Amazon Fine Food Reviews

253951253951B0028PDFQGAZT9OGZODW8VWLyman Green1141349654400Very tastyMy wife introduced me to these - we bought them at the Japanese store in Epcot. After we'd eaten the two we bought, I wanted to find them on the web, so I was pleased to see you could get them at Amazon. This is a tasty noodle dish. It's not what I first thought - a soup. It is really noodles, with a spicy mustard, mayo, soy sauce mix. It's easy to prepare as well - the ingredients are all with the pack and it just requires boiling water. The container is pretty neat too - a built in strainer that lets you prepare the noodles and then drain the water without needing any additional utensils or bowls. It's a little expensive if you just want ramen noodles - it's much more exotic IMO. Try it!
253952253952B0028PDFQGAAZIYBWRR4JDSEmma1141340323200DeliciousI love these noodles. They are tender and firm. The sauce is sweet and savory, and the spice has a nice green flavor and gentle heat. I don't like the mustard mayonnaise--it's very tangy and kinda horseradishy/wasabi-flavored. That and the price are why I deducted a star. I was disappointed because this "mustard mayonnaise" seemed very intriguing and is part of why I purchased the product. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised since I don't like American mustard or mayo, but I figured this would be far removed from either of those. It was, but I still didn't like it. To make the noodles even better, add a piece of fish on top.
253953253953B0028PDFQGA2GQASRS0T5865Linda Mary Desmarais1141335571200best noodles everEasy to prepare and so good. But for us who check the ingredients...there is a bit to much salt in the preparation.
(80%). WOW But who cares, once in a while...
253954253954B0028PDFQGA3Q4TT5Z0SZAQXKenneth Khuu1151334620800delicious quality noodleI only like good quality noodles regardless of the cost. Since i don't trust chinese made noodles, i only eat japanese noodles. Japanese have high standard in everything, next is the Korean. Korean noodles are good,too. My whole family love this dry noodle, even my 1.5yrs old daughter, and it is easy to prepare. I have got to stock up while amazon prime shipping still in effect.
253955253955B0028PDFQGA2NND8ODH59DQKRicky1151330387200Taste better than Chow MeinMyojo make high quality instant noodle, this is no exception. This should fill you up since it has like 600 calories, it comes with lots of sauce, the noodle is high quality. You get what you paid for in instant noodles.
253956253956B0028PDFQGA20MM97T0AZAOKj4x0n1151330128000Ippeichan YakisobaThe people who made this instant yakisoba package is a genius! The reason why I say this is because all you do is pour hot water, then it has this small section where you can drain the water out without losing any noodles. Super easy and convenient! After adding the special sauce package to the noodles and eating it, it reminded me of the yakisoba I used to eat back in Japan. DELICIOUS!!!!!!
253957253957B0028PDFQGAR84S76IQ866JGreg Wright "Gadget Lover"1151329177600Yummy noodlesVery good yakisoba, for being dehydrated. I sliced up some boneless pork chops very thinly, fried them up, and added that to these noodles. VERY good stuff. I'll be buying lots more of these.
253958253958B0028PDFQGA2CHHYXDIF298UAsian Mama1151328832000Perfect for lunchThis is one of the better instant yakisoba meals out there. Unlike some of the other brands out there, you don't lose all your noodles when you drain out the water. I prefer letting the noodles sit for a few minutes after adding the spices so it's not so wet when I eat it but that's only because when I make yakisoba, I like it a little dry and crunchy.
253959253959B0028PDFQGA1OQIHHE51Q6NHS. Thomson1151327536000These are trully the best noodles I have ever eaten!!!!! AAAA+++These are awesome and are the best noodles period!! They come with several packets to add to the taste. You will not be disappointed.
253960253960B0028PDFQGA1FT8Y9FF4BSUGShewanda Pugh1151311724800Bad for you, but great as the occasional treat.Use all the packets. Just trust it. I too was a little apprehensive at first. But what the hey? You only live once. This stuff is delish!
253961253961B0028PDFQGA2A5UUKUWZEU26KAS1151305763200Best Instant Noodle I've Ever EatenQuite simple the best. I was skeptical of all the reviews i've read on Amazon and other sites ... all seemed to exaggerate, but it is no exaggeration. The packaging, with it's drain spout is extremely intelligent, the portion size is perfect, the flavours are fantastic together (although i added a bit of spicy chili sesame oil for a bit of heat) ... slightly tangy and very mildly sweet. The noodles have a nice consistency as well and a good flavour (typical instant noodle noodles don't provide much flavour on their own)... And don't be afraid of the mustard mayo. Forgoing it would definitely have you missing out on the full experience of this meals flavour.
253962253962B0028PDFQGA3HPI5QX4LCCTKaren0051351123200KarenReally good. Reminds me of Japan. I would love to find other flavors or brands that have the ramen without the broth, like this product.
253963253963B0028PDFQGA3M8WIBCPMDTO5S. Jefferson "sammyjefferson"0051350777600Delicious Japanese NoodlesI am very pleasantly surprised by these delicious Japanese noodles. There is no soup, as in ramen noodles, just fantastic taste from combining the four included flavoring packets. These noodles are not spicy at all, just subtle and elegant tasting. I find that the noodles pair well with lighter drinks such as sake, and alternately, apple cider. The self draining packaging container, which is used to cook the noodles, is absolutely ingenious. Preparation is so simple, that from pantry to ready to eat is ten minutes maximum. I am already planning my next order!
253964253964B0028PDFQGA1JNV4M3BZ83E1AndrewB0051350432000Best I ever hadThis kind of Ramen can't be compared to the cheap 50 cent one you get in your local supermarket.. I paid for like $3 for one of these ($18 for 6) and this has so many different flavors from the mustard mayonnaise to the sauce and to the spices. Mustard mayonnaise might sound bad but it's not a yellow mustard we have in the USA but a more Asian mustard with more spices. It's around 600 calories, and this filled me up when I had it for supper. If you like Japanese food or Ramen, then you have to get it.
253965253965B0028PDFQGA2HQK8KUF41U4NG. Tate0041349049600very goodAfter reading other rviews that this was very spicy i tried using half the mustard and spicy packs and thought it was mild. Will try all next time. Flaavor was very good. Easy prep, just addd boiling water and wait 3 mins, drain and add seasoning.
253966253966B0028PDFQGA3AM4Z6ZW1Z7TKC. Benedetti0031334880000Pretty GoodThese noodles are pretty good, and quick and easy to make for lunch. I'm not as "in love" with the taste as many seem to be, but I don't dislike them either. I was expecting a much spicier taste. They are actually quite mild compared, for example, to the Korean "Shin Ramyun" noodles (different kind of noodles also of course). These have a more intricate layered flavor, but not much heat. Also, as someone else mentioned, at three bucks a pop, they are a little on the pricey side considering that for two or three more bucks you can go out and get something fresh. Item did come quick in only two days...
253967253967B0028PDFQGALT8IGQU5EJA9tc555921317945600Bad BatchI think I received a bad batch( there's no expiration date). Tried one---made me a bit queasy afterwards; like a fool I tried another( a few days later), this time w/o the mustard/mayo, and felt sick again. These have probably been sitting on the shelf in a sweltering warehouse for quite some time, which can't be good for the mustard/mayo or the oily soy sauce pack. That aside, they don't taste too bad actually but nowhere near as good as the other reviews would suggest. I ordered a couple other Myojo ramen and they seemed fine, so I'm guessing it's just the luck of the draw---ordering food products from Amazon is something of a crapshoot( I've had stale popcorn delivered too).
253968253968B0028PDFQGA389RKVH67OTPMevolution "evolution"3651276992000cheaper at local marketThese taste great and are easy to prepare, but they sell for $2.19 at my local asian grocery store
253969253969B0028PDFQGA23QJY2RR5IYWIXiaotian21211330905600Pack of 4 onlySCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The package I received only got 4 inside it. Be aware of this product since it doesn't have any return option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
253970253970B0000E2Y9JA2ULM25P8TZGK7Claire Rodman "Readers read."0051296950400these are absolutely DELISH!!!This is my fave flavor of laffy taffy - watermelon. The flavor is perfect! You will love them!
253971253971B0000E2Y9JA2AN6YSJWYJCH8Jill Strasburg0051286236800Best Watermelon CandyLaffy Taffy is my favorite candy. I'm not able to get a lot where I live and I can never find watermelon, so this was a treat! It's delicious and chewy, and as good if not better than any of their other flavors. This is a delicious watermelon candy for all of you who love watermelon flavoring.
253972253972B005485HOCA1CJFHXFKJC5ERCHAPPY0051343347200HOT STUFFFor all that are craving the hot stuff, get out the fire hose!. This stuff has got it and plenty. Highly recommended and a great value. Tasty and fresh for any occasion.
253973253973B005FQAQJOA2FYRS04190I2OCinTex2251343606400One Bag is not enoughThis was a great deal when Amazon offered the 4 pack. One Bag goes down pretty quick. The Oberto Brand is good as always and It makes for a great snack food when working in the office or at the comupter. Hopefully Amazon will have these on sale again as I would order another 4 pack.
253974253974B005FQAQJOA2OL5WLCNZVD9Knonpareil1131345248000Shoe leatherVery nice flavor and some pieces were easily chewable. Yup, you know what I'm going to say next: some were quite a challenge even after sawed up. It didn't take long for the phrase "shoe leather" to pop into my mind. I was a little scared for my teeth.

The package claims "Premium Steak". Somehow I would expect this, even jerked, would be more easily chewed. So I'm not at all sure that this is in fact premium steak. I wouldn't mind WHAT cut of beef it is as long as I could eat it.

There are several other things I like about this beef jerky beside the flavor. It says it is "minimally processed, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives added". Ingredients listed are:

beef stock
natural smoke flavor

In case you care to know, in fine print, the bag says "contains beef from one or more of the following sources - the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and Uruguay". It also says that for consumer inquiries, you may call 1-877-453-7591 weekdays 8-4 Pacific Time. I give you this extra information in case you (who are wanting to take a chance that I just got a tough bunch) need to check before ordering online due to dietary restrictions.
253975253975B005FQAQJOALJW51F3TKX3HJo Ann0051345420800Love it!It came in a set of 4. Not moldy and absolutely delicious. Just what I wanted. Although these were in the smaller packaging, I am used to the 10oz package.
253976253976B005FQAQJOA2VM2JVP2B5DOXZulu King0121342137600Way too much sugar!This review is for the "original" flavor. This stuff is candy sweet! In the list of ingredients, sugar is second. If you like that, fine. I prefer salty jerky.
253977253977B005FQAQJOA1R3TD4V10Z77BMarsha L. Woerner "Mother and catlover"0141338940800Goood priceArrived great Good purchase! The price was very good. I like beef jerky a lot, and Oberto's one of the best, and Amazon's free shipping makes it that much better!
253978253978B005FQAQJOA3OTTGF5X82SWMKevin Mazzone0211341878400Terrible...I purchased a four pack of the teriyaki flavor and I could only eat 2 pieces. The jerky was so dry and had a burnt taste to it. This jerky was the worst that I have ever had. I was quite surprised of the poor quality because of the favorable reviews. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but either way it was a waste of $20. The rest is going to the dog...he even sniffed at it three times before finally eating it.

I bought this for a change from the typical Jack Links that I buy. I will be going back to Jack Links.
253979253979B005FQAQJOAFMB0DP6K1BK3Casey Lynn0241321488000This jerky is great ... price not so much ...It's hard to find jerky with few added ingredients. Our family (2-36) all loves this jerky. The only cavat is the price on Amazon is considerably higher than we pay at Costo. I had expected to receive four larger bags, but the bags were a lot smaller than I expected. I guess it was hard for me to envision what a 3.25-ounce bag looked like.
253980253980B001VNO5REA1Y6NC55AWUC9CChristine B. Sievers4551329436800excellent brandNot all spice brands are equal- some have very little taste as they are not fresh. I have found that I can count on Frontier to provide me with fresh spices

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