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243811243811B001LQNVOEA1NEDBJA16RS6ATomA0211260748800Bitter and HorribleI'm not picky about coffee at all. I make lattes with my Senseo for gods sake! The price was good, so I bought this one and the french vanilla. Both were bad, but this one was the worst. It was bitter and just plain bad tasting. This is the first brand that I have tried in which the coffee has been of poor quality across the board. I've been trying to finish this off, but I think I might just throw the rest away. It's THAT bad.

I note that the 5* review was supposed to be for Wolfgang Puck's Sumatra. Looks like that guy mistakenly posted it here.
243812243812B0014C0HMOA30ZWN9BCMHJRKWendy A "Wendy A"0051346716800Great candyMy husband is going through Chemo and these candies seem to take the bad taste out of his mouth. I love them too, pretty addicting.
243813243813B0036ZCZN6A2QTGUUUF8WVDAPamela K. Anderson0041330214400Salep DrinkkI recently visited Turkey and enjoyed their wonderful food.
I was introduced to Salep on a cold winter afternoon and
feel inlove with this delicious drink. It is perfect in the
winter and a very nice bedtime drink!
243814243814B0025UNWA8A3T3ZLO9G8AEZ9Edward L. Brand1151315526400Excellent addition to iced teaThis granulated lime flavor is an excellent addition to a glass of sweet, southern iced tea. It's easy to use and because it is in its own little package, it's also conveniently transportable.
243815243815B0025UNWA8A2B0ZJ5CYX49TNManu1151312934400Lime Lovin'This was an excellent choice. I no longer have to worry about whether I have fresh limes/lemons in the house. Works great for enhancing water, sangria, juice, meals calling for lemon or lime. Excellent product!
243816243816B0025UNWA8AGNRO57WKQZNWSharyn Hamilton1151307664000Purse-friendly limesI don't drink coffee, so my source of caffeine is diet cola, which often leaves an aftertaste. These packets give you a great lime taste, kill the cola aftertaste, and can be conveniently carried around in a purse. They're also great if you have concerns about the cleanliness of cut restaurant limes. Getting 500 at once is a lot, but I can't seem to find the smaller packs in stores anymore, and my friends are thrilled I have plenty to share. Even with shipping, the 500 pack is a good deal, and the shipping was lightning fast.
243817243817B0025UNWA8A2XHZUJDRIH09UKaren Everhart1151306886400A GREAT SubstituteOf course, nothing can be a good as freshly squeezed lime juice, however...sometimes my fresh limes have...uh oh!..gotten old in the bowl or fridge; sometimes I just don't have any on hand. Whatever the reason, these True Lime and True Lemon packets are just the thing. They are not sweetened [the dextrose in the ingredients seems to cut the sour taste only slightly]. I have used these packets whenever I wanted lime juice...soups, bottled water, Bloody Mary, guacamole, etc. Even in Metro Atlanta, this product is difficult to find in the grocery. Hooray for Amazon!
243818243818B0025UNWA8A2421K6WHKYJUQTool Jim "Tool Man Jim"1151290902400No waste with this lime!We tried in a hotel a few months back and have purchased a box after that. I like the fact you always have "lime" and there is no waste. Great for flavored water or your favorite cocktail.
243819243819B0025UNWA8A1O83K0WNNIGZ5MEB1151285200000True Lime PacketsConvenient and easy to take with me. Doesn't spoil. I add it to diet colas for no aftertaste and iced water and tea. Best product in ages.
243820243820B0025UNWA8A1UNUOXRIY3E71Yeah Write1151283472000Better than bottled waterI have tried the lime, lemon and orange flavors and I have to say the lime is my favorite. The packets are the perfect size for a 16 oz glass of water and isn't to tart. I don't like the taste of the minerals in tap water and some bottled water and I have no intention of spending 2 dollars a bottle for the 'pure' stuff. This covers the taste perfectly.
243821243821B002WDCFFGA3W0PWU684CXVUJoe Bagadonuts91041268006400An excellent cup of coffeeI have tried every coffee and tea offered for the Tassimo system. I have found the Maxwell House blends to be some of the better flavored coffees. The French Roast is taughted as a "bold" blend. It creates a nice rich dark flavor without going into being bitter. If you are a Starbucks addict; you won't find the "earthy" taste in the MH-FR blend, if you're wondering how it compares. The MH-FR is one of the few Tassimo blends I consistently order. It makes a very good cup of coffee for any time of the day.
243822243822B002WDCFFGA1S2SV3GPYMV67Lawmom8951282348800Best Combination of Flavor and ValueI've had a Tassimo machine (not the same one) for nearly four years now, and have tried most if not all of the discs available through Amazon. While I haven't been thrilled with any of the other Maxwell House discs particularly (I like a strong cup of coffee, but there are a wide variety of preferences on this issue), I've been very, very pleased with the French Roast. It gives a strong but smooth brew and you can't beat the price--at the time I'm writing this you can get 2 packs of 16 discs of the MH French Roast for under $14, compared to 2 packs of 12 discs for more than $20 for the Starbucks blends. I still buy Starbucks, particularly the Africa Kitamu, and Seattle's Best, particularly Henry's Blend, because I like variety in my cup of Joe, but MH's French Roast is great choice, especially if you have multiple coffee drinkers in the house and need to keep plenty of discs on hand while still keeping within your food budget!
243823243823B002WDCFFGA1E73MWS029K9Irobcoscob3351315785600Tassimo Maxwell House French roastMy wife and I were a bit freaked when Starbucks announced it was no longer being sold in Tassimo (well, you can still buy them at historic prices as their supply must be near zero). But Maxwell House French Roast more than amply fills the void where Starbuck's House blend used to occupy. Good, rich, robust, strong cup of coffee! And it's only costing us about .30/cup compared to Starbuck's original price of about .75/cup
243824243824B002WDCFFGA1ECFYNRWT0URCVictoria Maglio3351269907200Great Coffee, Great PriceWhat else is there to say? A great strong flavored coffee at a great price.
243825243825B002WDCFFGA1L3AUQO4NNLMPPenny2251339200000Full flavor & easyI was looking for a rich, dark coffee for my morning mug. But I didn't have a ton of money to spend. The Maxwell House Cafe Collection French Roast was being offered at a great price, but I didn't expect too much from the old supermarket Maxwell House brand. I was pleasantly surprised, however, at the depth of flavor and great aroma of the T-discs. They're better than any K-cups I've tried for my Keurig machine. I highly recommend both the Tassimo machine & the Maxwell House Cafe Collection French Roast Coffee.
243826243826B002WDCFFGAXF1K8NME9L4SKelly Carver2251338768000Great way to wake up!First off I don't normally write reviews unless I am dissatisfied with a product. I was so impressed with the Maxwell House Dark Roast that I had to chime in. I used to drink Starbucks ll the time using a regular coffee brewer, but after wasting so much I decided to get a Tassimo brewer. While it was a great deal ($30 for the brewer), it has been very difficult to find T-disks in grocery stores. I am sure if you are a Tassimo lover you have had the same frustrations.

Well back on point, this coffee is my new favorite. It has a nice bold taste with NO aftertaste. Goes down smooth and has a nice rich, almost smoky flavor. I always add one sweet-n-low to my coffee. No milk or creamer. Again, can't say enough about this awesome product!
243827243827B002WDCFFGA33X48GU1AUA5KA Senior1141334793600Maxwell House French Roast Coffee (Dark)After having tried most of the discs for the Tassimo system, I have found the Maxwell House French Roast to be my overall favorite selection...It has a rich full bodied flavor and the price is affordable.....It has a pleasing aroma which permeates throughout the kitchen in the morning...A pleasant cup of coffee to wake up to !
243828243828B002WDCFFGA2TDB8BYDIMH40Tango1131141322697600Great Price???This is great coffee but what is wrong with the price? $19.50 for a 16-disc pack? You can buy it direct from Tassimo for $6.99.
243829243829B002WDCFFGA3J0MRYJSZJP56Irene M. Dudley1151314403200FavoriteI bought a Tassimo coffee maker over the Keurig because I wanted brewed coffee through ground and not liquid syrup. I have never been a huge coffee fan but have started drinking it for the health benefits of the antioxidants. (1 cup no milk products used has more than a cup of blueberries) Of all the discs i have bought so far this one is by far my favorite. The Maxwell house options also have some of the best pricing of the available T discs as well.
243830243830B002WDCFFGAHG2MFVZ4B2KColamae "DSH"1141314230400Bold coffeeSo far this is the only Tassimo t-disc coffee product in the Bold category that I have been able to find. I am still disappointed that Starbuck's Cafe Verona is no longer available. There is suppose to be a Gevalia Tassimo bold coffee becoming available the middle of OCT through I have this product on pre-order and I am hopeful we may soon have other choices. So in the mean time by using less water per disc this has been a drinkable and flavorful substitute. One of the problems with the available products is that there is not enough coffee per disc. Starbucks had the best size with more coffee per unit.
243831243831B002WDCFFGA3RYD2LB1BVKD9Jennifer L Healy1111311465600Over pricedThis coffe was over priced and not a true French roast. I would not describe it as dark or bold in flavor. Would have been helpful if a price per pod was added.
243832243832B002WDCFFGA1Z2EX2HI6D3LKNELSON "JeanJ"1151308960000VERY VERY GOOD!This is my favorite blend of the ones I have tried. Very good value (or was.. when I got free delivery from Amazon). Just looked it up and it doesn't seem to be available right now from Amazon. I will not pay shipping fees for any brand. As others have said it is rich, smooth with no bitterness. I hope it is available when I run out of t-disks.
243833243833B002WDCFFGA260QLS8Z33KCQBun1141305244800Good tasteI was originally using the "Morning Blend", which had a good taste, but I think this blend is smoother. Also, the price is a little less, so it's a win/win situation.
243834243834B002WDCFFGA2WE93LJX8PMT1A. Hansen "AH Booklover"1151305158400No fail product.Tassimo products or "T-Disks" are easy and always good. I have been using their products along with T-disks by Maxwell House, Starbucks, Gervalia, Twinings Tea etc. etc. for over 5 years. I have never had an issue with freshness, or quality in the Maxwell house (or other brands). The products are simple to use and perfect for a quick cup of coffee. This particular order for the "French Roast" (dark) was very good in flavor, dark but not overly bitter. Overall, a great product.
243835243835B002WDCFFGA2QWNAQVM0CQX8B. Petereson2351281830400Favorite Tassimo CoffeeIt took awhile to find but this is my favorite Tassimo coffee. It has a smooth flavor. It's not bitter. The cup portion is perfect.
243836243836B002WDCFFGA1HQUVAS7V80OKR.N.0051347062400Great Coffee!This coffee is just right if you like bold. One cup each morning gets me going and keeps me going all day.
243837243837B002WDCFFGA1M5Y3TC92C925FXT0041345766400My "Go To" coffeeI like many of the crema style T-discs also, but this is my every morning coffee. For lack of a better description, good honest coffee flavor. And usually one of the better T-disc values. My first Saturday morning cup is one of these (stopped a little early) with a crema on top.
243838243838B002WDCFFGA2ASFDSD25V0S3Kim A Hayashida0051344729600Best Tasting CoffeeThis coffee is the best tasting and very economical in price. The price can't be beat from any local store.
243839243839B002WDCFFGA3AB1CMBISFEHUNebs0051342483200Love love love this French RoastThis is my favorite coffee for my Tassimo brewer. I've tried a lot of the new coffees they have come out with and I still go back to purchase this French Roast.
243840243840B002WDCFFGANX9N5GW7UDABSelena#10051342137600A Sensational Dark RoastThe Maxwell House Cafe Collection French Roast is a sensational dark roast! The taste is pure amazing! It tastes just like a Starbuck's coffee without the Starbuck price. I bought 32 servings for only ten bucks! It was like a buy one get one free deal! I love major deals and this coffee was so worth it. I'm evewn buying it at the regular price of ten dollars for 16 servings that is how good this coffee truely is.

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