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256261256261B001COH6IWAXW50U9O31HISS. Larmee "DeputyMom"2241238457600Fast, Easy treat for GFCFThree minutes, start to finish! Sponge cake texture with a great cinnamon taste. My GFCF kid devoured it and his non-GFCF sister liked it too. This is great when you don't have time to whip up an entire gluten free desert from scratch.
256262256262B001COH6IWA34HB1897MDSD9BethRose0031343088000Not too bad for a traveling snackI was drawn to this product since I travel alot and being gluten free its hard to always find restaurants that have gf food. THe concept seems simple enough and it does travel well. The taste of the product is all right, I wouldnt make it at home cause it is lacking in flavor to me, but for something to make in a hotel room it is good.
256263256263B001COH6IWA1S6CO566X40E4Melissa0041341273600Not quite complete, but tastyThe cake cooks up fine, tastes good, but misses having a topping. No topping is my only issue. The size of each serving is very decent, also. I recommend whipping up a little powdered sugar icing during the minute the cake is in the microwave.
256264256264B001COH6IWA23GWVRO8RC73WRebecca Fernandez0051325980800Great for bringing to brunchI bought several FoodTek mixes for my 5 year old son for Christmas. We have baked some in his EasyBake Oven, and others in the microwave. All have been very well received.

This one is light, fluffy, and has a nice cinnamon taste. It's perfect to pack when you need a gluten-free brunch item for yourself.
256265256265B001COH6IWA2HT3RFCH585ZZFrankieMachine0051322524800Tasty treatThis cake was super easy to make. It tasted great and had an absolutly awesome texture. The "mouth feel" of the cake is nothing like most microwaved treats. Even people who regularly eat wheat would be very surprised this is a wheat free and microwave product give the taste and texture.

The texture is very soft and light and not at all grainy. The cake tastes like a cinnamon donut in terms of degree of sweetness and the cinnnamon flavor is very authentic and high quality tasting. The cake delivers a completely authentic cake experience but you should know it is not supper pretty to look at and does not come with any topping as might be suggested by the label art. If you are giving it as a special treat to someone, as a birthday cake for instance, you might want to spread some gluten free icing or whipped cream cheese on it to improve the aesthetic effect.

This would be a great purchase to keep in the pantry as an "emergency treat" or to keep at work as a courtesy maybe if you are doing a birthday and it turns out someone is on a gluten free diet. Really what this kit is perfect for is when you are at a motel with a microwave, to send with a child going on a sleepover at someone else's house, or to leave with grandparents as an easy treat to give gluten free grandchildren.
256266256266B001COH6IWA24YVFFO8QVQO9MrsTMT0051311897600Great taste!I was a little nervous about this product when it was first introduced to me at a support group meeting. I wasn't sure how any GF product cooked in the microwave could be edible. But it was delicious. I now try to keep some on hand for when traveling so I have a food option when the rest of the family is taking advantage of the hotel breakfast since almost everywhere has a microwave they'll let me use.
256267256267B001COH6IWA2SBONIBH6DRQZCheri Young0041270771200Taste better than you think!It's one of those items you'd pass up because it seems to good to be true. But with so many good
reviews I tried the coffee cake and to my surprise it's really good. At first I used water as
directed but since i am not allergice to milk or anything else i decided to use milk. It does
taste better with milk. I am so impressed with the coffee cake that I am going to try the other
items. These are so convenient and easy that it's really awesome that foodtek came out with
this idea to make our lives (those of us with Celiac Disease) a little easier.
256268256268B001COH6IWA1EKSEAIBKRJW9Whoa Nellie0051261526400Fast and fabulous!This coffee cake is fantastic! It required longer cooking times than stated on the package, however. I just cooked it until it started to pull away from the sides. You only add water, which is a fabulous thing for us busy celiacs who are used to having to add numerous ingredients to make palatable food! It's quick, easy, tastes great (I add butter once cooked...I know, gilding the lily a bit! :) and the texture is great for gluten free! (note: Stay away from their hambuger buns, however....they were horrible!) Be sure and keep the baking container, as it looks like you can order just the refills without the container for a cheaper price.
256269256269B001COH6IWA2603MUNBK6QHXC. Kirkman "lost in literature"0051261353600Yummo!I am in love with these little coffee cakes! They are so simple to make, and absolutely delicious. Sometimes you just want something sweet...a little cake--not to mention something that tastes fantastic--and these fit the bill. It's so simple to shake up the batter in the baking container, and then you pop it in the microwave for a minute, and you have a delicious little cake. I haven't ever tried it, but, if you wanted to be really evil, you could mix-up a little powdered sugar and milk icing and drizzle that over the top. These are easy to take with you to work, or to a party, as well. I know it sounds a little goofy, but, when I'm going to someone else's house for dinner, the one thing I usually have to stay away from is dessert, and this is a simple solution that let's me join in the fun of that course, as well. I highly recommend these.
256270256270B0009Z0WSQAOQ65B75JFCHVD. Smith141651138492800Great Soup and it's good for you too!If you're looking for a tasty treat on those cold winter mornings or even on a warm summer day, this soup will not disappoint! It's absolutely delicious as are all of the other Kikkoman -Instant Miso Soups. I just love them. I discovered them when I got sick on vacation in Hawaii and I've been eating them ever since! I should meniton, they're great if you've got an upset stomach.
256271256271B0009Z0WSQA218DUU4SMUX19P. DiBacco6651264118400Great Instant SoupI just received this soup and I have to say it's really good. I was a little concerned with the sodium content, but I found that if I added a bit more water to the soup it wasn't too salty. I have a desk job and I am constantly eating through my lunch. This instant soup provides a great lunch for me and it's only 35 calories!
256272256272B0009Z0WSQARE11X11MQJZDC. J. Gasser4451264291200good comfort snackI love this soup but can not purchase it nearby. Lot's of green and a light refreshing flavor. It's low calorie, low fat, high protein. I sometimes have one for breakfast and it satisfies me until lunch or eat one during those late morning or mid afternoon craving times. A twelve pack gives you 36 servings, perfect! It comes in a nice display box, easy to slide into your cupboard or pantry.
256273256273B0009Z0WSQA2V49Z1ZF50STMT. Blake3341276387200Good tasty soup, 9 servingsI had to buy this to be sure what 9 pockets in 3 packs meant. LOL Good soup, stronger than Sushi Chef (which is what was available at my local store). I would look for a better price before I ordered again.
256274256274B0009Z0WSQA3J0T442C0D4C1O. Marko3351265932800Delicious!!This soup tastes just like what I get at my favorite sushi place! I cannot believe a soup this tasty came out of a packet. Even if you add a little more water than the 2/3 cup it requires, it still has a very full flavor. I will be re-ordering this time and time again!
256275256275B0009Z0WSQA307U5ONUTM9NHRichard Hundrieser "richardofdixon"2251313884800Delicious and EasyI love Miso soup and this versiosn, with spinach, is easy to prepare
amd very good. I recommend it for a quick lunch to go with your favorite
tofu dish.
256276256276B0009Z0WSQA1E5EJYH9GEPQLErin O'Neill2251223164800Delicious Instant Tofu-Spinach Miso SoupConvenient to carry in knapsack or purse, this instant soup reconstitues into a truly good quick meal on the go. It would be great at work or between classes at school. I also use it at night to avoid higher calorie temptations.
256277256277B0009Z0WSQA1QQAM9C1BHI5TEva C ochran1151319241600Love these soups!Again, having lived in Japan for several years learning to love this product, I am thrilled it is avalable in The States and on line as well. I have a cup every day!

Eva C.
256278256278B0009Z0WSQA2F3JNFI8CVXRYRebecca X0041350864000Good boost of vitaminsThere are other miso soups I like more, but what I love about this one is that there is tofu and spinach, so I really feel like I'm getting a boost of nutrition. I can have it any time of day, too, and find myself having this while others drink coffee (and feeling pretty good about that).
256279256279B0009Z0WSQA1OI9OPCM4V03PDidko0031336435200Drink it.This soup is great just a bit salty. A like it otherwise. Nice taste, perfect to start the day with it or have one before going to bed.
256280256280B0009Z0WSQA2F9I5G665BRLGFSM "noodly appendage"0051328745600Delicious!I tried to eat/drink this soup the way they instructed on the back of the package, but I found it to be too small of a serving. Here's what I do, and it's amazing: I bring 1 cup of water to a soft boil, and throw in the soup mix, allow that to build up to a soft boil and then throw in 1 egg, whole. I don't break the egg or disturb it in anyway. I allow that to cook, then enjoy it! It's quick, healthy, and tasty. I have not tried all of the flavors, but of the kinds I have tried, this particular one is my favorite.
256281256281B0009Z0WSQA2M9D9BDHONV3YA. Bennett193211271203200Why don't manufacturers listen to their customers???This soup sounded delicious and nutritious until I read that it contained so much monosodium glutamate. Why would manufacturers deliberately try to poison their customers! Monosodium glutamate is a well known and studied NEUROTOXIN! Can't they just use REAL FOOD flavorings to keep the product tasty and well received by all consumers? I really wanted to try this soup since it looked terrific and most ingredients were excellent but I won't buy it until they stop using MSG like it's salt and pepper.
256282256282B003Q3EYVOAFIF442A98K6NYong Yew Fatt2241297814400Delicious, smooth and fresh.These beans are great, my wife likes it so much so she would brew it whenever I do not specify what kind of coffee I want. It made her happy so I will buy it again...
256283256283B003CIFZZCA1V7ME9D017USCTony Servais0041286236800Wondering How Much Salt is in a Package?Both the product page and the seller were equally unenlightening, so I'll tell you: the package I got contains 3.5 ounces of black salt, packaged by Deep Foods.
256284256284B0006342KAA1Z1X2LNX25WSBerinashmiller "Erin Miller"1151309564800good stuffIt's a big bag of dog food, just like it says. My dog was on the Prescription Diet for sensitive stomachs, but she has adjusted to this food pretty well and it is easier to get (doesn't require a trip to the vet) and cheaper. Give it a shot.
256285256285B0006342KAA39Y4EYXTSJVPAEllen T. Johnson0051333670400So thankfulI made the mistake of trying to switch my dog (large breed boxer) to one of the currently trendy "grain-free" dogfoods... and he did not thrive at all. Loose stools, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, etc. 6 long months of misery for both of us before vet recommended this food. It solved all of his digestive problems; his weight is getting back to normal and his coat is shiny. He feels better too - lots of energy, doesn't have to potty as often, etc. Really happy I found a dogfood that is so gentle on his stomach. picky eating dog loves it.My Assistance Dog loves this food. After trying numerous foods for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and him refusing to eat, I gave him this Science Diet dog food, as recommended by his vet, and he gobbles it down. His 'job' is very stressful and he is a very sensitive, alert dog, which leads to his stomach being easily upset, but with Science Diet, he has no problems and loves the food. I am homebound and ordering the dog food can be pricey, so occasionally I try another high quality brand, but he won't even give it a try...well maybe a bite...but then he sits down and looks at me like 'okay, is this a joke, where's the good stuff?' may cost a little more, but he is worth it and earns every bite!
256287256287B001IZCZFYA3MFK5UEUG95M3J. Gouger5551294963200Impressive Structural IntegrityI am highly impressed by the quality of this product, both in it's seemless merging of both chocolate and peanut butter components and for it's ability to hold up under adverse physical conditions.

Conditions like, for example, a roommate stealing it and trying to play keep away in which said cup was caught in a kind of high five with the cup in the middle smushing it with considerable force. After which it was thrown across the room at high velocity.

The cup survived all this without even a scratch or loose bit of chocolate in the wrapping.

Truly the reeses big cup is a marvel of modern engineering science. And tasty to boot.
256288256288B001IZCZFYA18SD3ZPP0QJ3LE. Durr0051326758400BIG Reese cupTHE BEST there is...YUMMMMMMMMY!!! Going back for more..very fresh...delicious!! I enjoy all the peanut butter and the larger size. A good value and very fresh.
256289256289B001SB40CEA1H38ZKYCKJVFFSaP1151242604800MargaritavilleGreat product!! The flavor is amazing and the recipie on the back is great! The only problem was the packaging... it wasn't done properly and I lost a bottle....
256290256290B001GISSUEARL20DSHGVM1YJamie0051331856000PerfectThe basket was the perfect sympathy gift when trying to express how much you care and really provide resources to assist in the healing process.

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