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249271249271B004TPKAN4A2L5R1F9WALW7WK. Bunker "K. Bunker"0041319846400Gingery and snappyThis is a darned nice ginger snap. They're very dry and crisp (for snappiness), and have a good strong ginger flavor -- strong enough to give you a tingle on your tongue if you wolf down a handful of them one after the other, as I'm prone to do. They might be too strongly gingery for some kid's tastes, and better for the cookie-loving grownups in the family.
249272249272B004TPKAN4AE61FFT0GUD2GFrederick S. Goethel "wildcatcreekbooks"0031319760000SNAP....These Cookies Really HAVE Ginger In Them!I love ginger snap cookies, and finding good ones is really difficult unless you bake them yourself. I had high hopes for these but my hopes were dashed when I got them and tried them.

Right off the bat, I noticed they had a lot of ginger in them....enough to leave a slight tingle on the tongue as an aftertaste. This is great if you love ginger like I do, but could be a problem for some people.

I noticed when I opened the bag and grabbed a handful that some of the cookies were too dark and had been over baked. A little darkening on the bottom is fine, but when the sides are starting to get a little burnt and you get a burnt taste, they are overdone and need to be thrown out. Either the ovens need better temperature control, or the inspectors need to be more careful.

Finally, I was pleased with the ingredients until I read the list closely. While using organic flour and organic sugar made these seem very healthy, I noticed that the shortening used was palm oil. They used a fancy name for it, but it is basically just palm oil, which is the vegetable oil that is highest in saturated fat content of all the vegetable oils. Why they would use such great organic ingredients and then have an unhealthy fat in them is a mystery to me. It is also a deal breaker. I guess I go back to baking them for myself.....
249273249273B004TPKAN4A36RJG7HHV45TQSterghe0041319673600Very nice, but not amazingDairy free! (Not just lactose free; I have a milk allergy, and I can eat these. Big bonus.)

Plus side: On a cold, rainy day, I was all smiles to have these at my desk at work ready to dunk in a cup of hot orange & spice tea. That was a wonderful combination, and I was very happy.

Down side: I don't know that these actually taste any better than the ginger snaps I often pick up at Big Lots, which are definitely cheaper (and still milk free).

Bottom line is that they were very nice, and I have no complaints at all--except that I blew my diet eating too many of them at once!
249274249274B004TPKAN4A147SS0ZPZPPFCS. Fishburn0041319673600Gingerliscious!These snaps are not too sweet; they have a strong ginger bite (in a good way). They're fairly crisp, but with a little chew to them at the end - almost like they have tiny slivers of candied ginger in them? The molasses taste is there, but it's subtle. I haven't tried this out, but I think they'd also make a good base for a cookie crust. The small size is nice, too - good for a little treat, or a treat for a little one. They're a good contrast to the recipe I use for homemade (which is very molasses-y, and very soft). I'm not over the moon about them, but I do keep eating them... I wouldn't buy them all the time, but they're a great choice to save time or make a less rich pie crust - and I'm happy to support a company that does a lot of organic products and is conscientious about its use of palm fruit oil (non-hydrogenated, sourced in Columbia where its production supports an indigenous population).
249275249275B004TPKAN4ASLHDTUUMOH7FGregory E. Foster "operabruin"0051319673600Awesome and Intense Cookies!Hands down, these are the best ginger snaps that I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy! Ginger snaps have always been my favorites, and these more than rise to the level of "very best ever" and I'm betting you will agree!

They are quite intense, but are small so they are perfect whether you're wanting just a few as a quick snack, or are wanting "a little more" tingle on your tastebuds!

They are egg and dairy free, which is, for many, another plus, also.

Go ahead, take the plunge and indulge yourself with these awesome little'll love 'em, for sure!

I bet you will be ordering more before your first order is all eaten up.....

249276249276B004TPKAN4A3FKGKUCI3DG9UPaul Moskowitz0041319673600Crunchy Intense GingerI shared my 6.5 oz bag with the people at the office. The concenus was that the cookies were very crunchy; some people said that they were too hard. Also, the ginger flavor was instense, strong enough to leave an aftertaste. Some of the tasters liked this, some did not.

The ingredients are organic, nothing particularly bad for you. There is palm oil in the mix. This poses a question. Where does the palm oil come from? The Indonesia rain forests are being burnt down to make space for palm oil plantations. Some Girl Scouts have started a drive to boycott cookies make with palm oil since it is difficult to know its origin.

On the plus side, the profits of Newman's Own go to worthwhile causes, over $300 million so far, according to their web site..
249277249277B004TPKAN4A10YWQ4AAAE29OGayla M. Collins0041319673600YummyNewman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps, Family Recipe Cookies, 6.5-Ounce (Pack of 6)
conjures the taste and smells of grandma's homemade gingersnaps. Stinging with just the right amount of ginger, these hard little cookies are great with tea, coffee or milk. That they are organic with unbleached flour and all healthy products fares well for children and adults. I love that products can be made without additives that are harmful for our bodies without lacking good taste.

The packets hold quite a few and would be good to toss into picnic baskets and traveling coolers.

Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps, Family Recipe Cookies, 6.5-Ounce (Pack of 6)
should be tried. Also, remember, that Newman's Own helps support camps for children with cancer and what a genuinely lovely gift that is.
249278249278B004TPKAN4ALDYWG0CPSYUFMarilyn Dalrymple "MaLing"0051319673600Very nice.These are some of the tastiest cookies I've had in quite a while. They are crunchy and have actual bits of ginger in them. Not too sweet, but you still know you are eating something good. There are only 130 calories for five cookies. They are made with unbleached wheat flour, molasses and ground ginger anong the other ingredients. They went too fast to see how long they could be stored. I'll be buying more.
249279249279B004TPKAN4A3P3UOHYBFRGJNDavid A. Spearman0051319673600greatJust received the pack of ginger snaps today. It sure made the sun shine on a rainy day. My wife and I both had two a piece and both stood looking at one another shaking our heads. The ginger taste is wonderful and the only part I did'nt like too well was they are fairly hard, although for me I like softer cookies. I can take good care of that problem with a little dunk in my coffee and then I also have a spiced coffee. All in all a very good taste and a great cookie
249280249280B004TPKAN4A1IPKBAP6LOWCRLeah "book fanatic/ Hiddlestoner"0041319673600These Ginger Snaps Do Snap BackNewman's Own Organics ginger snaps are a fine addition to the cookie world. They boast candied ginger pieces and the traditional spices that go along with the cookie: cinnamon and cloves. Also, organic sugar and flour have been added to the mix.

I haven't had ginger snaps in a while, so when I took my first bite, I was bombarded by the tasty flavor. It was like getting punched in the face! The first few bites were actually a little spicy for me, in a good way. I offered some to a few relatives and they agreed that they were delicious. The texture, however, is hard and a bit grainy. Maybe the organic products come into question?

These are still a nice little cookie, and I'll be keeping my eye on them in the market. A good holiday treat!
249281249281B004TPKAN4AJV985MKGCIQ0Barbara Rhoades "Jackie of all Trades"0031319673600Too crunchy for hubbyGinger Snaps are my hubby's favorite cookie. He tells me that the flavor was great and had a good after taste. He did notice that they were beyond crunchy to the point of being hard. Some also were burned on the bottom like someone failed to take them out of the oven soon enough.

This surprises me as the other Newman brand products I have tried were as I expected them to be with no negative points. Maybe this was a bag that got past the inspection team.

If you don't mind the crunchiness and a few darker than normal bottoms, the flavor is great.
249282249282B004TPKAN4AQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow0031319673600Cookies varyI'm a bit conflicted on these. These are spicy cookies. A more adult cookie for sure. Not too sweet, perfect for coffee, milk or tea. They do have a very "clean" taste with nothing really lingering. They are pretty hard/crispy so you almost need something to dunk them in. The taste is very good with a slightly chewy gingery inside from the candied ginger. The only issue I had is a good portion of the cookies were nearly burnt and didn't taste good. Not to mention they were too hard to consume. The ones that weren't burnt were very tasty, but the inconsistent quality disappointed me. It's shame because I did enjoy them and the ingredient list is very nice and wholesome. Some QC would go a long way in making these better.
249283249283B004TPKAN4A1IDWUYX4QXTUELeslie0031319587200Excellent ginger taste with a hard, crunchy textureI'm a big fan of all things ginger and like many of Paul Newman's products so I was happy to try out Newman's Own Organic Ginger Snaps. The cookies have a very strong, sharp ginger taste which I liked. However, I found them to be a little too hard and thick, making them crunchy. I like a thinner ginger snap, not one that needs to be dunked in my tea.

I'm going to be neutral on these cookies. The taste was great, the texture not so good. I'm not sure if my bag was overcooked or if this is how they were meant to be; they didn't look burned, just a hard cookie. If they change them to be thinner and a bit softer I would definitely buy them as the taste is excellent.
249284249284B004TPKAN4AN51BCGZSQYWYRudolf Schmid "nmnori"0041319587200Delicious but pricey intensely ginger ginger snapsPROS: intense ginger; delicious with tea, coffee, or especially milk; partially organic (sugar, flour); reasonably low calories--130 per 30-gram serving, = 5 cookies)
CONS: not totally organic; contains wheat, soy; rather high fat (30 of 130 calories per serving); no fiber; little protein; rather high sodium; pricey ($3.29 list per 6.5-oz bag)
ALTERNATIVE: Trader Joe's Low Fat Ginger Cats Cookies: strong ginger; no soy; fewer calories, less fat (30-gram serving = 120, fat = 15); some fiber; more protein; less sugar; less sodium; much less costly ($2.49 per 16-oz container)
249285249285B004TPKAN4A305XM71TF83CYKeleigh Crigler Hadley0031319587200Ginger cookies with a SERIOUS BITE!If you have an upset stomach then these cookies will fix you up better than ginger ale. I LOVED them! Crunchy and only slightly chewy. The candied ginger in them gives the cookies a serious BITE. My 5 year old son however said, "Why do these cookies burn my mouth?" So, they are for a more sophisticated palate. I plan to keep them in the freezer and pop them next time I have an upset stomach.
249286249286B004TPKAN4A1QR76SYGTXJN5Adam "ashaef"0041319587200Yum!Ginger SNAP is definitely the right word for these cookies. They are crisp, crunchy, delicious, and a little bit addicting. If crunchy is what you're after, these are the cookies for you.

But if you'd rather have a softer ginger cookie, never fear. Just dip these in some hot tea and you've got a softer, chewier cookie that is just as tasty. We've found that we actually prefer the cookies this way.

The ginger is fairly powerful and has a bit of "ginger burn" to it, but it's by no means overpowering. Our two year-old typically dislikes ginger cookies, but he really liked these. The sugar content is low enough that letting him eat one or two is no big deal.

So, if you like ginger cookies, give these a try. We have enjoyed them quite a bit.
249287249287B004TPKAN4A3O0GVCFV59SZ5Michael Lichter0041319587200Very spicy, gingery, hard cookiesIf you really like ginger and you enjoy hard cookies, Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps may be for you. The cookies have a very strong, spicy ginger flavor and a long-lasting peppery aftertaste. They're not very sweet, but they're sweet enough. They are very hard and crunchy, with more emphasis on the hard than the crunchy. If you have sensitive teeth, you should exercise caution. I picked up a hint of staleness; the hard-crunchy balance might have fallen on the crunchy side if the cookies had been fresher or had been packaged more quickly after baking. For that reason, I almost gave these a 3-star rating ... but they do taste good.
249288249288B004TPKAN4AGVDI7RLT24WJJ. Schwartz "JMS"0041319587200An excellent cookie it you like ginger. Stay away if you don'tA very crunchy cookie, but maybe a little too hard. Nice flavor. Not too sweet. The ginger flavor starts out subtle, but has a very intense aftertaste that is spicy. These are nothing like ginger cookies that don't have real ginger. The candied ginger tends to get stuck in your teeth.

An excellent cookie it you like ginger. Stay away if you don't.
249289249289B004TPKAN4AKJ3P4XK1KN5YPhoenixFalls0041319500800Tasty but VERY hard.These cookies are delicious -- strong ginger and molasses flavor with just enough sugar to make them truly cookies. The ingredient list is heartening -- nine items, all of which I keep in my own pantry. However, they are tooth-breakers. . . so hard that I have to use my molars to bite into them rather than just taking a nibble with my front teeth. I wish they were a bit thinner, which would have made the texture seem merely crispy; at this thickness they're a teensy bit reminiscent of yummy rocks.
249290249290B004TPKAN4A2NNH35DIY658S. Cohen0041319500800Nice ginger bite but a bit too hard for my tastesI love everything ginger so was eager to try these cookies. They have a really rich, almost hot, ginger flavor and you could feel the pieces of candied ginger throughout. My only complaint is that the texture of the cookie was not at all chewy and in fact was so hard that they were difficult to bite. They have a very rustic look to them and the bottoms of some of the cookies looked almost burnt. I would buy these cookies again to get the strong ginger flavor -- I just wish the texture were a little softer.
249291249291B004TPKAN4A1WCJEZS66D224J.L. Cocca "Bookworm for Life"0041319500800Powerful ginger flavor!My grandmother is a sucker for a good gingersnap cookie. She's very difficult to please. So I put these cookies to the true test - I handed them over to her. Nana's assessment is the following.

"They were an excellent cookie. Better than any storebought gingersnap I've had since I was a kid! They were super crunchy, but not hard to bite. And the ginger flavor was very strong, which I love. So many times you get a gingersnap that tastes nothing like ginger and that's very disappointing. These were nothing like that. They were delicious!"

I sampled some myself and, though I'm not as big a gingersnap fan in general, I have to admit that Nana was spot on in her assessment. The reason I only awarded 4 stars to these cookies because I do have a minor disclaimer: To me, the ginger flavor was almost TOO strong. It wasn't at all overpowering. But it was so strong that it kept growing in the back of my mouth until I felt a tingle in my throat. I think that might be too much for a lot of people, hence the reason I couldn't in good conscience award full stars.

I'd say they were a solid 4 1/2 though. This is an excellent cookie and definitely better than any other I've ever bought for my family!
249292249292B004TPKAN4AJLW1DZSHOVGWElaine Campbell "Desert Dweller"0051319500800A deep rich ginger-flavored crisp cookieThis cookie's yummy ginger flavor struck me right away as being almost exotic. The ginger added is candied ginger (sugar and ginger) and just the right mixture seems to have been used. The sugar enhances the ginger rather than the other way around.

The cookies are small and rich brown in color.

Because of the quality and careful selection of organic ingredients (unbleached wheat flour, as well as organic sugar and palm fruit oil, plus the delicious flavor of molasses), I will be purchasing this product at my local supermarket when I'm in the mood for something sweet.

I don't usually partake of cookies, but these are small and healthy enough to not make me feel guilty when I treat myself to one or two at a time. Also my dogs seem to like the scent -- I had to tell them 'No'-'No' several times. And, yes, I felt stingy.

A serving size is considered to be five cookies: so per serving size, these cookies contain 3.5 gr fat, 180 mg sodium, no cholesterol, 24 gr carbohydrates, 2% calcium and 2% iron.

I'm impressed!
249293249293B004TPKAN4A97H5I4P5PCEMHimri "Himri"0041319241600Too intenseNewman's Ginger Snaps are very crunchy. The first bite was woody but within a few seconds, the ginger taste kicked in. One tiny cookie was enough to wean me off. its almost like having a strong 1/2 cup of ginger tea. Well, then we can use these cookies for relief during a cold. My husband's reaching for a 5th cookie. I dont think it will be a hit with kids. I wonder if light or dark molasses were used.
249294249294B004TPKAN4A96AUNSF6GESOJaneite1211322438400YuckI'm not a big ginger snap fan to begin with, but I ate half of one of these cookies and threw the rest of the bag away. The ginger taste is sharp and overwhelming, so much so I found it almost made me gag. The cookies are hard as rocks with such an overpowering ginger taste that I can't imagine anyone would like them. I asked my husband to try one, and he actually winced at the first bite. At first he said he would eat them if I wanted him to, but then he admitted he was just trying not to hurt my feelings and agreed we should just toss them out. I normally like Newman's Own products, and I honestly don't know if some ginger snap connoisseurs enjoy such a strong taste of ginger, but I can't recommend these cookies at all.
249295249295B004TPKAN4A384DLXD0474VHBob S. "Classical Music Fanatic"1211320451200THE WORST GINGER SNAPS I'VE EVER TASTEDIf you want a dry and rock-hard cookie that doesn't even remotely taste like real Ginger Snaps this is the cookie for you. If, on the other hand, you want a gingery, tasty cookie that reminds you of fall AVOID THESE LIKE THE PLAGUE. Just go to your local supermarket and buy your Ginger Snaps there! Sorry, Paul, you dropped the ball on this one!
249296249296B004TPKAN4A1D9V11QUHXENQBig Al "Alan Rivière"1241320278400Hard but deliciousAlthough I knew that ginger snaps were supposed to be hard, I was surprised by how much so these Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps cookies were when I first bit down on one with my front teeth. It hurt my teeth. But I quickly adapted by shoving them deep into my cheek and bit down with my molars. I like them. They have a very strong ginger favor and I am a ginger root lover, and they are not overly sweet. I liked them so much that I ate half a bag in one sitting. There is a burnt favor in the cookies. I wonder if the bakers had left them in the oven for too long. They are also the smallest cookies I have ever eaten, measuring only 1-3/4" across. They fit my mouth perfectly. There is a reusable tape on the bag, which can be used to reseal the bag. It is thoughtful addition. Overall, these are very delicious and flavorful cookies. I would have given them a 5-star rating, have they not been so hard.
249297249297B004TPKAN4A2C27IQUH9N1Zaudrey1251320278400spicy, ginger-y, snappyWhen I first pulled out one of these little cookies, I was nonplussed. I don't think they're particularly attractive,having an uneven and almost burnt look. But the taste soon convinced me otherwise. These have a very good, very ginger-y and somewhat spicy flavor. I really enjoyed the little bits of ginger that are in each cookie, so that after the cookie is gone there's often a chewy bit of ginger that lingers. Yum. Also, they are smaller, like a silver dollar, and so grabbing a handful of these organic vegan gems does not bring on piles o' guilt. Excellent for gingersnap connoiseurs.
249298249298B004TPKAN4A1RR36YKJB917SJ. Thompson "Janet's Treasures, a little of e...1241320278400Organic Ginger SnapsI love the taste of a good ginger snap cookie. When I saw these offered I jumped on them thinking what an easy review this would be. for the taste, they are great. True ginger snap flavor!! When I opened the bag, the smell made my mouth water. The cookie itself is extremely hard! I really had a hard time biting into them and chewing them. If the company could "soften" them up a bit they would be awesome!! If you like a very hard and crunchy cookie, and love the taste of a ginger snap, you will love this cookie! If you prefer a soft cookie, this one isn't for you!
249299249299B004TPKAN4A3HAA7H8PBVM78Joseph Oppenheim1241320192000Excellent, except...I found these cookies to be a healthy and tasty snack. Plus, the cookies were crisp, a feature I like. The only negative was that the batch I was given was slightly burnt, downgrading the taste slightly. Hopefully, other batches aren't burnt.
249300249300B004TPKAN4A24V5T8E9AYZBR. A. Taylor "avid reader"1241320105600Great Ginger Snap CookiesI loved these ginger snap cookies--just the right ginger taste and not too sweet. However, I have to take one star away for the packaging. I couldn't get the package open at the top and consequently it ripped down the side. Here in humid Florida, since I couldn't properly seal the package, the cookies got a little soggy after a few days. But they were still delicious!

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