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254641254641B007PA32L2A1NBK07JEBCFIJess0051348444800really goodI like the spicy Eggnog, gingerbread, and pumpkin seasonal kcups and would probably drink them year round if I could. The pumpkin is the best however. Love this stuff. The rest of the year I like the green mountain hazelnut kind
254642254642B007PA32L2A2RJ1CG75NMNLPPAShoeGal0051348358400My Fav Fall Coffee!Every year I stock up on this coffee. I usually like pretty bold coffees but, although this one isn't bold, it has the perfect pumpkin & spices flavor. I can't get enough of it. It's, by far, the best pumpkin coffee around! I've tried many. Some stores have it on their shelves- like the one that sells bath & bedding items that has a twenty percent off coupon that never expires. ;)
254643254643B007PA32L2A1PZO13IAKZRQ5Lisa B. "SAHM and avid reader"0021348358400DisappointedThis coffee was weak and did not taste like pumpkin spice. It tasted mostly of cloves and cinnamon. I was looking forward to a good pumpkin spice coffee for the Keurig brewer, but this was not it. I think I'll just stick to the flavored creamers after this though I'd rather not have the sugar.
254644254644B007PA32L2A2WXZP7YHPUVUJC. Mannering0051348358400Very yummyI do not often write reviews but I love this flavor. It doesn't require additional sweetening in my opinion, it's perfect.
254645254645B007PA32L2A3BJMVANGVCYJTLyla'smommy0051347840000CarrieLove this coffee. Reminds me of fall and thanksgiving. It smells so great and tastes great as well. Yummy! Fan favorite.
254646254646B007PA32L2A1JZYVSKBE7LJDAnthony G. Petrilla "qtarantino1"0051347667200Wonderful!Very good coffee. You have to brew it on the 8oz setting for the best flavor. Will be ordering more when they are back in stock at this price!
254647254647B007PA32L2AYCXNURZDX40YP.OSU0051347148800Best ever...I love this coffee, great brand and best flavor I've had so far... and I've tried a lot of different brands/flavors.
254648254648B007PA32L2A1JNTGNQJQ1IV3BKing0041346976000Love this!I loved this coffee, it smells amazing and tastes just as good. Perfect for fall. It is pumpkin without being over powering. I will def. keep buying it.
254649254649B007PA32L2A309PFW8T6DMMZart chick0051344902400Delicious!I am not sure how I am going to write 20 words about this - it is good coffee and I enjoy drinking it. I even drank it during the spring, which is not the usual time to be drinking this autumn-like beverage. It does not taste as good as a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (what does? those are so good!), but it is an improvement over standard coffee for when you want something different in my opinion. I am happy I bought this and would recommend it.
254650254650B007PA32L2A3B32XH4Q10YLBGreg Carter0041342569600PumpkinliciousIt's just like the coffee I buy at Starbucks! This is my second favorite flavor of K-cups! Green Mountain Coffee's Limited Edition flavors are out of this world!
254651254651B007PA32L2A9Q5MGCDT8TTKJoshua J. Flores0051342396800YummyIf you like flavored kcups, pumpkin spice is a must. Just the smell of it in the morning is enough to get me out of bed and drink it. Definitely recommend.
254652254652B007PA32L2APUEE4R35LVH6Silent Bob0051341014400Good CoffeeI purchased this coffee as a surpise for my wife. An it got me major brownie points. It was better than any flowers I could of got her.
254653254653B007PA32L2AMAK90IW2BZCH8140021339891200StaleUnfortunately, the coffee was stale and bitter. It was a diappointment. The coffee was not beyond its expiration date, however.
254654254654B007PA32L2A1YSPYBD85OAKPbreezy "C"0051338508800Great FlavorMy daughter loves the pumpkin spice coffees in the fall. Got a pack of these for her to try since we just got a Keurig and she was pleasantly surprised. She uses milk in her iced coffee and the flavor holds up with that addition. Happy to be able to find it this time of the year at such a good price and fast shipping. Will be stocking up.
254655254655B007PA32L2A1W3IUPO4UDYTCSC Brewer0051338249600Great tasteI was so happy to find the Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice on It is a seasonal product that I absolutely fell in love with over Christmas! Some of the other pumpkin spice flavored K-cups that I have tried smelled really nice, but had absolutely no flavor. This one fills the kitchen with that spicy aroma and has a full flavor! I even run through a 2nd shot on smaller cup size. It has that much flavor!
254656254656B007PA32L2A19N301CQ8IWW9Nikki N.0041336953600Delicious Pumpkin CoffeeI really enjoy pumpkin coffee, even in May. I love that I can order it from Amazon when I cannot find it in any stores. In fact, I've started ordering all of my k-cups from Amazon since it is so much more convenient than running around trying to find what I want then standing in line. I think it's a better deal, too. This Pumpkin Spice is a mild roast and is not as rich as some other coffees I like but it certainly does the trick.
254657254657B007PA32L2A2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0041336780800Love this flavor!I absolutely adore this flavor. Not only do you get a nice amount of pumpkin spice flavor per cup, but it keeps rather well- meaning that you can continue to enjoy this flavor even after other places stop carrying the fresh brewed stuff that they make themselves.

OK, the basics of this are good. You've got a decent coffee bean base and as long as you don't add too much water, you can have a decently strong cup of coffee without it being too watery. (Unfortunately one of the problems with the Keurigs is that you have to measure the water to your personal preferences, otherwise you get an overly watery cup of whatever you're brewing.) The spice flavor is not only nice, but it isn't overwhelming. You can still taste the coffee over the spice, which is something that occasionally bugs me about some of the other flavors out there on the market. (Such as the Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake blend. Blech.)

Would this replace a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or WaWa coffee completely? Not really. It's good and I'll definitely purchase this stuff again when I see it, but it doesn't completely replace the stuff that you can brew in a bigger coffee pot. Like most Keurig products, this is ultimately a product of convenience. It's delicious and worth buying in my humble opinion, but it still won't replace "the good stuff".
254658254658B007PA32L2AO377Z7UORPJ6TheMountainMan0051336521600Could be my Favorite Favor!I am a huge Pumpkin Spice fan, and this coffee for the Keurig system is fantastic. Tastes great. Love it. If you like pumpkin spice coffee, you will not be disappointed.
254659254659B007PA32L2A1G5FIEA40QCT4zzzrn0021336262400WeakThere was no flavor. It smells great but tastes like flavored water. I was glad when I ran out of this and I will not purchase it again. It does not taste like pumpkin or spice.
254660254660B007PA32L2A1RJ18I5BETWR5EW Gage0051336089600Love this flavor!!!The Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice is my favorite flavor coffee - it's good along or combined with hot chocolate. I order it whenever I run low -
254661254661B007PA32L2A253RJELSDYG3FRussell0051335312000CoffeeThe product arrived on time and the price was right. There is really not much more to say than that.
254662254662B007PA32L2AUOB0J10F5ULBHolly0051334534400keurig k cups pumpkin spicetastes great, just the right amount of flavor, you will really love this pumpkin spice coffee k cup. you will be amazed by it
254663254663B007PA32L2A1FDXQS3J3MXPWT. Dutt "DIY"0051333670400Seasonal CoffeeThis is one of Green Mountains seasonal coffees. My wife really enjoys this flavored coffee. It's a shame it can not be purchased all year long.
254664254664B007PA32L2A31Q8LN0JTG6F8terpsmedic0041332806400Pumpkiny spice tastingI like this coffee - but it definitely needs a sweetner to give it that umpf!
You can taste the pumpkin and the nutmeg / all spice in this one.
254665254665B007PA32L2A315F6EFV2B0QYEBS0051332633600Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice K-CupsThis is absolutely delicious coffee! It has just the right amount of flavor, without being too heavy. One of my favorites all year long!
254666254666B007PA32L2A39INFTZG1GTBMTerri L. Jeroue "cooksalot"0051332374400the best!!Green Mountain's Pumkin Spice is the best! I bought a few bottles of pumpkin syrup...didn't like the taste. Tried to make my own...too gloppy with all the spices. This is just a great pumkin spice flavor! I enjoy it very much. Green Mountain has been making this flavored coffee for a long time now. I can see why.
254667254667B007PA32L2AG01SVE2I3L66K. Nelson0051331683200Delicious and FlavorfulGreen Mountain's Pumpkin Spice is one of the better Pumpkin-flavored coffees around, and having them available in K-Cups is a big plus! I just wish it was available year-round. I'm glad I was able to find it on!
254668254668B007PA32L2A5JJM9BBXV35Bretired lady0041331596800Smells heavenlyI don't like strong coffee and this is a really aromatic blend and a very smooth coffee. It is a shame that it is is seasonal.
254669254669B007PA32L2A1V48MRRPD1MW6A. White0051331424000Yum!Great to be able to order my favorite flavor and have a stash at home when it is not sold "in-season" locally. Will keep ordering as long as they have it for sale! I can make two cups of coffee from one K-Cup and they both taste great.
254670254670B007PA32L2A16BWIVVQV8S00Pris0051331078400pumpkin spice coffeeAm so glad to have found a spot to order this seasonal coffee. It should readily be available all yr long. It is that good. YES!!!!!

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