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249691249691B001LGGH54A3Q9HY0LU7MN6EN. Cousino "Jorja's Mama"0041251676800Nice change from soda and juiceThis drink is nice if you're looking for something a little different than juice or soda - it's kind of a cross between the two. It's much sweeter and more soda-like than other carbonated juices I've tried, but not totally like soda either. The nice twist is that it has your 100% DRV of vitamin C which is something you certainly won't find in soda.

It was almost border-line too sweet, but because it's a fairly small reasonable portion (compared to a can of soda) it wasn't to the point where I didn't want to finish the drink. I would like to try some of the other flavors and see if I like them better than this one - I've heard the Black Cherry one is really good.
249692249692B001LGGH54A14ENWEKTHCBXRR. L. Miles "Miles"0051247702400RefreshingI was pretty skeptical in trying this drink because I've had so many in the past that tasted really syrupy and sticky. Not the case at all with Switch--it has a really light and refreshing taste and is perfectly carbonated. Plus, it's loaded with vitamin C.
I've continued to buy it for myself and family since trying it and I'm sure once people sample it, they will be hooked too.
249693249693B001LGGH54A24VNAS9XHX8HAS. Woods "Book Connoisseur"0051247443200Delicious Fruity Drink!!What a wonderful alternative to Soda!!! Switch is a delicious fruity drink, that taste like juice, but have the "feel" of a soda. I often want a carbonated beverage to settle my stomach, but hate the sugar usually associated with regular sodas. (I never really got into diet sodas.) Switch is a wonderful alternative. It's pure juice, but with that slight carbonated feel of a soda. I love it and so do my kids. I wish that they would sell it at sports events, but unfortunately they do not. Trust me. You can't go wrong with a Switch beverage.
249694249694B001LGGH54A23E9ZPS2RQZS0S. Robbins "talking to a tortoise"0031247011200Healthy sodaIf you are like me and have carbonated blood that requires constant refills, then maybe a healthy soda like this is something your kidneys and body will be thankful for. Not too sweet and not too sour. It is like a mixture of soda water and juice. Yes, you could mix those two items yourself in a glass but I doubt if you could can it yourself so when you want one, buy Switch.
249695249695B001LGGH54A1NEIH01B5X6QLK. Faasse0051244073600REFRESHING!Switch Watermelon Strawberry is a surprising alternative to the soda products on the market today. It is a refreshing natural drink with distinct watermelon and strawberry flavor. No sugar added makes this drink even more desirable. Great for young children and adults alike I think this soda will definitely be a hit.
249696249696B001LGGH54A3JY5JLQ1ENMHXCamy Tang0051243641600TastyLoved this drink. The sweetness level was just right, and I really liked the fact this is 100% juice without corn syrup or refined sugar. I didn't really think the watermelon strawberry tasted like watermelon or strawberry, but it was a really nice, pleasant flavor. The carbonation was just right. I also liked that this drink didn't leave a weird aftertaste or a lingering flavor on the tongue like some other sodas or juice drinks. This had a very clean flavor that was very refreshing.
249697249697B001LGGH54A3QMIWXU2RGEMHLee S. Mairs0041243468800Great, but Black Cherry is BetterBoth of the Switch products I've tasted thus far are wonderful substitutes for this Coke and Pepsi generation survivor, but the Black Cherry was by far the best. I doubt if anybody will complain about the Watermelon Strawberry though. It is just that the Black Cherry really rang my bell.
249698249698B001LGGH54A39WM5BQ54J8XYRandy E. Aveille "raveille"0051243468800Pleasantly SurprisedI opened my first can of The Switch, a Watermelon Strawberry flavor, with no expectations of really finding anything different from any other juice drink.

At best, I assumed it would be drinkable, but not very exciting beyond that.

Boy, was I wrong to make any assumptions!

There are certain drinks that are 'ok' and don't really do anything for you, or leave some kind of not-so-great aftertaste lingering on your palate. I can only speak for the Watermelon Strawberry flavor, but it was absolutely fantastic. Delightful even.

I felt like a kid drinking a newly invented soft drink just for me. It has a great taste and it's carbonated, so it has a soft drink feel to it, but without the unhealthy ingredients of a soft drink.

From what I understand, it's ingredients are:

Sparkling 100% Juice
All Natural
100% DV Vitamin C
No sugar or artificial sweeteners added
No preservatives

Give this a try, you'll be glad you did! It's a great quality drink. Kids and adults will love it just the same!
249699249699B001LGGH54A2SNSC2U05O4TQAlison Ginter "Goddess Alison"0041243296000Interesting, but not my cup of teaThis was a nice bubbly beverage, but just didn't satisfy my desire for a soda. lol Yummy though!
249700249700B001LGGH54A2WGO3GXNSYM6EJeremy W "Tech Geek"0041242864000Not badThis Switch Watermelon Strawberry juice is very good. I enjoyed it as it was not overly sweet, but had a pleasant juicy flavor.
249701249701B001LGGH54A39OM050G38BRNSandy "Sombra del Monte"0041242864000Tasty DrinkThe watermelon/strawberry flavor of this drink was pleasant. The size of the drink was reasonable. I would have given the product five stars, but the drink was just a little sweet. I recommend giving it a try to see what you think.
249702249702B001LGGH54A2NYMBMFECA429barefootmountainmama0031242864000Better than some sodasThis was not as good as I expected. The small 8oz can packs a whopping 140 calories & 33 g of sugar ( albeit natural fruit sugar)! The flavor is mild but very sweet. The lack of high fructose corn syrup and caffine is a plus,however I think the price is very high for this product.
249703249703B001LGGH54A3A0QL6OGB7W48New grandmother0031242864000Good juice drinkThis is a good drink but I didn't like it as well as the Switch Black Cherry.
249704249704B001LGGH54A3EOVXI1VZIHUQZ. Freeman "Zach"0031242864000good tasting but nothing groundbreakingThis carbonated juice drink tastes pretty artificial, although they claim that it's made mostly of juice. This is really more like a Watermelon Strawberry soda. It's got a pleasant taste just nothing that will blow you away. It's a bit expensive for such a small can and not a fresh enough idea to really get anyone to Switch from their current drinking habits.
249705249705B001LGGH54A3HRDRQ5VAFPQSP. Falcioni "Ducatisti"0031242864000More citrus than Melon, but a nice light summer beverageSmells like apple cider, tastes a bit like sparkling strawberries with a citrus sharpness that is pleasant. Not too sweet. Nice mix of flavors, but I can't, for the life of me, taste any watermelon here!

Goes down smooth and light, our family really likes this one. I'd like it better without the 140 calorie hit!
249706249706B001LGGH54A2KGBSMRAUZF4DStephen P.0051242432000Burst of RefreshmentThe Switch Watermelon Strawberry drink is very appealing. It has just the right amount of carbonation, and the flavor of watermelon and strawberry is a perfect blend of not-too-sweet and natural refreshing essence. It is unique in that it does not taste like other beverages on the market. It is reassuring to know that all the ingredients are natural, and that it provides healthful quantities of vitamins. I recommend this beverage as being both refreshing and thirst-quenching.
249707249707B001LGGH54A1JAV22A2FJAHYGilles Belin "mcgil"0041242086400Pleasant surpriseI had tried the berry/kiwi before and it was ok but I prefer this watermelon strawberry version.
It's sparkly and refreshing, but at 140 calories for that little can, it's not something to be abused.
249708249708B001LGGH54A3L2KYOYDWSRPLLostplanet0051241654400Excellent taste..........This is an excellent combination of 2 fruit juices. Not too strong and not too mild. I love it when it is chilled or served with lots of ice. Would definitely recommend.
249709249709B001LGGH54A16PUD6V3KAZ0QB. Caruso "The Happy Aspie"0051241049600Perfect balanceI have tried most flavors of Switch and I think Watermelon Strawberry is hands down my most favorite.

When you first sip it, the flavor of fresh watermelon (not candy sweet watermelon) is crisp yet light and enhanced by the carbonation, this is quickly followed by a strawberry flavor that can best be described as identical to the strawberry juice at the bottom of the bowl. Even though this doesn't have added table sugar, the strawberry sweetness (enhanced by other fruit juices) does taste like strawberries with a little bit of sugar sprinkled on them- so the juice at the bottom is sweet but not syrupy thick and sweet...

Delicious and carb wise I would use this as a tasty alternative to regular sodas. Good stuff.
249710249710B001LGGH54A1CHOKV10NEI8XE. M. Van Court "Van"0041240790400Watermelonsaftschorle?Living in Germany for several years, I acquired a taste for Apfelsaftschorle or schorle for short, apple juice and sparkling water (Apfelsaft is German for 'apple juice'). The soda water cuts the sweetness, gives the juice a little tang, and makes the drink a better hydrator; the juice makes the soda water a little more interesting. I usually drink any fruit juice this way now.

Switch premakes my schorle. This blend was watermelon rather than apple, but very good regardless. I tried it straight, but it would have been better over ice or if it had been mixed with a little more soda water and a little less juice. The ingredients were juice, sparkling water, and a couple of stabilizers, without two of my pet peeves; artificial color, especially red 40, and high fructose corn syrup.

I enjoyed it and can recommend it as an excellent alternative to conventional soda, and I'll be looking for it in stores.

E. M. Van Court
249711249711B001LGGH54A73C7IJSOSRVLWayne S.0021240790400Meh.It's too small.

I can just get a diet pepsi and be done with it. Switch are half the size of a regular can of soda, and have almost the same amount of calories. I might as well drink the regular size soda then downgrade to a healthier alternative that is only half the size.

I hope that made sense.
249712249712B001LGGH54A3T3S48UAVTUE9JanFla "Martial Artist"0051240444800RefreshingI wasn't sure how another fruit drink would taste. I was pleasantly surprised when I sipped the Watermelon Strawberry - light taste, not sickeningly sweet, refreshing and just the right amount for a serving. I hope they come out with this in a lower calorie version and it would appeal to an even larger audience.
249713249713B001LGGH54ACVDL5QRCOPE1D. H.0041240444800It's kind of sweetThis flavor wasn't too bad. I like sweet tasting drinks, and this is very sweet. I kind of reminds me of a strawberry jolly rancher. My 15 yr. old son tried some too, and said that he liked it as well. I just don't like the price. I think it is too expensive for such a small can.
249715249715B001LGGH54A23J1T7UNX14TKNolan Lewis "Indrid Cold"0031240358400Interesting but not the best.Overall the drink was decent. It's tart and sweet at the same time. Switch is alright but might not be worth the money depending on how much you like it. I myself would prefer a Spicy V8 over this. It might be a good substitute for some who don't want to drink as much soda, but for me i'll just stick with the v8 and the occasional soda.
249716249716B001LGGH54A2H1W8V6R9TJ9EJ. Jacobs0021240272000Syrupy sweet tasteI like the concept of these natural, carbonated juice beverages and I really liked the black cherry flavor. But among the three flavors I tried, the Watermelon Strawberry was my least favorite. It has a very syrupy sweet taste. Without a flavor attractive enough to make up for the calories, the carbohydrates and sugar, I'd prefer to stick with water.
249717249717B001LGGH54AW7BIYHXUIZ62T.M. Reader00312402720008.3 ounces of expensive mixed juiceAt around a buck a can, very expensive for 8.3 ounces of carbonated apple juice (with lesser amounts of grape juice, aceola whatever that is, finally actual watermelon ans strawberry juice, plus some vitamin C added).

With the 100% juice banner all over that can, you might be led to believe it's 100% cherry juice . . . it's not. Taste is not unlike a typical strawberry soda pop, but not as good. The carbonation effect is overwhelming. Expected sugar content (natural). 140 calories. I'm not likely to make future purchases of this one.
249718249718B001LGGH54A1IL6W1NK05UW9C. Baker "cbaker"0031240012800Decent Carbonated Fruit BeverageSwitch is a good carbonated beverage that is as advertised. Many times you get carbonated beverage products that claim to have a particular flavor, in this case watermelon, and the drink tastes nothing like what is claimed. In this case, the beverage tastes just like watermelon.

Other than the authentic flavor, I did not find this drink overly sweet compared to other non-diet carbonated beverages and it has natural flavors. It does have 140 calories, and while it says no sugar added, sugar is on the nutrition label, which I normally don't read anyway. If you are health conscious, unlike me, I'd check out the label and ingredients to make sure it's for you.

To me, overall this is a pretty good, if not great, carbonated beverage, but not one I would go out of my way to purchase.
249719249719B001LGGH54A1LQTC6ERFMZ03tim can0021239840000Expensive product that tastes cheap and cady-like.Way too costly for something that tastes rather like a kids candy somehow melted into a carbonated drink. Not bad tassting- but not something I would ever drink again.

Sorry, butI cannot reccomend this product.
249720249720B001LGGH54A15C5X31C7ZG91Daniel R. Streett0041239840000Great taste, but expensive and sugaryIf you love watermelon flavor, you will love this. Definitely a different taste, with the strawberry mixed in. I don't know if I'd call it a health drink, though. Sure, you get 100% of your DV of Vitamin C, but you also gulp down 33g of sugar and 140 calories. That's quite a bit for an 8 oz drink!

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