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248808248808B0007XPS98ARWURKHB96GWDSteph5310051170547200Great TeaThis is my favorite tea. It's strong and spicy, and to me tastes like cinnamon and orange. I prefer it hot but like it cold, especially in the summer. I think it's the best thing on winter mornings.
248809248809B0007XPS98A1ZC6JGVYAMKU9E. Wexler0051163030400Market Spice Tea - terrificTea, of course, is a matter of taste and this one fits my taste to a tee (p.i.). I'm generally not a tea drinker but was first given this product as a gift. That was five years ago and I'm hooked. We even moved to Europe and I get it sent over here.
248810248810B0007XPS98AJV8T9SU9O1DXCathy "of the band, Cathy and the Wuthering H...0051147651200My Favorite TeaOf all teas I've tried, this is my favorite; sweet, powerful, and fragrant, MarketSpice is the answer for many moods and cravings. I prefer this tea hot, steeped for 5+ minutes, but its good cold as well-although I've found adding any sweeteners to this tea can make it too overwhelming. Be warned: if you only like very subtle white teas, this may not be for you . . . but it has converted many a non-tea-drinker friend of mine into looseleaf addicts.
248811248811B0007XPS98A1RQMM6HQQKOKNJ. A. Travis0051137542400SPICE TEAYou have to try this tea!! If you love Cinnamon-Orange-Spice this is for you! Its the best my family have found. Its great hot or cold.
248812248812B0007XPS98A3RSRXTG03490KA.J. Intom "Art"0141251417600Good tea, good priceI really enjoyed the convenience of buying one of my favorite products from Amazon. However I did not like the fact that on the Marketspice page Amazon was advertising free shipping on all grocery products. This made me think I was getting free shipping and that was not the case. It was VERY misleading.
248813248813B0007XPS98A1BTWN5C0WXSZJErol Kucukarslan0231204761600Good but not greatI was a big fan of Gladies Maries' Marketspice Tea. This one is a good tea, but it doesn't come close to the full flavor that I remember from Gladies Maries (sp).
248814248814B0007XPS98A3SQSJ7BWBOK8SJanette A. Widhalm0321257033600Looking for other flavors....My mother is a recent transplant to Seattle and she bought me some Market Spice Tea - Cinnamon Orange. It would be FANTASTIC tea, IF I liked that flavor. Is there anyone that can direct me to a website with their tea flavors? The Cinnamon Orange is DEFINITELY NOT my cup of tea, NO pun intended. Thanks for your help!
248815248815B000LRKLSIAE88PREGNEEI9Diet and Fitness reader0021334448000I love this kind of cookie, but not this oneUnfortunately, over $20 (with shipping) for 10 cookies that were so dry they we inedible, is just too much.
The taste was spot on, but they were aridly dry, to the point I would call it "stale".
Will not be ordering again.
I will add: well packaged, shipped quickly, only 2 were broken.
248816248816B0024GT8YMA2MUTSVQ6IC4ZXAmazon Customer0011347062400Watch Out For The Bait And Switch!I ordered this product for basically an emergency situation with a pre-mature child. I really needed this product and needed it fast. I ordered it and paid rush shipping. I received a completely different item. I called to have this fixed, and they denied shipping the wrong item. This is such a frustrating and stressful situation, I decided just to keep the wrong item because I needed something. But after dropping $600 on 2 packs of 100 and $300 for overnight shipping, I would expect to receive the correct item. I really have to question ever ordering from Amazon again. Watch out, you probably will not receive this item.
248817248817B000PUKKEQA3A7T94SGEKY8AMary A. Earhart2251231286400Pretty and smells good.I used these as a stocking stuffer last Christmas. They were a big hit.
248818248818B0018CINQMA3QSSI1RZMP6P8S. Sutton0051331683200My Husky loves it!We used to give my Husky this food until the local pet store stopped carrying it. We switched to another brand she would eat it, but she wasn't happy. After finding it on Amazon, we switched back to Diamond Performance and my Husky is a happy girl again!
248819248819B001SB4EKCA149KETI46LVE5HistoricalMysteryLover1151315785600Excellent Fish SeasoningBeen using this fish breading for years because it is excellent. We use it to coat fish of all kinds: fresh water and salt water. There is no need to use a milk or egg wash before breading. The 'Red' version adds some spice to the breading which we love.
248820248820B0019RKR74A3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman1151320451200The Good StuffOur two dogs love the by Nature canned food, and why wouldn't they? It's almost entirely composed of chicken, and they both love chicken. I'm not a total convert to the all meat diet, so we mix the canned food with some dry food by the same company that contains some oat, flaxseed, and alfalfa in addition to the meat protein component.I like to cover all my bases.

According to the manufacturer, the canned recipe is formulated to "meet" the nutritional levels formulated by the AAFCO Association of American Feed Control Officials) dog food nutrient profiles. It does NOT specifically state that this is a "complete and balanced" formula.

The food looks and smells like I would expect dog food to; it's a solid consistency that is easily stirred like baby food when warmed. The first three ingredients are chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver.

While comparing prices in the store, I noted that a 13 ounce can of this food is more cost effective than the smallish cans of Wellness (another great food) and other brands in the small cans.

Eventually our dogs get tired of eating the same brand of food daily, but for now they are by Nature aficionados.
248791248791B0007XPS98A2P9LB7V5AT655Sandra Mcginnes0051280534400LOVE this tea absolutely delicious!!!I LOVE this tea! I discovered it when on a tour of Pike Place Market during a conference in Seattle. I absolutely love it! I drink two big mugs every day. I was delighted to find I could purchase this via Amazon, after previously having to call them up and go through the hassle of having them mail to me.

If you like a cinammon, orange, spicy tea - you will LOVE this. I even make it and then chill it for a delicious cold tea.

I buy the loose tea and use a strainer for the mug. But for some, I'm sure the tea bags would be more convenient.

Try it - I enjoy most flavorful teas, but this Market Spice Tea is my absolute favorite and makes a great gift if you have tea drinkers on your gift list.
248792248792B0007XPS98A25A3Z11VDI799Paul A. Haman0051267574400Fantastic FlavorA friend of mine recently brought some of this back with her from Seattle. She knew I'd love it, since I'm on a constant search for tea that does not taste like "tea".

This stuff has an amazing kick. I can't get enough of it. It almost tastes like liquid candy, but without the sugar. As soon as I heard it was available on Amazon, I ordered 2 pounds.

I was speaking to another friend, who's from Seattle, and told her I found this amazing tea. Before I could finish, she said "Marketspice?" She grew up on the stuff, and hadn't had any in years until I brought some over. She was in heaven.
248793248793B0007XPS98A2EV8IRWK7RVUEDee Dee in SRQ0051265932800best tea everThe amazing flavor and smell of this tea is beyond compare. A good friend turned me on to this years ago when I visited Seattle and Pike St Market. This was before the ease of the internet so getting my supply replenished was challenging. I had been without for quite a while and ran across the tea label and info just recently. Did an internet search and viola! My order arrived within days for me to enjoy. And ENJOY it I am. The cup of tea this brews is unlike anything else. Perfect . . .
248794248794B0007XPS98A1CQTNCFZ1XF9SMary M. Brewer0051259280000Great tea as usual.As always, Market Spice tea is the best there is. Very timely shipping/receiving of the tea too. Will definitely order again.
248795248795B0007XPS98A1UH5EUB1XFPFQDarryl Kuhrt0051255392000A great spiced tea. Very unique.I've enjoyed this tea for years. It used to only be available from it's source, the spice market at Pike Place Market in Seattle. I used to run out and have to wait until my next trip to Seattle. Now, with it available through, I can save the travel expense and have it delivered to my door!

It's a great spiced tea for hot or iced tea.
248796248796B0007XPS98A13DGTW71YHFU3D. Watson0051254182400We love this tea.We have ordered this product twice and the quality and freshness is always optimal. We are always amazed at the quick delivery by Amazon. Thank you!! Steve and Debi Watson
248797248797B0007XPS98A3PEP6LSQKB1NRMichael Kovac "Worldburn review"0051254096000Amazing TeaThis tea is fresh and the flavor is really good. I sometimes have a cup after work and it is very comforting. I put half of it in the freezer to preserve freshness. You can't go wrong buying this tea.
248798248798B0007XPS98A2N8HW9Y0AWOXLJoanne R. Brown "Teaching Sci"0051245196800Nothing else like Market Spice!We moved from the Pacific Northwest 11 years ago, but our fondness for Pike Place Market's most famous tea has not diminished. With its orange and cinnamon flavor and distinctive bite, there's nothing quite like it. So naturally sweet it doesn't need anything else.
Our order arrived on our doorstep within two days. Definitely worth a try if you are a tea buff!
248799248799B0007XPS98A38KFF5G9CSN84Y. Murphy0051241222400Great Choice!I lived in the Seattle area for 16 years but had never heard of this tea, until one of my Officers showed up to work with a cup of it. The entire office was quickly filled with this orange-spicey aroma, & I had to ask what it was. He let me taste it & the next day brought me a ziploc bag full. Thank you Gran! *smile* I soon ordered my own & let my sweetheart taste it. He fell in love with it also! I'm here again about to place a secret order for him & have it shipped to his office. This is a high quality tea, filled with lots of flavor & aroma!
248800248800B0007XPS98A1UV2SCSH6RIFEB. Thomas0051235433600Mmmmmmmmm.....good buyFell in love with this tea while I lived in Seattle and it's great that it' s still just a few clicks away.
A delicious deal.
248801248801B0007XPS98AXDD283PY3NT9J. D. Marshall0051231632000A wonderful spicy teaThis is the best tea we have ever had. It has a wonderful, spicy flavor with a hint of citrus.
248802248802B0007XPS98A1GUG604WQOQSBelle Sirota0051220832000Market Spice tea is the best ever...I grew up in Seattle, and drinking Market Spice Tea was one of the treats I enjoyed every time I went to Pike Place Market. My family has been ordering their tea for years, and we drink it all the time. Now we even carry it in our own retail store in Portland! I'm not much of a tea drinker other than Market Spice, but it tastes so good that I can't resist.
248803248803B0007XPS98A8K8G06FCBADOS. Roy0051210118400Love this tea!We became ardent lovers of Market Spice tea years ago and found that buying from this merchant was the absolute best way to get the tea as fresh as we could. I brew at work and have everyone following me back to my desk to ask what this wonderful, enticing smell could possibly be. I send them here...
248804248804B0007XPS98A26XBUFAK5292UC. Hutchins0051208044800The best tea I knowMarket Spice Tea is blended in the Market Spice shop at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Back behind the famous fish-throwing guys is the small shop that not only will sell you almost every herb or spice you can imagine, but blends the tastiest tea I've ever had.

Market Spice tea is made with black tea, and contains essential oils of cinnamon and orange. The result is a delightful tea that is naturally sweet without the use of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

In Seattle, the tea is widely available, sold in many of the grocery stores. Not so available to me since I moved across the country. I'm happy to be able to order it online here at
248805248805B0007XPS98A2YUON31HT5ZCFautumn wolf0051202342400Best tea yet!I love this tea! I have always liked to try different brands and flavors of teas before, but once I tried this one, I can't get enough of it! Last Christmas, my daughter's boyfriend in Seattle bought her an assortment of Seattle's best assortments of coffees, teas, and other gourmet items. My favorite of course was the cinnamon orange marketspice tea! It has a taste that you just cant run out of it,or your going to keep going back for more. Hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do! Its a real winner in my book!
248806248806B0007XPS98A1ESNTQC2VKX2V. Muehleisen "vicky1128"0051197849600Great cinnamon tea!I love this stuff, and have it delivered in Japan. There are various kinds of spice teas in the U.S. (none of which are available here); this is one of the best in terms of flavor--very strong cinnamon flavor. Since the bag is so big, I usually freeze half to keep it fresh for later.
248807248807B0007XPS98A10V4VNWSLIJFODennis Herriford "curmudgeon"0051190851200Good, really good, teaMarket Spice tea is a real favorite in our family. We are so glad we don't have to travel to Seattle to buy it now. The tea is worth the trip, but unless we buy an obscene amount, it makes it very expensive.

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