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245701245701B004OAZ36IA3U60Z50L969OSJ Tammaro0031329004800Great for the varietyI had bought this pack because it was my first K-Cup coffee maker. I would have given 4 stars for the variety but I am not a flavored coffee drinker and most of the coffees were of that type.
245702245702B004OAZ36IA2QSSYUJBJYH16Leah P. Axelrod0021328918400Assortment Doesn't Match the descriptionHere is what I received:

7 Hazelnut (1 Gloria Jeans, 6 Green Mountain)
6 Caramel Vanilla Cream
9 French Vanilla (1 Gloria Jeans, 8 Green Mountain)
4 Butter Toffee
3 Spicy Eggnog (out of season for February)
2 Donut House Cinnamon Roll
2 Wild Mountain Blueberry
1 Kahlua
1 Golden French Toast

Not a terrible assortment but if you are expecting to get a wide variety of flavors that you don't see everywhere then look elsewhere...this is not the pack for you. If I wanted 9 French Vanillas I would have just bought a box of them.
245703245703B004OAZ36IA3KSW8H581XS0NR. Dold0041328832000Good deal - nice varietyThe items are packed in a paper bag, but ours arrived in good shape. We received a good variety of coffee and I think it is a good value for what we got. Our package had about 10 different favors and no more than 5 of any one favor. I think this will help me narrow down what I like. If you are looking for a sampler, give this one a try.
245704245704B004OAZ36IA3MLS52XDSOJSNChristina M. Cassidy0051328832000K-CupsGreat Product for the price!!! Did not expect to get so many of the same flavor "French Vanilla". But was glad I did.
245705245705B004OAZ36IA1RRFXMDU19RW1Link0041328745600Great selection!When I first received this box I was a little confused as they were all loose in a box; however, when I saw all the great flavors that I received I was happy with the product! One was broken . . . but other than that all the samples were in tact and as far as I could tell not expired. Will probably use them again!
245706245706B004OAZ36IA1PKG3UOJL0ZQ7Nick0051328486400Definitely worth it!Coffee arrived before said arrival date and everything is as advertised. I would definitely recommend to anyone that likes the K cup.
245707245707B004OAZ36IA14L9HQL6COR46Donald J. Hahn004132822720024 count k-cup samplerPurchased this item as a gift along with a world sampler for my son and daughter-in-law who have a new k-cup machine. They really liked it and made a list of their favorites.
245708245708B004OAZ36IA39TQ2TEHGHVE0Maggie0031328054400SatisifiedBased on the reviews, you take your chances when ordering. I decided to try it. I got about 7 different flavors - nothing terribly exotic but I did learn I really like blueberry coffee which I never would have ordered on my own! So I may order again - it's kinda fun to see what you get. Does come in just a brown paper bag (like a large lunch bag) but I didn't care about that. It would be nice if they tried harder to get more of a mix of flavors. The cups were still about $.75 each so it's not like they are so reduced in price, that you should be happy to get any assortment (and they do save on the packaging).
245709245709B004OAZ36IA3OQERUV7U63R6garymit002132805440024 Count K-cup Flavered Coffee SamplerThe ones I have tried were good, but some I am not sure I would try. I would NOT buy another sampler. I will buy only coffee or other K-cups that I like. OK,Spicy Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice I would NOT have bought!!
245710245710B004OAZ36IAASCT7IQMJNOFFlorida-Rita0051327881600Nice samplerEnjoyed the varied cups and manufacturers...great to try coffee without committing to a large amount of any one type. Will try again.
245711245711B004OAZ36IA2PF8C28A2YXZFKristin Fitzgerald "mom of Stinkerbell"0051327622400Fun to try out the varietyHaving never owned a Keurig coffee maker before, I had no idea what brand or flavor of K-cup to try. This was an enjoyable way to discover what I liked the best.
245712245712B004OAZ36IA3FECJ4DJJ86OVnscheps0011327363200k cupsI was shocked to find my k-cups were packaged in a zip locked bag. Some of the cups were damaged and expired.
245713245713B004OAZ36IA2VQKIS52N2QAKanna070051327276800Great Selection!This is the best mixed coffee selection ever! It has coffee in it that is very hard (if all) to find! Very happy with this purchase!
245714245714B004OAZ36IA36EGRBINRLDYWCandy "Candy"0051326844800Excellent Assortment!I read some negative reviews on this item but decided to take a chance hoping I would receive a good assortment of flavored coffees. I am extremely pleased with the assortment of flavors I received. Flavors I didn't even know they had. None of them are even close to expiring and they were all received well packed with no damage. The box is plain as mentioned but that is perfectly fine with me. I will definitely continue to buy this product.
245715245715B004OAZ36IA1MONEN4OHY1ZIava05100041326844800Good starter mix!Not the best price perhaps but a great mix of many interesting flavors. Do not regret this purchase at all! If you want to try both flavored and unflavored coffees this is a good choice for you.
245716245716B004OAZ36IA1W7PP7L9B8EQBritne0051326672000Good Selection!I was impressed with the variety of flavors in my sampler. No more than 2 of each, and a good assortment overall. I will definitely buy again, thank you!
245717245717B004OAZ36IA35NTD240DDM1Ubabyboybanker0051326585600A business who truly cares about customer satisfaction.I am very impressed with this company's focus on customer satisfaction. There was a minor error with my initial order. I contacted the ZShop regarding the issue. I received a response back in less than 24 hours with an apology for the error and details regarding how the situation would be resolved. I received my corrected order within a few days. The flavor selection was terrific. The ones that I've tried so far have tasted great! Quality product and quality service. I will definitely be buying again!
245718245718B004OAZ36IA6HHYHZDAIMU8Birdie "Birdie"0051326499200Good VarietyMy variety pack consisted of no more than 3 of the same k cup. The product description given in the possibilities for k cups was accurate. I did not get all of the options listed (it clearly states that you *may* receive those k cups) but I also did not get anything that was not listed. There were no surprises. It arrived within 2 days (I have Amazon Prime). This was a good option for me as a new coffee drinker to learn what I liked at a good price. I highly recommend this variety pack.
245719245719B004OAZ36IA1JWG3CE2PQVSMJordan0051326499200Amazing !With all these bad reviews, you'd think this would be a bad product. I didn't think so at all. I got 22 different kinds. The other two cups were mudslide. There was one flavor out of 23 that I didn't enjoy. The blueberry flavor was absolutely awful. My boyfriend liked it though, so no complaints here! I will definitely purchase this again.

For all you people that receive 4 - 5 of the same cups, you should have read the reviews first. If you did, and thought "Huh, I'll take a chance", it's your own fault. I'd rather get this even if I got only four different kinds. Its better than an entire box of the SAME kind.
245720245720B004OAZ36IA1SLAPOQCQL8LRFran N0021326499200K-Cup variety packI just received my 24 K-cup variety pack & was a little disappointed. They were all thrown in a brown paper bag in the shipping box which certainly wasn't very appealing. Also disappointed in the variety. Out of the 24, there are (5) Gingerbread, (3) Southern Pecan, & (3) Pumpkin Spice, which are all Limited Edition for the holidays. That's about half the "variety" in only 3 flavors. I guess they have to get rid of these flavors. Will not order this variety pack again!
245721245721B004OAZ36IA356ED42SBZQ8Gazcharm0031326240000hard to try the diff onesI saw this and thought it was going to be a wonderful way to try some of the diff kinds of k-cups without buying an entire box. I was a little disappointed today when my order came in. Half the bag (brown paper lunch bag) was one flavor, another 1/4 of them were a flavor and then I got 1 of a few others. I thought I'd get to try more than 5 kinds with getting 24 cups.

I might give it another try, but not sure yet.
245722245722B004OAZ36IA3U4RZKH7KXZ1Gjay0041326153600not a bad selectionI have ordered this variety pack twice, it has good selections and was shipped to me fairly quickly considering it was the holiday rush season. I would purchase this again. Note they come shipped in a packing box just thrown in and packed down with brown paper. I counted them and both times they were all there and none of them were expired or damaged upon my inspection. If you can get over the fact there is no appeal to the packaging this supply should do just fine.
245723245723B004OAZ36IALV2VDPZ38PN6mamato30051326067200Glad I didn't listen to dissatisfied reviewers.I got a fabulous assortment of flavored coffees. I got the 35 pack and there were at least 12 different flavors!!! Very satisfied with my purchase. It was a great way to get tons of options without breaking the bank!!! Will buy again.
245724245724B004OAZ36IA2QM581K9O8LVRbradgator20051326067200Excellent PurchaseProduct arrived ahead of schedule. It was in excellent condition. The price was reasonable. I would buy this product again.
245725245725B004OAZ36IA28S4U6KFX52EWTonyYayo0051325721600Awesome sampler and fast shipping!Awesome sampler and fast shipping! Just make sure you open the package. They repackage it in one of the flavors boxes but you get 12 different kinds of coffee (2 of each)
245726245726B004OAZ36IA1YS688NJ8MPATNie0011325635200Disappointed - Half of them are not even flavored!!!? Waste of money.I got a new Keurig coffee maker for Christmas, which was exciting to me, because I often want one cup of flavored coffee in the evening. So I went right to Amazon and found this great idea - a sampler of flavored coffees! I thought this would be perfect, so I could find out which ones I'd like. But when they arrived today, only half of them were flavored and the other half were non-flavored coffee. And all of the flavored ones are doubles, so all in all I got 6 flavors. What a disappointment! I feel like I wasted my money, because the coffee maker already came with a sampler of regular coffees.
245727245727B004OAZ36IA3FM4IDHKJ35WItom0031325289600The variety is not quite thereI am new to kcup, I got this because I wanted a variety to try out different flavors and find what I like.
First, I like most of the flavors, so this is still a bargain to get some variety just to have different flavors around.
However, the variety was lacking of 35

7 were pumpkin spice
6 were ginger bread
6 were french vanilla
5 were hazelnut

Thats 24 of 35 right there. I was just hoping for maybe a little more variety, I will order again, and hopefully atleast get different ones.
245728245728B004OAZ36IAIA5XZGH8LM5Nnesparkey0051325203200k cup coffeeWe just purchased the Keurig brewer and I'm in love. Yes, it came with samples (4 boxes) with apple cider and hot chocolate. However, I wanted to try other coffees. I have to know what I like. Of course, I searched, and came to Amazon. My go to place. They have the best prices and biggest selection!! I love this sample. Actually, I think we are done with most of it!! If you would like to test a variety, then I would recommend purchasing this! It gave us a try on the various k-cups available at a reasonable price!
245729245729B004OAZ36IA1P7TNU1M05SAXMotleyHorseLover0041325116800Tried a second time and it was great!My husband bought me the Kuereg so I could make my flavored coffee and he could have his traditional coffee. I was looking forward to trying many new flavors and was disappointed that 1/2 of the flavors were French Vanilla and Hazelnut which are flavors that can be found any place you go. I wanted to try some flavors not normally found in the grocery store. Having said that, there were 7 k-cups of pumpkin spice which I found to be fantastic and will order. There were three other flavors that I am looking forward to trying. I am going to try to order this again and may change my review.

Updated Review: I went ahead and tried ordering this package again and couldn't be more pleased. It was exactly what I had expected the first time around. Of the 35 I received, I had four different kinds of hazelnut, four different kinds of vanilla, and then the rest were different flavors. I had only four duplicates so I will get to try a good variety. I left it at four stars because of the disappointment of the first order.
245730245730B004OAZ36IA2BYXRA52SI98GWilliam Hess0011325116800I thought I ordered FLAVORED coffeeI bought this for my husband and was excited to find a flavored sample pack for him to try a variety before buying an entire box. When they arrived I was very disappointed to see that 18 out of 24 of them where not a flavored coffee but just plain regular coffee. Then the remaining 6 where the same to flavors. I'm very disappointed and will deff be sending them back and getting a refund. I just wish I would read the reviews before buying.

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