Amazon Fine Food Reviews

252751252751B0036FBZI2A32XCI5JG16VIQRPG2470041284249600Good product, great tasteThis stuff tastes delicious!!! I think it has about 3 grams of sugar, but it tastes delicious! Its also a very low calorie meal replacement. Ive been using it as a midnight snack or as part of a quick breakfast with oatmeal.
252752252752B002CJG13CA1ODKP5Y7DPMM1Doreen B. Bishop "Doreen Bishop cat parent"121351299628800GREAT FOOD FOR MY WONDERFUL TNR PROGRAMAwhile back I decided to set an example and fix 80 cats in my neighborhood. At first the feeding cleaning and care of all those cats was overwhelming and very expensive. A few years into the program I thought I might have to stop due to health and old age, but I was shopping on Amazon and saw cat food. WOW, There it was pages of Friskies canned catfood on sale and shipped using SUPER SAVER. I now have 60 cats and adore the great karma they put out. Thanks to Amazon I get wonderful prices and don't have to lug hundreds of pounds of food home each week.If you are taking care of ferals or have only one indoor kitty you MUST check out the huge range of flavors and friskie products in the grocery section of Amazon you will be delightfully surprised :-)
252753252753B002CJG13CA31SLCNIXYVZUZJanie6651304726400Three cats love this!The package arrived in good condition, no dented or crushed cans (unlike the first shipment). My three boys love this flavor, after having been on Fancy Feast for years. I am considering alternating. Cats being cats and all, you know. ;)
252754252754B002CJG13CA1HWGZ88NBWPQ4K. Mitchell "Kmitchell"5551306368000Cats love it!All four of my cats prefer this flavor over all the others. Not sure why, but they love it. Amazon price is better than walmart or petsmart, so I'm happy.
252755252755B002CJG13CA1T1DXCJ7QAOMGClaude "Handyman"3351315180800Good and affordable cat foodOne of my cat got very sick few months ago and had surgery. $1800 later he came back home very weak and skinny and of course no appetite. My vet recommended us to spoil him and give him whatever he likes and would eat. I tried all the cat food brand available at, even the most expensive, and finally "Friskies" was the favorite to my dear Wicket. Since this ordeal Wicket became very spoiled. He will eat only Friskies but also only fresly opened can. Good that we have another cat and two dogs, so we can recycle.
252756252756B002CJG13CAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige2211333324800Terrible cat foodRevised: I bought this cat food because of the wonderful low price and I enjoy the adorable cat on the commercials. My cats did eat this food, in fact they really enjoyed it. However, after reading the ingredients and doing some research, I completely regret purchasing it and feel just awful for feeding it to my cats. The first few ingredients are (which indicates the most prevalent ingredients) Water sufficient for processing, fish, poultry, meat by-products, wheat gluten. How disgusting is that?! "Fish" and "poultry"?? Not really sure how that can be counted as an ingredient...not "tuna" or "salmon" but "fish." Not "chicken" or "turkey" but "poultry." If it was a decent quality meat- they wouldn't feel the need to hide behind ambiguous terms. Then there's the by-product which is the stuff leftover once all the actual meat is harvested. We're talking beaks, chicken feet, eyeballs, even chicken poop! I would not recommend this product to anyone, for any reason, ever. It is an absolutely awful cat food. I suppose you get what you pay for. I think the only reason why it was cat-approved may be because it contains artificial flavors that taste good to cats and because I usually feed them dry food for dental reasons and wet food puts off much more of a scent for them to enjoy. I recommend to stay far away from Friskies, as it is simply a very low quality filler food. Even though the price is quite inexpensive, your cat will actually eat more than if you paid for a better quality food, because they will never feel full. Cats need to eat real, pure, meat, and there just isn't real identifiable meat in this food. When purchasing a cat (or dog) food, the most important thing to consider is the first 3 ingredients; just make sure those first three are decent ingredients that you would eat yourself. Now that I know what to look for, I usually buy my pets all natural, dry foods such as Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Halo or Wellness. All of those brands contain real, whole meats that I myself would eat, with no added fillers or ambiguous "meats".
252757252757B002CJG13CA276BKCK4ZE7EWBon "Loves FurBabies"2221320364800I also have a TNR programI search all over for food for the kittehs---I was so pleased to find a new "flavor'---but was also VERY disappointed when I put it down at feeding time - the first time I fed this---the "kids" picked at it--never really cleaned up the plates. I waited several days and offered it again and all I got were looks of total disgust and tails that flicked as they walked away!!!
I guess I won't be ordering this again!
252758252758B002CJG13CA1ZKY8IR5TDNJYDiane Middleton "Bookie"2251318809600Amazon's Friskies Cat FoodThis flavor has proven to be one of the most favorite for my ten cats. This is not easy to do considering the finicky nature of cats. It is a bit smelly but I think that is why they like it so much.
252759252759B002CJG13CA1B6I2ER2M8SUWwine4jac "joyce"2221314144000Pleased One of Two CatsWell, I sure don't like the smell (peeuwww), and neither does Missy. But poor old Faidra licks at it until the big pieces get the better of her. Then she gives up too. Our three dogs finish it off (they clearly have no taste). I'll stick with some of the better smelling, smaller-pieced varieties of Friskies.
252760252760B002CJG13CA1U7Z823AHEW2PMAFS2251314057600Pleased all three felines at our house!!!Cost effective and to see all three of our picky kitties enjoy their food is quite an accomplishment in this house. I'd order this flavor and brand at this cost anytime.
252761252761B002CJG13CAWWJ2QQ29L8LTRebecca M. Schultz "Tall Girl"1151333152000Cats love it!One of my cats is diabetic and needs lots a protein and not a lot of carbs in his diet. This supplements his dry food and both cats love it!
252762252762B002CJG13CA9JSRE9MAQQK0A. Kennedy "ivy"1151324857600My cats love this food!I have a very picky older female cat. Her poor stomach can't handle rich foods, but this tuna & egg in sauce flaked food is her favorite. The younger one also loves it, and they both wait every morning for their shared can. I have tried many, many varieties over the years, including the salmon, chicken and ocean whitefish that Friskies also offers. The tuna & egg is the best, and it helps give them both a shiny coat. I highly recommend this cat food. -Amanda
252763252763B002CJG13CA228XUGCJ9VYM1memgrace1131324252800Cats Did Not Like Too MuchFor some reason, my cats did not like this product. They usually like any Tuna flavored product and go nuts for most Friskie's canned food but they just didn't like this one very much. Nothing against the product, sometimes you just have no idea why a cat will not like certain products. I hate to give a mediocre review when there is probably nothing wrong with it. My cats can be finicky at times.
252765252765B002CJG13CA1D7HM0MMEAKUNConnie1151323475200My cats love it!My cats love all Friskies and I try to give them a variety. They prefer the "fillets", but a little of other cuts mixed in makes them so much happier.
252766252766B002CJG13CA2BX29VHKWPMKYcindy0041348272000cat foodi try to find a variety of food for my cats to enjoy as often as available when i can i like that its flaked not the pate, which i dont like to use if i dont have to. they seem to like this variety when i give it to them.
252767252767B002CJG13CA2QZMC0ZE1F43BC. M. Hoffman0051347840000PurrrrrrrrrrOur names are Lottie Dot and Shortie. Everyday we have flaked tuna and egg for breakfast. We will not eat anything but this combo. Yum and Purrr.
252768252768B002CJG13CAXOL5JBNU6FBXB. Hayes Hodo0051346716800My cats love this productYou cat owners out there know that cats can be fussy about their food, so I want to tell you that all four of my cats clean their plates when this product is served. Now it is only fair to say that my cats are not show cats, but they do have discriminating tastes. This Friskies(TM) product passes their smell test. Thanks, Amazon, for keeping these products available.
252769252769B002CJG13CAFPQV8PKSW9HEIndependent Lady0051344902400It's Fish for Breakfast & Dinner!Picture four cats dancing impatiently and boxing each other in an attempt to be the first to be served Friskies Cat Food Flaked with Tuna & Egg in Sauce. You will have a good idea how my cats react after I open a can of the aforementioned cat food. I stick to the established routine as one cat needs medicationed mixed into her food. In any case I put down each cat's plate in a certain order. If I go out of the usual order chaos results. My catstypically gulp down the tuna & egg mixed with dry food in 7-10 minutes! I don't know how they can even taste the food eating so fast, but... I like the fact that I can save money on my cats' food by using the Subscribe and Save option at Amazon. Not even Walmart can compete with the lower prices I get on food this way.
252770252770B002CJG13CAXA2AK79YLGENladypen0111312243200Cats will not touch itMy cat, my friend's cat,then the neighbor cat would not eat this. Even the local feral cats would have none of it!
252771252771B0033Y61Q2A2VLNZ5OK8NEEMclambake1151313539200The best hot sauce!!!A friend who is from Belize gave me a bottle of this. And wow! I have about ten different hot sauces at home, and I always want this one. The flavors are multi-dimentional; there is an element of sweetness, and of course the flavorful spicy from habaneros. I can't eat too hot, so this mild one is right for me. But it's not wussy, it still packs a punch.
252772252772B003VIMY5CAPGQ01TK0P3UQPip0031326240000Can't taste the Almonds!I love See's peanut brittle. I thought this would be as good because it has almonds but it seems like all I can taste is the sugar brittle part. I can see the almonds but I can't taste it. Perhaps almonds don't make a good brittle.
252773252773B007UI3JOOA25W38OP51K356King Lerch0031346889600I really wanted to like itI bought 2 different kinds of gourmet jerky and Voodoo was the best of those (fyi, the other was King's County) but neither was that great for the price. The spice was plenty hot, the Habanero was just as I like it. I love the grass fed and the heat, but the texture and flavor was just not there for me. They were not bad, but just ok, not worth the $ to me.
252774252774B002W9BK10A2E0SZT3L7OUPDHoward Borman "howila"0051331769600Ruth's Hemp Foods Chia GoodnessI enjoyed this product more than any other hemp breakfast due to the additional ingredients which bring forth the exceptional taste., i.e., the apple and cinnamon among other nuts and spices. This is and will be the only Chia product I will purchase, unless something more exciting and nutritious comes along.
252775252775B004QKOVX2AUIVXYS8E4DEXDr. Christopher Lee0151327708800HealthyMy wife is Portuguese, and said Similar tastes great and is good for you! So we purchased this for our 3 year old daughter and she loves it! GREAT TREAT! Its expensive because of overseas shipping, but healthy soda, so you have to weigh out plus and negatives if you can afford it. WE BOUGHT SEVERAL CASES, SHIPPING WAS NOT AS BAD! WHICH IT WAS PRIME! HINT AMAZON!
252776252776B000YO15YWA3IHJ2ONWAYD2HMonty0051341964800Our favorite for dipping.When you dip your best bread into this oil it is a great experience. We discovered it at a local restaurant which served it with their bread. I could not find it locally so was pleased to find it on Amazon.
252777252777B0047417SOAWPD41IBXFOPOCanadiana0051299974400Great AppletiniI had a hard time finding this product. I had to order a 6 pack. I love mixing it up with Vodka for a good Appletini.
252778252778B000NY31M2A3TZ8XCLKJ909AJulia3351309996800StoresI wish more public grocery stores would carrey Salata seasoned vinegar,there is nothing can match it for salads, I livein florida and i have to travel to a military commissary in Melborne fl .or order it from computer.I have done both because i canot be without it .
252779252779B000NY31M2A580O31IYN6O1Michael A. Boswell1131328054400Good dressing bad priceHow can you sell this for $6.99 when I just bought it at Wegman's for $3.99. That seems to be a little overpriced don't you think. It pasy to shop around.
252780252780B000NY31M2A2WUUFU2Q9X4I1nvmagpie1151323302400Love this stuff!I love this seasoned vinegar! it is great on any salads, making marinated cucumbers, putting on avocados. The best thing is that it does not have any oil and is seasoned just right. I would recommend this item.

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