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246541246541B002D4DY8GA2XFCLF3G7RSQFRayed0011317772800THE MOST DISGUSTING COFFEE I HAVE EVER DRRUNKI really don't understand these reviews, this coffee sucks big time.

Nescafe is way better than this coffee.

Gevalia = Garbage
246542246542B002D4DY8GAUNN3E6VGZNM3Julien Pierre "Software engineer and amateur ...0011313020800Can't say I liked itI am a chocolate lover, but have never been a coffee drinker. Unfortunately the taste of this product didn't convince me to start drinking coffee.
246543246543B002D4DY8GA2F1QPIJTDWK55Tara A. Green0041282780800Delicious chocolate coffee!If you are a coffee lover and a chocolate lover, you will love this coffee. It is deep and rich and delicious. Of course, you have to sweeten it yourself to make it just right. We brew our coffee quite strong, and this one can hold up to bold flavors from a strong cup of coffee. Highly recommended!
246544246544B002D4DY8GA3G8L4U5W9XMEIEric Gross0041279584000Is Flavored Coffee Your Cup of Tea?I must confess that I ordered this product thinking that it was simply a box of chocolates without realizing that it was chocolate flavored coffee, but don't depart this review just on account of this confession. I gave this item to my daughter who enjoys flavored coffee (it's just not my cup of tea!) and she has reported to me that the taste is really quite wonderful. It has both a full-bodied coffee flavor, which we would associate with Gevalia and the chocolate - truffle tastes were 'merged' beautifully creating one special and unique coffee experience. So if I may pound this comic metaphor into this review one more time, if flavored coffee is your cup of tea and you like mocha-like flavors, then this just might be the perfect gift to yourself or to someone who also craves mocha any time of day.
So why the four stars instead of five? Only because this review comes more from my daughter than myself and also that coffee might, at the end of the day, stand better for itself straight and undiluted by add-ons.
246545246545B002D4DY8GA3ABG376GUNQIIBethanyM0051274572800Delicious Coffee!!This coffee is perfect, and it smells like heaven. It's not too strong; just right. It has just the right amount of chocolate flavor in it. The chocolate shouldn't be overpowering. It's just enough that you get a hint of it as you swallow the coffee. I've read some reviews that say that cream is necessary or that the coffee was sour. I think those people have poor palates. This is a must try coffee!
246546246546B002D4DY8GA1GNYV0RA0EQSSSl Judge "gatormomz"0021271116800Big name, little taste.I'm sorry, I wasn't a fan of the Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee. I thought that with the Gevalia name and come on, chocolate, you couldn't go wrong. I think they missed the mark on this one. I did not find that rich chocolatey taste I was expecting. Once in awhile I will have a cup of coffee with about 1/4th hot chocolate in it and that's the taste I was expecting. Wrong. Please note that I am not a fan of flavored coffee so perhaps my expectations were just too high. I thought that coffee + chocolate = delicious.
246547246547B002D4DY8GA37JNUJSVAJKYNV. Cummings "victorc1978"0051269475200Where is the Dark Chocolate Truffle?Gevalia usually produces good coffee with flavors that are not mellow but robust! This coffee was not like that all, it just has a hint of chocolate taste, and that was before adding creamer to my coffee, once adding that I did not even taste the chocolate, it tasted like regular black coffee with creamer; how disappointing! While the smell of the coffee is great when you open the vacuum pack, don't let it fool you into thinking it will taste like that!
246548246548B002D4DY8GA101C99CG8EFUHBenjamin McGough0011269475200Perhaps OK chocolate, but not good coffeeI grind my coffee everyday, and pre-ground coffee just doesn't work for me. I am not opposed to flavors in my coffee, but the chocolate in this just seemed to mask the bad coffee flavor. Or, I should say, tried to mask the bad coffee flavor.
246549246549B002D4DY8GAJS42DZPFVA8NJim Thorpe "Venturion"0041268870400Coffee drinkers unite and rejoiceA very rich and nice taste - wondering how it might translate into a cold drink.
246550246550B002D4DY8GA2L6BT1PVV9YN0R. OSullivan0031268870400Great Aroma, Weak TasteThis has a wonderful chocolate aroma but the taste is weak and disappoints. For those who don't like strong coffee, it might be good for occasions.
246551246551B002D4DY8GA2HQ8RTAJYEUJONeal J. Pollock00412669696004.5 stars--quite good tasteI enjoyed this product--and, I've had Gevalia coffees before--used to be a subscriber. This is the best tasting Gevalia I've had. But, people are virtually always Normally Distributed--you might not like the flavor or sweetness. I don't like things "too" sweet, but I didn't think this product was--it seemed well-flavored as is though I did try mixing it with unflavored coffee to see what it would be like--the taste was too weak for me that way. However, the cost is rather high, and I wonder about the artificial flavoring too--its nature is not explained on the box.
246552246552B002D4DY8GA24B990VP9QC6CCathy Stucker ""0041266883200Rich coffee flavor with a hint of chocolateI will admit that I am not a coffee connoisseur, but I do enjoy a cup or two now and then. I generally prefer flavored coffees and/or use a bit of milk or flavoring in my coffee, because I like the "extras" at least as much as I like coffee.

The Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee has a wonderful aroma. I love the smell of coffee, and the chocolate made this even better. This coffee does not actually contain any chocolate, though. It has "artificial flavors." And there is more of a chocolate aroma than chocolate flavor.

The coffee was fine without any additions (e.g., milk, sugar, etc.) but it makes an excellent after dinner coffee, with a splash of liqueur and a dollop of whipped cream added.
246553246553B002D4DY8GA1Z7Y2GMAP9SRYM. Thompson "Dyson Diva"0041264809600I am not a fan of flavored coffee but I like thisThis is a nice treat. We served it with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Yum!!!
246554246554B002D4DY8GA24QB5BF3B5A9SDaniel Darling "Christian author and speaker"0051264636800Fantastic, Delivering Both Aroma and TasteWith a name like Dark Chocolate Truffle, this coffee begs you to drink it. Whenever we entertain and I offer our usual array of coffee options, people always say "Ahh" when I get to Dark Chocolate Truffle.

What I enjoy about this flavor is that it seems the right mix in terms of strength. Not too strong, but not weak, either. I had feared the Dark Chocolate part of it would make it much stronger. But its a great mix. And when you brew it, the smell wonderfully permeates the house.

This coffee is a winner and you don't even need anything in it.
246555246555B002D4DY8GA279A4Y2N1CQ26Crestviewer0041264032000Good Pre-Gound, Flavored CoffeeI'm not a coffee connoisseur, but I do enjoy my couple-mugs-a-day. I found Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee to be a very nice blend, especially for a pre-ground variety.

The smell of the is quite nice. Hints of the flavor, but not too much.

And the flavor of the coffee itself - though not as strong as the dark chocolate smell - is a pleasant change to regular coffee.
246556246556B002D4DY8GA3TUMSXNLZJVC6Victor V. Popov "Sinnister"0051264032000Fantastic coffeeThis coffee was unbelieveably good. I got a free sample of it and I am going to recommend it to everybody. So rich so smooth wowowowoow 5 stars.
246557246557B002D4DY8GA319RN55H8JZJXEric Stephan0021264032000OK flavored coffeeFirst, I'm not a big flavored coffee lover but I thought I would try this. It sounded great. We brewed the coffee at a party and six people tried it. The general impression was "interesting flavor" but no one would go out and buy it. The chocolate truffle taste was not very "chocolate" like. It also had a rather odd lingering aftertaste. I'll pass.
246558246558B002D4DY8GATYUQROTHLNYVLaurel0031263945600Decent, but some chemical notesI usually put cream and sweetener in my coffee, and I like chocolate and coffee combinations, so this seemed like something I ought to like a lot. Actual results varied.

Overall, it had a pleasant aroma, and was convenient, being pre-ground. But, when I used Splenda like I usually do, the resulting beverage had a harsh chemical-like taste. I don't think this is a problem with the Splenda, since I never normally notice it. Just a bad synergy of flavors, I suppose.

Using sugar the coffee tasted decent. Still not my first pick for flavored coffee, but nice enough if you're looking for a pre-ground, pre-flavored chocolate coffee.
246559246559B002D4DY8GA3R33KMESG0XGQromevi0041263772800Very chocolately.Depending on the amount you put in, the strength of the taste and chocolate vary. By putting in the same amount of coffee that I normally do, the coffee emitted a very strong aroma throughout the entire office, and everyone loved it!

Not too strong, just about right.
246560246560B002D4DY8GA1LHAXBM5GBJS2Scooter McGavin0031263427200Good Taste, Pleasant AromaGevalia Dark Chocolate Mix smelled great straight from opening the product. Once brewed, the taste may not have lived up to the aroma but still a decent choice on a cold day to warm up and worth adding to a rotation if you like variety in your coffee flavors.
246561246561B002D4DY8GAZ9WQM7SLUX7ETracy Foote "College Savings Plan Author, Pho...0021262908800Drinkable but More Like Hot ChocolateShared this with a few serious coffee drinkers. I am more the hot chocolate type so actually the coffee is more my style. However, since most would buy it for true coffee fans, I have to give it only 2 out of the 5 stars.

The coffee really tastes like chocolate, not chocolate-flavored coffee, and even as coffee is a little weak. It comes as a bag of ground coffee, not individual packs, not instant, we brewed a full pot.

The serious coffee drinkers said they would prefer a more robust-flavored coffee, which only has a hint of the flavoring. But, everyone agreed it was drinkable and plan on finishing all of it!
Tracy Foote, Author: The Kid's ROTH IRA Handbook
246562246562B002D4DY8GA37071Q86HR6FUAlan Hawkins0041262736000pretty goodIt has a real strong chocolate flavor, more chocolate than coffee, good for after meal drink.
246563246563B002D4DY8GA1AK356546890QLynn "readerscribe"0041262649600If you like flavored coffees, this is one of the bestThis dark chocolate Gevalia truly does taste like dark chocolate -- a strong flavor without unnecessary sweetness. I have to be honest here -- I do not care for flavored coffees. However, everyone else in my family likes them very much and they all rave about the Gevalia -- a great find.

Speaking for them, then, the scent is quite nice and this makes an excellent cup of coffee for late afternoon or evening. If you, like me, are not a fan of flavored coffees but are in a minority in your family, I would recommend washing the pot and filters out right away as the taste does linger -- which is typical of flavored coffees. If you like flavored coffess - or want to send as a gift -- I do highly recommend Gevalia.
246564246564B002D4DY8GAYUF7YETYOLNXBryan Newman ""0051262563200You got Coffee in my Chocolate. You got Chocolate in my Coffee. HEY!!In one word - Decadent

The combination of Dark Chocolate and Coffee sounded to good to work. Add to that a label that explains the chocolate is an artificial flavor and I was pretty skeptical. I was expecting an average coffee with a chemical aftertaste.

But the proof was in the brewing. The pot gave off a wonderful rich aroma that filled the house. This richness could be found in the taste as well. There is a true rich, creamy chocolate taste. This is a perfect breakfast or after meal coffee. I cannot say enough for the aroma. Truly a great at home coffee experience.

My only regret came when I used the last of the bag. It is on our shopping list now.
246565246565B002D4DY8GA89ZZKNDFQH23Delaney0031262476800Starts off great, the finish was a bit bitterI drink my coffee black,however, if you put a little sugar in your grounds when brewing flavored coffee it brings out the flavor without adding too much sweet. Initially this coffee has a robust decadent chocolate flavor, but it hits you bitter right after it goes down. I thought it was my coffee maker, cleaned mine tried again, took it to my brother's and made it there as well, each time it had a bitter after taste that left me wanting something a little was okay.
246566246566B002D4DY8GAZFHSPEZUPGD2Carol M0041262304000Sweet dessert coffeeThis coffee is rich and flavorful. It's more chocolately than a typical mocha. It's nice as a special treat, but much too sweet for daily drinking. I prefer it with a little milk or creamer -- the creaminess enhances the chocolatyness.
246567246567B002D4DY8GA2F6NONFUDB6UKMalvin0041262217600Get your day started the way it shouldGevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee is a delicious blend of chocolate with rich South American coffees. It makes for a mildly sweet and flavorful coffee that's ready in a jiffy. There are no hassles with grinding beans or mixing sweeteners and flavors - just brew and you're ready to get your day started the way it should. And of course, the chocolate flavoring also makes it a good choice for enjoying after dinner with or without dessert.

If you're looking for something different to try, or if you're hunting for a little gift to give to someone who has everything, I recommend giving Gevalia gourmet coffee a try!
246568246568B002D4DY8GA84P2QF6L57YXJ. Rossi0041262131200Don't drink this blackJust brewed this for the first time and would suggest not drinking it black. I tried it without cream and/or sugar first, and it just did not taste that great to me. However, on my second cup I added cream and sugar and preparing it that way really brought out the chocolate flavor to it.

Preparing it the second way mentioned above really brings out the flavor of the coffee, through the chocolate truffle flavor isn't overpowering; it's very subtle.

As someone who's not picky about what kind of coffee I drink it all comes down to price, and for me there are several brands that can provide more bang for your buck. But if you're looking for something different (a holiday brew or a change of pace) this is a tasty beverage if prepared the right way.
246569246569B002D4DY8GA3EFSLEMHNPP6ASenor Zoidbergo0021262044800Artificial flavor...?!With a legendary name like Gevalia, I was disappointed to find that the coffee contains artificial flavors. The outside packaging looks gourmet and epicurean, with gold lettering. Unfortunately, artificial flavoring also plainly occupies the front face.

The aroma from the coffee is quite pleasant, however, after brewing, the coffee itself is nothing to write home about. In fact, it tasted rather bitter.

I would not buy this item.
246570246570B002D4DY8GA1QO88MU0PYJONFabulous0041262044800yummmy....Great flavor and perfect cup of coffee! Flavor is bold but not overbearing. Chocolate isn't too sweet and is perfect with cream!

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