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246026246026B001G604ZIA1C7Y31S5QXNTRmajormusiclover0051327881600Also Excellent for -- hot chocolate drink.Ghirardelli has what they call a premium hot cocoa mix, double chocolate,
but for us this 'baking cocoa, sweet ground chocolate' is a premium hot chocolate mix.

We've been using this for years for our favorite hot chocolate.
I've told everyone I know, this is the best, and to find it on the baking isle.

We've tried the premium hot cocoa mix, double chocolate,
but don't care for how over the top rich the double chocolate is.
For us there's nothing better for hot cocoa
then this ground sweet chocolate for baking.

No sugar needed, just mix 2-3 heaping tablespoons in hot milk for instant pleasure!
246027246027B001G604ZIAPL9N0H3O6EW1PFShelly0051327104000Tasty!This tastes exactly like the white hot cocoa I've always gotten from my coffee shop...have I found their source? Would definitely recommend.
246028246028B001G604ZIA1P2YF92O355ATmoochie1230051325289600Love itLove the White Mocha and have tried the sauce vs. power. This is great in my coffee when I can't make it to Starbucks!
246001246001B000H25VKKA2MH2IFISJCME3Steven A. Schwaber "bk attorney"1251178323200Buy This, Cook With ThisTry this in jambalaya instead of regular rice -- Dynamite. Gives a whole new meaning to cajun cooking.
246029246029B001G604ZIA3J7R74WAM4WGSA. Cook "Seeker"0051314662400The richest chocolate flavorI used to be able to buy this locally and kept it in stock all the time. It makes wonderful hot chocolate. I love it in cakes, muffins, pancakes, icecream...anywhere I want a rich, chocolate flavor.
246002246002B002GE9Y3WA1757GLF2BTO42DeeHam2251305849600New Favorite Raw FoodThe hemp seeds have become my new favorite raw food. They taste like soft nuts without the strong hemp flavor that hemp products usually have. I eat 1/4 cup every morning, sometimes by themselves or over fruit. Helps decrease appetite during the day.
246030246030B001G604ZIASE42OX6S0Y20sectry010051294012800DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!This is the same mix my local coffee shop uses. The recipe for their frappe is on the back. A winner!!!!
246003246003B002GE9Y3WAB0VX6D37FZWTIntense4life "Intense4life"2241284595200NIce products for small consumption.This is a good product if one does not use much hemp seed. Fresh and taste great. However, it is expensive from this supplier. I would buy more products from them if they offered larger quantities at a good price.
246004246004B001BM3I96A3NHUQ33CFH3VMCitizen John4431255651200No Doubts Expressed by My 10-Month Old Twins - Although I Have Some DoubtsIt's good to give your baby a naturally orange food if you expect nutrients that are normally present in orange foods. Squash is one of the original flavor brands from the vegetable variety pack, the first case of Earth's Best I ever bought. While sweet potato followed by carrot were their favorites, they liked squash right from the start.

I think it was pretty innovative to mix squash with turkey (as opposed to chicken). This combination worked well and they loved it from the first taste. I sincerly don't think those of us parents had it so good at this tender age. We might be handing the next generation for too much public debt, but at least we're starting them out with healthy and interesting foods. But is this as healthy as it appears?

I believe your baby will love this one if he/she is anywhere near mine in age and I would love to hear comments should others try this one out on their precious little baby.

Ingredients listed on the label: Organic Butternut Squash, Water, Organic Ground Turkey, Organic Whole Grain Kamut Flour, Organic Whole Grain Quinoa Flour.

This one was different in that water was not the first ingredient. It is not runny, but all the flour surely absorbed the water anyway (note how much flour must have been used).

One jar has 60 calories, 12% protein, 2% vitamin C, 6% calcium and 4% iron. I've been informed that the percentage of daily needs met is based on an adult.
246005246005B001BM3I96ACM3Z9NLSE8S9Tracy1121314835200Buy in stores before buying in bulk. Son GaggedMy son normally loves Earth's Best jarred foods. But this was a strong exception. I thought I take a chance and buy this flavor from Amazon since my son LOOOVEED the Chicken Sweet Potato dinner. I'm not sure if its the tomato or the wheat but it's VERY thick. It made my son gag. I thought maybe he wasn't use to it but when I tried it the next day he gagged again. Now I have 10 jars untouched. Maybe I'll wait another month before trying it again. (Son was 8.5 months when he tried it).
246006246006B001BM3I96A7INGAHQIWQ1Samylee001151302652800No issuesI bought a few different varities of baby food in the jars through amazon because it is so much cheaper doing the subscribe and save than going to the store. I have read many reviews where they said that they received some jars broken, all I have to say is that I received about 5 12 pack jars of different food and not a single one was broken. All of them came wrapped in quite a bit of bubble wrap.I haven't had any issues with them.
246007246007B001BM3I96A3NZDDMMXJ96K6Alexandra Stevenson "ABC"0051350259200Gone in 2 feedingsBefore buying in bulk, it's best to pick up 2 jars to try each flavor and ensure LO loves it.

Wish I'd bought more than one of this! Lil girl ate it all for lunch & dinner and loved it. It's definitly one of the thicker meals I've seen so far but I feel she enjoyed it more because of it and it does move her in the direction of solids rather than pureed.

Great deal here with subscription service; costs $1 at Publix and $0.99 at BabiesR'Us
246008246008B001BM3I96A1NEMLSMITQ8BWLisa GG0051324080000Baby's favorite!For some reason, my newly turned 1 year old LOVES this dinner! I can't consistently find it in the store, so I order it here and it comes to the house! Can't beat that!
246009246009B001BM3I96A3DVMDRZ0KOEXZNatalie Willes0031317686400It's Really RunnyOther than the fact that this baby foot is very runny, it's fine. It has a very bright color that is hard to get out if it hits fabric and it's smells okay. I'm not thrilled by it, but it's not bad, either. I would probably choose it occasionally for my baby's dinner.
246010246010B001BM3I96A2F0WNTW3QQZYSRuth0051303257600My baby's favorite!This is my baby's favorite baby food. The taste and consistancy are excellent. And unlike the fruits, this one is more savory than sweet.
246011246011B001BM3I96A7INGAHQIWQ1Samylee000051302566400My Son LOVES itI ordered these for my son because subscribe & save was A LOT cheaper than going and buying them at the store. I have seen a lot of reviews where people received their jars broken, I ordered 5 different 12 pack jars of food and not a single one came broken, all of them were wrapped very well in bubble wrap.
246012246012B001BM3I96A15ZCT30QMRCXYAmazonMySavior0041300838400My fussy son likes itMy son is a fussy eater, especially with new tastes. But he like this, and will eat two jars at a time with no fuss.
He rejected Chicken and stars, and was OK with turkey and vegetable too.
But by far this has been the best.
246013246013B001BM3I96A3NHUQ33CFH3VMCitizen John0031255651200I Advise NOT to Order Even Though Product is Good.- Please See CommentsMy twin 10-month old baby soldiers are learning to walk. They're not quite there yet but making giant strides. They eat a lot too.

They loved the chicken tomato pastina right away and I'm tempted to add olives but can't find any without salt.

I don't think you can go wrong with this one in terms of whether your babies will eat it.

The ingredients per the label: Water, Organic Carrots, Organic Ground Chicken, Organic Tomato Paste, Organic Whole Grain Couscous (from whole grain durum semolina), Organic Garbanzo Bean Flakes.

The couscous absorbs the water and helps this dinner have one of the best consistencies of all the Earth Best varieties we've tried.

It has 15% protein, 50% vitamin A, 15% vitamin C, 2% calcium and 4% iron; and 70 calories. I've been informed that the percentage of daily needs met is based on an adult.

Postscript: I was happy with the product itself but much of the time it arrived with broken jars. I got reimbursed for the broken jars, but I still had to clean the broken glass and food mess off of the good jars. Please see the comment section. I am not the only one that had this problem.
246014246014B001G604ZIAGZKJ1RCAT9Z9Amazonian Shopper323431266624000More "fragrant" than flavorfulWe bought this in hopes of turning our homemade lattes into white chocolate mochas, based on the rave reviews. I was disappointed by this product. It's not terrible, and does taste moderately decent, but really, I don't see what all the fuss is about. I've had plenty of white chocolate mochas in my life, and this product just didn't deliver. We usually use organic brown sugar to sweeten our coffees, and in all honesty that tastes WAY better. And is a lot cheaper!
The powder is a strange mix of ingredients - none of them real white chocolate. I don't like the fact that it contains Partially Hydrogenated Oils, and, I don't even like using it because it feels like someone just shot a dustcan of vanilla up your nose every time you use it no matter how careful you are. Or like you've snorted vanilla talcum powder. The only thing I can compare it with, is the odd way that microwave popcorn flavoring used to get ya right in the nose, before they removed the diacetyl. ... It feels invasive and chemically induced LOL.
Also, when you taste the coffee you make with this product, you're more smelling than tasting. Try holding your nose. Yeah I know scent is a huge part of taste, but this product seems strangely reliant on its phony vanilla scent, and there's really no flavor without it. It also tastes and smells completely unnatural - fake chemical white chocolatey taste/smell instead of real white chocolatey taste/smell. I expected much more from a brand like Ghiradelli, and for the price.
It's not great for the waistline either, by adding a whopping 21 grams of carbohydrate to your cup of joe, and 2.5 grams of SATURATED fat per serving. My organic sugar adds between 4-8 grams of carbs, depending on whether I double the serving!
Overall, it's fun to try, but not when you have to buy this much of it at one time, and is now a 7/8 full tub of disappointment sitting on our countertop. It's best moment: We experimented and tried it on buttered popcorn. That was kind of good, made a sort of kettle corn taste, aside from the vanilla powder nasal invasion.

I'm listing the ingredients here, because I really feel that calling this "ground white chocolate powder" is so misleading it's unfair to the consumer, and I don't see the ingredients shown in the listing.

Ingredients: Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Sodium Caseinate, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Dipotassium Phosphate, Propylene Glycol Esthers of Fatty Acids (not kidding), Mono- and Di-Glycerides, Sodium Silico Aluminate (Mmmm), Salt, Soy Lecithin, Calcium Carageenan, and Artificial Color.

Just a tip, consider trying organic brown sugar in your lattes and cappuchinos instead. Not the "sugar in the raw" brand, but a real organic brown. We find it adds a nice (natural) caramel-ly taste, kind of a cross between a Starbucks white chocolate mocha and caramel macchiato - very tasty.
246015246015B001G604ZIA3E6TI5X8S76L4B. Shaby "statsman"121341242864000Tasty, but bad for youWow, this stuff makes very tasty frappes. As long as you have a nice blender, the end product is as good as what you get in fancy coffee shops, only for a fraction of the price.

I pretty much follow the recipe on the can (using skim milk), and it turns out plenty creamy. The substitution I make is that, because I do not have an espresso maker, I use strong coffee. I put in maybe a cup of coffee, and subtract some from the milk so it doesn't end up having too much liquid.

The downside of this product is the trans and saturated fat. I had no idea this things were so bad for me!

Another approach to making frappes, without the saturated fat, is to mix hot coffee with chocolate pudding mix (not instant -- it has a terrible off taste!), then blend it up with some ice and milk. It's probably not quite as good as with this mix, but it's way better for your heart.
246016246016B001G604ZIA13K3ZLWAWN1EIyogagirl "grrrl"5551246579200Great stuff, nice big sizeBig size still fits in a cabinet, but big enough for serious chocolate lovers to hold on to for more than a week! This can be used in cafe mochas and in baked goods. There is a good brownie recipe on the box.
246017246017B001G604ZIA3MRGC0X26JD7Dsabby4551237420800not white chocolate, but tasty for mochasEasy to use and good flavor. This product is a fine white powder, with clearly visible sugar crystals, that mixes very easily with the espresso and frothed milk for our white chocolate mochas. Product has a good flavor when mixed according to directions: not too sweet. Be aware, this is a flavored powder, probably not white chocolate at all, because it contains no cocoa butter, which I believe is used to make white chocolate. White chocolate isn't chocolate at all. The first three ingredients of this product are sugar, partially hydrogenated coconut oil, and corn syrup solids. You decide whether the price for this is a good value, or whether this is really a white chocolate product or, as the label states, "SWEET GROUND WHITE CHOCOLATE" followed by the very important word, in smaller print, "FLAVOR." We will continue to search for the perfect white chocolate flavoring for our mochas, but we are pleased with this one.
246018246018B001G604ZIANUQCWVU5HUKJOutdoors Mom1141268784000Very satiatingThis makes for some great hot chocolate when mixed with whole milk. But what i was most impressed about is if you substitute this mix for Hershey's cocoa powder when making cookies they come out fantabulous! Haven't substituted this for any other recipes, but you bet i will when the time comes. Kind of pricey, but worth it if you dont go through it fast.
246019246019B001G604ZIANUMZRL2AXN50S. Kimmes1141250467200smooth and creamy drinks!This is what can turn your blended drinks from slushies (mostly ice) to smooth, creamy and delicious! A friend who owned a coffee shop sold me some of this and it makes all the difference. I was just on the Ghirardelli website and they have an extensive list of drinks - coffee and non - to make using this product. I think the one I'll try next is the 50/50 which is like a dreamsicle! Yum, yum!
246020246020B001G604ZIA1GPARC67SBR50Tanya Hallows "ASmallTurnip"1151245024000Like having a coffee shop in my own house.I used to buy a mocha frappe every single day at my local coffee shop. Needless to say, it was expensive. I had tried many different ways of making it at home and none of them worked until this product. The consistency of it is perfect and it doesn't melt before I'm done drinking it. Just like the ones I get at the cofffee shop, it stays thick until the very last drop. The chocolatey flavor is perfection in my opinion... and I'm very picky, having tasted many of these over the years.

Also, one of the problems that I used to have trying to make mocha frappe's at home was that the ice would never get very well blended because my blender is a cheaper one, and I couldn't afford to buy a nice one like those in coffee shops that cost hundreds of dollars. With Ghirardelli frappe mix I don't have that problem anymore. Even with a cheaper blender all the ice gets perfectly blended.

I'm not even sure just how much money I've saved since I stopped visiting the coffee shop every day and started using this product, but I know it's a huge amount.
246021246021B001G604ZIAYGJ96W5KQMUJSJP1151235001600Great Stuff - and Can Size is FineI bought this when the pack of 6 cans Amazon offers was unavailable, because we're not sure life is worth living without Ghiradelli chocolate in our morning coffee, and Amazon's prices are so much more reasonable than those in local stores. I was worried about the can size - but the three-pound is really just as convenient - it barely takes up more space than the one-pound cans on my kitchen counter. (Granted, if I were keeping it in a cabinet, it would be a tighter fit - but still, it's not as bulky as one might expect.) And the chocolate, of course, is wonderful. Ghiradelli makes the best!
246022246022B001G604ZIA23VG8VEBVWMZQcoffee lover0021346544000Don't recommend itDon't care for this product. It is thick and creamy and has no coffee flavor at all so you have to add espresso to get any flavor out of it.
246023246023B001G604ZIA3LL980H60LQR2Wendy0051335657600The best for cake baking!For whatever reason, our local stores stopped selling this particular Ghirardelli product years ago. I suspect the price??? In any case, my kids always looked forward to the Empress Chocolate Cake that I'd make for their birthdays. The recipe was printed on the can at that time. So when one of them mentioned that they'd *sure* *love* to have one of those cakes again (code for "pleeeeeeeeeease mommy!" that they can't say anymore because they're a bit older) I found the recipe online and came straight here to see it I could get the powder here. And, yay! Here it is! Let the summer birthday season in our family begin!
246024246024B001G604ZIA2H3RVPPTW9GARF. Estep0051332028800Being my own barista is so much better!I love this product! I actually discovered it back in college as it was what my favorite coffee cart lady used in her "white caps". It is smooth and has a light flavor. It is sweet enough that you don't need any extra sugar and I like to add just a dash of cream, too. There is no such thing as real "white chocolate" so people who are expecting a heavy chocolate flavor might do best to stick with the regular brown stuff. No, it is not great for you, but I cannot imagine anyone that thinks most of the coffee drinks found in your favorite shops are "good for you". They are a treat and are meant to be enjoyed as such.
246025246025B001G604ZIAAAN5J9USC8MSJustin0041328659200Tastes just like higher priced chain stores.My wife uses this to achieve a flavor of latte that she says tastes just like her favorite drink from a chain coffee store. She did say that it only works when making hot drinks, since its a powder. But, if you want iced, just make it hot, then add ice later after its thouroughly mixed.

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