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254137254137B001EQ5JLYA1F9W6TSPAWT36Eoin Gill0131329091200Passable but weakI've been drinking Barry's Tea from Ireland over the past many years, and thought I'd give this PG Tips stuff a try as it's a bit less expensive and from the same neck of the woods where they like their tea a little on the stronger side. I was disappointed. This is a weak, uninspiring drink. The flavors are mild and the tannins are not notable. I wouldn't buy this tea again. If you like stronger tea, try Barry's or Tazo Awake.
254138254138B001EQ5JLYA1TGSV9WSUPNSOlhd2521301616000Strong teaI ordered this tea for a change and, indeed, it is! The tea is much stronger and not as smooth as I am accustomed to drinking. It takes barely a few seconds to steep before turning bitterly strong. I like the concept of the triangle bags but they have torn and leaked out tea a few times. It is a bargain tea and good for those who enjoy a strong, robust flavor...just a little too much for my tastes.



254140254140B001EQ5JLYA3LBNWHKBJP7KUCast Iron Chef "Alton Brown ;-)"1431312588800Not Strong Enough!!! Lacks Full Flavors & SophisticationOk, I've been drinking a variety of hot teas usually with cream & a tad of sugar since the late 1970's... before that iced tea...

Amazon did sell this at an excellent price 'IF' you subscribe & it arrived promptly with a VERY FRESH date... expiration in 2013 for best flavor (bought in August 2011).

Unfortunately, this tea is too weak & too smooth... I have to use 3 tea bags per 10-11oz cup of water to get some strength infused into it for 10 minutes! I recommend Lifeboat Tea (also from UK) over this or Scottish Breakfast if you want even more strength & full flavors.

If you don't want strong Full Flavors or Sophistication, then this tea is a buy for smooth & subtle drinking... good for a tea party... to eat little cakes & scones with it. Better it be Lifeboat or Scottish Breakfast, imo, for my tea parties. :-)

Right now, my ideal blend would be a combination blend of Scottish Breakfast AND Lifeboat... Lifeboat needs a tiny kick of strength & flavor from the Scottish tea... that's my perfect cuppa tea...

If you know a better stronger blend that can top that combo taste, then please comment to this post... and Thanks!!!
254141254141B001EQ5JLYA2Z96LGCEWLP7XI. Leybovich0321286496000What's inside the pyramid?I purchased PG Tips Black tea based on the raving reviews. I new it was basic simple but popular tea and that's what I expected. But what I got was not tea at all, it's some kind of tea dust nicely packed in attractive pyramid bag. It's below the lowest quality of any tea I ever tried.
254142254142B001EQ5JLYA3PV7BY8K747QEMary "Mary"0521260489600What Am I Doing Wrong?I bought a box of PG Tips at Meijer grocery yesterday. I just finished making a pitcher of iced tea using their loose tea, and it is totally gaggable. I used a Hamilton Beach electric iced tea maker that normally turns out good tea. I must have used too much, used 3 Tablespoons of the loose tea and brewed using normal amount of ice in the pitcher. It is reddish looking and has a cloudy mess at the base of the pitcher. Bitter, and awful. I will try again using less tea but I don't expect to like the taste of this stuff at any strength.
254143254143B001EQ5JLYAMGZXHVV77S8HS. Hussain1711196294400bad productThe boxes arrived on time, but the tea was stale and bitter. NOT the same quality that is sold in stores. Threw the whole thing out.
254144254144B001EQ5JLYA16DOR1C9HQKC0Rebecca S. Albanese1931249862400Too expensiveI began buying from Amazon because it was cheaper than going to the closest store that carried this tea.
Now, it's a matter of if i am going that way or not. Lower your prices!
254131254131B001EQ5JLYAYA1R9KDPBMYTCheryl Zirger0051197849600Great tea!I love black tea. This tea is smooth with great flavor. This price is a bargain as well. I originally bought this tea in a store and decided to look and see if Amazon carried it. Not only do they carry it, but you can get a subscription for it as well. You can't beat the price or the tea!
254132254132B001EQ5JLYA3CL26H6WWYMIIS. Kindred0051196985600Super fast shipping!i don't drink tea, but i've heard from many tea drinkers that this is the best. when i ordered it as a christmas gift i was SO surprised when it arrived SO soon. it was awesome :)
254145254145B001EQ5JLYA1W1UW0XG28MNIFrank A. Stratton01211250985600DisapointedI never did get the goods that I ordered, only a credit to my account.
I believe your "seller" screwed up and sent me toothpaste by mistake
but never acknowledged their error.
I will not use Amazon again
254133254133B001EQ5JLYAWNF9X2DQHOMTH. Chong "haeran_chong"0051194134400so yummythis tea is sooo delicious. try it with some milk and a little bit of sugar, it's the best!
254146254146B001EQ5JLYA2OCINUVTZWBWGary Coffrin272741225411200A fine and sturdy everyday teaThis is a very drinkable blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan black teas from PG Tips, one of the UK's most popular brands. Although some California grocery stores (and Cost Plus World Market) stock this tea, I had not tried it until reading helpful reviews on Amazon.

Each PG Tips bag weighs 38 percent more than the Lipton bag (that is available in the USA). As expected, PG Tips makes a stronger brew. Each PG Tips bag has so much tea that I can easily make a 12 ounce mug with a single bag. I drink my tea black, but PG Tips is clearly robust enough to maintain character with milk or sweetener.

PG Tips is a sturdy, straight-ahead blend with more strength than Lipton's. It is a caffeine-rich tea - in part because each bag has more tea than other brands.

PG Tips uses a pyramid shaped bag that allows more room for tea leaves to expand while steeping. Does it make better tea? I don't know, but it is a point of differentiation.

HINT: PG Tips also makes a Special Blend black tea that is only slightly more expensive in stores. I much prefer the Special Blend to their regular black tea. The PG Tips Special Blend is a very hardy and rich breakfast tea. The Special Blend is more sensitive to longer steeping times (I usually steep mine less than 3 minutes), but I find the taste more complex and satisfying.

Cognoscenti typically prefer loose tea. Tea bags contain the less expensive "fannings" or "dust," remains from processing loose leaf tea. And with some others brands of tea (not PG Tips), many people can taste the paper used in the bag.

If you (like I) sometimes appreciate the convenience of bags, I recommend trying PG Tips as a sturdy everyday tea. And, I more strongly recommend their Special Blend as a hardy and rich breakfast tea.
254134254134B001EQ5JLYA3LLU1X81CZSD5Consumer0051171238400Great Tea FlavorPG Tips is great if you appreciate strong tea. The quality is excellent and the pyramid bags assist in quick brewing.
254147254147B001EQ5JLYA1BCHCP9C7ZE8BJane "Bibliophile"111151181174400Excellent all around teaWe drink a lot of tea in this house, and after trying many other basic black teas have settled on this as the best one all around. For the first pot in the morning to the iced tea later in the day, this is the one we all (four tea-drinkers) prefer.

It is robust without being bitter, does not develop a stewed flavor after sitting in the pot for an hour or so, and is very even in quality from batch to batch.
254148254148B001EQ5JLYAF4G4IPBP7XX9Valarie Pittman7751168819200The Only Tea You NeedThe flavor of this tea is strong and bold without tasting bitter. PG Tips is the best tea I've ever tasted and I've been drinking it for over 10 years! I'm glad that is selling it because it's definitely more expensive if you buy from those specialty tea shops. Everyone that I've introduced this to loves it. If you're a serious tea drinker you can't go wrong with this. It's the UK's #1 tea, that says it all!
254135254135B001EQ5JLYA10CKKVSDK56RNJim Evans1231329177600Upsets my stomach after I drink a fewThis is good tea, but I miss my twinning's flavors. The only problem I have with this tea is that it seems to upset my stomach after I drink a few. I don't know why, but it only happens after I have had two or three cups. I like the fact that the tag less bags float in the cup instead of sinking. These elements having to stir the tea.
254149254149B001EQ5JLYA3GUX81LOLZX81Michael Parker5551172707200THE KINDIf you buy one tea, buy this one: PG TIPS. It is the workhorse, the best of the daily drivers, the most satisfing all round bagged tea I have ever had. Other teas might be more rarified and refined, good for special occasions- but I found them all to grow stale in my cupboard if this was in the house. For a more astringent cup, now and then, add a pinch of green tea to your brew.
254136254136B001EQ5JLYA1CASNC56NPXS1Joanna S. Capps "Dog Mom"1251162771200Can't beat PG TippsFor serious tea drinkers...holds up to milk and sugar (if needed).
254150254150B001EQ5JLYA6PTPOL5V9CIVFaith V. Wheatley "Faith Wheatley , mother, g...6751188345600Tea from the UKThis tea is probably the best known tea in the UK. It's in every home. Not fancy but GOOD TEA. It's orange Pekoe black tea if you're a connoisseur! At last the USA is discovering tea!
254151254151B001EQ5JLYA2VVHQJ93J8QJPE. Rennie3341244332800Strong British black teaThis is a good strong British black tea, for all who have to use 2 of the American tea bags to get a decent mug of tea. My favourite is actually tetleys, but not the british blend available from the us. However this is not available from amazon. The pg tips has free shipping over $25 which makes it the cheapest British train the Internet. It is pretty good.
254152254152B001EQ5JLYA3FIVHUOGMUMPKgreenlife3351240704000JUST SUPERB!!!An excellent full-bodied tea for everyday use. It brews quickly and gives the right amount of flavor and satisfaction. The pyramid bags do the trick. I've always been a life-long loose-leaf tea drinker, which tastes awesome but is quite time consuming and messy. As time went by, life has gotten busier, and PG tips was a godsend. I boil water in an automatic kettle and pour 8-10oz over one tea bag, steep for 3 mins and enjoy it with a splash of milk and sugar - amazing!!!
I've signed up for the automatic delivery which by far gives the best price and I never run out!
254153254153B001EQ5JLYAE0WN88TLIGRZPeter O. Jackson "fussy shopper"3341200355200A Tasty Quick Black TeaPG Tips Black Tea, Pyramid Tea Bags, 80-Count Boxes (Pack of 4) I needed some teabags for quickly serving company so gave this tea a try instead of the Liptons and RedRose from the store. I found that the PG Tips make a rich tasty tea. While I can buy superior loose teas from individual estates in various countries, not all guests want to fuss that much over a cup of tea. So I got this to fill in the need for a quick cup. It does it very well. Recommended
254154254154B001EQ5JLYA26QZY21M8Z2UEA. Stevens3351183420800Great TastingI first drank this tea at a local restaurant. It is sooo smooth to the taste. The price on the web is very good too. It is more expensive to buy locally then with Amazon.
254155254155B001EQ5JLYAYAUX7L6IPIGTB. Willmot2241231459200Best of BritishYou cannot get any better than PG Tips. I have been buying them for 3 decades and am never disappointed.
254156254156B001EQ5JLYA36OOL5PM3Q3MGRanjan Sharma2241194220800Tea!!I used to get it from UK several years back. Am I glad that these are available on this side of the pond now?

In hindsight, I should have bought more - we just zipped though the first pack of 80.

Excellent tea, and in my experience, second to Orange Pekoe.
254157254157B001EQ5JLYA1UEFBYEDOOJJKleafkt1151337731200only black tea bags I useLove this tea! Caution: Some times the product comes damaged. Tea bags are open in the box and loose tea is everywhere. The taste just can't be beat.
254158254158B001EQ5JLYA3VH08FGEPOSSCMamalee1151334880000My favorite teaStrong, flavorful, consistent from package to package. As far as I'm concerned, this is how all tea should be. Usually pretty pricey in the grocery store, if they carry it at all.
254159254159B001EQ5JLYA1OJ4P4638KPREBen1141306800000Awesome tea!This is the best tea I have ever tasted. (emphasis on the period)
It is as close to coffee as you can get as far as body and caffeine are concerned while still retaining that wonderful quality all teas have, low acidity. If you are looking for a new addiction this is it. The only downside is the cost. you can generally pay about 9-11 cents a cup online but offline upwards of 20 cents a cup, and it is only available in specialty store in most regions.
254160254160B001EQ5JLYA1Q6C607DRC3JTLanky McKenzie1151301011200PG Tips is the best.English black tea? Look no further than PG Tips.

The world may drink Lipton, but the UK drinks PG Tips.

Depending on how long you steep it and how hot your steeping water is (duh), PG Tips delivers "delicate and smooth" to "strong and astringent with heaps of tannins" and everything in between.

If you drink black tea and have never tried PG Tips, you need to. Period. You won't go back.

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