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256570256570B003JA5KBWA3MWP39R0W9TQXH. Woodbury "heartful_home"1131290038400How EBOOST is different from others...The EBOOST will fizz. For those who love soda pop, the flavor should grow on you as a slightly healthy version of that.
Get a 12 ounce bottle of water. Drink off a few ounces. You need the water anyway right?
Pour in the packet and let fizz. Put on lid and give it a few shakes.

The taste is bad. It's about like the crystal light energy drink in similar packet. That one tastes like straight citric acid.
If you're needing caffeine and would like some vitamins to enhance your energy level, then this is a good alternative to soda with all that sugar or fake sugar. Cane sugar is unrefined and slightly less glycemic as regular sugar (meaning raise blood sugar levels) and isn't stripped from its natural nutrients. It's more pricey than the stuff we usually get.

So, if you're wanting to try a new energy drink, then you can try this. If you already drink coffee regularly, it might be a nice non-teeth-staining alternative. It's not going to WOW you with energy, but can help if you get drained in the afternoon and need a pick-me-up.
256571256571B003JA5KBWA1O4VYJPIK20VThomas E. Tweedel1141289260800Good Alternative to CoffeeI take Emergen-C on a daily basis but am always looking for something new and interesting to try. So I gave eboost a try.

Snip the tube and dissolve in 8oz of water vs the 4-6 oz for emergen C. That was a plus.

Flavor- I got the pomegranate flavor and it was quite intense. Ingredients say its is all natural. Sweetener is "Cane Juice Crystals" which I guess is the code speak for sugar. It was very sweet, to me it seemed almost had that artificial sweet aftertaste. Overall the flavor was acceptable.

Content -
The first thing I didn't realize was that part of its energy boost was from caffeine from the green tea extract. It has 110mg which is the average amount for a cup of coffee. I try to avoid caffeine as it gives me the jitters, I won't knock my rating for it, caffeine just isn't my thing. Just be aware and use it accordingly. If you're a coffee drinker I think it would make a dandy alternative to a cup of joe.

It has a wealth of other things in it
20 calories
5g carbs
4g sugar
Massive doses of vitamin C, D, B-12
Most or more than your RDA of Niacin, B6 and Folic Acid (Folate), Zinc, Copper, selenium and Chromium

Then you've got 340mg of herbal extracts including
Pomegranate, reverstoral, agave, mango, Gingko, Stevia and more.
Is that stuff useful in a powdered, dissolved extract? I don't know but its in there.

Overall I would say this is good stuff. It's got a lot of good things going for it and a decent taste. Too bad it has the caffeine, but if that's not an issue don't let it hold you back. It's a good nutritional supplement.
256572256572B003JA5KBWAWKOLLCRFFZAMJ. Salzenstein "Style Editor"1141289174400Delicious, healthy, easy... yes please!Although it's not much more than a drinkable vitamin, the benefits of EBOOST drink packets include ease of use, great taste, and the fact that they encourage you to hydrate. And the vitamin benefits of course! I don't personally buy-in to the whole "improve your focus and boost your performance" thing, but if you're like most Americans, you're lacking in vitamins and minerals, so drinking this can only help.

The Acai Pomegranate is delicious; not too sweet, not too sour, and not overwhelmingly "fake fruity" flavoured. I recommend drinking this very cold; the closer it gets to room temp, the more you can taste the vitamins. With ice, you can hardly taste the "healthiness" at all!

I love the simply slender packs because they're easy to carry in a bag, pocket, etc. and you can toss them in a desk drawer at the office. I don't love the eco factor of single-serve packs in general, BUT I took some solace in seeing that EBOOST is a member of 1% for the Planet, so at least they're giving back.

I do agree with some of the earlier reviews re. mixability, foam, etc., although it didn't bother me nearly as much as it did others. I also mixed it with more than 8oz of water and it was fine - in fact better, in my opinion.
256573256573B003JA5KBWA3EZHMGGWY74HYMommaMia1141288828800Healthy options!Two of the most important factors when considering a powder additive to water for me is TASTE and CONSISTENCY. This Acai Pomegranate powder dissolved quickly and easily into my cold water AND had a great taste. I dislike drinking plain water, but know that it's good for you, so this is a great alternative for me. Adding the goodness of these two great fruits is a plus and as I said, it is good tasting, too!
256574256574B003JA5KBWA313H6238N589Jaewoo Kim "OB-Wan"1141288742400Like a Gatorade with a fizzThis product is an electrolyte (like Gatorade) that is helpful when you want your body to be replenished with essential minerals after much sweating. It also helps yoru body to retain water when necessary. The ingredients contained in eletrolytes such as this is used when treating people with uncontrollable diarrhea (Cholera often the main cause)so its ability to hydrate people is almost second to none.

The main difference between this and Gatorade is that this product fizzles when water is poured. The taste is the same bland taste except this one has a pomegranate flavor. The fizzle also makes the taste slightly more sparkly than the Gatorade.

As a user of similar Gatorade packs, I can ascertain the amount of powder in this packet is significantly less than the Gatorade version. That means this packet isn't as effective if you pour lot of water as you can do with the Gatorade packs.

Overall, this is a good product if you want a fizzly Gatorade-like drink to hydrate yourself after much sweating or a workout.
256575256575B003JA5KBWA3L9OLR6CAOB7IJosephPK1151287446400EBoost is the way to go.I work long hours and never have enough sleep or energy. I tried 5 hour energy, red bull and all kind of energy drinks. With all of them comes the crash but when i discovered Eboost from a friend i must say THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. Natural, healthy, boosts your immune system and gives you loads of energy. Its not a joke that it Eboosts your day and it actually tastes good. Try it i guarantee you will not regret it.
256576256576B003JA5KBWAV1F8VNJPLPTLS. Smerud3421288656000Seven reasons why I did not enjoy this product (but flavor is a matter of personal preference)I personally did not enjoy this product. However, taste is a matter of personal preference. In an effort to help you decide, I'll provide the list of things that I noticed:

1. Inconvenient for the product to be mixed with 8oz of water, instead of the more standard 12oz.;
2. Heavy foaming when pouring the packet may not be appetizing for some;
3. Doesn't fully dissolve, leaving white specs on the bottom of the glass after thorough stirring;
4. The flavor was very mild, and a little sour;
5. Shortly after mixing, the texture was more like a little mild chalk was mixed in--there was no fizz;
6. The color was a slightly cloudy dark hot pink; and
7. My stomach was a little unsettled after drinking 1/4 of a glass.

I hope this helps your decision.
256577256577B003JA5KBWA3GCYKPIA7XQ93Ange0021350604800Flavor is awfulYuck. I don't use these as often as I could since the flavor is awful. Does anyone know if there is a better flavor out there? Maybe I just ordered the yuck flavor?
256578256578B003JA5KBWA84FLVDK2R5JFNathan M. Rose "Movie Guy from FlickDirect"0021343174400Does not really do the trickThese energy boosting products really never work for me, but I figured I would give this a try. Again, I was let down because no boost was given, and the taste really left a lot to be desired.
256579256579B003JA5KBWA7JGEKN140F4SKeith "kc31824"0031323907200Take a vitamin insteadDoesn't taste very good, and I'm not sure the health benefits are that useful relative to taking a vitamin. Get a jar of Pom juice from the market and use that to wash down a multivitamin instead...
256580256580B003JA5KBWA2MA4ATED1B1GBLLM "dagoodnurse"0021319760000BlandThis product was bland. From the description, I was expecting to taste something like Chrystal Lite. The beverage was bubbly like promised, and the color wasn't offputting, but I didn't like the taste. I only got one packet, so I can't speak on how much it helped my energy level.
256581256581B003JA5KBWAVKUS8A25FPPWElaine S. Reitz0041311206400Delicious!Only received one pouch to try, but it was delicious. Didn't notice a significant increase in energy, but maybe with repeated use I would.
256582256582B003JA5KBWA253TILLU81VZKD. Connelly0011308182400eeeewwwwwwLet's see. Tasted like chalk, didn't actually dissolve into liquid, LOTS of sugar, NO pom taste that I could discern and no noticeable 'boost' in energy. Seems like epic fail on all counts.
256583256583B003JA5KBWA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"0031306540800tasty but weirdIt seems like the powder never fully dissolves, no matter how much I shook it. It tasted pretty good but I could not feel a difference in my energy level. So I just rated it based on it flavoring my water, it reminded me of Vitamin Water's XXX.
256584256584B003JA5KBWA2POEZE9CZ7J7CPassionate Reader0031306022400Cons outweigh the prosI am all about adding the wonders of antioxidants into my morning routine with a tasty boost of pomegranate, but this product IS NOT the way to get your daily doze.

- Easy to carry in a drink stick pack
- Healthy alternative to canned energy drinks with no crash
- Contains more natural ingredients than most energy drinks
- Gives a small boost in energy
- High in vitamins an anti-oxidants (read info for exact details)
- EBOOST puts some of their process towards the National Breast Cancer Research

- Tastes like medicine a cross between TUMS and Alka Seltzer
- Very, very bitter mixed berry
- Truly awful

Taste is too important so the cons outweigh the pros.
256585256585B003JA5KBWA2JCPV6QTIJJEJames0051305417600Best Natural Energy Drink Out there - Beats 5 Hour EnergyAfter trying so many energy drinks, I was skeptical to try EBOOST. I've used Red Bull for pick me ups (too much of a high and then a crash), 5 Hour Energy Fuel (too expensive, and no noticeable difference), and many, many others. I'm the type that tries many products before giving up on a category, and I had almost given up...until I came across EBOOST. EBOOST is sold in many stores, including high-end stores likes Equinox Health Club, Virgin America, W Hotels, and a lot drugstores. It's a deceptively simple packaging - which made me doubt the effectiveness of it. However, after a friend urged me repeatedly to try it, I gave in and bought the Acai Pomengranate.

Boy, was I surprised. I absolutely adore, ADORE the fizziness of the drink. The taste is divine - I love it. It's a tasty, bubbly drink once you put the EBOOST powder in a cup of water. The "up" was strong enough to be noticeable, but I didn't feel any jitters. I just felt more concentrated, more focused, and had more energy. After maybe 4-5 hours, it disappeared slowly and I didn't feel a "crash."

I feel fortunate that I tapped into the network of "in the know" people. Athletes and celebrities alike use this product because of its healthy dose of vitamins and natural lift in energy - with no crash. This has become a fave of mine - and I can't wait to try their other flavors.

EBOOST, for me, is a lifesaver. I have so much going on with my life and EBOOST allows me to keep up the pace! Thank you EBOOST!
256586256586B003JA5KBWA2RLLC0EGSXPPRJoel Schopp0011305244800HorridThis is the worst tasting liquid I have ever put in my mouth. It's also worth noting the manufacturers website and the product packaging list different amount of ingredients and vitamins. I'm not sure I really trust that I know what I'm putting in my body when I drink this. If you are looking for caffiene, vitamins, or just to make your water taste better you can find better products than this.
256587256587B003JA5KBWA3TB9HNQR54B5VJohn "John"0021305158400Healthy Alternative? - I'm not convinced.Eboost is supposed to supply energy and health. I went to their website and did not find any convincing evidence that it did either of these things, except for some "testimonials" from users. I did notice that a mineral ingredient highlighted on the package was copper. Although the link is not certain, there have been studies that link copper intake to Alzheimer's risk. Will the very small amount (2mg) of copper in a serving of this product increase your risk of this disease? The answer is almost certainly no, and some copper is in most foods to to some extent and in most multi-vitamin pills. However, I personally am trying to avoid products that contain any added copper.

The drink claims to be an alternative to "over-caffeinated and artificial "energy" products" However, caffeine is the first or second largest ingredient in the product (varies depending on flavor). Why is adding caffeine to a product not "artificial energy?" According to a website that listed caffiene content of various products, an eboost drink contains about the same caffeine as 2 cans of soda and is similar to many "energy drinks" out there. I think the claim that they make is a little deceptive.

When added to water it fizzes, like alka seltzer. The taste is acceptable, but not great. It taste like fruit flavoring, not fruit.

Although it does contain sugar and flavorings, most of the ingredients seem be from "natural" sources, which is good.

I tried it and did not find any energy boost, other than what I might feel after drinking a caffeinated soda or two.

In summary, the "health" benefits of this product is what the marketing material stresses. It's described as a "healthier, happier alternative for your daily health." It may be better for you than a can of cola, but as far as your health goes, I think you'd be better off with fruit or fruit juice.
256588256588B003JA5KBWA175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims0021303603200Briny. Somewhat Anxiety Producing. Pass.At first blush, this actually tastes a little like saltwater. That part is just odd. About twenty minutes after ingestion it makes you feel a little nervous. Not energized, just nervous. About thirty minutes after drinking it I noticed that I felt a little less grumpy. (Probably the B-vitamins.)

A dose of a sublingual B-vitamins might do the same thing. I'm not sure what the point of this is.
256589256589B003JA5KBWA28WXDXJA1P0MCT. Casto0021303171200Eh...I got one pouch of this from the Vine program and I happy it was only one and that I didn't pay for it. This has vitamins B 12, C, and D. It contains some caffeine that I didn't feel, but that is probably because I drink coffee every morning. I didn't like the fizziness of it. It tastes like you're drinking something with vitamins in it and that isn't the best thing.
256590256590B003JA5KBWA2XBE812RSFZO7lilhelpformyfriends "middlearth"0041300320000Nice Lift!Great for people who don't do coffe and like berry flavored drinks. Gives a good lift ,without much of the let-down feeling of mega-caffienated beverages.
256561256561B003JA5KBWALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"1151335398400at the ready, anywhere, anytime!These EBOOST powder drink pouches are so easy to have on hand - we even keep a few in our camping kit. They TASTE great, too, which isn't always the case for mix into water powders, Better with chilled water (or made, then chilled) these drinks are still delicious with room temp water. My fave is the acai pomengranate, but they're all good.
256562256562B003JA5KBWA3OT6IQ0YHGDCBANT "azraelart"1141327968000Tart, sweet, tasty, healthy!The recent craze over acai and pomegranate has gotten me worn out lately. Still, I was willing to try one of these boosts to a standard bottle of water. It was a surprisingly refreshing jolt to an otherwise stolid flavorant. Moreover, it dissolved quite easily and completely, something you don't always find in these packets. If you're a fan of boosting your water, or just adding that extra jolt of flavor, then you will enjoy these tasty packets.
256563256563B003JA5KBWA1EOGGOUMR4EJIAzat1151326067200Great ProductI've tried Eboost during a demo in Whole Food Market and I loved it but I've never got a chance to try the Acai Pomegranate flavor. I have to say that I'm pretty amazed by all the comments below... For me, the Acai Pomegranate is one of the best flavors, it's fruity, fresh and the packet is very convenient to poor in a bottle of water.

I love this product and I love the fact that it's all natural (no artificial flavor or color or any kind of chemicals), that the energy comes from green tea, and that there is a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Great product!
256564256564B003JA5KBWA2QH6LESI5RTO5Danielle1141319068800pretty goodThis product was pretty tasty. I am a bug fan of the powdered drinks that you can put into bottled water. It is so convenient. I would recommend this product to others.
256565256565B003JA5KBWA2DRAQU08EPJCPPritch1151310342400Very tasty!To see all the one-star reviews is quite surprising. Mixed with water, this stuff tastes great. I'm not sure what some reviewers are expecting, but it does taste like a good glass of kool aid. Who doesn't like kool aid??? Anyway, it's main source that will keep you alert is the green tea extract, which is pretty much caffeine. But it's a smooth transition somehow, not like drinking coffee or soda. Anyway, not bad at all if you need a little pick me up. Got lots of vitamins in there too.
256566256566B003JA5KBWA259HHYBP6ZNJ3joeyjhg21121303430400Not Impressed!EBOOST Acai Pomegranate booster does not have a good taste. It also has 20 calories and 4 grams of sugar. It is supposed to dissolve in water, but I had to keep stirring to dissolve it. I didn't like the taste and was concerned with the warnings on the package.
256567256567B003JA5KBWAA460WUKL3BC6C. Angel "americanpride"1111299801600Nasty With An AftertasteI love the taste of pomegranates and this had barely a hint of that taste. I dumped the packet into my water and stirred, and stirred, and would not completely dissolved. The drink had an overpowering nasty flavor with a gritty/powdery texture. I had to double the water to water down the nastiness. The aftertaste was bad as well. I did not notice any boost in my energy...but maybe all the extra energy was used up trying to get the taste out of my mouth.
256568256568B003JA5KBWALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette1141296432000Nice and refreshing taste.Although I am not a big fan of Pomegranate, it does have a nice light taste to it. It does have a fizz at the beginning, but does fade fast, although it does have a nice taste to it even without the fizz. It is refreshing and the flavoring is not to strong. It would probably come in nice after a hard work-out if you mix it in with ice cold water.

It doesn't have a heavy taste and is not thick, so it would be good if you are working out, and don't need to worry about upsetting your stomach. It is also not really really sweet either, it has just the right sweetness to it.
256569256569B003JA5KBWA3GFK7F5IUF60XMyra Schjelderup "Ignolopi"1131293148800Nothing SpecialAdd this product to 8 oz water and you get a flavored drink. It dissolves well, and doesn't taste bad, but I can't say it tastes great either.

I've used a number of these types of products mostly to give some flavor to water more than to get any health benefit.

There are lots of similar products available. Try a few different products and stick with what YOU like. Each product has some combination of "special" ingredients that are used to differentiate them from each other. I didn't think this product was anything special.

If you want less expensive water favor, try Crystal Light On The Go, I liked the Lightly Lemon version.

Some of these products flavor 8 oz, and some 16 oz - so when evaluating cost/benefit make sure you know how much water it flavors. Eboost flavors only 8 oz, but costs the same as some of the 16 oz products.

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