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244831244831B0029JLRK2ABDCYK04CL6O4MIDNIGHT05210151323993600M&M's PEANUT CANDY 19.2-OUNCE(PACK OF 4)A delicious candy in a hard, milk chocolate shell in different variety of colors at a very good price when available through Amazon including free shipping. Will be purchasing this again in any size as long as the price is right!
244832244832B0029JLRK2A1ED84P4RIOJ2ZTQ31021267488000Cheap Price Cheap Quality
244833244833B0029JLRK2A3G7M77IKGD1B773beats11921292284800********** READ THIS FIRST PLEASE ************First off, the initial arrival: It came in a bigger box (since other things were ordered as well) when I opened it the 2 yellow bags set neatly and ready for me to eat! Packaging, no other boxes or bags were used or necessary. Review of the value: this is going to put it in perspective;
1) The average size bags are about 1.69 ounces
2) The larger size bags range from 9-11 ounces depending on which one as they make several.
3) This bag was just over 42 ounces and they go up to 60 ounces in certain packaging.
In theory you could go out and buy a bunch of the 1.69 ounce packages and to equal the total of about 84 ounces and at about $1 a bag you'd only buy about 48 bags at $.99 a bag it would be cheaper to go with these bags - however, the cost of this item was a little disappointing because I expected a little more in the bags. Aside from a portion (probably 25% of the height) of the bag being air, I was just hoping for more M&M's. Overall I give this purchase a C+ value as it was cheaper to buy this way. But, as always beware of pricing for example another seller on Amazon charges $9.19 for the same bag (but you have to pay for shipping). If you wanted to buy using Amazon Prime, like myself then you could get regular M&M's (no peanuts) for only $15.63 - about $10 less so that may be worth the savings. An okay value - but at the end of the day it was cheaper than buying them individually. 73beats
244834244834B006ACQY8YA1U8FSIM58TXFNJohn252551335052800Amazing customer serviceWhen I ordered this product, I was too lazy to convert "3-4 mm" to inches and consequently discovered the "Coarse Grinder Salt" was almost 1/4" (1/6" to be exact), way too coarse for my salt grinder. Shortly after receiving my order from Amazon, I received a courtesy email from the Spice Lab to make sure I was happy with my order. I replied that actually I was not happy, but the fault was mine because I didn't convert the metric dimensions to English units and consequently didn't realize how coarse the salt would be, which was too coarse for my salt mill. Two days later I received a package of smaller crystals, no charge. That's amazing customer service!
244835244835B006ACQY8YA12JZ2L90VL35YKdunn313531309478400Product changed....This product seems to have replaced a similar previous product (Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt). The previous prodcut was a deeper pink color and the texture was better than what I was finding elsewhere. This new product (Himalayan Organic Natural Unprocessed Cooking Salt) is much more like what the competitors are selling. I've enjoyed all my products from The Spice Lab, but was disappointed with the replacent for this product.
244836244836B006ACQY8YA11VH8PJ2MEHFVPotato161751314662400Great saltThis pink salt has a very nice subtle flavor. I didn't know salt could vary in flavor until I tried this one. We bought the salt initially because (a) it's organic and (b) my daughter wanted pink salt! But the flavor is what really made the difference. I don't know much about salt, but I want to say that this has a "rounded" flavor meaning it isn't harsh or distinctive on food, rather it seems to become part of the food, going in and bringing back the flavor of the food in an enhanced way. Sounds silly, but I am learning good quality ingredients really make a difference.
244837244837B006ACQY8YA1DJ9FOEOA0WF1citizen fact checker161851316649600For more than salting foods.Yes, I do use this product for salting some of my foods, but it also has another handy use. Because the grains of salt are much larger than normal, I use this salt to clean my cast iron grill and skillet. I pour one or two tablespoons of salt on the slightly warm grill or skillet, and rub the salt into the bottom and sides of the pans with a wadded up paper towel. The salt even quickly makes short work of cleaning the RIDGED bottom of my cast iron grill pan. Works perfectly. I usually keep two or three packages of this product on my spices shelf because I use it frequently both for salting food and cleaning the cast iron.
244838244838B006ACQY8YA39NRLN369P8NPCourtney Rice121451290470400Intensely salty, healthy saltWe were pleased with this salt. It's actually more salty than regular salt, even kosher salt or sea salt. A little bit goes a long way! I don't usually cook with it, but add it to things afterwards. I've been hand grinding it.
244839244839B006ACQY8YA85V7EAHDOMA4RightReviewNow6641331683200Fluoride Content An Issue?Not sure, but have been reading about Himalayan salt and apparently there is a high fluoride in this salt according to several reviews I've read, and that's not so good. However, it looks very nice in my salt mill and tastes much better than Morton salt and I don't use it everyday. Also, it's mined in Pakistan if that really matters.
244840244840B006ACQY8YAC9JAT85740MEchingchong131651297036800super fast shipping, free samplesplaced the order on tuesday, received it on saturday with the cheapest shipping; super faster. the himalayan salt comes in a sealed ziploc bag that has a bottom that allows it to sit up vertically which is convenient for storage especially if you have way too many spices and sacks of beans and sugars and what not like me. in addition, it came with 3 samples (himalayan salt, lemon citron flake salt, and cyprus white flake salt) weighing quite a few grams each (sorry, doesn't say the weight and i don't have a scale with me at the moment).

as far as product quality goes, i typically buy my himalayan salt from whole foods and aesthetically this salt look exactly like the salt i get from whole foods. i haven't tasted it yet, but i bet it tastes like salt. of course price wise this salt (the spice lab) is WAY cheaper than buying himalayan salt at whole foods (even including shipping).
244841244841B006ACQY8YA2NAMA6YGQGPSMAlber N.5551331424000Excellent!This is a great salt; it has a wholesome flavor and, I noticed it doesn't make you thirsty or rise the blood pressure as regular salt does. That's the benefit of the natural balance of minerals in it. I would recommend this to friends and health conscious people.
244842244842B006ACQY8YA174G68Y1JKTQ7Sylvia4451314489600Wonderful product!!This salt is so pink and taste like the ocean, I love it. Make sure to buy a grinder of some sort if you plan to use it on salads or sprinkle on cold dishes.
244843244843B006ACQY8YA2DDP3ETGEUYQOL. S. Cagle3351337385600Excellent FlavorThis is the first time I have used land mined salt. I usually use salt from various sea sources. After reading several reviews here on Amazon I decided to try this salt. I was very pleasantly surprised the first time I tasted the salt. The flavor was fresh and subtle. Not like the salt you usually buy in the grocery stores. Plus it has a lot of trace minerals your body needs. I highly recommend this salt.
244844244844B006ACQY8YA1BJE8PP5HVP0Pmyopinion3351333065600I love this saltI love pink himalayan salt! It is loaded with minerals and taste great. I don't have to use as much as the conventional table salt and I don't feel bad about using it because I know that it's also really good for my body.
244845244845B006ACQY8YA3EL8P50JQ5OIFA. Smith3351324598400What I have been looking for....The product has far fewer pink crystals than shown in the picture, which is perfectly fine with me. The salt is coarse, excellent for salt mills. It tastes great and the size is what I wanted and haven't been able to find elsewhere. The price and service is excellent, as well.
244846244846B006ACQY8YA2AOD7254MCKSHtravel-weary5651318204800the only salt I use--except herbamare and trocomareI have not purchased this from Amazon yet as still on what I purchased elsewhere BUT I noticed many people buying the one pound bag. Just to let you know: one kilo equals 2.2 lbs. Why would you buy the one pound bag on something that never goes bad when you can get more than double for just a few dollars more.

Dr. Mercola's comments regarding Himalaya salt benefits are what started me using this initially a few years ago. Many micronutrients, great purity. One person questioned the iodine: no salt naturally contains iodine unless it is iodized or contains some sort of seaweed. You can easily see his comments at

Himalaya salt has a very 'clean' taste--add at the end of cooking.
244847244847B006ACQY8YA2V4Y0T3CRKNLLKateKL2251340323200Good Quality & Good ServiceI bought Himalayan Organic Salt twice. Each time, quality was really good and service was fast and courteous (The Spice Lab's). I will buy it again.
244848244848B006ACQY8YAFSMZZ0GTEVKLJames2251339113600Wonderful productI was very pleased with the Himalayan salt. It really does taste much better than ordinary salt and you can actually taste some of the other minerals in it. I would describe it like licking a salty rock, but in a good way. Very pleased and will be buying more.
244849244849B006ACQY8YA3P1315GACYPZWJanie Westmoreland2251335312000Himalayan course saltI have never ordered sea salt before. i thought this was great. I was afraid it would have some additional flavor that I wouldnt like. Instead it was fresh tasting & natural. I like the pink color, but glad it doesnt come out pink.
244850244850B006ACQY8YA1Z9HKVWJTFF69nicework2241332374400Very good salt for a very good priceI'll certainly be a repeat customer. I had a tough time finding large salt crystals to refill a grinder, but this fit the bill nicely.

Flavor is clean with slight minerality. The color is not a deep as some other himalayan pink I've seen, but it's a very good finishing salt, and a good conversation piece when put on the table in a clear grinder.

Also, the seller included a coupon for a future purchase in the package, which was a nice bonus.
244851244851B006ACQY8YA2PBAASBUM3WAVseashell272251331769600so yummy!This salt has a slightly earthy taste. It is moderately coarse. I bought a ceramic grinder for when I would like to have it a little finer. I love this salt!
244852244852B006ACQY8YAREJXK815FD5TC. Fedruk "Cats not Kids"2251330992000Great for cooking and bathsGreat salt! Though now that I know how great it is I will have to buy a bigger bag next time. Mixed with some epsom salt and essential oils this makes a great bath salt. Ground up a bit finer it is wonderful for cooking. Will certainly buy again.
244853244853B006ACQY8YA2BWA57GHPISQKLaura2251330819200Love this salt!I had been told that Himalayan salt was much better for you. After shopping around, I found the best deal was through Amazon. It came in a heavy resealable bag and works great in my salt mill. I would buy this again and recommend it to my friends.
244854244854B006ACQY8YA33X9WBR7YD39HJeff2251330473600Perfect!I use this salt very liberally now especially after finding out that its table salt you really need to avoid. Our bodies need salt to live and this is the purest kind out there. I plan to make this salt a part of my regular diet.
244855244855B006ACQY8YA39ZG9XWPS3JU7S. Goldberg "GoldMoon"2251326585600Himalayan SaltI love this salt!! The delivery was quick, the price was reasonable and the salt imparts a wonderful flavor to everything I eat! And, it doesn't burn my tongue! I will be using this salt for ever more!
244856244856B006ACQY8YA25YFCUONWD8UQSharon Henegar2251322438400Great product.I absolutely love this salt. The flavor is awesome and at a great price. No more box salt for me.
244857244857B006ACQY8YA2L72GWHIYQ34RLehnanne2251320710400Great ProductI discovered this salt about 2 years ago and have not looked back. I love it. The Spice Lab gives you a high quality product for a great price. It is hard to describe Himalayan salt - you get more salty goodness without using so much. It is delicious!
244858244858B006ACQY8YA31DCD0A4IPPV0Joshua Wagner2251318636800Great coarse saltGreat buy! Fantastic taste and pleasing pink hue from the iron content. I prefer a grinding salt, and this one is unprocessed for it's better for you.
244859244859B006ACQY8YAQG3YML56OSUVSparkle Phillips "GreatRelationshipBooks com"4551268438400Slightly pink in color, but salt non-the-less.Can't tell it is any different than normal salt, except for a slight pink tinge. But if it has all the great minerals and stuff... all the better!
244860244860B006ACQY8YAV8RBIWNJ3271Loraine1151346976000Great taste!This salt is so tasty! It tastes nothing like the iodized table salt. This has a light, mild taste that greatly enhances meats, vegetables, etc. It's pink/peach color also looks very pretty in my clear Cole/Mason grinder. It grinds very finely with no issue. In fact, this salt grinds so finely that it leaves a fine coating, almost like a powder, around the inside of the clear grinder. If you're a neat freak, this might bug you a little and you might find yourself wiping out the top of the grinder. Great salt and the bag lasts a long time.

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