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243662243662B000FPJ6QOA2SAC6IMXCRXKZlady luck0051322870400benjiMy dog just loves these little bones he chews on them all day long, and they are alot cheaper than buying in the retail stores
243663243663B000FPJ6QOA1BD342U8BF3UCBritney0051313884800she loves it!my 1 yr pom loves rawhides so this is perfect!! shes been working at it for a few days!! i am buys A LOT more of these to keep her sane in her cage until i get home from work!!
243664243664B000FPJ6QOAZBGG5WFKMHR0K. Bird0051308960000My dogs are in loveIf you have a small dog as I have two then this is the deal for you. Yes my dogs chew the meat out first. But they finish the rawhide too. They also play fetch with these bones. They are expensive but if you put them side by side to the Dollar Store ones there's more meat in them. They also sell some with double meat these are a wonderful product and they are worth the money.
243665243665B000FPJ6QOA8ORB1TE6P5R7sensitive skin0031307836800My dog only likes the fillingMy dog Ewok enjoys these Dingos very much...for about 1 day. As soon as he has chewed all the red filling out, leave all the tiny pieces all over my apartment and inside my rug, he is done with it. He does seem to enjoy it immensely so I am giving it 3 stars.
243666243666B000FPJ6QOA2C64W88KUQKYOPatricia L. Terho "BookWormette"0051304035200Dingo mini bonesExcellent product. Our dogs sure like these - we've ordered them several times and they always make a hit. The product arrived quickly and was nicely packaged.
243667243667B000FPJ6QOA3QDITMY3OOYRPL. BLOUIN0051286668800Dogs love them!These and the Dingo stix are the same thing just about. Great product. Healthy ingredients, no bad preservatives. A+++++
243669243669B000FPJ6QOACX3UGADKPVVKSharon E. Lozier0051277596800good chewsmy weiner dogs have a dingo mini bone every day, it is the last thing they do before they go to bed,
they love them .
243661243661B000FPJ6QOATN5B3TDUVIFHRebecca0051324339200Loved by one picky-picky dog!My dog is super picky about her treats (probably because she is hopelessly spoiled). Why have a dog crunchie when you can have "people food"? So finding a good chewy treat that helps her teeth and keeps her happy has been somewhat challenging. She ADORES Dingo mini bones! They are the perfect size for her (she's a 9lb Chinese Crested) and she will spend an hour just chomping away at these bones. So happy to have found something she likes!
243670243670B000FPJ6QOA1J0LYKDY4F11BSusan Scordato0051274313600My 3 dogs love these bonesOne of my dogs leaves a mess when eating these (red all over the floor from the center of the bones), but the others come by and clean up after her. I buy the small ones as a treat for my 3 50+ pound dogs.
243671243671B000FPJ6QOA3HR4UE6JPW6AWA. Bishop0051267488000PerfectI have two dogs and they have quite an expensive dingo habit. I am always looking for less expensive mini dingos. Not only did they have a great price, but ordering and receipt of product exceeded my expectations.
243672243672B000FPJ6QOA25S316QRB4BQCGina Cinquegrani0051257120000ExcellentOur dog goes crazy over these!! These truly are wonderful & work great for those of you who's pet has a sensitive stomach. Gina
243673243673B000FPJ6QOA28F80GKYG7XBOKMG "KristalRose"0051232323200My Dog LOVES These!These are a great treat for my Pomeranian (about 10 lbs.). They are the perfect size for him, and he LOVES them! They keep him busy longer than most treats, too!
243674243674B000FPJ6QOA2N1GN7JOBW8STC. Siders "Seeker of Knowledge"0051230508800Dog HeavenMy Jack Russells love these little bones. They will chew on them until their gone rather than hide them or bury them for later. I do have trouble with one dog eating them much faster than the other so then they get in a game of steal the bone, but hey, that just wears them out faster. When I bought this, it was $12.99 which wasn't much of a "value" compared to the price at Kroger. But I think they are now $9.99 which is like getting one 7-pack for free.
243675243675B000FPJ6QOA1R6N62QP3GRXRMary0051228176000Dog TreatsMy 2 dogs are addicted to these!! They get one a day, when I come home from work...needless to say, they are always excited to see me come home!!!
243676243676B000FPJ6QOA1UY0NCKHLZPMQBob Boyken0051217462400Our dogs go crazy for these things!We have two dogs, both medium-sized, Beagle mixes that we got from rescue places. These Dingo Mini Bones are unquestionably their all-time favorite treats. The "mini" size is really perfect because it makes it much more economical to give it to them more often.
243677243677B000FPJ6QOA2W86OOOQBWZ38Maryland Reader "Alle"0051208995200Our Doxies Love theseIt's true, our miniature dachshunds absolutely love these. They are a special treat for them. Unfortunately, they go through them fairly quickly, but it's their absolute favorite!
243678243678B000FPJ6QOA9KTWMPOVZXIXE. Herrera0051195862400My dog loves these bones.My dog loves these but I only give her one or two a week because they can be fattening. I also always keep an eye on her when she is eating one. Great product.
243679243679B000FPJ6QOA1TSPPNP0DT4VXNicole Donaldson101711209254400DANGEROUS BONES!!!!DANGEROUS BONES!!! Little dogs love these bones because they are tasty BUT they are truly dangerous. Our family Maltese (Pebbles) who had just turned one choked to death on one. They are not even safe if your supervising your dog because our dog choked on one in the presence of my sister. We were unable to do anything for her as we watched in horror as she slowly stopped breathing and got her to the vet in less than ten minutes. The vet attempted an emergency procedure and removed two peices and the bone had also tore her trachea. Her death was caused by these bones. These bones are not worth your precious pets life as it tore our family apart.
243680243680B000FPJ6QOA1RGLYWMGD4L1FXLR8TX0111325894400DANGER DANGERI just lost my dog of 14 years to a Dingo bone. She choked to death last night. I rushed her to a emergency vet clinic but it was too late. She was a Shih Tzu so beware if you have a small dog and you give them these. She ate Dingo bones as a treat all of her life and never had a problem. I have another dog and just threw out 4 bags of these. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY THESE for my dog.
243681243681B000FPJ6QOAVBXA6YV0YH4KA. Dominguez2511271894400My dog nearly died last nightI was skeptical to give my yorkie rawhides but my vet said it would be okay. These were the only treats that would keep him entertained since he doesn't care much for toys and they were very easy to find. Unfortunately my dog seemed to swallow a large piece of the mini dingo rawhides yesterday. At 2 am I heard my dog let out a loud howl that I have never heard before, I went to check on him and found him gagging and obviously trying to throw something up. Right as I was about to take him to the animal hospital he threw up the rawhide and he's all better now. I'm NEVER giving him a rawhide treat, they swell in the dog's stomach and can kill them. I rather not take that risk with my dog.
243682243682B000FPJ6QOA19RA3RFF1B1ZOReno J. Cyr0421282867200Took ttooooooooooo long to recieve this orderAlthough this is exactly what I had wanted however I had paid for 3 to 5 shipping and to get the item rushed, the company did not do as instructed,,,,,very disappointed. I would not order from them again
243683243683B008ADQS14AAH6764FP1GOZClara English0051348358400Pure Cotton CandyI really love cotton candy. It brings me right back to my childhood: days spent running around carnivals all summer, wishing I was one of the girls in the sparkly dresses riding on elephants. Of course I'd love to have it all the time now, but it's really not that great for you. I mean, it's literally pure sugar! And food dye. So, I just had to get some cotton candy matcha! The idea of cotton candy that is actually good for you, how can I turn that down?

The taste of this is SO good. I can't believe it tastes so much like cotton candy! If you told me my glass had melted cotton candy in it with some matcha, I'd believe you because it is that good. AND with no sugar at all! Just water and matcha. And the taste lingers, my mouth was all cotton candy-y for a good half hour after I finished. This is just... it's so good. If you like cotton candy you owe it to yourself to try this one out right now. Seriously!
243684243684B008ADQS14A1OZR24QC5G5NYdarby140051347926400Cotton Candy - YUM!Cotton Candy Match! To say I'm excited is an understatement! I loved Cotton Candy as a kid and still at the age of thirty-seven will buy cotton candy when I see it. My hubby humors my childlike excitement.
My first encounter with this matcha was heaven! I opened up the pouch, preparing it for the tin that will keep in the yummy goodness. The small size fits perfect in the tin with a little wiggle room...enough to be able to get the measuring spoon in.
I unpacked my matcha bowl that I specifically as for at Christmas time so that I could properly prepare matcha. Then came the chasen from its tight plastic case. Since this was its first use I warmed it up a bit under water, sitting in the bowl. I think part of what I love about matcha is the preparation that feels very ceremonial. All items ready...bowl, chasen, matcha and water!
First I mixed 2 oz of water with 1 perfect teaspoon of matcha. Of course in my preparation I was so excited and almost forgot to sift it first..disaster avoided! Once that was properly mixed I added a teeny bit of sugar (this is cotton candy of course) and 6 oz of water. After I properly exhausted any strength from my whipping right hand I was ready.
The smell of this matcha is not as strong once mixed with water. The taste is there though! The quality of this matcha is very tasty. It doesn't taste too vegetal or clash with the sweetness off the cotton candy. I think next time I will add just a bit more sugar as I didn't want to go overboard the first time and not really get the original taste of the matcha.
My plan for the rest of Cotton Candy is to mix it first as a latte. Then, try adding to my health food drink which is a vanilla base. So I'll be back to let you know how that works out!
To get your own tasty Cotton Candy Matcha from Red Leaf Tea - GO HERE NOW!!!!
In closing - YUM!!!!
243685243685B008ADQS14A38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0051347580800Tastes like it should be served at the carnival!We all love cotton candy, right? I mean, really ... who doesn't love the stuff? There is nothing that is more evocative of a carnival or fair than cotton candy, and that's where the best cotton candy is found. But THIS Cotton Candy Matcha tastes like it should be served right alongside the corn dogs and popcorn at the carnival!

It really tastes like Cotton Candy & Matcha! The matcha tastes like I'd expect it to: bittersweet (although with the cotton candy flavor, the sweetness is really enhanced even more than usual) with vegetative tones, and a buttery undertone. It tastes creamy and has a rich, smooth texture (no chalkiness!)

And then the cotton candy ... it tastes, well, like Cotton Candy! It is sugary sweet and delicious. All that's missing is that texture: fluffy, cottony feel on the tongue followed by a light crunch. But, I'm willing to trade that in for the health benefits of the Matcha!

This stuff is AWESOME! You've gotta try it!
243686243686B008ADQS14A29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051345161600A Circus in your mouth!Its so nice to have these delectable treats in matcha form, thus healthy, and yet feel so satisfied by them! All the pleasure none of the guilt! Although I admit I do mix mine with milk and sometimes use creamer to make a latte but gah its still better than the real stuff!
This has just the right amount of sweetness to it yet still allows me to feel as though I am getting that green tea goodness!
I can't imagine anyone not loving this tea and it seems any tea that has Cotton Candy in the name has been a favorite of mine but then again this is only the second one I have found and this is the ONLY matcha! I can't even make the entire cup last through this review its THAT good!
243687243687B008ADQS14A3J6TE3SKSYBUIDaisy Chubb (Ash-Lee)0051344470400Just like the fair!There was no way in the world I was not picking up this matcha blend. I've had some great tasting cotton candy teas in the past so I knew it could be done! Also, I have this vast collection of cotton candy flavoured drink recipes to be made - and remade - matcha style! Pinterest can be very inspiring! The one that is most intriguing in a cotton candy lemonade, where you just pour sweet lemonade over a glass full of cotton candy. Has anyone ever tried matcha lemonade? That is pretty much what this matcha was MADE for, and I wish I had some friends to come have a summer party so I could make some and not get heartburn from drinking the whole pitcher. So, you're invited! Just let me know when you're coming so I can clean!

Yay! This Cotton Candy matcha takes me to my happy place! Fun times at the fair under a hot blue sky - that is what cotton candy is to me. I got the basic matcha with the delicate flavouring and it is just perfect! So much yummy cotton candy flavour - and it really blows my mind, because it doesn't just taste generally sweet and sugary - it actually tastes like spun sugar! Bright pink and blue spun sugar that just melts on your tongue.

I enjoyed this flavour of matcha hot - but it also made a very refreshing and energizing iced tea. Since Cotton Candy is such a summer flavour, I was happy to have it by my side on a sweltering hot day. It is especially good sprinkled on some real vanilla icecream. Have you ever tried cotton candy ice cream? It's usually made with a pretty cheap ice cream brand, and although it's usually delicious anyways, it doesn't even hold a candle to a high quality ice cream sprinkled with this wonderfully flavoured cotton candy matcha. A cold, sweet treat on a hot day!
243688243688B008ADQS14A3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051340150400Cotton CandyGuh, cotton candy. This was the flavor I most looked forward to, and it's the one I ripped into and gleefully made a cup as soon as the package arrived. So much for my nap, I have matcha to drink! I didn't even read the description on the site, it just instantly wound up in my cart. Cotton candy is childhood to me, as well as a good number of college years spent drinking cotton candy cosmos. I can hear my mother in my head right now. "No, you can't get cotton candy, if we're going to pay $5 for a snack, it's going to be something more than just spun sugar!" But rarely she would cave and oh man. Oooooh man. I remember at one company picnic, they had a cotton candy machine, and you could have all the cotton candy you wanted. They even showed you how to make it! It was amazing. It was the ultimate snack of my childhood. Fast forward a few years to the summer between my first and second year of college. I had an apartment with three other girls, two of whom I didn't know, and I was working at Beech Bend Park. Now, if you know where that is, you either a) went to Western Kentucky University or b) are a biker, because it's adjacent to the Beech Bend racetrack and the Beech Bend Campground, where Harley days are held every year. Usually, I got stuck working the teacups (ironic, huh?), but every once in a while, I got to work food services and I got to make the cotton candy. Oh my goodness. Heaven. Hot work, but heaven. A year or two later I went to O'Charley's with a friend and spotted the Cotton Candy Cosmo on the menu. Unable to resist anything cotton candy, I had to try out. Out came a martini glass overflowing with fresh cotton candy. A little shaker contained vodka and when your poured the vodka over the cotton candy, it melted and mixed in so beautifully that you forgot you were drinking way too much alcohol.

Now it's my go-to snack when the wife takes me to the movies. It's $3 and it makes my inner kid go bouncing all over the place. This tea does the same thing. It''s amazing how much it really does taste like cotton candy, especially when cold. The cooler my cup got, the more it tasted like those little fluffy clouds of heaven. You can still taste the matcha, and it has an odd creaminess to it, but it's Wow. It all blends together and it even has that burnt sugar bit at the end of the sip. I'm going to take a cup of this to the Zoo next Tuesday, ride the carousel, and just go back in time to the carnivals and theme parks of my youth.
243689243689B004I5NRO4A20HUPBEJVBM32Naina1151340582400Fits all my criteria for granolaThe are absolutely delicious, I love every one of their flavors including this one. The flavor is intense and better than a blueberry muffin. My whole family loves it. I ordered directly from annie's site after finding out Kashi uses gmo soy in their granola bars.

My criteria for granola needs to be 6 g sugar or less per bar, non-gmo and wholesome ingredients, and affordable. Annie's was the only one on the market to deliver all three (and I really scoured the internet and health food stores comparing many, many brands - which either had too much sugar, were not gmo free, or were healthy but ridiculously expensive). I am thrilled that they taste so good too, beside meeting my needs.

The boxes I received were chewy, fresh, and have a real dense quality about them. I have never been a fan of berry granola bars because they taste the same as the regular bars or are very weakly flavored. These are divine - like a berry muffin, they won me over to the berry flavor world with these.

Perfect for a snack - I often have it with fruit and cheese - I have never found any brand granola bar on it's own to suffice anyhow. In comparison kashi's were larger, drier and felt somewhat like eating flavored cardboard at times in comparison to these. FYI the reviews that state these are small - yes they are skinny, but they are dense, and only 20 calories less than most other brands, which is not much. This is my first time ordering from amazon subscribe and save so we'll see if the quality is consistent - hope so!

*** Update:

I am sorry to say that there is indeed a quality control issue with these. I will be making my next purchase directly from annie's (like I did my first time), which I hate to do because I prefer the subscribe and save program. The bars are noticeably less fresh, and some bars aren't even complete! I wonder, does this company pinch pennies a little too much, or have quality control problems? I hate to think they send their '2nd rate' boxes over to amazon. Really too bad.
243690243690B004I5NRO4A17B7D5VGO1YRDjillianne1111319760000Hard as a rock!These are the worst granola bars I have ever had in my life. I gave one to my two year old today without trying it myself and she wouldn't eat it. She usually loves granola bars. I went to eat the rest of it and couldn't even bite into it! I had to gnaw it to get some off. And when I did it tasted like plain oatmeal held together with wax. It was disgusting. Missed it by a mile on this one Annie.

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