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255571255571B004I45VUIAMJZ05XU3SHJUDanielle T. Polk "sad yogi"1611316217600Zero stars. Length:: 7:27 Mins

I made this video to highlight just SOME of the issues I experienced personally with Diet Coke. Please watch it. It may change or even save your life.
255572255572B004I45VUIA1V1EP514B5H7Yasiana01131299456000Prefer PepsiI ordered this item for a friend as I do not care for Diet Coke. I can't give it five stars because I much prefer Diet Pepsi.
255573255573B004G970YAA82LYZMD7YWB3Natasha Sacks1111333584000You don't get what you ordered.I wish I could give this 0 stars!! I ordered these for my son's nautical themed birthday, and instead of rings I got red white and blue GUMMY BEARS. Are you kidding?? I am too busy to deal with the hassle of sending this much candy back. Thanks A LOT.
255574255574B004G970YAA3HOGJ49XCSCW7D. Diskin0051349740800Delicious!I ordered these to put into a big candy dish at a patriotic party and they were a hit. They are SO yummy. I was really just counting on them to be decorative, but they were delicious as well.
255575255575B004G970YAA33DKGANHQJSXCAnastasia "Stasia"0051340755200AWESOME!Sorry the reviewer before me didn't get what she ordered, but leaving a bad review for a PRODUCT when it was the SHIPPER that made the error is not right.

These are as delicious as any other gummi rings we've had in the past, so if you like gummi's, you'll love these ;) Order without worry :)
255576255576B004USOXCEA30N4YECITUBVImillie0041324771200very nice!Very nice option if looking for a gift for a family/friend with diabetes. The price is just right for those on a GIFT BUDGET!!- MEL
255577255577B0035CPZ4GA1ZAEDPMVU5670Jason Clegg "Jason Clegg"9951265587200I Love This Korean BBQ!To be perfectly honest, this is the first time I've ever had Korean BBQ and it absolutely knocked my socks off. A close friend recommended Mama Eun's home delivery service and I decided to go for it. I placed my order, paid the bill, and forgot all about it.... until one day when the delivery guy dropped a package on my doorstep.

Mama Eun's packaging system is great! Everything came securely wrapped up inside a cozy disposable (or reusable) ice cooler. The freezer packs inside kept the meat nice and cold during shipping and are now hard at work in my freezer (nice bonus!).

Then, I went to town.

I tossed about half of the package onto the grill and a few minutes later the aroma had my mouth watering. Seriously, people - this is great stuff! Everything is already marinated inside the package and ready to go. The meat was so tender and fresh I seriously reconsidered every buying any kind of meat at my local grocer ever again. Who knew delivered food items could be so darn yummy!

Now I'm hooked. I love Mama Eun's "homemade style" and business approach. Everything was very professional (but not in a lame corporate way). They even included some cooking tips/directions in the delivery. Needless to say, i was very impressed by this company and will be back again soon. I'm placing my next order right now...
255578255578B0035CPZ4GA21SS2TAC3MIM6Blessgen6651265414400Definitely good quality!I recently moved to the East Coast where I could not find good Asian food. I ordered Mamaeun galbi online and highly satisfied that it was delivered so quickly and came in the fresh unfrozen state. It includes an instruction how to cook and how to store the left-over. Most importantly, galbi was sooooo delicious. I have to say that it's better than my mom's. I became a facebook fan. :) I ordered 2 lbs which was a lot more than I expected, but I think that I will order more in order to save shipping cost.
255579255579B0035CPZ4GA2TKXROV7WG6ICZ. Tscharanyan "Owner, Rare JDM"6651264464000Mama Eun's is Great!!!I was a little hesitant ordering meat online, but decided to give it a try since I love Korean BBQ. I'm glad I did, this was some of the best Galbi I've ever had! I've been to a bunch of Korean BBQ restaurants, and this was right up there with the best of them. The amount of meat you get is more than enough to feed 4, and for the price it's a great value.

If you like Galbi, or Korean BBQ in general, I highly recommend Mama Eun's!!!
255580255580B0035CPZ4GA346AXHPTO2DPFAgoojjim41311286928000$44 for 2 lbs?Is this a joke? $44 for 2 lbs of bone-in ribs? If you live in any top 30 US cities, find a Korean market where they have this for $6 a lb.
255581255581B000WG851IA3456KHLOGF7IWJ. Powers5551270684800A great root beer if you're looking for a smooth characterHenry Weinhard's Root Beer is quite easily my favorite, I must admit. There is a creaminess to it, a body, that makes it a real pleasure to drink. However, there is a trade-off.

If you're looking for a root beer with a biting, unapologetically brash character, you best look elsewhere. This rootbeer has subtle notes of vanilla mingled with it's sassafras, hinting at it's sweeter cousin, the Weinhard's cream soda. In my opinion it's mildness makes it extremely drinkable. For this reason I personally prefer to use other root beers that are thinner and less complex for root beer floats and enjoy this by itself.

Before TSA rules prevented me from packing liquids in my carry-on baggage I would always bring a six-pack back with me from West coast sojourns. It was always worth it.
255582255582B000WG851IA3T5JP7ZCRJ687Honest _rian3351285286400The bestI love this root beer. I'm not a professional connoisseur or anything but i try every root beer I come across and this is by far the best. I now go to the grocery store and by them by the case. Buy it you will not be dissatisfied. It has a very creamy flavor with a good head. Yes, not many do. I hate when i buy a root beer and there is no foam at the top. This you open it and sit it down and it rises. This is one of those true root beers. Turns out they started making this drink during prohibition and tried to make it just like a beer, needless to say it's one of the best on the market.
255583255583B000WG851IA3ITGOYRB206T3Ben Golfing0051338422400The best of the best!Smooth, creamy, great head - this is the best root beer I have found. Not too much carbonation, but does supply a subtle flavor of vanilla, sassafras and honey. Virgil's is more biting, Hank's is close, but Henry Weinhard's is the best!
255584255584B000WG851IA19SFGK4MXK0JQBryan Campbell1241328313600Wonderfully complex flavor- A party in your mouth!I discovered Weinhard's several years ago while living in Oregon. I was so immediately impressed with the wonderfully complex taste that it became a tradition to have Weinhard's at all of my special events,birthdays, Superbowl, holidays etc. When I moved back east I really missed my Weinhards. One time I was out in Utah visiting and drove back to Ohio with about a 100 bottles in the trunk.

When the bottle is first opened there is a thick creamy head unlike anything I have ever seen in a soda product. When you taste it, there is a progression of separate distinct wonderful flavors as it fizzes in your mouth. Weinhard's is primarily a microbrewery out west. The Root Beer is is just a part of what they do. They have been using the same recipe since they first developed it during the Prohibition era (for good reason).

In the past twelve months there have been a few large grocery stores that have begun carrying Weinhard's in the Midwest. Initially I was very excited but after sampling a few cases I have observed that it not quite the same as what I had fallen in love with. I don't know if this is because they changed the recipe company-wide (maybe in an attempt to be more price competitive in a down economy) or if it is made a bit differently in this part of the country.

Either way, it's still my favorite Brand hands down.
255585255585B000WG851IA2Y4VOI3FD3XRTJ. Comer0121349395200High Fructose Corn SyrupBought some offline yesterday. Went to a local candy store that sells many varieties of soda. That is where I got my bottle of this root beer and the label says it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup.....
255586255586B000WG851IAL90S4KCKWI77Kaleb Antonson "God Is In His Heaven, All Is ...1531318896000Not the bestfor starters, if you can dont buy from amazon, i just bought this 6 pack from haggens for 5 bucks.
as far as the root beer its self goes, it could be better.
there is far to much vanilla for my liking.
it also has a bad habit of foaming up and over the sides, the foam, unlike other root beers i have had is horrible
it feels gooey in my mouth which is gross.
as far as root beer goes you could do alot worse, (im looking at you dad's root beer)
i would go for Capt'n Eli's root beer
255587255587B00534UYHCA1OY38C4KB0WXQjjwilly4ever0041331424000goodGot this instead of another more expensive jalapeno powder. Works great! Husband likes it on popcorn and I use it to make hot and spicy pretzels.
255588255588B00534UYHCA260C5E37DZSXCKathleen A. Rogers "kateinillinois"0031317513600OkThis product was received as ordered and on time. The problem is it is so powdery it doesnt stick to popcorn well. Otherwise, fine product.
255589255589B000HKJOM8A2SJP6UI69R137Jeannie L333441207526400Exactly as statedHaven't tried all the flavors yet, but those I've had are very good. I like the way they steep fairly quickly. Nice selection of tea flavors, the fruit ones have a natural taste.
The box is nice, about what you'd expect in a tea box. Made of 1/4" lath that is stained a dark brown. The stain chips easily, but then lath isn't a hard wood. I knocked the whole box off the dining table and got a small crack in one corner of the lid, I expected much worse damage. If you're buying to use the box for another purpose later, remember that it was only meant to hold tea.
255590255590B000HKJOM8A2CN1P6JJ7J3JHWilliam K. Fry "Keven"445251178928000A really swell deal. Tea plus a nice box!I bought this item because I was at a loss for an idea on a Mother's Day gift to give my wife. I saw this item and its 1-star rating, and that piqued my curiosity. How can a purchase of tea bags be given only one star?

I received this just a few days before Mother's Day and my wife talked me into giving it to her right away. My wife and I are quite pleased with both the nice, partitioned box (it is just like the picture and description I saw before ordering it) as well as the large assortment of teas.

In this particular case you are getting the following:
A handsome tea chest that is lined with red velvet.
120 bags of tea; 20 each of Orange Spice, Raspberry, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Peach & Green Teas.
Each bag is individually wrapped in foil.
The whole thing cost less than $20!!!

Neadless to say, the five stars is partly for the great value we got in the box plus teas as well as to partly offset the ridiculous 1-star rating it had previously received.
255591255591B000HKJOM8A1ETR1LD2IHSH4Stephanie Sakson243311198195200NOT so fine teaDespite the upper crust British sounding name, Bentley's fine teas are not so fine. The tea is barely more than colored water; we have tried lots of different types and brands of tea and this was the most disappointing. The presentation is nice to look at, but the tea is not so nice to drink.
255592255592B000HKJOM8A2OCTXJCYOAEDWTimothy W. Kyle3351226275200Better than expectedAfter reading the reviews, both positive and negative, I decided to give this a shot. After all, the gold box price made it almost silly not to try.

Yes, the box is flimsy. While attractive, it is very easy to damage and not really suited for much of anything else, other than holding tea bags or small trinkets of some sort. But let's be honest here; you really don't buy a tea assortment for the box, do you?

The tea: yes, this is what you buy it for, and the flavors, at least to my pallet, are wonderful. I will not pretend to be some expert at tea, but I do know what I like, and I very much enjoy a number of the flavors. My wife is enjoying this collection even more than I am, so how could I possibly say anything wrong about it. I have not tried all the flavors yet, but between she and I we have, and not a one has been a dissapointment.

All in all, we have been very happy with this assortment. Due to the nature of the box, I probably would have given this 4.5 stars, but I will not mark it down to 4 as the tea quality deserves the benifit of the doubt. While maybe not for the tea "expert", I think those looking for a nice blend with nice flavors will be very happy with this.
255593255593B000HKJOM8A1AJJ749D80VCYJames M. Larson192611210118400Terrible TeaThis has to be some of the worst tasting tea I have ever tried. It leaves my tongue with a somewhat raw feeling. The flavors must be all artificial and not natural,and there really isn't much of any flavor that can be tasted. If someone handed you a cup of tea it would be pretty hard to tell the flavor. Don't waste your money on this. You can get much better tea at Walmart that cost a lot less. The box the tea comes in is very cheap, and relly isn't worth anything.
255594255594B000HKJOM8A3EWGQ1VHQ3VAUPeter C. Bosch2211233273600Just heat the water. Skip the bags.It's a box. The box looks nice, but it's not worth the purchase price. Don't do it. Because the tea, you probably won't use. It's really, really weak-flavored. I oversteeped a pot, used three teabags instead of my usual two, and still could barely taste (even using my imagination a bit to boost it) the "blueberry."

After trying three types of tea (Blueberry, Mango and one other flavor I couldn't taste and can't recall,) I just dumped the last pot, threw the bags away, and gave the box to my son, who looked at it kinda funny, and muttered something about warhammer figures or something.

255595255595B000HKJOM8AKJAYC10UDO1RM. Young "Madie"2251220659200A great value, a great giftI actually received a fancier version of this for Christmas last year (same tea, different box). I wouldn't have thought it, but I absolutely loved this gift, I tried flavors that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise. I liked it so much that this year my mom is getting this set. A great value and a great gift!
255596255596B000HKJOM8ABIXRX59LWBZEShoe Lover1141232582400Nice TeasI purchased several of these during the holidays. 1 for me and several others as gifts. It was a hit with everyone. It comes packaged very well and for a good price. The teas are good and a good variety of teas. I love tea and only drink tea; so this is a large amount of tea for the money, the taste is good and I would recommend this product.
255597255597B000HKJOM8A10CLLAU3RQ7T5Max Amp1141231200000Nice tea setThe tea comes in a nice wooden box with a good selection. Not the most flavorful tea I have ever tasted but I would recommend it if you have subtle tastes.
255598255598B000HKJOM8A3E4DO2YP91UDBNate "bigetan"1151225929600Exceeded expectationsWell i got this for my girlfriend as i got a good gold box deal on this product and she loves it. While we are both not tea connoisseurs we were both equally impressed with the vast variety of flavors and taste.
While this may not be a super nice polished tea is sturdy enough and looks nice enough for the average drinker. At the price I paid I was not expecting anything more and the tea taste exceeded our expectations. So if you are just an average person looking for good variety of teas that taste good and are inexpensive then try these out.
255599255599B000HKJOM8A13N719TBT0A76Scott K. Mcgowan "Big Daddy"1111224892800TerribleBlah, no flavor. Tea made in India. What little flavor there is, is
fake. very artificial. Thinking about it? Buy a box of Twinings and
you will thank me later.
255600255600B000HKJOM8A2NRP6OG0N6AESS. Kim0021276473600Empty tea bagI ordered 4boxes for presents. one tea bag which is lemon tea was empty. Little bit disappointed.

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