar and fat. I have never been able to eat many of the healthy cereals out there. This cereal is surprisingly tasty and has become the only cereal I'll eat.

I was so excited to see this deal here on Amazon. I usually pay $4-5 a box for this in the grocery store (at the best price). I purchased these on the subscription price and I am very happy with my purchase. I really like Amazon's subscription prices. The nice thing is you can get the item every 1 -6 months and you can cancel at any time!

I won't be cancelling this subscription anytime soon!
242477242477B002AQP4QMA3OTZ4TK8L4F0WValerie Jenks0051309132800Delicious, nutritious and a great price!Multi-grain Cheerios are one of the few cereals my whole family will eat. Even the pickiest of the picky eat them, and that's a real treat around here! These are a great, healthy choice. Thanks Amazon for making them cheaper to buy here (with free shipping)!
242478242478B002AQP4QMA6WULX733YA27symba48020051306281600Great Buy!!!I was surprised when I got my box to find 3 generously sized boxes of Multigrain Cheerios! It's the big family size boxes! The price is great! Average price for this box at the grocery store is about $4, so I'm saving money plus I use the subscribe and save, so free shipping and I will get this box every 3 months which is perfect for me and my family. My 2 year old daughter loves these every morning for breakfast and in the afternoon as a snack. I'm so glad I found this purchase on Amazon!!!
242479242479B002AQP4QMA3GWAMD6RO1XVJRebecca0051302134400can't go wrong with cheeriosKids and adults love it. Price is cheaper here than in local stores and subscribe and save is even better.
242480242480B002AQP4QMA2YMCPP3KW9IXUUSMC850051300492800Lightly sweetened is an understatementWe really enjoyed this cereal. It just has a hint of sweetness that is very subtle and light. I don't need or want sugar anyway. It has a very good taste, and I don't feel like I'm hurting my body by eating this cereal. With subscribe n save, this deal is much better than what I can find in stores.
242481242481B002AQP4QMA5NLJP5VG662Zdry skin0051297382400Good price and good productThe price is cheap with subscription. Even better than warehouse price. Products are as expected. Healthy food, slight sweet and good for adding fiber in diet.
242482242482B002AQP4QMA31BFKAC2NZTTUHelen S.0051296000000yummy cerealCheerios Multigrain Cereal is both healthy and tasty. It is rather expensive to buy them in a local grocery. I am very glad to get a good deal of this product on
242483242483B002AQP4QMA3K3JYARN27M4Julie A. Morgan0051295913600Healthy breakfast choiceI was so happy that this type of cheerios was available once again thru subscribe & save. I got these once before and they went off the list. Making purchases thru this program is awesome, it saves me time and gas. Multi-grain cheerios are #1 in my family.
242484242484B002AQP4QMA70WOSKH59VREMillo Minderbinder0051294185600Less sweet than Honey Nut, but better tastingHealthier and better tasting than Honey Nut, this is the way to go when you want cheerios with a bit more kick.
242485242485B002AQP4QMA1ROUMJOGO4QMBSteve0051286668800About the lowest 'sweetened' cereal you can findI can't stand artificial sweeteners. While this cereal has sugar, it is lower than most sweetened cereals. I find that if I buy cereals that aren't sweetened, I tend to lose control of how much sugar I put on it. It does taste very good... think plain cheerios with a touch of sweetness.
242486242486B002AQP4QMAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051285804800Cheerios MultiGrain CerealI like it alot. It arrived in good condition and it was also fresh. I love cheerios.
242487242487B002AQP4QMA1VCL5WJUW8BIFEcon1421282780800StaleThis must have been sitting in a warehouse forever, because two of the boxes were almost inedible. I won't be purchasing these again via amazon.
242488242488B001N80ELIA1UC6I9XIPPZLJDiana "illustrator, reformed hipster"7751248220800Light calming no-caffeine comfort teaSometimes you want a decaffeinated or no-caffeine hot drink, and this fits the bill. This isn't really a tea, but it tastes great nonetheless. It's got a light brew that's smooth. The mint and chocolate flavors are very slight; the aftertaste is more minty than the actual sip. This probably won't satisfy a chocolate craving - but it does have a delectable chocolate aroma. I had never tried rooibos tea before this blend, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The brew is sweet & a bit nutty, and is complemented well by the chocolate. A nice change from traditional teas. This brew is *very light* so those of you who are looking for strong mint or chocolate look elsewhere. For those who want a hot smooth non-caffeinated drink, try this out. And if you don't like it, please send the rest to me. ;)
242489242489B001N80ELIAYIDSILRI0AOUL. Goldblatt3351268611200Delicious!This tea was really tasty! Although I am not a huge tea fan, this tea was an interesting taste that you will really love. The chocolate is smooth but not creamy and heavy like hot chocolate and the mint adds the kick at the end. Really a great tea and a yummy way to finish off any meal or night.
242490242490B001N80ELIA3PGF64DRCQEC8calamitijane2231269388800A little bit bitterI was really looking forward to trying this tea. But, i found it is a little bitter, even after i added honey to it. I could taste the sweetness of the honey and the bitterness of the chocolate at the same time. It was ok, but i will not be ordering it again.

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