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250591250591B003ZIR8YUA2ORX8KQVGLJVSOnline Buyer "Mary"0051324684800European Cookies with Belgian ChocolateI bought several tins of these as Christmas gifts, plus one tin for ourselves. They are excellent cookies, and totally irresistible. All our friends who received them thought they were wonderful. It's a good thing I only indulge in these during the holidays, as they are almost too good!
250592250592B003ZIR8YUA13SKRZTF2IQIS. B. Shapiro "cheapskate foodie"0051323648000Keep these away from me!I really wish these cookies weren't so good! Once you eat one, you want another. You want to try all the different kinds. This is not your typical out-of-a-tin cookie.The "belgian" marbled white and milk chocolate on the cookies make them incredibly delectable. Nothing dry or boring here. I am trying to stay away from this shiny red box this year! Note that recipients will see the word "Kirkland" and may know it's made by the Sam's club people. But once they taste the cookies, they won't care!
250593250593B003ZIR8YUA3F4QG62Y5AEKAATIR2611329091200Inaccurate ingredient label insideOur family received the EUROPEAN COOKIES with Belgian Chocolate (Item 181679)as a holiday gift. They were left in the tin and served to our guest at a family dinner party. The guest trying them noted that they were extremely rich and some commented favorably on the taste. My daughter, who has severe allergies wanted to try
one, but knowing that she is allergic to nuts, carefully read the label on the inside of the tin top that
displayed all the varieties. She chose the "Creme Melody" because it was described as white chocolate over creme wafer. After taking a test bite, she was okay, so she ate the entire cookie. Minutes later she became
extremely ill and had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. The trama it caused our family is unbelievable, but we thank God she lived and would not want anyone else who has nut allergies to try this product.
250594250594B004NOZQI0A2EKLB4TJNG125David C. Miller1151315785600This sampler may be the best yet!!!You can't do better than the Tao of Tea. I found the Rose Petal Black at a restaurant in Bend, Oregon and I was hooked. Had to order as soon as I got back from vacation. The companions in the sampler are of the same outstanding quality.
250595250595B002YR7A78A1SZHC6JSY24S9Allen Brymer "ChihuahuaMan"8851322006400Surprisingly GoodAfter trying other couscous from the Amazon site I did not have my hopes very high, but I was surprised that this brand is very good. The packaging is awkward though--it is not resealable. I don't understand the references to Israel in the product description. This is NOT Israeli (pearl) couscous. The grains are slightly larger than my supermarket brands and quickly re-hydrates without becoming sticky. It is definitely worth a try.
250596250596B002YR7A78A3FQWCPIPNNQYWArsene Lupin "gentleman cambrioleur"172131290384000great product bad packagingIwould like to share my experience about the Couscous itself, and about the packaging from Osem it comes in, the couscous is great, and cooks fast, makes delicious North african dishes.
The packaging it came in were torn, taped, and couscous all over the place, the Amazon box wasn,t damaged in any way, so I blame it on OSem? or did Amazon send me an open taped product!
250597250597B002YR7A78A36HEY6E2XQT75mommylove "dc"8951294012800Easy !!!This is a great Couscous.
Its precooked so it hardly takes any time to prepare.
Just take it in a Bowl...Pour Hot water..and a few drops of oil...and cover and leave it for 5 mins...fluff with a fork...and LO!!!

Excellent soft grained yummy couscous.

We are primarily Rice eaters at my place other than breads...and my extremely fussy toddler acutually ate it like its rice...just a softer fluffier version than the Long grain that we have been used to.

Excellent...great source of fibre...i wasnt sure if I could use it in place of rice...But I just add a pinch of salt it it when cooking..and it works great...Intend to use it for Pulav...Upma...I definitely think its a great healthier and easier alternative.
250598250598B002YR7A78A19TZJZGQKO6YELa Nonna4421326844800disappointed in the Osem companyThe box it came in was roomy enough, that was not the problem. But something caused a hole in the couscous bag, and couscous was all over the box and other items,the couscous bag should have had a double wrapping to prevent this problem from happening. I have purchased this product before, and I love it. But I think Osem should make more of an effort to keep foods sanitary. This is the reason I gave it only two stars.
250599250599B002YR7A78A1GPILQ4YX3XBLLarryK "20years2retire"3351322611200I love itThe little boxes at high prices in the stores always kept me away. It's a great substitute for rice, in 1/4 of the time.
Ditch the instructions on the bag. I think something got lost in translation.

Heat 1.5 cups water in the microwave (oil, butter, bullion optional) and stir in 1 cup of couscous.
Cover and let set for 5 minutes. A little goes a long ways..
250600250600B002YR7A78A2WAFS4RKHR2JWxeuch5651282176000Great buyI love this stuff plus its 100% wheat. Highly recommended. I buy two at the time to get free shipping. This is good for you if you are health conscious. plus it tastes good.
250601250601B002YR7A78A2YCQPQOHY2H79Nj2221344556800Product arrived in a torn bagThis is not the first time I ordered this item, unfortunately, this time it came in a bag with a quarter size hole in it, creating a huge mess while i was trying to open an amazon box. The outside box was the right size, so I believe the couscous bag was already damaged before it was placed in a box. They should use heavy duty bags! To make the matter worse, Amazon does not accept this item back, which does not make any sense! I will not order it again.
250602250602B002YR7A78A128X2E3HD9XKKM. Russo2251328054400Surprisingly greatThis is actually really good couscous.

Typically I just buy the stuff in my local supermarket in those little 20 oz buckets. It usually costs me around 8-9$ optimistically. This Osem North African couscous is a whopping 160 oz, for barely a few dollars more! The subscription allows me to buy a new bag every month for a substantially reduced rate, which is about how long I suspect this might last me. I'm a college kid and so my diet isn't very wholesome, but grains such as couscous and rice are extraordinarily cheap and together with multivitamins cover most of my dietary needs.

Couscous is made from Durum wheat, and so contains more protein and less starches on average than rice, making it a more complete meal. I've often gone days eating only couscous due to budgetary concerns. For most normal people who might cook this once a week, this bag can probably last 3-6 months.

I was concerned that the bag might come open and damaged due to a bad review I read on here, but I believe that was a special case. Careful opening of the package revealed an intact and well wrapped heavy bag of couscous. I might buy a few of these bags and just leave them sitting unopened in the closet; it makes a very good survival food because couscous can be made into an edible mush by just adding water and allowing it to sit, meaning that you could store this stuff indefinitely and consume it in a situation where you have no access to a heat source.

And all that for 1/7th the price that I pay in a grocery store? Osem has my stomach.
250603250603B002YR7A78A3NZZ8AZ1YRTODcurt1131345420800poor quality controlLike many others report.
I received my box and there was couscous coming out of the box. the box was not damaged. one package was taped closed, another had a large hole in it with half of the couscous gone, some in box, the rest had fallen out of the box. the hole looked like it had been eaten through the bag by a rodent. now I am hesitant to eat the stuff if a rat had been chewing on it too. It was clearly packaged this way.
250604250604B002YR7A78A2GH72N02C99JYA. Hartman "alhartman"1131343692800So far, so good...I'm not sure I'm making it right as I've never had it before, but it's pretty easy to make.

I've been using part chicken broth to replace some of the water. I also add a little onion to it.

I need to experiment more with spices, since made according to the directions, it's somewhat bland.

I don't make a pound at a time (just how do I measure out a pound anyway?), I just use 1.5x liquid to Cous Cous, a little salt, and a little margarine or oil for each bowl. I make maybe a half cup at a time, since it's so easy to make.
250605250605B002YR7A78A3CKFI4PD4O4BXH. Chevere1131342483200"PRE-COOKED" or INSTANT CouscousADVISORY: This Couscous is "Pre-Cooked".

The description I read did not say it was a "pre-cooked" (I dislike that term because "pre-cooked" means it's raw!). As a person who wanted to learn to make cousocous (this would be my first time working with it), I wanted the original kind, as it is used traditionally, so I was/am a little disappointed with this choice. I will still work with it, obviously, and it works out because it's summer here, but wanted to make sure people know this product is already cooked.

Bag arrived with tape on it, so I hope there are no adverse effects. An update will be posted.
250606250606B002YR7A78AIZKHI4FS7RKSChris G1151338595200Excellent, versatile productThis couscous makes a wonderful, quick and convenient side dish. It is very versatile; with the addition of herbs and spices, it can be seasoned to compliment many different types of food. Our family enjoys it enough that we have enrolled in Subscribe and Save, and receive regular deliveries.
250607250607B002YR7A78A2WKR6N2BFP8AYMichael Martinek1151338076800Awesome in every way!This cooks up beautifully. You can make it plain or cook it in stock with veggies and meats. It turns out great every time. Best of all: it's very reasonably priced. In my area you could expect to pay about $8 for single pound of couscous.

We've already made about seven different dishes using this. DEFINITELY going to be buying more in the future.
250608250608B002YR7A78A2M9HW6IQI8BYORichard Nixon1131324080000Cheap and decent Couscous bag needs improvement.
250609250609B002YR7A78A2W59FB5NUEEX4LIZ1151321833600Great cous cous.Since my kid is a picky eater and cous cous is one of the only things he will almost always eat, this 10lb bag was a no-brainer. Great price, great quality. I store it in empty oatmeal canisters. The perfect water to cous cous ratio is: 1 cup of cous cous to 1.25 cups of water. Enjoy!
250610250610B002YR7A78A3HUUYDP2YN0JEindigo0041347580800very nicewe are very happy with this couscous, we like the convenience of receiving this couscous by subscription very much... since ordering this, couscous has become a regular staple in our home..
250611250611B002YR7A78A207RUYST1GJL4Ernie "IMF Addict"0051347408000Osem products are AwesomeOsem makes great products and I love to support Israli-made products! The couscous is quick, light and nutritious, I look forward to trying their other items. During the school year, who has time for 1-2 hour meals, this is just my style and I love it. It is delicious hot, cold with beans for a salad, even as a porridge.
250612250612B002YR7A78A3T5RMFXPF5ONTAmanda0051346371200Yummy!I've loved couscous for several years now since I was introduced to it. My family normally buys the Near East brand but since I love it so much I decided to look for it in bulk on Amazon. It came today and was packaged very well and my bag was sealed tight. It filled up a huge container full. I haven't eaten any yet but I'm sure it will taste great. Great deal!
250613250613B002YR7A78A307CJMHAQQJKSRL.Robertson0051341446400Delicous!After getting tired of paying around $10 for a pound of cous cous at Walmarts, I decided to give this a shot. It is a huge bag of cous cous! We usually boil the water
with a chicken bouillon cube, before adding the cous cous. Tastes delicous, and it cannot be beat for the price. All of our friends are now ordering/using the product.
It's worth it!
250614250614B002YR7A78A1C217T6VWIE3Mehetabelle "mehetabelle"0051336953600Good valueI wanted the Israeli couscous that's like little 2 mm pearls. The product description for this couscous says it's medium size. Well, it's NOT little pearls, just tiny semolina grains like 'ordinary' couscous.

However, it tastes good and is a very good price so good enough.
250615250615B002YR7A78A3V1A3C9DTLPMEPeter Faden0051333584000A nice tasting couscous.I dont find a lot of variation in the flavors of different brands of couscous overall, but the freshness is a noticeable factor, and this bag i received had some very fluffy, fresh tasting couscous. Outside of that, the only real significance to this brand that i noticed was the low price, made even lower as a subscribe and save item. If you eat a lot of couscous like we do, then this is an ideal purchase. The quality is there and the price is right. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask. Otherwise,

250616250616B002YR7A78AEPYVF9JA3YXZIriJah0041332892800Great taste and very easy to cookI cook it with chicken broth or beef broth or just in hot salted buttery water and it is delicious.
I just boil the broth/water and pour it into the bowl where I have my couscous, already seasoned with pepper, salt and garlic powder(be careful not to pour too much liquid or it will become like a puree) let it simmer for 5 min and that's it!!
Great for last minute meal. I did not give a 5 stars because I like really fine grain and this is medium but that is just my taste. Overall, it is a very good choice, very reasonable price.
250617250617B002YR7A78A37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"0041331596800Very good bargainThe bag came well sealed and no holes or rips. Just boil your water, I added butter, your couscous and cover for 5 minutes. Fluff and it's ready to serve. So much quicker and easier than pasta or rice, and it's not like eating either of those, it's more like a fluffy grain.

You can add flavored stock and spices if you would like a flavor to it. I think it's good on it's own and what ever you serve with it, it takes on the flavor of your dish. I took off one star because there was a slight off-taste to it on the first few bites that diminished after eating more of it. I don't know if that's just how couscous is or what - I haven't eaten couscous in many years so can't remember. I will use this whole bag, it's very nice for a quick side-dish.
250618250618B002YR7A78A2A74VWHDXJILHCustomer12340051330560000Excellent value and product if you love couscous!!!I ordered this item from Amazon and it was shipped quickly and in perfect condition. The couscous itself tastes great, cooks quickly, and is a good change up to the other more common starches that accompany meals(i.e. rice, pasta, etc.). This is definitely a good value as compared to buying the smaller jars in grocery stores and being a dry product should have a long shelf life.
250619250619B002YR7A78A22363SZW4OLJ6Douglas Beckling "Doug44"0051325721600This is really a great dealSoon as UPS got here, I had it out of the box and cooked a cup worth up. I did not use the oil it said. It really does not need it. One cup makes alot, and it cooks very fast. Plus there are many ways you can have this. With a nice sause, Or with say blueberries or other fruit. Plus the fact that it is 10 lbs. That is alot of food. Amazon Thanks for having this.
250620250620B002YR7A78A2F6VD4PF0HL2LE. Williamson0041325116800First time userWe like couscous with a variety of meats, so were happy to find this deal. Approached with caution, but were very pleased with flavor and texture. A 10 pound bag will last us a long time, so will have to see if freshness hold up.

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