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249254249254B004TPKAN4A29NV2YITU0EJKJo Ann Graham "joanng417"0051320105600Delicious and nutritious and gingery zing!We got our bag of ginger snaps this afternoon and I am ashamed (but happy) to admit that they are almost gone already. These cookies are fantastic! I have long been a fan of ginger snaps but have often been disappointed by the bland, tasteless versions I found in the stores. Nothing was as good or as flavorful as Mom used to make. It seemed that all the really flavorful brands slowly slipped away from the grocers shelves. The only really great ones were imported and the exchange rate made them ridiculously expensive. Then I found Newman's Own. I have always loved their salad dressings (not so crazy about their salsas but that is another review) and now I love their cookies. With s satisfying snap! and a crunchy texture they also have delicious chewy ginger pieces inside to make them super flavorful. The low heat of the ginger is just right and they are not too sweet. They are fabulous and I now need to order more or find them at the local grocer. Buy these and you will not be sorry!
249255249255B004TPKAN4A1Q08H4B9QGT2NChristy "MommyOfRedHeads"0041320105600Not as good as home made, but tasty!My husband and I love ginger snaps. I particularly like making triple ginger snaps where the secret ingredient is freshly ground pepper for the extra kick. When I think of ginger snaps I think of flat, spicy, and crispy. These organic Newman's Own ginger snaps have that spicy ginger taste but are thicker than normal which make them harder to bite into. If you don't like crunchy cookies, these aren't for you! But if you do like ginger snaps then you'll like these. I'm enjoying the ginger after taste as I type.
Just to let you know, not all the ingredients are organic and it contains soy.
Nutritional Information:
Serving size 5 cookies (30g)
6 servings per bag
Calories 130
Calories from fat 30
Total Fat 3.5g
Saturate Fat 1.5g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 180mg
Total Carbs 24g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 12g
Protein 1 g
249256249256B004TPKAN4A2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"0051320019200Top notch ginger snapsI do, I really try to not eat cookies and other treats but ginger snaps, and Newman's Own ORGANIC ones at that, free to sample? This was more than I could resist. So I set myself up with my bag of cookies and a mug of cold rice milk to research for my review. These are very good - definitely crunchy but not rock hard and they yield very nicely when dunked. They are bursting with real ginger flavor and the tiny chewy bits of ginger is the crowning glory. For me there is nothing not to like. If you love ginger you will love these.
249257249257B004TPKAN4A2MSQNPTNAAGL1P. Cannon0051320019200STRONG on GINGER, BIG on SNAP just as they should be!If you like a real ginger snap cookie this is the best I've had. These are tiny super crispy hard cookies with a big ginger taste. They have candied ginger pieces in them so the strong ginger tastes lingers after you have eaten the cookie and I like that. These are amazing dunked in coffee or tea. A true ginger cookie with a big snap. AAA plus on this one, highly recommended!
249258249258B004TPKAN4A204G7E13UW2B0Andrew Schonbek0041320019200SnappyThese Ginger Snaps are sure to put a tingle on the tip of your tongue. They taste great.

In addition they're made with real candied ginger and contain a minimum of chemical content.

And - the profits go to charity!

Well, I'm not so sure about that. Searching the Newman's Own Organics website yields this vague statement, "Newman's Own Organics was established as a division of Newman's Own in 1993, and became a separate company in late 2001. Paul Newman has given over $200 million to thousands of charities worldwide since 1982". Meanwhile, the Newman's Own site explicitly makes the point that all profits of the original company go to charity.

Nothing against daughter Nell if she charts a different course. But, the confusingly similar branding and the reference to Paul Newman's charitable giving seem to trade on the original's cachet it a way that's borderline misleading.

But the cookies are great.

Four stars.
249259249259B004TPKAN4A39GKCZWTMG27EGinny Mapes "Pacific Northwest writer & educator"0051320019200Ginger Snaps Natural & DeliciousNewman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps taste yummy and rich. Five cookies contain only 130 calories. Some of the ingredients used are natural organic unbleached wheat flour, organic sugar, molasses, candied ginger, salt. Cookies are crisp and full flavored. Great for dessert, picnic, or a snack. Serve them up with a cold glass of milk--delicious!
249260249260B004TPKAN4A1HLJJ6MKZLR3ZRebekah0051320019200Try them with pumpkin cream cheese!I adore gingersnaps, I make them every fall. Mine are tame compared to these!

These little cookies (about 1" in diameter) pack a spicy punch that can't be missed! The candied ginger kicks the spice and flavor factors up so much, that these cookies are truly unlike any other I've tried. These are very hard, though, so be careful.

I loved these Newman's Own cookies, but could only eat a few (5 cookies is the serving size anyway). I actually ate them a few times with some pumpkin cream cheese - now that was a fantastic treat! I would be happy to have these again, any time of the year.
249261249261B004TPKAN4A33775AIB1A664Mark Colan "duke-of-url"0051320019200Yummy!I have usually found that "Newman's Own" products are very good, and these cookies do not disappoint.

TASTE: They are very rich in home-made flavor - the ginger and the molasses are right up front where they should be. They are sweet enough, but not terribly sweet. They are VERY crunchy, and you'll find little bits of candied ginger in them. Ginger is naturally a bit spicy, and being rich in ginger, these have just a bit of zing to them.

NUTRITION: they are made with organic flour and organic sugar. These are the first two ingredients listed, so that's important. Five cookies (each is about 1.25" diameter) is the size of one serving, and weighs in at 130 calories, of which 30 calories are from fat.

PACKAGING: The package includes adhesive tape that you can pull off and use to reseal the package to keep it fresh.

I love them! Certainly the tastiest product I have reviewed for Amazon, much better than all those books.
249262249262B004TPKAN4A29OK8PPE9W2Y5Emma Wellington "literature lover"0051320019200Excellent Ginger SnapsMy mom is on a special diet to watch her weight and cholesterol. Because of that most treats are off limits, however her doctor said she can have ginger snaps. The kind she has been buying wasn't very flavorful or easy to chew. When I saw Newman's listed in the Vine Voice I ordered a package right away in the hopes that these would be a notch above what mom was currently eating. We each tried one and they are REALLY good. If you like ginger then you are going to love these cookies. They have a nice depth of flavor and the zing of real ginger. They are also softer than most other brands.
249263249263B004TPKAN4A156P4FPL8OGXBTim Drake "Author and Journalist"0031320019200Ginger Snaps with a KickThese aren't your grandmother's ginger snaps. Newman's Own has created a ginger snap that packs a real kick. The small (silver dollar sized) organic (organic unbleached flour and organic sugar) crisp cookies contain not only ginger as an ingredient, but also have tiny pieces of candied chewy ginger bits that give the cookies an overpowering ginger flavor that borders on "spicy," and tingles the tongue. Some of my children liked them; others did not.

Ginger-lovers will certainly like the cookies. Those who do not like ginger will want to stay away from them. Ideally, these are best served with milk (to counteract the spicy ginger) or with tea or coffee (for dipping).

The cookies in our bag were a tad bit overdone, almost burned. It may be a "family recipe," but I think I prefer chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, snicker doodles, or molasses cookies to these.
249264249264B004TPKAN4A2KMY4RVMJ1EP6faeriemyst0051320019200They're gingery and they're snappy, they must be ginger snaps!Newman's Own and I have had a really good relationship thus far; I have at least liked, and most usually loved, every product I have tried from them. Their organic ginger snaps are no exception. The cookies are relatively small (somewhere between 1-1/2 to 2 inches in diameter), but they are filled to the brim with gingery goodness, which you would hope for in a ginger snap. I wouldn't think these would be for someone with a casual liking of ginger, but for those who enjoy it more, these are sure to please as far as flavor goes. As for the crunch, these are a hard cookie and not for those with gentle teeth, but they are, after all, a ginger snap. Ginger snaps are not known to be soft in any way, shape, or form. Rest assured that these won't break in shipment. My bag of cookies survived their journey even though they came in a soft envelope, which in turn was crammed into my cluster mailbox. However, when I opened the bag, I only found two broken pieces equaling a cookie. That's one tough cookie!

As far as nutrition goes, it's pretty good: 5 cookies in a serving, 130 calories (30 from fat), saturated fat 1.5 grams, sugar is 12 grams (not great but it is a cookie so far better than most other choices). The ingredients in order: Organic Unbleached Wheat Flour, Organic Sugar, Molasses, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Candied Ginger (ginger, sugar), Ground Ginger, Salt, Leavening (sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium, phosphate), Soy Lecithin, Spice. While these claim to be Vegan, I see that it doesn't say 'organic sugar' listed in the ingredients to the candied sugar, just 'sugar', so one wonders about that. If you're unfamiliar with the Newman's Own brand, it was co-founded by Paul Newman as a company where all profits from their food items go to various charities after taxes. It's a great cause that has fantastic, healthy, and quality products that while may be a bit pricier than other brands, won't break the bank.

A little note, you might want to have a glass of milk, or cup of tea or coffee hanging around, because these ginger snaps really do snap back!
249265249265B004TPKAN4A1KMG1AIUS00DCThe Movie Man "tenebre89"0051320019200A Great, Flavorful CookieI have never tried any of the Newman's Own products, but had heard the products from this label were of high quality. I was therefore eager to try Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps. My wife has always loved ginger snaps. I like them, but have never been overwhelmed by them. The first thing I liked about the cookie was its size. Very often, you don't want a regular-size cookie. The Newman's Own cookies are small -- not quite edible in a single bite. The size makes it possible to gauge your cookie intake to appetite without waste.

The cookies are crisp and literally break off with an audible "snap." They remained crisp and fresh in their bag for well over a week. The flavor is very ginger-y and leaves a nice tingling aftertaste in your mouth. My wife was especially pleased at the flavor, since she's a longtime fan of ginger snaps. I asked her if she'd say the Newman's Own were the best ginger snaps she'd ever tasted. She pondered a moment or two and then said, "Yes, definitely." High praise indeed.

As for myself, I enjoyed the small cookies with coffee after dinner. They alleviate that sugar craving while not putting on the pounds. They're a sensible dessert, if eaten in moderation. These cookies are very fine examples of what a classic ginger snap should be. The company has concentrated on natural ingredients and care in baking rather than masking the flavor with unnecessary icing or adornment with other toppings.
249266249266B004TPKAN4A12RMAJXRPQWTYC. Wallace0031319932800Life is HardI favor peanut butter cookies. Perhaps you should consider this as you read this review.

As other reviewers have pointed out, these ginger snaps are hard. Perhaps not tooth-cracking hard, but not that far away. Judicious dunking might help.

Yet, they are very tasty, you might say "snappy." So, we've got hard balanced by tasty.
249267249267B004TPKAN4ACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"0051319932800Excellent, ginger treat!For years I have bought and used products from the Newman's Own line, and I have always loved them. So I was very pleased with these wonderful little cookies.

Similar to other Newman's products, these are made with organic products (flour and sugar) under the Newman's Organics line and certified by the strict Oregon laws.

As for the taste, excellent!!! The ginger is pretty strong in these, which I love. They are a hard, small cookie - perfect for dipping in hot tea. A serving size is 5 cookies with a low calorie count of only 130. There are no trans fats, only 180 mg sodium, and 12 sugars per serving.

These make me think of autumn, cool weather, and hot tea. Recently when I had a cold and didn't feel like eating much, these little ginger snaps and hot tea were just the thing to revive my spirits!
249268249268B004TPKAN4A1OPZ3BUTEL47RJust My Op0051319932800A Pleasure, But Not a Guilty OneVegan cookies are hard to find. Tasty vegan cookies are even harder, especially if you are on a budget. And ginger snaps are available about everywhere but most of them are nothing to write home about. These ginger snaps are the exception.

I am a huge fan of ginger - I love the stuff. These cookies have plenty of it, not only ground ginger but tiny bits of candied ginger, and that makes a world of difference. These cookies will bite you back! Not in a bad way, but in that slightly hot, tickle-your-tongue way that ginger lovers adore. They are by far the most gingery snaps I've tasted, so if you are not a fan of the spice, they will most likely not appeal to you. The cookies are quite crunchy and dense, as a good snap should be. Not too sweet, just a satisfying combination of spicy and sweet. Add to that organic ingredients and a do-good company, only 130 calories per 5 cookie serving, and it all adds up to a winner. I love these cookies!
249269249269B004TPKAN4A3FHDBBXZFNQUKJK80051319932800Lots of GingerI ordered a pack of these cookies and I am glad I did. They are great tasting but there were a couple small problems: The cookies are so hard and thick they are difficult to bite. Warnings for those with weak teeth.

The second warning is a ginger warning. They are full of ginger and the taste may remain with you for a while. This didn't matter to me because I love ginger. But some people may say they have ginger burn.

Otherwise the cookies are delicious and I ate them in three sittings.
249270249270B004TPKAN4A4QXTN3K865NRaar! "aar!"0051319846400Great Snaps - OrganicNewman's Ginger Snaps with real candied ginger taste great, unlike the national brands sold in stores. The snaps contain no artificial flavors or colors, no hydrogenated oils and no trans-fatty acids. If you're a vegan, these organic cookies are outstanding. They are dairy and egg free, 130 calories per five (05) snaps. Made with organic flour and sugar!
A list of ingredience:
* Organic Unbleached Wheat Flour,
* Organic Sugar,
* Molasses,
* Organic Palm Fruit Oil,
* Candied Ginger (Ginger, Sugar),
* Ground Ginger,
* Salt,
* Leavening (Sodium Bicarbonate, Monocalcium Phosphate),
* Soy Lecithin,
* Spice

They do contain wheat and soy stuff. Nutrition Facts are on the package. Great tasting snaps!
249241249241B004TPKAN4A34WGXES0FG1B8Jean Marlene0051320192000Healthy & GoodThese cookies are very addictive. Because they're small, you could eat quite a few without even thinking about it. Their sharp ginger taste makes them a great companion to tea or coffee. I could easily store a bag of these in my car for quick snacks on the go. The resealable label is nice too. I'll surely buy again.
249242249242B004TPKAN4A9ESHA5MS6S6LSherry Lochner0051320192000The perfect coffee cookie!When my daughter was little, she would go to grandma's house to stay the night occasionally. Grandma would get out gingersnaps after lunch and they would dunk them - her cookies in milk and grandma's in coffee. She started calling them coffee cookies. Although those weren't organic, she only got them at grandma's. She is now 16 and when I gave her one of these she said "coffee cookies" and grabbed more! They are delish!
249243249243B004TPKAN4A3FC9JXTCITVFCMister Charlie0051320192000Crunchy ginger goodness.These little Ginger Snap cookies are very, very tasty, with a satisfying crunch at the beginning and a smooth, rich feel at the end. It might be more of a crunch than some folks would want (which might even get worse if left on the shelf for too long), and if you don't want an intense, somewhat spicy, lingering ginger flavor, you should probably avoid these.

For me, though, ginger cookies are usually kind of boring, so it was a real treat to introduce my taste buds to these organic goodies. The all-natural ingredients lean heavily towards the sugar (each cookie is 40% sugar!), but they are less fatty than the last ginger cookies we had (Anna's), and the powerful flavor kind of dissuades you from eating too many at once!
249244249244B004TPKAN4A3OSHB0AACYN95Tom Tracy0051320192000Do You *LOVE* Ginger? If So, Try These!!!If you are a ginger fanatic like I am, and like really spicy, almost hot, ginger-flavored items (like really strong ginger ale), you simply must try these delicious ginger snaps! They are wonderful! The ginger flavor really comes through, especially at the end of munching on one. Plus, they are super-crunchy & not too sweet. My wife & I love them!

Each cookie is about the size of a Kennedy half-dollar, and here is the nutritional information from the packaging for those who are interested:

Serving Size: 5 cookies (30 g)
Servings Per Container: About 6

Amount Per Serving:
Calories 130 Calories from Fat 30

Total Fat 3.5g (5%)
..Saturated Fat 1.5g (8%)
..Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 180mg (8%)
Total Carbohydrate 24g (8%)
..Dietary Fiber 0g
..Sugars 12g
Protein 1g

Highly recommended to all the ginger addicts out there!
249245249245B004TPKAN4A3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme0051320192000Best tasting ginger snap cookie I have eatenI really like the taste of ginger, but most ginger snap cookies that I have tried have only a mild amount. Not so with these cookies. They have a very strong ginger taste that will linger in your mouth even after you have finished eating the cookie. A negative review complains that this makes the cookie inedible, but for me it make the cookie absolutely delicious. It is all a matter of personal preference.

5 cookies have 130 calories, 1.5g saturated fat, and 12g sugar. That does not qualify them as a health food, but they are healthier than other cookies, plus they are made with organic unbleached wheat flour and organic sugar (which are the first two ingredients listed). They are a little harder than I would prefer, but still taste great.

Bottom line: If you like a strong ginger taste in a lightly sweetened cookie, this product will do the trick.
249246249246B004TPKAN4A3HRDRQ5VAFPQSP. Falcioni "Ducatisti"0021320192000Burt offerings to the Organic GodsNever thought I'd see the day when a healthy brand touted real "organic sugar" as one of the main ingredients, or that I'd be thrilled to see it. There may be a few things that taste the same with high fructose corn syrup instead of good 'ol cane, but I have yet to find them. If I'm going to go all decadent and eat goodies, I want them to taste - well - good.

I really like ginger snaps, they're a great comfort food and one of the few treats that have enough flavor that a handful is enough. I was looking forward to something a little more wholesome than my regular brand (you know the ones - look like cardboard, and probably as healthy) without going all organic-crazy and losing the flavor.

I was surprised when I opened the package, most of the cookies were burnt on the underside, and about as hard as rocks. Well, they are ginger SNAPS, so I guess hard isn't bad, and they are easy enough to bite into, as long as your teeth are good. The flavor is definitely more ginger-y than the regular national brand, with tiny little bits of chewy ginger interspersed (bits have a consistency like chopped-up gummy bears). These little chewy pieces have some very strong ginger flavor, which is good if you love ginger.

I think I'd really like these if they weren't burnt, but this batch has a singed flavor that just isn't very appealing. I might be willing to try them again, but I'm really wondering about their quality control if they could have this many bags leave the warehouse in this condition.
249247249247B004TPKAN4AHQ13I9CI4US6Kathryn E. Etier "Miss Bob"0041320192000Pretty Good CookiesNewman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps are almost everything a ginger snap should be. They are hard (I hate soft cookies) and the ginger is fantastic--it fills your mouth with a real gingery wallop that lingers. The only thing I found disagreeable is that they were a little burned. The bottom of the cookies were a bit darker than I would've liked, and there was a definite overdone undertone. I don't know if it was the particular batch I sampled or if the product is meant to taste this way. That being said, I wouldn't refuse these ginger snaps if someone offered them.
249248249248B004TPKAN4AV6BQVVC1XE4EEric L. Fletcher0041320192000The small crunchy cookie with the big spice punchBeing a big fan of other Newman's Own products, I thought that these were worth a try. Each package holds quite a few cookies- so it may make sense to plan ahead on using them before they go stale. The crunch and texture were very good- and the small size of each cookie helped with portion control. The flavor is the big thing, and may be a bit polarizing. These are very "spicy" which I liked, but my wife did not. Oh well- more cookies for me. I found these to be perfect for a light post-dinner desert, and particularly good with coffee. Also, repackaged in baggies these go nicely with a brown bag lunch. If you are a fan of ginger snaps, I think you will really enjoy these.
249249249249B004TPKAN4A3MDA891A1EPT8Chris Winchester "mikeystoyz"0051320105600All you Ginger Snap Nay Sayers are wimps.Get a good bottle of hot ginger ale and sit down and eat a few of these things. When I first got these I had high hopes and I was not disappointed. I like hot ginger items and this fits the bill. Yes, they are crunchy but hey, a good cookie is. I like the fact that they are hard and not soft. When you bite into the cookie the first thing you taste is ginger. When you are done you taste ginger. They are ginger cookies, not bland no taste cookies.

They do remind me of a good ginger ale. They will wake you up in a heartbeat and make you want more. Give them a shot and you wont be disappointed. However, if you are a ginger wimp, you should probably stay away.

My box was well cooked, not burnt and tasted excellent. I will be buying these in the future.
249250249250B004TPKAN4A1PB9XZDJNY3YRfredyt1230051320105600Newman's Ginger SnapsThese cookies have all of the quality you expect when purchasing Newman's products. Not everyone can make good ginger snaps. These are very tasty and packed with the quality you will savor from the first bite.

Another treat, they are bite size so you must be careful as you could eat the entire bag in one setting. The packaging is also very good and insures the product is as fresh as possible. They are perfect for a picnic, or concert, ballgame or wherever you will need a nice snack to complement other foods you may be bringing.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised a good ginger snap is available in bite size portions.
249251249251B004TPKAN4AB8TX5GQQZTS8Joshua Senecal0051320105600Great for snacking if you like gingerEveryone in my family liked these ginger snaps--even my daughter. They have a nice, spicy ginger "bite" to them. Somewhat strong, but not overpowering, that lingers a little afterward. My kids pointed out that the cookies are very crunchy and on the hard side, so if your teeth or jaws aren't up to it you may want to soak/dip these in milk prior to eating.
249252249252B004TPKAN4A3OC93X866Z8TBAreesa0031320105600Very tasty but very hardI couldn't bite into these without dipping them in something to soften them. So I poured some milk to dip them in and gave them a try. These were so hard that I couldn't break them in two with my teeth.

The milk solved this problem. These are very tasty if you can soften them. I LOVE the strong ginger flavor. I didn't care for the candied ginger pieces, as they were hard to chew and got stuck to my teeth. If these cookies didn't have that in them, I would give them a 4. There are 130 calories in 5 cookies that are a little bigger than a half dollar. I like the fact that they are organic, and made with natural ingredients. I have always been a fan of the Newman's Own products.

If you love ginger, don't mind hard little crunchy candies getting stuck in your teeth, and love to dip these in coffee or milk, then give them a try.
249253249253B004TPKAN4A2YPGQH2UGGTM2J. Moore0041320105600Tasty treatI've long been a fan of the Newman's Own brand and this item is no exception. Ginger Snaps are a common or garden cookie - known in may family as the best dunking cookie there is. Although these are small in size, they dunk really well. However what sets these cookies apart is their taste. You can taste the ginger and molasses very clearly and it retains that fresh out of the kitchen flavor. In my opinion taste alone lifts this humble cookie to the heights of a mini delicacy. Why don't you give them a taste and see?

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