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257851257851B00125ZCWIA3L59EOEXSU9NJMurfy1121345248000Don't get Orange flavororange seemed most appealing to me, but I do not like it. It works, but I have to build up to it. I just really don't like drinking it. It is really tart, slightly orange tasting, and I have a hard time getting it down. I have to chug it quickly. I'd rather take a pill and get it over with quickly. Just blech. I'd rather take Bluebonnet Calcium/Mag Vit D liquid, and that is a thick goopy liquid but I only need 2 TB of it. This is just hard drinking a whole glass. Aside from the texture/sense issue, the product works well, and I don't get restless legs at night. It does help me sleep and I am in a better mood since taking it.
257852257852B00125ZCWIA3AZV578WJE7G5Tina D. Savage "Real Consumer"1151344211200Perfect nameRan out and hesitated in reordering, but after about a week the nervous jitters started coming back at 3 a.m. and reminded me why I took this stuff in the beginning. I don't know what I'd do without this and my Wild Yam Gel to get me through this stage of my life.
257853257853B00125ZCWIA34SQ1E7PM5D5BK. Nealon "K. Jones"1151343520000Works wellDOes exactly what it says it will, you might have to adjust how much you take over time. I take 1 tablespoon each day, I do know some people that take 2.
257854257854B00125ZCWIA82VC4BRSC616Mr. Richard H. Hansen1141339200000it worksi bought this product because of a recommendation and the reviews from amazon. It helps me regulate my weight but has not noticeably helped with my pain from muscle spasms and tight ligaments. This pain is due to my severe allergies which I have yet to find a solution for. I will continue to use this product 3 times a day.
257861257861B00125ZCWIA39Q5NKKY1ATABJosh1151325894400Yes.Before I bought this I read all the reviews and they are all pretty accurate. It's a great product. I take 1.5 tsp twice a day once in the morning and once at night. It helped me sleep better, it made going to the bathroom easier, I wasn't craving junk food as much as usual (I'm usually pretty healthy about what I eat), and I just felt better in general. Great product I would give it 10 stars if I could!
257855257855B00125ZCWIA3F7EJ7YWLOB0Amchllcab1151335052800productI just purchased this product for the first time to help prevent constipation. I am very pleased with the product and it has helped to keep me regular. I started with the lowest dosage and it has worked for me.
257856257856B00125ZCWIA197EAZB6NXVVLnealesa "likes the sparklies"1151332892800Great for leg cramps!I have had a very easy pregnancy except for these insane charlie horses in the middle of the night. My midwife prescribed a magnesium supplement and suggested this brand. It took about 2 - 2.5 weeks for the leg cramps to go away completely but I haven't had a leg cramp since (unless I don't take it every day). I also find that I fall asleep faster and I am able to go straight back to bed after getting up in the night to go to the bathroom.
257862257862B00125ZCWIA3AGNSUSDXX21KK. Lee1151321142400Great ProductI love this supplement! It has helped me with stress and to improve the quality of my sleep. I feel that it also helps with muscle aches after working out.
257857257857B00125ZCWIA234PMSDTZWKUMhevans1151331510400can't go without itMy Dad introduced me to this product. I was having lots of headaches and digestive issues when he suggested I try this drink. It's amazing what a little Mg can do! I feel so much better and if I miss a day, my body let's me know as the previous symptoms reappear within 36 hrs of a missed dosage. I don't have the blaoting I used to either.
257863257863B00125ZCWIA39NTL2IW2M1WXSusie Q1151320105600Orange flavored Natural Calm PowderI love the orange taste and use the product daily. I no longer have the leg cramps that plagued me and plan on continuing to purchase orange flavored natural calm at Amazon.
257858257858B00125ZCWIAFNE6AFYU3ZVDA. Fink1151329177600GREAT STOOL SOFTENER!I do not get the calm relaxing better sleeping side effects from this. What I do get though is something that keeps my bowels regular. I take a medicine that causes heavy constipation, some users resort to taking laxatives every day which is addictive and dangerous. This is the best thing to clear you out and move things along. I've had two children and they send you home with a stool softener (Collace for me) and this works far better than collace. I started out about a week on just one large teaspoon. I was very bloated and backed up the entire time, it wasn't really doing much, then I upped to two large teaspons, without being graphic, it completely fixed my problem, although there were a few times if I hadn't been very close to a bathroom it could have resulted in a very traumatizing event. I don't think it tastes bad at all, I enjoy the warm drink in the evening, I put honey in mine, and use the natural one.
257864257864B00125ZCWIA3PLWHAOGO8FPRCharlene Domingo1151314835200helps muscle crampssince a pharmacist recommended this to me, I rarely have muscle cramps and even told my surgeon about this product.
257859257859B00125ZCWIA17939JP6YXEBRBarbAllen1151326585600Calm it works!I have used this before, it keeps me from getting leg cramps. I have used it for several years. I find that when I am dieting I tend to get leg cramps at night, taking this nightly completly stops them.
257865257865B00125ZCWIA35NVTBZCA5US4patty1151314230400AmazonI have been taking this product for several years now and receive good results. I find it helps to keep me regular.
257860257860B00125ZCWIA35WPBSU7HVJI8S. Talbert1151326153600LOVE this stuff!Our chiropractor recommended Natural Calm for more muscle relaxation and deeper sleep - and my entire family takes it. We've adjusted the dose for our 10 y/o downward (1/4 t. per day) and that's been better for him, but for my husband and me, the 1/2 t. dose is just right. :)

Our child has benefitted from it in that when he sleeps more deeply and doesn't wake easily, he has better days in lessons and is better able to focus. That alone would make me re-purchase this product! :)

When we take it, we sleep better, more deeply, and if(when) we get up in the night to use the restroom, we don't struggle to fall back asleep - sleep is just *there*. :) I've also found that my "side stitches" - where the muscles at my ribcage contract and pull (it's uncomfortable) - go away when I take NC. That's a beautiful side effect from taking it - and one I didn't expect. My husband's infamous "Charley Horses" that wrack his legs with pain are virtually gone, too - and adding the NC has been the only change in his habits, so it's not like he's attributing the lack of cramps to anything else he's doing.

I'm also a PCOS patient, which means I trend towards overproducing insulin. With that, comes rough elbows and ridiculously dry skin - the NC has helped in that area as well. My normal moisturizer doesn't touch my elbow-roughness, but the NC takes care of it on its own. w00t!

We like the lemon-raspberry flavour as well - it's like a hot lemonade in a mug. :)

All in all, we'll definitely be ordering more - I don't ever want to be without this supplement!
257866257866B00125ZCWIA1FJL8NQ11O0I2Richard Goldsmith "4 U"1151302998400Awesome ProductThis product has done amazing wonders for my wife's GI system. I would highly recommend it far and above over the counter products, which we have tried, without success for years.
257867257867B00125ZCWIA3BG30Q28AM5NPK. Bosarge1151302566400The cure for charlie horses!I was looking for Mag Citrate in a fast-acting form that didn't taste terrible, and I found it in this product. I have a history of HypoMag including severe muscle spasms and prolonged charlie horses. I haven't had one charlie horse since starting on the mag...I am so thankful! Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and a vital mineral for bone and muscle health. I wish it was a little more affordable (because I have to use more of it than the average person) but I do plan to buy it again whenever possible.
257868257868B00125ZCWIA3BXLS8YIE4DTYTori1151299542400Use it dailyI love the flavor! I make it like a hot tea and use it every night. It is the only thing that helps me sleep!
257869257869B00125ZCWIA2NC1K303WINSJmtmomof51151295395200Great for kids to get their magnesium!I can't write this review based off of continued use, as we just received it this week. However, I wanted to say how glad I am that this product is available. I have one child with asthma and another with autism. Magnesium is suppose to benefit them both a lot, BUT getting children to take it is another story! It's very sour and zingy, if that's a word, so the magnesium has taken a lot of coaxing to get them to take daily. So I find this product of Peter Gillham's, and I'm so happy. The kids say it tastes like warm sweet lemonade, and down it goes like a treat. Also, very comforting to take just before going to bed. Yeah!
257870257870B00125ZCWIA27BMTT9J70NRZpatrice1151291075200Finally a safe way to regulate!This is the best product I've found to keep my digestion regular. It is a nice way to flavor your water and sip across the day. The rasp-lemon flavor is best!
257871257871B00125ZCWIAF5P64O9835IZjamaturo1151290816000Great StuffGreat product and tastes great. Almost like sweetarts, but healthier. It does give you a relaxed feeling about 30 mins after taking. I advise taking it 1 hour prior to relax time or bed time. It will help relax you. Also, helps with bowel movements, which suprised me. Great product and worth the purchase.
257872257872B00125ZCWIATBRBWM00I3K8ginger AZ1151280793600gingerAZThis product is very good to take with Oxy-Powder. It cuts down on the amount of Oxy-Powder one needs and this is very good for ones budget.
It also helps ones energy so you feel better.
257873257873B00125ZCWIA37D4ATANXQF5ZRicardo Sanchez1151279843200Great Product, Hands Down!As a sports referee for Basketball and Lacrosse, I do a lot of running, stopping, changing directions in an instance. This takes a toll on bones, muscles and joints. I usually feel the pain the next day after officiating these two sports. I've been using Calm for approximately four weeks and since I've started I have no soreness, my joints and bones feel good and my muscles are very relaxed. It does have a "good" effect on your bowel movement, it's not a bad thing, it keeps you cleansed. I would highly recommend this for any with muscle, joint or bone pain.
257874257874B00125ZCWIAHWDGY5YH9D8VDbleD's1151273622400Excellent ProductHave used Natural Vitality Calm for about a month now & I highly recommend it,my back doesn't bother me as it did We use for constipation,& my fasting blood sugar is lower can't explain that except only thing different is now I'm using Natural Vitality Calm I began using it on the recommendation of a friend also read Amazon reviews that helped in my decision
Before our current supply is gone I intend to reorder & continue to use it daily
Is excellent product
257875257875B00125ZCWIAQO0R9X4ZAMZ2A. Welch1151253145600Every Thing It Claims To BeRead the product claims. Everything that is written is true. As far as the taste goes---I add it to hot tea, then add ice to make it iced tea and it tastes as if I just added a little lemon in my tea. Barely perceptible. It is well worth the money. All I can say is--give it a try. It's not expensive and your health is worth all the money in the world.
257876257876B00125ZCWIA3TFNYQLGTH4NJDebbie1151198195200This is an excellent source of magnesium--I love it!This is the best magnesium supplement. Highly effective and absorbable. It tastes great and doesn't have any sugar in it, how cool is that?! It's sweetened with stevia, what a novel idea, a health product that's thoroughly healthy for you! I love the raspberry-lemon flavor-yummy!
257877257877B00125ZCWIA2LWWJR1TWZ8VWAmy B. Licht2331304553600Natural flavor is NOT neutralI bought the "natural" flavor, assuming it would be flavorless. WRONG! I bought it with the intention of adding it to my morning protein shake but it has a somewhat bitter citrus-y flavor that doesn't work in the shake. I guess I need to try it just in water and see if I can tolerate it that way. It's probably a great product/supplement but I'm having trouble getting past the taste. Probably would have been better to get a flavored variety.
257878257878B00125ZCWIA2GN22343BJY3Sissi272351301443200Keeps my mother-in-law regularThis is a great product. I send it to my mother-in-law so that she stays regular. She has had medical issues for quite some time and could never find anything that would work on a continuous basis. This does the trick.
257879257879B00125ZCWIA23SR5PNLRQYTJKat0051351036800Natural Vitality Natural CalmThis product delivers all it claims, helps to relax your mind and muscles for a good nights sleep. I would have been purchasing this before now if I had known about it. With all the medications for sleep on the market it was nice to find a natural non-pharmaceutical, non-addictive calming sleep aid.
257880257880B00125ZCWIA1S8X6GH639VJPDavid0051350691200Natural Vitality/ Natural CalmNatural Vitality/Natural Calm is eas to take, easy and effective on the system . I am very satisfied with the product and will most definitely continue to use this product.

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