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258613258613B007QTQ95IA28SZB5UO9EAOSJohn H. Austin Jr. "John Austin 'bookworm & geek"0131320624000Not as good as they used to be***Original Review***
I bought these to try out. When I got them, the smoke flavor was a little intense, so I only ate 1 stick a day or so.

After a while, they grew on me and I found myself eating 2 or 3 a day.

I'm ordering more, which shows how much I've grown to like them.

**** Revised review ****
My last order was dry and very salty. When I originally ordered these links, they were shipped from a third party or the manufacturer, but the last one I ordered came from Amazon.

Is it possible that the stocks have sat around and dried out a bit? I don't know, but I do know these were not as good as they used to be, hence dropping the number of stars down to 3.
258614258614B007QTQ95IA2VF0OC7BMOXJ8R riley0151301961600Beef StickThese are the best smoked beef sticks I've ever had. This is my third time buying them and this bag is a good as the first. One a day is just perfect.
258615258615B000ST61FQAPLXOOTHHPW3MUtopia1151317081600Great buy for true SweetTarts freaks!I've loved SweetTarts for as long as I can remember and found myself buying this stuff from my local mini-mart quite often. Not only is the price amazingly low on Amazon but these boxes are big as in movie theater big. The fact that you get 12 of them, makes it a dream come diehard fans of the candy.
258616258616B000ST61FQA1JEJP6FCBJDCRZ. Riggle "zrig"1151310774400Cheaper than Glucose TabletsAs a Type 1 diabetic, it's very important for me to have easy and quick access to sugar in case my blood glucose goes too low. You can buy glucose tablets from any pharmacy, but it turns out that's exactly what Sweet Tarts are. These are way cheaper, and while the Dex4 tastes pretty good, these are *made* to taste good. Can't help myself from sneaking a few every now and again.
258617258617B000ST61FQA3H0I45EFV0TLJSuzanne Michelle "Biblical History Aficionado"0011319068800WRONG PICTURE WRONG ITEM!!! PAY ATTENTION!!!THIS IS _NOT_ repeat _NOT_ the chewy sweettarts that I love so much. So now I have 23 boxes of hard sweetarts to kill. Anyone want some?

I shoulda read the reviews ... the old ones are for the chewy product ... the new ones (since Sept 2011) say wrong picture. Am going to give seller a bad rating for not handling this.
258618258618B000ST61FQALTIPKTQQ9X5ORoy P. Ford "Computer Analyst"0051314316800Super great candy!I love this candy it's just like it says Sweet and tart! Great snack at work! Just watch out cause I get alot of folks wanting to have some too. haha.

Good Stuff!
258619258619B000ST61FQA3NIC11QBJ0UM2Joe Scho0051299628800SweeTarts as you remember them.Slightly different texture than the SweeTarts in the roll; these crumble easier. But, they are still just as good. For the price, the value can't be beat!
258620258620B000ST61FQA1IVN99VCPVVCHM. Leppa0051283990400Well priced, 1 gram of glucose per tab ...These Sweetarts are well priced. Each candy contains 1 gram of glucose, and have a sweet and tart taste that is nicer than a lot of other forms of glucose. The individual Sweetarts rattle together during shipping and handling which results in some powderization of the candies.
258601258601B007QTQ95IA1EAUK5T0PR2GODr. Jeffrey K. Karp0051329436800I'm in LOVE with this Jerky!!!Five Stars!!! Some of the best smoked meat I've ever had!! I still can't believe it!! Perfect smokey flavor. Perfect thickness and heft. Perfect texture and chew. Perfect fat content - almost none!! It just doesn't get any better than this for people looking for a good hunk of hickory smoked dried beef!! Rock On Buffalo Bills!! I'm already placing order #2 of many happy returns tonight!!
258621258621B000ST61FQA1QWTB5KKWW1Kgp "Gp"1251247270400Best deal I've found on this type of boxI've been buy these from local stores when I can find them. Now I buy them from Amazon, same as from local stores but cheaper and I get them when I want them.
I have had very good results on shipping orders come on or before the date expected.
258622258622B000ST61FQA9B792S1RIXD1TincSam0111316131200Wrong PictureI ordered this based on the picture wanting Chewy candy. This product is hard candy and not what is pictured. Please update the picture.
258623258623B000ST61FQAESP6MJCBGLEREntmutigen0111315526400Wrong picture for item received.I ordered this off the picture, it shows chewy sweetarts. It also shows laffy taffy in the picture. However you receive the regular sweetarts which are not chewy and are in the movie boxes. You can buy these for less at walmart. Please change the picture it is deceiving.
258624258624B000ST61FQA3C6ON1MKUYAP1muchafun0151282780800Favorite Candy!Sweetarts has been my favorite candy since I was a kid. But it is very hard for me to find in stores these days so now when I have a Sweetart attack, I will always have my stash from Amazon! =) Price is super at Amazon too. And if you use "subscribe and save", the price gets even better!! Now if only I could find the giant Sweetarts but not the chewy ones.
258625258625B000ST61FQASIMCC20UVK58R Shackleford0151269907200Good candyI don't like much candy, but I enjoy sweetarts once in awhile. The pieces in these boxes are smaller than the rolls, but same great taste. The price for the case of boxes make it a good buy if you like this candy.
258626258626B000ST61FQAZEGVHV43J5MLMatt0151262304000great!product came fast and was exactly as described. Came in perfect condition! would buy again
258627258627B004KA6VHCAI6IHOVUDC4IJC. Miller2251322524800Exactly what I was hoping to receiveThis showed up pretty fast via Amazon Prime and once popped... is just how I like it! It isn't easy to find this stuff sometimes and it is the best popcorn...
258628258628B004KA6VHCACVLDQU6PAM0VStephen P. Monohan2251300233600Best Popcorn EverThis is terrific popcorn. Mushroom shaped just like advertised. I highly recomment this product. Shipping makes it a little expensive.
258629258629B004KA6VHCAOTPTN27YUDIUSewing Nut "Sewist2"1151311206400Excellent and tastyUsed to be able to buy 50 pounds of mushroom popcorn right from the supplier when we lived in NE so this brought it back to us but in a smaller quantity. Don't think there is any popcorn better than mushroom so was delighted to find this product in a smaller quantity. Excellent service from the company.
258630258630B004KA6VHCA36JKTEOZWI2K3Kes3451305763200Popping CornOMG! This is the most awesome popping corn we have found. The kernals are huge and nearly hull-less and pop up beautifully in our air popper. We have gotten lots of "gourmet" popping corn in the past which has been small, pricey, and disappointing to say the least. We are delighted to find this wonderful Mushroom Popcorn and will never need any other!
258602258602B007QTQ95IAENBUGC3GZN78C. Rash "Bandicoot"0051326585600Thick & SmokeyThese were much thicker than I had expected (which is a good thing, they're huge). The title "Extra Smokey" isn't kidding. It may be a little too much for some people, but for me it was perfect. I welcome the extra burst of flavor.
258603258603B007QTQ95IAHYRTWABDAG1HE. Thomsen "arvig"0041291680000Excellent flavor, but a bit too smokey for meOverall the flavor of these is excellent. They are actually a bit denser and dryer then expected, but not enough so to make them less enjoyable for me.

But, I can't quite give them five stars. The first bite, I very much enjoyed both the saltiness and smokiness of the beef stick. But by the time I finished, the smoke flavor and saltiness had became slightly overpowering. I may cut them into half sticks to be honest, a half a stick as a snack is about right given the smoke flavor and saltiness for me.

Having said that, if you like a STRONG natural smoke flavor and/or like things very salty, then consider this a five star review. As much as I did enjoy this sausage in small doses, I'd rate their jerky products a bit higher, most or all I've tried I've rated five stars. Still, if you do like a very strong smokey flavor, again this is the product for you.

As an aside, this company has always given me free samples of various flavors of their country cut jerky line, and this time also a free sample of a new flavor, "maple-peppered". The maple-pepper flavor was excellent, the mix of the two worked well. I'd probably rate the new flavor 5 stars, and next time I order from them I'll see if they have the new flavor ready to order. Customer service has always been excellent as well. This is a wonderful company to order from, and even the product I liked the least I rated four stars. The ones I liked the most, five stars easily.
258604258604B007QTQ95IA1GIFS5S121Q39charlesrisner0021284076800Just OkThis package of beef sticks didn't exactly meet my expectations. Two things immediately came to mind when eating: 1. the beef sticks are as hard as rocks! The sticks are so hard to bite into and then chew, my jaw ends up getting sore after only one piece; definitely not good. 2. Way too salty! The flavor of the beef is masked by an undeniable taste of too much salt.

I think I only eat 1-2 pieces a week, simply when I need a quick protein source; I wouldn't recommend these to people, especially if they are looking to a tasty and fun to eat snack.
258605258605B007QTQ95IA2OEZIIK61GDW0California Doug0051275955200Real SMOKED Beef!Buffalo Bill rides again. These "Extra Smokeys" have very strong smoked flavor, which I have been looking (or drooling) for quite a few years. By far the best smoked meat snack available in the USA that I know of. Overall flavor is excellent, though somewhat on the "extra peppery" side. And a little pricey at $1 each. And don't even think of doing this at home if you wear dentures--these sticks are quite tough.
I will order more within the month, excellent service form Choo Choo R Snacks, and they even give you a bonus beef jerky sample to try.
"Extra Smokeys" really smoke!
258606258606B007QTQ95IAD05LV5A1SLEReoneill "Ed"0051255564800These little things are greatI love beef jerky. It is one of my favorite snacks and these are awesome. They have a unique taste unlike anything else on the market. Calling them "extra smokey" is not a joke. You can smell the smoke in the bag, and on the meat. After the first bite I thought, "wow never had anything like that before" then I though "I want more."
These are pretty tough, but I like tougher jerky. The soft stuff is not for me at all. These are salty, but traditional type dried meat is supposed to be and they say this is an "old world" recipe. Like another reviewer stated, I was well taken care of by Choo Choo R snacks when a problem came up that was not of their control. Customer service is great. I have tried a few products in the Buffalo Bills line, and this to me is by far the best. I have had nothing like this before, and I like-em.
258607258607B007QTQ95IA1M9E1VO2KQM8UL. Wittenberg0041255564800A little salty, but not too badThe extra smokeys are ok, but you can get tired of them by the time you have finished half a stick.
The saltiness makes it difficult to finish even 1 stick.

I recommend the Buffalo Bills short shots instead.
I have only tried the hot short shots and they are good, but I imagine the mild short shots would be good also.

So far, I have only bought 3 Buffalo Bills products. (Extra Smokeys, Hot short shots, and Red Hot pickled sausage)

Out of those 3, the Hot short shots are the best.

The extra smokeys are still a bit salty to me, but the flavor does grow on you after a while.
If I cut all the sticks in half, and eat just half a stick at a time, that makes it much more palatable than trying to eat a whole stick at once.

I might buy another bag eventually.
258608258608B007QTQ95IAC210KGKLRXB3John C. Gettler0051236816000Intense Flavor To The MaxAfter my first order of Extra Smokeys was lost in the mail by the post office, one of the owners, Paul, really took care of me and sent another package right away plus an extra $20 worth of free extra samples for my trouble. As for the product, I think it is really a flavor explosion. The smokey smell is obvious when you get too close to the bag, and the flavor is very powerful. There is just enough spice in there too but not too much. They are a little chewy, but that just makes you take smaller bites, which both lets you savor the flavor and makes each stick last longer. They are also very convenient to just grab one from the bag and eat it on the run or in the car. No mess and no wrappers left behind. Oh and after 28 days passed, the original missing package finally arrived, so now I have a new bag to start on! YES! Thanks Paul and Choo Choo R Snacks. This is some SERIOUS BEEF JERKY.
258609258609B007QTQ95IAQMUIIDRV0CNBKEH "RN"0051214870400YUMMYDelicious. The smoke flavor is incredible. As I opened the box a smokey, mouthwatering aroma hit my nostrils. I started to drool before I even pulled out box packing. Once out of the package and into my mouth, my tongue was enveloped by an old-world smokey flavor that brought memories of Granny's smoke house to mind. YUMMY, SCRUMPTIOUS! If you like smoked flavor, give these a try. You won't be disappointed and your tastebuds will dance for joy!!
258610258610B007QTQ95IA2NI95Y8UNE85DCoastal Jerky Lover0051167264000Smokin' GoodThese Extra Smokeys are a different taste from the other Buffalo Bills products but with the same great quality as the others. These meats bring back fond memories of good eating at my grandmother's farm where the smokehouse was a regular part of life. I recommend these for anyone who likes a heavy smoked product.
258611258611B007QTQ95IA794GE4PNVPODGula0131325376000SaltyThese do taste good. Be aware that they are very salty though. A bit tought to bite into as well, hope you dont have dentures. They may fall out
258612258612B007QTQ95IA2MDAFKCPAY4CZtheman990151322006400AwesomeI've purchased these twice before and found they are delicious and awesome, dry very flavor full and just right. I placed my next order already.

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